Sunday, November 11, 2007

Why Wasn't The Bush Administration Investigated For Not Keeping 3,000 Americans Safe On 9/11???

I don't believe our goverment's story on 9/11. But even if you did believe it, how come you never considered this:

1. Investigate the lapse in the Bush administration, how 19 Arabs with boxcutters commanded by a guy in a cave on dialysis outfoxed the Bush administration...and kick them out of office for incompetance.

2. Instead of blowing trillions of our tax dollars on this fake war of lies in Iraq, use far less $$$ than that to shore up our own security lapse which happened on 9/11.

3. It would've stopped at 3,000 Americans dead. Period. It would've saved over a million Iraqi civilians murdered by us, and 50,000 American troop casualties.

There was no investigation into the Bush administration for them being outsmarted by a bunch of cavemen (supposedly). Somehow, Bush & the Republican Party actually became the "Security Party", even though they were the ones who let it happen on their watch. Instead of Bush resigning for not keeping 3,000 Americans safe, he turned his first story of Osama Bin Laden & Afghanistan into Sadaam Hussein and Iraq! And had everyone believing it! He has since said there were no ties between Sadaam Hussein/Iraq and 9/11, and nothing happened to him! The corporate-controlled mainstream media is complicit in all of this, this could not have happened otherwise.

The Bush administration is abusing our troops and our tax money to enrich themselves and their "family and friends" with war profits and oil. The Bush administration criminals are getting all their power from promoting false patriotism to our troops, having them killed and maimed for their profits. The Bush administration is getting all their power from tricking our military and stealing our tax money. Where are all the so-called "conservatives" who believe in smaller government and fiscally responsible government? The Bush administration has spent more money than any other in history. They have turned the executive branch into a dictatorship not accountable to congress or the legislative branch...with signing statements. So much for "small government conservatives"!!!

So, a caveat to this whole thing, is the Republican Party and the so-called "conservatives" were always a sham!!! Just like the pro-lifers who continually vote for them on the abortion issue. The Republicans had total control of everything from 2000->2006, and did nothing about abortion! And now the Republican presidential candidates are bringing up abortion as a campaign issue again! Why didn't they do anything about abortion from 2000->2006? They are also bringing up illegal immigration as a campaign wedge issue, but why didn't they do anything about illegal immigration when they controlled everything from 2000->2006? They are acting as if "someone else" was in charge from 2000->20006, and you must vote them in to stop abortion and illegal immigration!! And terrorists! Why? So they could do nothing about abortion and illegal immigration and so we get bombed by terrorists again like 2000->2006? The Republican Party has no intention of stopping abortion and illegal immigration, and they haven't shored up our own security (in particular port security), yet they had their chance from 2000->2006 and did nothing! Bush actually tried to sell off our ports to an Arab country known to associate with terrorists! How stupid are you Republican voters?

If 9/11 was an inside job, it would follow that the Bush administration could then label all their political enemies as being "with the terrorists", "against the troops", Hitler and Goebbels did during the Third Reich. And...gee whiz!!! Guess what??? That's exactly what they are doing!!! And that's what all their Nazi media does, too! Like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Bill O'Reilly, FOX "news", the entire Republican Party!!! How many times have you heard Republicans say, when they're against something, "This bill will help our enemies"??? Google "help our enemies", "against the troops",'s called an "infomercial"!!! The infomercial will continue, because there was no independent investigation of 9/11. The Bush administration can keep doing what they are doing forever...and claim, "Everything has changed since 9/11." You are sacrificing your liberties for safety offered by politicians who let 3,000 Americans die!!!

Watch this video, documenting Bush's odd behavior on 9/11:

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