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Big Dan's Big News June 26, 2011: Why is the media and why are politicians overblowing the threat of "terrorists"???

Attention: there is a very interesting MASSIVE 9/11 debate going on in the comments thread here with Justin Vacula, Big Dan, plunger, and John Niems!


signed: media & politicians

Why is the media and why are politicians constantly saying there's a "terrorist" under every rock, behind every corner, on every plane, in your backyard, etc...and instead telling us these FACTS:

-- You are 17,600 times more likely to die from heart disease than from a terrorist attack

-- You are 12,571 times more likely to die from cancer than from a terrorist attack

-- You are 11,000 times more likely to die in an airplane accident than from a terrorist plot involving an airplane

-- You are 1048 times more likely to die from a car accident than from a terrorist attack

--You are 404 times more likely to die in a fall than from a terrorist attack

-- You are 87 times more likely to drown than die in a terrorist attack

-- You are 13 times more likely to die in a railway accident than from a terrorist attack

--You are 12 times more likely to die from accidental suffocation in bed than from a terrorist attack

--You are 9 times more likely to choke to death on your own vomit than die in a terrorist attack

...and how about this next one: you should be more afraid of the POLICE than "terrorists":

--You are 8 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist

--You are 8 times more likely to die from accidental electrocution than from a terrorist attack

The media and politicians want us to be SCARED of "terrorists" all the time because they make more MONEY and increase their POWER, because people who are SCARED all the time are STUPID and rely on AUTHORITY to protect them.

So WHY is the media and the government SCARING US constantly with a non-existent "terrorist" threat? FOR $$$ & POWER, YOU IDIOTS!!!

Ben Franklin said: "Those who would trade some liberty for some safety, deserve neither".

Fear of Terror Makes People Stupid

Investor Psychology: Fear Turns People Into Sheep

Now think about this: the SAME PEOPLE (media and politicians) PURPOSELY overblowing the "terrorist" threat either WERE or WERE NOT in on 9/11. Think about those two entities: the MEDIA and POLITICIANS. Are they people who LIE or TELL THE TRUTH? You know the answer to that! BUT...they are the ones you rely on, believe, and trust ONLY WHEN THERE'S A CRISIS. Their trust goes up. It's a psychological FACT. So WHO BENEFITS from overblowing the "terrorist" threat that DOES NOT EXIST ACCORDING TO THE FACTS? And Israel ALWAYS BENEFITS from overblowing the "terrorist" threat.

Constitutional Expert: Government Was "Trying to Create an Atmosphere of Fear in Which the American People Would Give Them More Power”

Governments From Around the World ADMIT That They Carry Out False Flag Terror

Now here's the kicker: the "terrorist" threat is purposely overblown by our media and government EVEN IF OUR GOVERNMENT (and Israel) DIDN'T DO 9/11 and "blame the Muslims". But THEY DID! And doesn't that make complete sense? Those who benefit the most really did it? Read this:

Big Dan's Big 9/11 LINKS: Do your OWN research, because the mainstream media was in on it, you won't find help there!

This guy actually got the 9/11 passenger autopsies with a Freedom Of Information Act, and guess what: NO ARABS!!! And why didn't the NYTimes or Washington Post do this? Read:

Autopsy: No Arabs on Flight 77

Check this out: remember 47 story World Trade Center Building 7 (the Solomon Brothers Building) fell POOF in 6 seconds on 9/11 and was NOT hit by a plane? Now this is NOT one of the Twin Towers, but a 47 story skyscraper about a block away from the Twin Towers, it fell like this on 9/11 and was NOT hit by a plane:

Oh, yeah! I forgot! You didn't know this! That's because...ahem...the MEDIA and POLITICIANS didn't tell you! Gee, by coincidence, I led off this post saying the MEDIA and POLITICIANS are also OVERBLOWING the "terrorist" threat on purpose! What are the odds that they also didn't tell you about WTC7 falling POOF in 6 seconds and it was NOT hit by a plane!

Well, anyway, here's some newly release footage that, of course it goes without saying, you didn't see on TV. It shows a guy walking into WTC7 filming what's going on inside. You will see at around 3:00 in the video, he walks in still filming and the inside is in ruins. He's walking around filming, walking up steps. What's odd is there are no fires and the building inside looks totally solid. And btw the Twin Towers had not fallen yet, according to witness Barry Jennings. So why is the inside of WTC7 in ruins with no fires and looks totally solid inside and the Twin Towers had not fallen yet? Oh, btw, witness Barry Jennings mysteriously died, I forgot to tell you that. He said he was IN WTC7 trying to get out and he was walking over DEAD BODIES. And yet they said no one died in WTC7, remember? What's funny is, according to Barry Jennings (deceased), is that there were DEAD BODIES BEFORE THE WTC7 OR THE TWIN TOWERS CAME DOWN!

Look at this video, and pay attention @ 3:00 the cameraman goes inside WTC7. Does it look like it's about to go POOF and fall in 6 seconds flat? Also @ 4:15 the cameraman runs into a guy in the building. Isn't that funny? Guess who this last man inside the building works for? Well, his jacket says on it in the video "SECRET SERVICE". So, all you need to know about WTC7 is this: it was a 47 story building that was ruined inside before the Twin Towers fell and there were DEAD BODIES in it and it didn't look like it should fall and the last guy inside was a SECRET SERVICE guy and then it fell complete with a countdown according to witnesses and the owner Larry Silverstein is on video saying he told them to "PULL IT" (controlled demolition). Watch this video of the inside of WTC7 before it fell:

The media and politicians said that we couldn't find Bin Laden for 10 years, then we found him watching TV, we shot him in the head, threw him in the sea, then the media and politicians told us this AFTER the body was gone...but they said they have video and pictures of it...but we're not allowed to see them, just take their word for it:



Remember above, in the "killed Bin Laden" fairy tale, the media and politicians said they have video and pictures of it, but won't show us? They actually DID show us, but in cartoon rendering format. Now you KNOW what they said was true, because they showed us a CARTOON of it...even though they say they have the REAL video and pictures:


Here's another story the "news" (lol) is ignoring while telling you there's a "terrorist" in your toilet:

Activist Sunny Sheu Killed After Reporting Death Threat From NY Foreclosure Judge Joseph Golia

Oh, yeah! I forgot! Here's even another story the "news" (lol) is ignoring: 5 Russian NOO-KEY-LORE (Bush) scientists died in a plane crash, but it wasn't on TV:

Scientists Who Helped Iran With Nuke Plant Died in Russian Plane Crash

They said there was "no foul play" in the article. As George Carlin said: "LEMON FLAVORED means NO FUCKING LEMONS!!!" Well then "NO FOUL PLAY" means "FOUL PLAY"!!!

So do you think that when the mainstream media KNOWINGLY IGNORES important stories and OVERBLOWS non-existent ones, that's LYING??? Don't you think IGNORING something on purpose is a form of LYING? Do you think that possibly the mainstream media LIED to you about 9/11? Why would you NOT think that? That's the real question!!! Why would you constantly believe the biggest known LIARS in history - the "news" and politicians - when they tell you MASSIVE stories with NO EVIDENCE backing what they're saying, like the 9/11 story? Or they couldn't find Bin Laden for 10 years, shot him in the head while he was watching TV, and threw him in the sea? Because you believe authority on the biggest LIES, it's HUMAN NATURE as I've said above. When people are in CONSTANT FEAR (from the ones causing the fear and blaming "terrorists" - the media and politicians) YOU WILL TEND TO, BY HUMAN NATURE, BELIEVE AUTHORITY EVEN IF THEY'RE TELLING THE HUGEST LIES IN HISTORY! Deep down, you think that if they are LYING to you, it's just SO MASSIVE AND UNBELIEVABLE you wouldn't even WANT TO KNOW that they're LYING! Because then what would you do? And they are counting on this! Hitler called it "THE BIG LIE" strategy:

Hitler On The Big Lie:

"In the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds (bd: that's YOU!) they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. " - Source: Mein Kampf, p. 134 as cited in Wikipedia."

Here's a quote from Hitler's head of the Ministry of Propaganda:
“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” - Joseph Goebbels, Ministry of Propaganda

12 Things That The Mainstream Media Is Being Strangely Quiet About Right Now

You won't find this in the "news": An unclassified version of the software used by the FBI has allowed Veterans Today to track the IP addresses of a group of, what appeared to be, hate mongers and racists whose rhetoric borders on terrorist extremism. What we found was astounding. In one case, an individual using the email address “” was traced to the computer of the head the largest Jewish “defense” organization -

Veterans Today editor, Jim W. Dean said;

"We spend hours each week, time we could spend helping veterans, cleaning this garbage off our website. All of it is blatant and amateurish. A good friend who works for the Anti-Defamation League, an organization headed by Abe Foxman, told me that hundreds have been recruited, here in the US and more in Israel, whose job it is to seed Antisemitic material into websites that are critical of Israel’s apartheid policies. They openly joke around there how the Nazi and White Supremacist websites have been “theirs” for years."

(from Veteran's Today) False Flag Racism: The Internet Proxy War

So who's lying? The U.S. veterans or the ADL???

Are YOU Israeli? Or an American citizen? If you are an American citizen, does this following video digust you? It shows our entire Congress, both parties, falling over the leader of a foreign country, Israel, as if they represent Israel and not US! I ask you this: is this bordering on TREASON? I know one thing: the U.S. government should not be acting like this towards ANY foreign country! Who is our congress voted in to represent? It looks like Israel to me! EVERYONE should watch this important video below and be VERY CONCERNED and ask a lot of questions! The United States congress (both parties) ALWAYS votes for things in the best interests of Israel and AGAINST the best interests of its own citizens. I am on the same wavelength as Tony Lawson, I wrote The United States of Israel a few weeks ago, which among other things pointed out how blatantly Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann seem to be running for president of the United States of Israel. And remember: we are TRAINED by TV and our own government not to question any of these things.

In Anthony Lawson video below he says it is now beyond a doubt that the United States is controlled by "enemies inside the gates", which is the foreign country of Israel: The collapses of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre, on September 11, 2001, were the most frightening images that I have ever seen, up until May 24th, 2011, when Binyamin Netanyahu addressed a joint session of the United States Congress and received 29 standing ovations, along with many other outbursts of sycophantic applause. It was the final nail in a coffin, the construction of which began long ago, and in it all remaining vestiges of democracy were joyfully laid to rest—by those sworn to protect it—as it became clear that the United States was now controlled by Enemies Inside its Gates:

Let’s take a minute to re-acquaint ourselves with the official explanation, which is not regarded as a conspiracy theory despite the fact that it comprises an amazing conspiracy. The official truth is that a handful of young Muslim Arabs who could not fly airplanes, mainly Saudi Arabians who came neither from Iraq nor from Afghanistan, outwitted not only the CIA and the FBI, but also all 16 US intelligence agencies and all intelligence agencies of US allies including Israel’s Mossad, which is believed to have penetrated every terrorist organization and which carries out assassinations of those whom Mossad marks as terrorists.

In addition to outwitting every intelligence agency of the United States and its allies, the handful of young Saudi Arabians outwitted the National Security Council, the State Department, NORAD, airport security four times in the same hour on the same morning, air traffic control, caused the US Air Force to be unable to launch interceptor aircraft, and caused three well-built steel-structured buildings, including one not hit by an airplane, to fail suddenly in a few seconds as a result of limited structural damage and small, short-lived, low-temperature fires that burned on a few floors.

The Saudi terrorists were even able to confound the laws of physics and cause WTC building seven to collapse at free fall speed for several seconds, a physical impossibility in the absence of explosives used in controlled demolition:

A country whose population has been trained to accept the government’s word and to shun those who question it is a country without liberty in its future.

Video of witnesses saying there were secondary explosions in the buildings on 9/11:

Here's a cut by "OSAMA & THE BIN LADENS":

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This syndicated Bin Laden story says "terrorism charges" were dropped against him, but doesn't say what they were. That is purposely vague by the mainstream media, because Bin Laden was never charged with 9/11. They can only be referring to the 1998 embassy bombing which he was charged. But why don't any of the nationwide syndicated articles say that? Because it would bring attention to the FACT that Osama Bin Laden was NEVER charged with 9/11 because of (in the FBI's own words) "lack of evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11". So then, if there's no evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11, which there isn't - look it up yourself - , WHO said immediately after 9/11 that Bin Laden directed Muslims to do 9/11?

This article was in our local paper, but it was syndicated to papers across the country:

Osama Bin Using Grecian Formula

Terrorism charges are dropped against bin Laden:

NEW YORK — Federal authorities used DNA from “multiple family members”and facial recognition technology to identify the body of Osama bin Laden, according to court papers filed Friday that formally dropped terrorism charges (bd: WHAT terrorism charges???) against the slain al-Qaida leader.
The papers detail the CIA’s (bd: we all know the CIA doesn't LIE!) painstaking efforts to make sure the man killed May 2 during a Navy SEALs raid of his compound in Pakistan was indeed bin Laden.

After the raid, U.S. forces collected DNA from bin Laden’s body and took it to a base in Afghanistan, said a statement signed by a top U.S. counterterrorism official, Deputy Assistant Attorney General George Z. Toscas.

CIA personnel there compared it “with a comprehensive DNA profile derived from DNA collected from multiple members of bin Laden’s family,” the statement said. “These tests confirmed that the sample (from the raid) genetically matched the derived comprehensive DNA profile for Osama bin Laden.”

It added: “The possibility of a mistaken identification is approximately one in 11.8 quadrillion.”

The CIA used the facial recognition technology to compare old photos of bin Laden to photos of his body, the papers said.




FBI says, “No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11”

Bin Laden was ONLY wanted for the 1998 embassy bombings, so then why did this nationwide syndicated article not say: "1998 EMBASSY BOMBING CHARGES DROPPED AGAINST BIN LADEN" instead of the vague "TERRORISM CHARGES DROPPED"??? Because they want you to think it was "9/11 CHARGES DROPPED" by implying that yourself?

(update: SPOOKY!!! the following post from the FBI website is now gone since I posted this post on June 19. it was the official FBI link of Bin Laden wanted for the 1998 embassy bombings. it had a huge picture of Bin Laden with all the charges, I still remember it, and now it's's the actual link: "")

FBI: Bin Laden ONLY wanted for 1998 embassy bombings.”

A-HA!!! You can still get it here on the FBI's 10 most wanted: click on the picture of Bin Laden and it only says he's wanted for the 1998 embassy bombings (it says "DECEASED"":


Before it completely disappears, I'll cut/paste it here: Bin Laden ONLY wanted for 1998 embassy bombings...NOT 9/11!!! Cut/paste right from the FBI website:

Usama Bin Laden is wanted in connection with the August 7, 1998, bombings of the United States Embassies in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Nairobi, Kenya. These attacks killed over 200 people. In addition, Bin Laden is a suspect in other terrorist attacks throughout the world.

Bin Laden is the leader of a terrorist organization known as Al-Qaeda, "The Base". He is left-handed and walks with a cane.

Now if THAT story is BULLSHIT, this one is, too, and it was also syndicated to local papers (including mine) across the country:

Al-Zawahri succeeds bin Laden as al-Qaida leader

This BULLSHIT article says:

Osama bin Laden's longtime second-in-command, Ayman al-Zawahri, has taken control of al-Qaida, the group declared Thursday, marking the ascendancy of a man driven by hatred of the United States who helped plan the 9/11 attacks.

Did you get that? They have an ORG CHART hanging in their CAVE, and they had a MEETING to ANNOUNCE to the U.S. and Israel, whom they hate but don't hate anybody else, their new LEADER! The sentence: "The Group Declared" is all you need to know to prove this is total BULLSHIT! Why would the declare to the public who their new leader is? They didn't! We made it up! If they did have a new leader, they would keep it a secret!

And also the sentences that tell who REALLY "announced" this and MADE IT UP:

His fanaticism and the depth of his hatred for the United States and Israel are likely to define al-Qaida's actions under al-Zawahri's tutelage.

"Pursuing the Americans and Jews is not an impossible task," he wrote.

So the United States of Israel wrote this propaganda! Your BULLSHIT DETECTOR should be set to look for sentences in an evidence-free article such as "the group declared", "officials said", etc...along with, again, no evidence whatsoever supporting of anything in the ENTIRE article. All it is, is designed to keep the "war on terror" going for the United States of Israel against Israel's enemies fought by OUR military and paid for by OUR tax money! For HUGE PROFITS for a very few select elite people and families, and for the benefit of Israel. Always ask yourself the age old question: "WHO BENEFITS"? Not the United States people!


How did they "announce" this? TV? Letter? Video? That's how you KNOW this is BULLSHIT! The whole "war on terror" is BULLSHIT! Was the Israeli group SITE, the ones that made all the FAKE Bin Laden tapes, the one who got this "announcement"?

WHO IMMEDIATELY SAID, in the first place with NO EVIDENCE - EVER, that Bin Laden and 19 "muslims" did 9/11? Folks: I know a lot of you don't want to hear this, but nothing we were told by TV and politicians about Osama Bin Laden and 9/11 is true...if by "TRUE" we all mean it actually happened and there is evidence supporting it. There is NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER supporting the "official" 9/11 & Osama Bin Laden "fairy tale". That is something that is TRUE and no one can deny. See WHO controls who said these "fairy tales" with not a shred of evidence below:

Who controls the News? Part I

Who controls the News? Part II

Who controls Big Media?

Who controls Radio?

Who controls Television?

Who controls Advertising?

Who controls Hollywood?

Christopher Bollyn completes book "Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World", available FREE online.

Christopher Bollyn

Big Dan's Big 9/11 LINKS: Do your OWN research, because the mainstream media was in on it, you won't find help there!

U.S./Israel false flag: Are Hacker Attacks False Flag Attacks to Justify a Crackdown on the Internet? The only place you can bypass the controlled mainstream media?

Each time we are about to bomb another Arab country for Israel, I show you how the controlled/complicit mainstream media sets the stage, well here's the predictable Libya propaganda to prepare us to accept bombing Libya:

CNN Libya propaganda to get us into another war.

Here's the RAW CNN propaganda article:

Libyan rebels say captured cell phone videos show rape, torture

The TRUTH about Libya:

American Wars Will Be Increasingly Secret

Extremely graphic footage: Libyan children killed by NATO bombs:

Big Dan and willyloman (this is interesting, read it):

This is the tactic that you encounter when you point out the FACTS that all the highest levels of our government, media, hollywood, the FED, treasury, every important thing in the United States has an abnormal % of representation of pro-Israel Zionists which is causing our country to have two masters, which you cannot serve two masters so the ONE master has to be our OWN country and not Israel: you are accused of being a rightwinger who hates all Jews. This tactic is to stifle any debate of how Israel has a choke hold on all of the important things in the United States. I point out these FACTS on a COUNTRY basis, the COUNTRY of Israel has too much sway in everything in the United States. I have said we need AFFIRMATIVE ACTION to get NON-PRO-ISRAELI ZIONISTS into these positions for more DIVERSITY.

The tale of willyloman: this website posted an article (which I agree with) about CNN's propaganda to get us into a war with Libya. I simply posted in the following link on willyloman's blog a link identifying with pictures and links who are at the highest levels of CNN. They happen to be Jewish, so willyloman accuses me of being a RIGHTWINGER WHO HATES ALL JEWS and censors my comment linking to who runs CNN and has censored all subsequent comments by me, but allows his enormous rant accusing me of being a rightwinger who hates all Jews. Here is "willyloman"s post:

CNN’s Misogynistic Cell Phone Porn Propagnada

And all I simply did was say, "If you want to see who runs CNN, click here":

Who Controls the News Part I

Now willyloman must have clicked on that link, and saw the FACT that at the highest levels of CNN, they are Jewish. And that FACT is something he really didn't like!


And willyloman: you are welcome to comment here UNCENSORED and post whatever you want.And I'm not going to fall into the TRAP of defending myself against willyloman's accusations.

willyloman's website: the sad thing is that I checked out his website and I agree with everything I've seen on it. So, willyloman is either an IDIOT or a SHILL who thinks 9/11 is an inside job...BUT...Israel had nothing to do with it, which they did. That is called LIMITED HANGOUT, when someone has a blog and tells SOME truth to lead you away from the ENTIRE truth, which I am trying to do here. No matter where it leads.

plunger on willyloman's response to him banning my comment and me from his website (btw: WHO CARES?):

plunger: willyloman says about Big Dan:
"“The Jews did it” is just as much of a distraction as Steven Jones and his thermite ray beams from space (bd: Dr Judy Wood said that, not Dr Steven Jones, as you will see in videos and links below) and I will tell you the truth, I am fucking sick of it. Big Dan is banned (bd: SO? That is the first time I was ever there...and the last, I was ever at that site) just like his friends that asked him to come here and spam up this site (bd: got PARANOID? I can assure you no one TOLD ME to go to this joker's site. I explain below how I happened upon his site. And keep in mind the "heroic" willyloman/Scott Creighton bans me so I cannot defend myself against his false accusations about me)."
Willyloman is intentionally conflating actual evidence of thermite at ground zero with "ray beams from space."

That's pretty much all you need to know about whether or not he's a shill. He just said so, in his own words.

Another pied piper, albeit an insignificant one.

I can't even count the number of times I've done battle online with "Shills For Israel" who use the tactic of saying "Joooooooooooooooos" - as did Willyloman when he uses the phrase "The Jews Did It!" Those are his words, not a recitation of yours. Shills for Hasbara ALWAYS use this tactic. ALWAYS. These are Zionist agents whose job is to block opinions that shed light on the truth about Israel and the Zionist Conspiracy.

Neither BD nor I EVER mistake the religion of Judaism for the Zionist Conspiracy which employs racketeering, blackmail, extortion, racism and treason to get its way in the United States - leveraging its control over the media and Congress to do so.

For anyone who wants to have a factual debate, it's actually a simple matter to use the words of the Zionists themselves to state the case of their total control of the media and Congress. They say it themselves all the time. They are quoted all over the internet saying precisely that. Restating their own words cannot be anti-semitic. It's simply factual. Top management in the media doesn't simply hire from within their racket out of racism. They're more pragmatic than that. It's a protection racket with a cause attached - that being Israel. The racism canard is a form of limited hangout. It's not about exclusion, it's about inclusion, and protection. It's racketeering worthy of RICO prosecution.

When the Dancing Israelis, arrested on 9/11 for their role in it - stated on Israeli television that their purpose that day was "to document the event," does such a statement really require interpretation? In their words, they were there with cameras to document the event. Repeating their very words, or linking to videos of them saying these very words, is EDUCATIONAL AND FACTUAL.

Denial of these facts and actual evidence is disinformation. When people get banned from certain web sites for telling the truth, the true nature of the site owner (and the funding behind the apparent owner) comes into sharp focus.

So in light of his seemingly rational earlier comments in that thread, and tolerance of discussion related to 9/11 demolition techniques and Israel's involvement, has someone hijacked his site and persona? What explains his present behavior and attitude? - plunger

btw…"willyloman" is "Scott Creighton".

Now here is the proof that willyloman/Scott Creighton is full of shit when he says that I'm a rightwing Jew-hater directed their to spam his site by "friends", and "me and my friends" are all banned from his site:

Here's the PROOF that willyloman/Scott Creighton is full of shit, saying rightwing Jew-hating "friends" of mine directed me to go spam his site:

THIS article (posted above, too) was on What Really Happened, I site I read almost daily and have listed in my "3 best news sites on the internet":

CNN Libya propaganda to get us into another war.

And notice one of the first links in THAT link which was in the site What Really Happened, links to Scott Creighton's article in question.

THAT is how I happened upon that idiot's site. Not: "rightwing jew-hater friends" directed me there to spam his site, and we are all now banned!

bd: NOTE THIS IMPORTANT FACT, willyloman accuses Dr. Steven Jones of saying "space beams" knocked down the Twin Towers, so he's also trying to discredit Dr. Steven Jones, who never said that. Dr. Judy Wood said that.

Here is Dr. Steven Jones, see for yourself, he's the THIRD video in this playlist I made of SCIENTIST & EXPERTS who prove the official 9/11 story is bullshit, notice he doesn't say "space beams" (a ridiculous accusation by willyloman):

Here is the "space beams" shill who says "space beams" knocked down the Twin Towers, who willyloman should be referencing:

Find Dr Judy Wood (and I say "doctor" lightly) and her space beams theory in this link, I covered this already. Apparently, willyloman has not.

I actually LOVE arguing with and pointing out shills, because it gives me an opportunity to keep telling the truth. When will these people get this? As Bugs Bunny says, "THEY DON'T KNOW ME VEWWY WELL"!!!!!!!!!

For Christ's sake, even JAPAN knows 9/11 was an inside job:

Man sets himself on fire to avoid debtors' prison (his full letter to local paper contained here)

This is the famous picture of the monk who set himself on fire as a protest, not of Tom Ball.

I urge everyone to click on that link above and read the ENTIRE letter by Tom Ball, the unemployed man who doused himself in flames because he was going to jail for not being able to pay bills and the media isn't covering (like the Nebraska nuclear plant flooding below). His letter begins:

Last Statement

by Tom Ball

A man walks up to the main door of the Keene N.H. County Courthouse, douses himself with gasoline and lights a match. And everyone wants to know why.

Apparently the old general was right. Death is not the worst of evil.

I am due in court the end of the month. The ex-wife lawyer wants me jailed for back child support. The amount ranges from $2,200. to $3,000. depending on who you ask. Not big money after being separated over ten years and unemployed for the last two. (bd: click on link above and read EVERY WORD of his letter, before it disappears!)

SURPRISE!!! Media blackout on nuclear reactor in Nebraska getting flooded:

Nebraska Nuclear Reactor Flooded

Here it is! Above! We're too busy talking about BOMBING ARABS to talk about this!

But Heineman’s concerns were downstream, near Omaha — where water surrounds the nuclear power plant at Fort Calhoun, a state prison in east Omaha may have to be evacuated and workers were fighting to protect Eppley Airfield.

Containment building flooded at Nebraska nuke plant in order to cool fuel rods(pics,vids)+ much more

Radioactive tea from Japan detained in France


Japan Expands The Fukushima Evacuation Zone Even Further -- After 98 Days Of Radiation Exposure

Global Nuclear Update

Beck - Where It's At

The Kinks - Last Of The Steam Powered Trains / Picture Book

Is "the Boss" Bruce Springsteen writing about 9/11? Is Bob Dylan? NO!!! Paul McCartney is writing SILLY LOVE SONGS. But my friend from Vegas John Niems is the ONLY ONE writing songs about 9/11! Download this NOW for ONLY 99 CENTS, sure to be the song for the 10 year 9/11 anniversary! You STINK if you don't download this:

Download "Road To Ground Zero" for 99 cents at CDBABY, an original song by my friend in Vegas John Niems, which will be the official 10 year 9/11 anniversary song.

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Big Dan's Big News June 15, 2011 - CIA director tells us the next false flag he'll do and then "blame the Muslims"

CIA director Leon Panetta actually tells us what the next false flag the CIA (and Israel) will do and then "blame the Muslims" to control their final enemy: the internet...the only place where people can bypass the Big Media they control and actually know what they're doing -

Everywhere in this article where you see "next Pearl Harbor" (why not "next 9/11" btw, did he forget about 9/11?) replace it with "next false flag" - that the CIA/Israel is going to do and "blame the Muslims" know, the cavemen on donkeys are going to do it. They're going to outsmart the CIA & Mossad again.

CIA Chief Leon Panetta: Cyberattack Could Be 'Next Pearl Harbor'

Are Hacker Attacks False Flag Attacks to Justify a Crackdown on the Internet?

The Western power elites have three main thrusts in our humble view to pursue.
  • 1. They have an evident urgent need to continue their lunge toward world government.
  • 2. They have to create war and chaos to do so. (Out of chaos, order.)
  • 3. And finally, they have to ameliorate the damage that is being done to their plans by the Internet.

An Internet false flag within this context would be a kind of masterstroke. It is certainly not beyond rational discussion. We can see Leon Panetta (above) laying the groundwork for such an event. The rebuttal would be that he is merely spelling out dangers that the US faces. But when someone as powerful and important as Panetta speaks of such things, the suspicion can legitimately arise that these activities are actively being planned:

Next False Flag to Be Cyber?

Then when the U.S./Israel (The United States of Israel) take down the internet and "blame the Muslims", they will bring it back up selectively. Real liberal (not "democrat") and real conservative (not "republican") blogs and websites will be missing, and you can ONLY get your "news" from Big Media controlled sites that are in bed with the two parties and Israel. Of course, they'll blame the Muslims...naturally:

9/11 Truth from Director of US ARMY War College: Israel did 9/11 -

You won't even be able to see Cynthia McKinney (who was in Libya, NOT covered by controlled U.S. Big Media) on Russian Television (you won't see her on U.S. "news") tell you that the controlled Big Media "news" isn't reporting that NATO is bombing civilians in Libya because you won't be able to find it on the internet:

You'll ONLY believe the evidence-free stories THEY tell you, like 19 cavemen on donkeys with boxcutters incapable of flying jumbo jet airliners drove them with precision into buildings and the buildings exploded into fine dust due to jet fuel...even one 47 story building fell like that and wasn't hit by a plane. Scratch that: Big Media didn't even tell you about that 47 story building.

And then you'll ONLY believe evidence-free stories such as after 10 years they caught Osama Bin Laden - he was watching TV and they shot him in the head and threw him in the sea, and the have video and pictures of this but won't show us - just take their word for it. You won't be able to look it up yourself that he died in December of 2001. You'll have to believe they just couldn't find him for 10 years...even though they could read the back of a dime in your hand from a satellite and tap everyone's phones and computers and have drones flying all around the world that have every inch of everything under surveillance.

You'll have to believe their evidence-free stories on their Big Media "news", because the internet will be quite different after "the Muslims" (wink wink) take down the internet and then it comes back up again and doesn't look quite the same anymore.

Here is who controls what you see, hear, and talk about, and why "news characters" who work within this system won't tell you the truth or they'll be fired:

Who controls the News? Part I

Who controls the News? Part II

Who controls Big Media?

Who controls Radio?

Who controls Television?

Who controls Advertising?

Who controls Hollywood?

Has anyone noticed that in the 10 years since 9/11 you NEVER see the Twin Towers falling on TV? Don't you think that's odd? The biggest "terror" attack in history and you never see it on TV for 10 years?

Do you know why?

Because if you saw this on TV now, after your emotions have died down and the real time TV liars weren't telling you "Al Qaeda" and "Bin Laden" did it:'d say, "COME ON!!! THAT BUILDING IS NOT 'FALLING', IT'S EXPLODING INTO PULVERIZED DUST ON THE WAY DOWN WITH ZERO RESISTANCE FROM THE OTHER FLOORS! AND I CAN ACTUALLY SEE THE EXPLOSIONS GOING DOWN THE BUILDING AS IT'S EXPLODING! JET FUEL CAN'T DO THAT!"

Here's some REAL EXPERTS (scientists, architects, engineers, firemen, teachers, etc...) testifying that 9/11 was an inside job. You won't see any "TV guys" or politicians here, just REAL EXPERTS (see the video AFTER this one for WTC7 falling):

In the EXPERT testimonies above, they mention World Trade Center Building 7, which was a 47 story building in the World Trade Center Complex a block away from the Twin Towers...that was NOT HIT BY A PLANE, but fell exactly like the Twin Towers on the SAME DAY...the building the "news" didn't tell you about:

Now tie this all together: CIA's Leon Panetta says "the Muslims" (wink wink) are going to take down the internet. Now, who do you think is going to take down the internet...and "blame the Muslims"...again?

Also, since the media is corrupt and in on all this, and so is the government, then what about the courts? Don't you know that all the 9/11 cases go before the same judges put in place before 9/11? Why do you think nothing legally ever happens with the perpetrators of 9/11?

Do you think courts aren't rigged and corrupt? Then just take a look on our local level with the "Kids for Cash" scandal:

Now think about this: it's HARDER for a local court to be corrupt than a federal court! And speaking of corrupt judges:

Don't Be Distracted by Weinergate: The Scandalous "Judicial Insider Trading" of Justice Clarence Thomas, Wife "Ginni"...COMPLETE WITH ZERO "NEWS" COVERAGE!!!!!!!


I posted this months ago, but have you seen any coverage of this on TV since then? See my "Who Controls The Media" links in this post. Clarence Thomas must be "TOO BIG TO FAIL", so he's getting a pass on this:

Discrepancies in reports about an appearance by Justice Clarence Thomas at a political retreat for wealthy conservatives three years ago have prompted new questions to the Supreme Court from a group that advocates changing campaign finance laws.

Reform group: Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas had Citizens United conflicts of interest

Virginia Thomas earned over $680,000 from conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation over five years, a group says. But Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas did not include it on financial disclosure forms.

Oh, and I really don't want to upset you further, because you don't know any of this stuff if you watch TV news, but electronic voting machines are hacked, too. Here's a programmer testifying in front of a congressional committee that he wrote programs to make "your guy" win 51%-49% on electronic voting machines:

And remember: nothing was ever done about electronic voting machines despite this testimony. See what I said about corrupt courts above.

Sorry for telling you all of this.

But you didn't know about it, because you get your news from TV, radio, & newspapers. See above: who controls TV, radio, & newspapers.

See above: why they're going to take down the internet. Because Panetta wants you to get your news from TV, radio, & newspapers.


U.S. mass media impossibly lays out the entire story too quickly.

The Truth Behind The "Celebrating Palestinians"

Weapons of Mass Deception: how the media was in bed with the military to falsely lead us into the Iraq/Afghanistan Wars

Americans' #1 enemy: the mainstream media

Noam Chomsky: Manufacturing Consent and the Myth of the Liberal Media

World elites meet at Bilderberg meeting...complete with ZERO media coverage of what they're talking about: SECRET MEETING OF THE WORLD'S MOST POWERFUL PEOPLE -

Bilderberg 2011: Full Official Attendee List

Maybe they're talking about how to control the internet by having "the Muslims" (wink wink) take it down and bringing it back up "differently" to protect us from "the terrorists". Here's just the USA portion of the list:

Alexander, Keith B., Commander, USCYBERCOM; Director, National Security Agency
Altman, Roger C., Chairman, Evercore Partners Inc.
Bezos, Jeff, Founder and CEO,
Collins, Timothy C., CEO, Ripplewood Holdings, LLC
Feldstein, Martin S., George F. Baker Professor of Economics, Harvard University
Hoffman, Reid, Co-founder and Executive Chairman, LinkedIn
Hughes, Chris R., Co-founder, Facebook
Jacobs, Kenneth M., Chairman & CEO, Lazard
Johnson, James A., Vice Chairman, Perseus, LLC
Jordan, Jr., Vernon E., Senior Managing Director, Lazard Frères & Co. LLC
Keane, John M., Senior Partner, SCP Partners; General, US Army, Retired
Kissinger, Henry A., Chairman, Kissinger Associates, Inc.
Kleinfeld, Klaus, Chairman and CEO, Alcoa
Kravis, Henry R., Co-Chairman and co-CEO, Kohlberg Kravis, Roberts & Co.
Kravis, Marie-Josée, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute, Inc.
Li, Cheng, Senior Fellow and Director of Research, John L. Thornton China Center, Brookings Institution
Mundie, Craig J., Chief Research and Strategy Officer, Microsoft Corporation
Orszag, Peter R., Vice Chairman, Citigroup Global Markets, Inc.
Perle, Richard N., Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
Rockefeller, David, Former Chairman, Chase Manhattan Bank
Rose, Charlie, Executive Editor and Anchor, Charlie Rose
Rubin, Robert E., Co-Chairman, Council on Foreign Relations; Former Secretary of the Treasury
Schmidt, Eric, Executive Chairman, Google Inc.
Steinberg, James B., Deputy Secretary of State
Thiel, Peter A., President, Clarium Capital Management, LLC
Varney, Christine A., Assistant Attorney General for Antitrust
Vaupel, James W., Founding Director, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research
Warsh, Kevin, Former Governor, Federal Reserve Board
Wolfensohn, James D., Chairman, Wolfensohn & Company, LLC

Extended interview with Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker

A Secretive Bunch - RT Report on Bilderberg


Previous and Current Bilderberg Lists


Top Swiss Officials Will Attend Bilderberg

Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker Live at Bilderberg 2011 St. Moritz Switzerland: BILDERBERGERS DEMAND MORE WAR FROM U.S. AND ESCALATION OF LIBYA CONFLICT -

Media mum as Bilderberg seal world's fate in Swiss secrecy:

Rare footage: 2011 Bilderbergers mountain walk - can you name them all?

Bilderbergers: PLEASE STOP TALKING TO US AND FILMING US AND TAKING PICTURES OF US - bd: all we're doing is bypassing your governments and ruling the world secretly)

David Rockefeller (who was at Bilderberg) thanks the media (he controls) for not reporting the secret meetings of worldwide elites:

Now you know why JFK was shot:

Download "Road To Ground Zero" for 99 cents at CDBABY, an original song by my friend in Vegas John Niems, which will be the official 10 year 9/11 anniversary song.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

United States Of Israel: Sarah Palin & Michele Bachmann

(note: more than half this post "disappeared" and I had to recreate it, lucky thing I had the post up in another window, but not the code, so it was a pain in the ass anyway. this blog had 39,850 hits in the last full month (May cut/paste from Blogger stats = "2011 May Pageviews: 39,850") I remember when I started this blog, I used to get TWO hits only all the time: ME...and some guy who kept wanting to meet me at night in a local parking lot at night........that last part was a joke, sorry.......but seriously, when I first started this blog in 2007, I used to get a handful of hits, literally 2 sometimes. So, 39,850 in May is an achievement. It proves when you stick to something with conviction and no compromising and tell the truth and be honest and don't try to please anyone else or hold anything back or be afraid of what someone else will say, it becomes successful. It's time I looked back and said: "from 2 to 39,850 hits? that's pretty good!"

How much are Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann being paid by Israel to constantly say these things (below under "Israel's 2012 Ticket: Palin/Bachmann") and throw Americans under the bus? Both are more concerned about Israel than America. And WHO exactly is paying them? I want to know! They're not saying these things for FREE, that's for sure! In fact, how much are ALL our politicians being paid by Israel to be constantly more concerned about Israel than us? Or are they being BLACKMAILED by Israel? Folks: our government HAS TO BE BEING BLACKMAILED AND/OR BRIBED BY ISRAEL! Just look at what they say and do! That's all you have to do is observe their actions! They act like they are representing Israelis instead of Americans! What else could it be? There is no other explanation as to why politicians from BOTH parties seem to be more concerned about Israel than us. It's INSANE!



UPDATE: these GEMS was brought to my attention -

Sarah Palin: Obama is 'our temporary leader' Israel is our lasting friend

Palin Tries to Join the Mishpachah

As you read this post, you will realize that every important part of our country the United States (government, media, entertainment, news, sports, the FED, banks, corporations, etc...) has out-of-proportion % of people in all the highest levels with bias towards a foreign country: ISRAEL. We need more DIVERSIFICATION and AFFIRMATIVE ACTION in all these parts of our country to stop this out-of-control bias toward a foreign country that has taken over a large part of what we see, talk about, what our politicians talk about, our money system, etc... This is the United States, not Israel, and yet politicians from both major parties act as if they're running for "president of Israel" when they're campaigning and they seem to care more about Israel than US! All the wars we are in are with enemies of Israel (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and now Libya), and this is not a coincidence because you can see if you read this post how entrenched in all key positions of this country (politics, news, media, etc...) there is an out-of-whack % of people with pro-Israel bias. Can someone who isn't Jewish ever head the FED? (Bernanke/Greenspan) Can someone who isn't Jewish reach the highest levels of Hollywood? Can someone who isn't Jewish reach the highest levels of the major news, television, and radio? Is this discrimination against non-Jews? Do we need AFFIRMATIVE ACTION to get more DIVERSITY atop all the most important things that make up America such as the news, radio, TV, Hollywood, big media, the FED, the Treasury, etc...?

"No government can serve two masters, and a government that serves Israel cannot serve the American people. A friend to Israel is no friend of America. America needs leaders who will put America first, second, and third." - Mike Rivero

The most dangerous of all to we Americans are the politicians with dual Israeli citizenship, because they are using OUR military for Israel and they shouldn't be allowed in our government:

Dual Citizenship -- Loyal to Whom?

Former Israeli officials in the U.S. government

WHO BENEFITS from the United States non-stop invasion of Arab countries one after another against the will of the American people during a financial crisis: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, Iran, etc...? Of course, these U.S. politicians with Israeli citizenship and Israel loyalties make sure our troops think they're "fighting for 'our' freedom"!

Why is the "news" always so pro-Israel? Why is the "news" always talking about "muslim terrorists" and which Arab country WE should attack next?

Who controls the News? Part I

Who controls the News? Part II

Who controls Big Media?

Who controls Radio?

Who controls Television?

Who controls Advertising?

Who controls Hollywood?

Israel's 2012 Ticket: Palin/Bachmann

The mainstream media RELENTLESSLY pushing Sarah Palin down our throats:

So, why is Sarah Palin always "hanging around Israeli's"? Remember her saying about Obama that he's always "hanging around terrorists"? So, why is Sarah Palin always "hanging around Israeli's"? Here she is with Israeli filmmaker Elan Frank:
So, can a line be drawn from Sarah Palin to Israeli Hollywood? Is Sarah Palin an Israeli Media Creation? Is Hollywood truly "Israeli Media." Who would have us all believe that this Israeli filmmaker just happened to hangout with Palin for days, filming all aspects of her life, and that this was not somehow directly connected to McCain's selection of her as his running mate? The connection between Israeli filmmaker Elan Frank and FOX "news". Elan Frank Screenshots Check out Elan Frank, a filmmaker who produced the Palin Persona Creating documentary prior to her run for VP with McCain. Note the film he produced prior to Palins, and the one that followed it: “After 2000 years - The Birth of the Israeli Air force” - Women of the World: A Breed Apart (PALIN) - Side by Side: Jews and Muslims in Morocco Elan Productions Just "hangin' around Israelis".......with an Israeli flag on her desk:
Does anyone think it's odd that the governor of Alaska has an Israeli flag hanging on her wall? "She had an Israeli flag, of all the things, mounted on her office wall, and I have that on film" he said. "I was very surprised to see that and when I asked her about it, she said that she loves Israel and the she had friends who visited the country and brought her the flag." What are the odds of this: this Israeli filmmaker happens to be filming a documentary about Sarah Palin...and while he's doing it, MCCAIN PICKS HER FOR VICE PRESIDENT: "I knew she was shortlisted but her name wasn’t the one that came popping up. all of a sudden, I turn on the TV and see her photo. I was elated, it's like my best friend was picked for the job." --->>> riiiiiight................... Sarah Palin mesmerizes Israeli filmmaker Governor Palin And The Israeli Fighter Pilot THE DOCUMENTARY BY ISRAELI FILMMAKER ELAN FRANK ABOUT MANY WOMEN OF THE WORLD WAS JUST THE COVER STORY TO ALLOW THIS FILMMAKER AND AGENT OF ISRAEL TO QUIETLY CREATE AND PRODUCE THE FOOTAGE THAT FOX AND OTHERS WOULD USE TO LAUNCH THE PALIN PERSONA. So does this guy look like he's trying to use Sarah Palin to get us into even MORE wars for Israel: Look - REMEMBER SARAH'S RECENT TRIP TO ISRAEL? THIS "FILMMAKER" ARRANGED IT? HERE'S THE ENTIRE TRUTH OF ISRAELI STAGE-MANAGEMENT OF SARAH PALIN - READ BETWEEN THE LINES - AND ASSUME THAT FOX WAS IN ON THE FUNDING OF THIS FROM THE OUTSET: "I am working to bring her to Israel." - Frank Elan God, Guts, & Sarah Palin: An article on the Israeli filmmaker whose footage made it into Fox News' Sarah Palin, an American Woman series, is in the news again Here's the Fox documentary with his footage in it: "A fine and informative article by my good friend David Suissa, an authentic advertising genius, and the man the Israeli Ministry of Tourism should have hired to create their new advertising campaign designed to “brand” Israel: - Israeli War Hero Meets Sarah Palin NOTICE GRETA VANSUSTEREN'S ROLE - VIA HER HUSBAND? John Coale: Coale, a well-known Washington lawyer and the husband of Fox News Channel's Greta Van Susteren, drew national media attention when he endorsed Sen. John McCain's presidential bid in protest of the way in which Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, who he backed in the primary, was treated. Coale, in an interview with the Fix, described himself simply as a "friend" of the Alaska governor but acknowledged that he suggested she start a leadership PAC and helped her navigate through some of the questions surrounding her family that lingered after the campaign. Others familiar with Palin's political team insist that Coale has far more power than he is letting on -- essentially helping to run Sarah PAC. Coale demurred on that front, noting only that he talks to Palin regularly and that she is a "fascinating person" who is "definitely not what the right thinks or the left thinks."............ The Protecters of the Palin Brand From the October 26, 1998, issue of National Review: Greta Van Susteren defected yesterday to the Fox News Channel. Van Susteren marks Fox's second recent high-profile liberal addition, the first being Geraldo Rivera. In the October 26, 1998, issue of National Review, Jonah Goldberg wrote "Regrettable Van Susteren" about Miss Van Susteren and her ardent Clinton defending: Regrettable Van Susteren: The rise of Greta Van Susteren. Paying $arah Palin's legal fees Does anyone know when Sarah put up that flag of Israel in her Juneau office? It appears in the Juneau Hike video at 8:54, it is the little flag on the left side of the window: Juneau Hike with Sarah Palin In the CBC video, the Israeli flag is not there: Elan Frank films Sarah Palin on 8th and 9th April, 2008 - complete footage (Israeli): Palin wears "Israeli Star of David" necklace to NYC rally and rewrites Paul Revere's ride: PALIN'S FAME IS DIRECTLY ATTRIBUTABLE TO WHOSE AGENDA? WHO CONTROLS IT? WHO PROMOTES HER? ON WHOSE BEHALF? WHY? HER FAME IS THE DIRECT RESULT OF A CONSPIRACY. BUT FOR THIS CONSPIRACY, SHE IS UTTERLY IRRELEVANT AT BEST, AND PURE EVIL AT WORST... Want the clearest evidence that Sarah Palin was told directly to align with 9/11 co-conspirator Netanyahu rather than 9/11 co-conspirator GHW Bush? Can you imagine a GOP upstart intentionally pissing off the Bush family - not returning GHW's phone calls? Clearly she'd received word from the Rupert Murdoch wing that Bush was marginalized, and she needed to align with Netanyahu to succeed. Google this: "george hw bush" + palin Then Google this: netanyahu + palin Five Minutes with John Reiss, Executive Producer of Hardball Five Minutes with John Reiss, Executive Producer of Hardball from NY City Lens on Vimeo. “Hardball” EP Named MSNBC EP of Political Programming Too His boss, President of MSNBC, is Phil Griffin: MSNBC Phil Griffin (Jewish spouse: Kory Apton) – President Who Controls the News? (Part 1) His boss, President of NBC News is: Steve Capus (Ashkenazi Jew) – President His boss is Ted Harbert (Ashkenazi Jew) – Chairman, NBC Broadcasting And then we have: Bob Epstein (Ashkenazi Jew) – Executive Producer, “Nightly News with Brian Williams” Betsy Fischer (Ashkenazi Jew) – Executive Producer, “Meet the Press” Nancy Nathan (Ashkenazi Jew) – Executive Producer, “The Chris Matthews Show” David Corvo (Jewish spouse: Michele Willens) – Executive Producer, “Dateline NBC” Mark Lukasiewicz (Ashkenazi Jew) – Vice President, NBC News Specials and Digital Media Alexandra Wallace (Ashkenazi Jew) – Senior Vice President Cheryl Gould(Ashkenazi Jew) – Senior Vice President Summary: Of the sixty-seven(67) senior executives of the major television and radio news networks, forty-seven(47) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 70%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population.* Therefore Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major television and radio news networks by a factor of 35 times(3,500 percent). WHO ACQUIRED MSNBC AND CANNED KEITH OLBERMANN? Brian L. Roberts (Ashkenazi Jew) – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Who Controls the television? Keith Olbermann In Hollywood Reporter: Talks MSNBC Exit, Says He Hasn't Spoken To Maddow "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." -- William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting, 1981) Bachmann: America ‘cursed’ by God ‘if we reject Israel’
Comment posted February 8, 2010 @ 10:29 am in article: It’s no wonder Bachmann speaks so fondly of Israel. They’ve provided her and her family members free annual vacations to Israel every year she’s been in office–to the tune of $44,380. Most recently, in July-August 2009, Bachmann and her daughter traveled to Tel Aviv on the dime of the American Israel Education Foundation, living like royalty in $500-a-night hotels. Cost of the trip for Michele and Elisa Bachmann: $19,414.74, covered entirely by the Jewish group, which is affiliated with the powerful pro-Israel lobbying group AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee). They each even got a nice photo album from their hosts as a momento of their junket. In 2008, Bachmann and her husband, Marcus, traveled to Jeruselum, this time courtesy of the Jewish Community Relations Council. Cost of trip: $7,170. In 2007, Michele and Marcus jaunted off to Tel Aviv with the American Israel Education Foundation picking up the tab again, including luxurious $436/night hotels. Cost: $17,796. It’s not like Minnesota’s 6th District is heavily Jewish or anything. That matters little to our bought-and-paid-for congresswoman. What really matters is that for their $44,380 investment in Bachmann, the Israeli/Jewish lobbyists, er, "educators," have gotten a loud mouthpiece to drum up support for Israel among the evangelical Christian base. At the 6 February 2010 Republican Jewish Coalition in Los Angeles meeting, she stated: I am convinced in my heart and in my mind that if the United States fails to stand with Israel, that is the end of the United States. Political Positions of Michele Bachmann Click on the links here and find out WHO CONTROLS AMERICA. Is this the new and improved version of "Israeli Art Students?" "Israeli Scouts": These look like Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to you? GOT COVER STORY? IMAGINE ANY OTHER COUNTRY COMING TO THE UNITED STATES TO RECRUIT ENLISTEES IN THEIR MILITARY AND/OR BRAINWASH US CITIZENS... Pacifists assail Israel Scouts for recruiting army enlistees overseas Israeli scouts in South Florida sing, dance, answer political questions Israeli "Art Students" spy ring busted on 9/11: Jack Otto, famous for his 'Forbidden Knowledge', gives a compressed version of understanding on the hidden history of the Khazar empire, the Illuminati, the banking cartel and their links to the New World Order. UPDATED:U.S. Taxpayers Raked Over The Fake War Coals Again and Again Below: "terrorist" (wink wink) Adam "Pearlman" Gadahn:
Does anyone believe this BULLSHIT anymore? Are they that arrogant with this FAKE TERRORISM that they think we can't and haven't ever looked this stuff up ourselves? This guy again??? Huffington Post writer Sam Stein writes an article saying "Al Qaeda terrorist" (wink wink) Adam Gadahn is going to exploit a loophole in America's gun laws to get his "terrorists" (wink wink) guns. Maybe HuffPo writer Sam Stein doesn't realize there's such thing as the INTERNET and people like me KNOW and have been posting for YEARS about how "terrorist" (wink wink) Adam Gadahn is JEWISH and has relatives in the ADL (Jewish anti-defamation league) and that WE ALL KNOW FOR YEARS THIS IS FAKE TERRORISM. Here's just one of many videos people like me have been posting for YEARS (Hey, Sam Stein of HuffPo, didn't you get the memo about this??? Or are you "in on it": all this FAKE TERRORISM on behalf of Israel?): Now here's HuffPo's Sam Stein, doesn't this look SILLY after seeing that video above? HuffPo's Sam Stein: White House Taking 'Seriously' Al Qaeda's Eying Of America's Gun Show Loophole Now take a look at WHO IS BEHIND GUN CONTROL, do you see a pattern here? Who is Behind Gun Control? Most U.S. Federal gun control legislation has been written, introduced, and sponsored by Jewish Congressmen and Jewish Senators. So let's recap, I suppose this is a coincidence: "terrorist" (wink wink) Adam "Pearlman" Gadahn is really Jewish and has relatives in the ADL, Sam Stein the writer for HuffPo pimping this fake terrorism is Jewish (?), and all the gun control laws proposed in the U.S. congress are by Jewish senators & congressmen. ONE BIG COINCIDENCE, RIGHT??????????? Facebook quietly switches on facial recognition tech by default: Tag, you're it. Zuckerberg amps up data-farming mission creep War by Deception 2011 (Full Movie) Dismantling the Hidden American Enemies Christopher Bollyn completes book "Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World", available FREE online.
Christopher Bollyn MASSIVE BIN LADEN BULLSHIT Big Dan's Big 9/11 LINKS: Do your OWN research, because the mainstream media was in on it, you won't find help there! (note: the above in this post contains enormous contributions from frequent BDBB commenter plunger) Here's a good one: family that had their home FALSELY foreclosed on (they didn't owe the bank anything)...FORECLOSES ON THE BANK FOR DOING THAT TO THEM: Bank of America Gets Pad Locked After Homeowner Forecloses On It fyi.........don't feed the homeless: Four arrested for feeding homeless Governor Abercrombie unveiled a 90-day plan to tackle the homeless problem, and it includes discouraging feeding people in parks or other public places. 10 Indications The United States Is A Dictatorship ...and here's more proof: fascism is corporations/government/police are all the same. So, if you don't pay a loan, the corporations/government/police handcuff you: SO WHERE'S MY $5000 ????????? If you're a billionaire or even a millionaire, please click on the $5000 PayPal donation bill below and donate $5000 to Big Dan's Big Blog. ANY millionaire or billionaire should do this, INCLUDING Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann...ANY rich person. If I don't get enough donations, I will continue this blog: