Saturday, February 16, 2008

"Coiffure de fromage"; The Famous Hairy Burger King "Fish" Sandwich

Well, here it is, Fab Blogger fans! Yesterday at lunch, I got a "BK Big 'fish'"
sandwich at lunch in Pittston, Pa. I brought it home to eat because Little De was there, I got her some french fries. I bit into the BK Big "fish" sandwich, and felt something "fishy" in my mouth...and it wasn't the "fish"! I began pulling out of my mouth, what seemed to be a hair. I kept pulling and pulling and pulling, it turned out to be over a foot long black hair! I've been telling fab bloggers about it for about a day, well here it is!




Yes! It's so long, I wrapped it in circles! That circular thing in the picture is a giant black hair that was baked into the "fish" sandwich! I called the manager and he said, "No one here has long black hair"!

I was going to get a "meat" sandwich, but I got the "fish" sandwich instead...BAD IDEA!!!

"Where can we get one of those, Big Dan?" At your local Burger King! Of course!

Update: I have confirmation that Morticia Adams of the Adams Family works at the Pittston, Pa. Burger King...the manager lied!!!
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