Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Big Dan's Big News Feb 11, 2008

● Making Pot Legal: We Can Do It -- Here's How. DrugReporter: Changing public opinion about pot isn't easy. Changing America's anti-pot laws is even harder -- here's a blueprint to get it done.

● Attention Shoppers: The Consumer Product Safety Commission Has Run Out Of Power

● Using the Internet as a weapon. Commentary: Internet interruption in the Middle East looks fishy

● Chomsky: Poorer Countries Find a Way to Escape U.S. Dominance. ForeignPolicy: The famous critic lays out the emerging alternatives to the U.S.-dominated international financial institutions of the last century.

● Five More Advertisers Abandon Michael Savage’s Hate-Filled Radio Show

● Christian Right's Emerging Deadly Worldview: Kill Muslims to Purify the Earth. By Chris Hedges, Truthdig. Rights and Liberties: Christian extremists are preaching a war against tolerance to target and persecute all Muslims, including the 6 million who live in the U.S.

● Navy Intercepts Russian Bombers. U.S. fighter planes intercepted two Russian bombers, including one that buzzed an American aircraft carrier in the western Pacific during the weekend

● Huckabee at Falwell's Church: Ten Commandments better than law

● Bush’s 2009 Budget Is ‘As Good As It Gets For Defense Contractors’

● Travelers beware: Customs agents can copy laptop data

● Trial of 9 / 11 Plotters Faces Hurdles. Nearly six and a half years after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the U.S. is preparing to prosecute six of the men it says are responsible. But the trial and verdicts -- not to mention justice -- remain a long way off in the death-penalty cases.

● Judge OKs Inquiry of White House Techs. A federal judge agreed Monday to allow a private group to delve into the operations of an office at the White House as part of a controversy over whether large amounts of e-mail have disappeared.

● Army Buried Study Faulting Bush Administration's Iraq Planning

● A Republican Party activist and former top GOP congressional aide who worked at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad is harshly criticizing the U.S. diplomatic effort in Iraq, accusing American diplomats of gross and potentially criminal negligence and incompetence.


Voting News:

● WA GOP Chair, Esser the Suppressor: 'To win the election, we have to keep as many of these loudmouth leftists and shiftless deadbeats away from the polls as possible'. The Man Who Stopped Counting GOP Caucus Votes...in His Earlier Days...Huckabee Today: 'This is Not What We do in American Elections...That's How They Used to Conduct it in the old Soviet Union'

● Diebold Admits Overstating '07 Election Revenue by 300%; Announces 5% Workforce Layoff as Feds Continue Investigations and Stock Price Keeps Falling. Company Forced to Restate Revenue as Shares Devalued More than 50% Since Insider Sell-Off Last Summer, Renaming of Election Division to 'Premier'...

● 'Inconsistencies' Reported in Results from Snohomish County, WA's GOP Caucus. Caucus Votes, Not Delegates, May Have Been Used to Derive Evergreen State's Still-Incomplete Results. ALSO: State Party Chair, 'Esser the Suppressor,' Closely Allied, Beholden to McCain's State Campaign Chair...

● 'Daily Voting News' For February 11, 2008

● What to watch for -- and do -- to detect vote "shenanigans"!

● Citizen's Guide to Following Vote Transport Vehicles

● BlackBoxVoting.org's voters' "Citizen's Tool Kit"

● Citizen Reports from the Front Lines


"Iraq War Veteran Agustin Aguayo served his country for four years in the Army but was repeatedly denied Conscientious Objector status. His Press Conference never made the NEWS!"

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