Friday, February 29, 2008

Lucky Press Happens To Be In Afghanistan, While Prince Harry Is Serving On The Front Lines

As bullets and missiles fly overhead, Britain's Prince Harry, above, enjoys a laugh as he sits with one of his "mates" from a group of Gurkha soldiers (or maybe an extra from The Wizard Of Oz or Time Bandits). The prince has just fired a machine gun from an observation post in Helmand province, Southern Afghanistan in January. The 23-year-old, an officer in the Household Cavalry regiment, has spent the past 10 weeks secretly serving in the volatile southern province.

While he was secretly serving on the front lines, a camera crew happened to be lost in the area for those exact same 10 weeks of his secret deployment on the front lines, and captured his every move on film. Miraculously, no one in the area, including the film crew, was hurt during this period of time, even though the famous Prince Harry was putting his fellow soldiers and the camera crew unnecessarily in harms way, due to his fame.

The "Drudge Report", a credible American news site, is said to have leaked Prince Harry's "secret" whereabouts on the front lines in Afghanistan. Prince Harry is shown below, playing hacky-sack with Matt Drudge of the "Drudge Report" in Afghanistan....trying their best to avoid mines and enemy fire on the front lines. Matt Drudge to Prince Harry: "Hey, Harry! Pass the hacky-sack ball to ME!"

Below: Prince Harry avoiding mines while riding his motorcycle that happens to be on the front lines in Afghanistan. "Gimme a push, there, Bub!" (Watch out for those mines, Harry!)

Prince Harry tells the Press Association about his mother Princess Diana, an outspoken anti-war activist, "Hopefully she would be proud of me, you know, shooting Arabs 'n stuff. Promoting war, 'n stuff like that."

Now that the story of Prince Harry being on the front lines in Afghanistan is "out in the open", the British Ministry of Propaganda has announced that, even though the heroic prince wants to stay, he must leave due to endangering his fellow soldiers. The other soldiers also wanted to go home because their lives were in danger simply by being there, but the requests were denied. Only Prince Harry can go home.

Below: Prince Harry & the film crew (reflected in his glasses).

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