Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Big Dan's Big News Feb 26, 2008

It is common and appropriate for politicians to dress in native garb out of respect; .............when in Rome.................!

● Hillary Clinton's campaign manager chastised reporters Monday for eagerly following the Drudge Report, and he said the campaign would not investigate whether its staffers sent the site pictures of Barack Obama dressed in native African garments.

(Here we see: Hillary greeting peasants in a Babooshka, Dubya in his "They're always after me Lucky Charms" Mr. Wizard costume, and Bill Clinton arriving from planet Krypton in a SuperMan cape greeting black earthlings.....)

● What Would The Millionaire's Corporate Nazi Media Do...If Hillary or Pelosi Did This?

We can't have them wearing crazy hats like Tim Grier!

(This makes the Addams Family look like "Leave It To Beaver"...YIKES!!! The make-up people must've forgotten to show up for this crew! Trick or treat! It's the Clintons...and Yasser Arafat! 2nd from left...got any candy corn or popcorn balls?)


Other News:

● US Home Foreclosures Soar in January

● Floundering mortage firm cancels lavish retreat

● The steady pounding of a drum outside a courthouse could be heard as trial began for three police detectives charged in the shooting death of an unarmed man on the eve of his wedding.

● The Marine Corps has asked the Pentagon's inspector general to examine allegations that a nearly two-year delay in the fielding of blast-resistant vehicles led to hundreds of combat casualties in Iraq.

● Democrats facing rejection of a proposal to cut off money for the Iraq war are deliberating their next step in trying to rebuild anti-war momentum.

● Anti-War Coalition Launches ‘Iraq/Recession’ Campaign, Tying Cost Of War To The Economy

● McCain Withheld Controversial Abramoff Email

● Shocking Stories About the Forgotten War in Afghanistan. ForeignPolicy: It's easy to forget that the road to Guantánamo began in places like Kandahar and Jalalabad.


● Former Attorney General John Ashcroft has agreed to appear at a federal hearing looking into no-bid contracts he and others received to monitor out-of-court corporate settlements, including a New Jersey deal in which Ashcroft stood to make millions of dollars.

● Over the weekend, the Bush administration went full throttle in attacking Congress for not granting “telecommunications firms immunity from violating federal privacy laws.”

● SMU Profs: Bush Library Will Be A ‘Censored Library’ And Will ‘Cheer-lead’ For The President


NEPA: Be sure to watch local activist Tim Grier on WYOU interactive news tonight on channel 22!

● Update! The Video From Tim Grier On WYOU Interactive News!

● WYOU Interactive TV

● Watch Tim Grier's video explaining his complaint against Luzerne County!
(Who dat? Wit duh hat?)


Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early (thx z & Gort)

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