Friday, February 12, 2016

Why Is No One Bringing Up Hillary's "BRIAN WILLIAMS MOMENT" ??? And The Introduction Of The Phrase: "MISSPOKE"

Since I seem to be one of the very few people who can remember things from more than a week ago, and since I've noticed Hillary's Democratic Machine surrogate attack dogs beginning to be let loose on Bernie Sanders in the media, I'd like to remind everyone with short attention spans, and especially the media, of Hillary Clinton's "Brian Williams Moment".

Here it is: Hillary totally LIED and got SNAGGED by no less than CBS news. She said she landed in Bosnia under heavy sniper fire. Problem is, IT NEVER HAPPENED!!! And this also introduced the phrase: "MISSPOKE".

This was also the introduction of the word "MISSPOKE", which is now in widespread use by rich, powerful elites like Hillary. People like Hillary and other powerful elites don't "LIE", they "MISSPOKE". Us 99% commoners still "LIE". Elites "MISSPOKE". The word "MISSPOKE" is reserved for the 1% like when Jeb Bush "MISSPOKE". Roger Clemens "MISSPOKE" when he LIED about using steroids. Brian Williams "MISSPOKE" when he LIED. The rest of us 99%ers still "LIE". I told my wife I was going out for groceries, but instead I went out for a few drinks with the boys. Can I say to my wife, "I MISSPOKE when I said I went for groceries."??? Absolutely not!!!

So thank you, Hillary, for paving the way for rich elites never to "LIE" again...then now "MISSPOKE".

NBC News anchor Brian Williams is recanting his claims that he was on board a helicopter forced down in 2003 during the invasion of Iraq. Claims he "MISSPOKE"..

And did you notice the Hillary Democratic Machine "dirty tricks" revving up? Beginning with these two initial salvos:

Here's one of the recent attacks via Hillary surrogates against Bernie Sanders:

After Sanders' Big Win in New Hampshire, Establishment Figures Want to Scare You with Superdelegates. Here's Why It's Bullshit.

Attack #2: some goofball says he never saw Bernie Sanders marching with MLK, as Bernie claims. There's so much to point out about this ridiculous attack. Should an unknown-at-the-time young Bernie Sanders hope people 50 years later remember every protest he was at? That would mean this guy would've had to have to memorized EVERYONE at the protest...50 years case they became famous 50 years later so he could say he did or did not remember them there. Even if this goofball John Lewis looked directly in Bernie Sanders face at the MLK march, he would not remember Bernie there because Bernie was not yet famous, he was just like any other unknown college student marching. This has all the signs of a partisan Hillary attack throwing anything at a wall and hoping something sticks. And CNN should be ashamed for doing a story with this character John Lewis with such an outlandish claim. We all know the mainstream media is siding for Hillary and against Bernie. That's all they got?

And here's a sidenote: who the hell is John Lewis???

John Lewis: 'I never saw' Sanders at civil rights events.


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