Tuesday, December 8, 2015

San Bernardino & Planned Parenthood: Rightwingers & Muslims Need To Band Together Against FALSE FLAGS

Below: the two most widely disseminated pictures of the woman "shooter" in the San Bernardino FALSE FLAG: Tashfeen Malik. Her and her husband Syed Farook we are told are the San Bernardino "shooters". But why does the one on the left look like a CROOKED FACE PHOTO-SHOPPED OVER A BURKA and why does the one on the right look like a PORTRAIT or DRAWING rather than a photo? Aren't there any photos of her they could put in the mainstream media? I mean, besides the crooked photo-shop looking one? The face looks like it's FLOATING CROOKED in front of the HIJAB!!!

Do these look "odd" to you:

Who is this a picture of below? Some say it's Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik and some say it's his brother of the same name and his wife that were mistaken for them. I even found in a post somewhere that his FATHER's name is also Syed Farook!  The picture below BETTER be his brother and his wife, because it certainly doesn't look like the strange "pictures" above of Malik:

And who are THESE two:

All of those picture above are in articles claiming they are Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik. And why are these the only pictures I could find on the internet having to do with this? Are you telling me the mainstream media, family, friends, etc...cannot furnish ANY clear PHOTOS (not bizarre drawings/photoshops) of Tashfeen Malik? Or clarify who these other people are? In this day and age when everyone has a cellphone and takes pictures of everything? What's going on here???

The mainstream media will NEVER question the "official story" of a mass shooting, even when the first question should always be: WAS IT A FALSE FLAG BY THE GOVERNMENT? No matter how many questions there are about the "official story" that people have, they will NEVER ask or explore them. In fact, they will go out of the way to push the "official story" and ignore or ridicule those asking questions about the "official story". The mainstream media's job is to push the "official story". They are controlled by the government. It does not matter which party is in power, which implies there is really no difference between the parties.

Did you notice there are two distinct types of FALSE FLAGS by the government? Rightwing FALSE FLAGS in which the shooter is a rightwinger in order to push gun control in America, and Muslim FALSE FLAGS in which the shooter is a Muslim in order to push the "war on terror" and feed the military industrial complex and keep the endless wars going.

When they do a rightwinger FALSE FLAG and a Muslim FALSE FLAG right in a row, you know they're desperate. This past week or two, the government pulled off a rightwinger FALSE FLAG shooting of a Planned Parenthood, followed up quickly by the FALSE FLAG of a Muslim couple shooting in San Bernardino.

Somehow, the people perpetrating these dueling rightwinger & Muslim FALSE FLAGS have gotten rightwingers to hate Muslims...when in reality, they need to be on the same side exposing these government FALSE FLAGS perpetrated on both of them. That is genius by the perpetrators getting rightwingers and Muslims to hate each other so they wouldn't band together against them. That makes them the perfect targets.

The first question that should be asked about a "mass shooting" is: WAS IT A FALSE FLAG? This question is off-limits to ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, PBS, NYTIMES, Washington Post, Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage, Levin, etc...every major corporate mass media entity. OFF LIMITS!!! You cannot question their "official story" they are telling, no matter how many things make zero sense and no matter if the "official story" has zero evidence proving their assertions. You must BLINDLY BELIEVE the mainstream media's "official story" like a religion.

And when they're really REALLY REALLY desperate, they will do an additional storyline pusing WOMEN TERRORISTS. Did you ever notice that? In the San Bernardino "shooting", they are saying the WOMAN was the main "terrorist". Does this ring a bell with any of you, the sub-storyline of WOMEN TERRORISTS? That's because they want you to think ANYONE, even a WOMAN, can be a terrorist. Be afraid of everyone!

The elites do these FALSE FLAGS to control their populations with FEAR so they can keep endless wars going and take away citizens' liberties with laws from the government they control and keep the money flowing to them. RULE BY FEAR against a BOOGEYMAN they create with FALSE FLAGS. Rightwingers & Muslims are the BOOGEYMEN. And the elites are genius enough to get rightwingers to hate Muslims when they should be joining together against them.

When you stop blindly believing and not questioning the "official story" narrative of the mainstream media, all of these "mass shootings" easily fall apart.

OH!!! Witnesses say the "shooters" in San Bernardino were THREE WHITE GUYS:

Eyewitnesses Describe Terrorist Shooters As “White”

Eyewitness to terror attack: ‘Three tall white men did it’

Yikes! United Nations, U.S. Federal Govt, & Canadian Govt reading About The "Three Tall Athletic White Men In Military Attire" Who Shot Up San Bernardino

Multiple video evidence of San Bernardino false flag attack: .01% plan for multiple false flags to ‘justify’ martial law, arrest ‘truthers’??? hat tips: all the activists making and communicating the following videos!

Do YOU think this is how a daughter would act the next day after her mother was slaughtered by ISIS terrorists in San Bernardino? Or is this how someone would act if it was a FALSE FLAG/HOAX?


Now, a third prominent eye-witness, Chirs Nwadike, has stepped up to challenge the mainstream narrative. He recently told reporters he received a phone call from an unknown person around 7 p.m., on the evening of the shooting, who told him that he must say that Sayd Farook was the shooter.

You read that right, he says that he was called and told to change his story and say that Farook carried out the attacks with his wife, even though that is very different than what he witnessed.

UPDATE: Third Eyewitness To San Bernardino Shooting Says It Wasn’t ‘Terror Couple’ Who Carried Out Attack

'Craft Intl mercenaries carried out San Bernardino shooting'

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Numerous news organizations were allowed to rummage through the apartment of the San Bernardino shooters even though the home may still be an active crime scene.

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San Bernadino shooting story shot full of holes by patsies’ attorney. Ten questions THEY don't want you to ask


Huge wave of false flags to follow Paris, San Bernadino. We must expose and prosecute them NOW, or drown in blood


Remember this ridiculous story from the Bush "war on terror" era? This is THE story that made me realize the FALSE FLAG propaganda:

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