Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sheriff David Clarke (SHERIFF RUCKUS) Of Milwaukee Gives Speech At RNC On July 18, Then Milwaukee Cop Shoots Black Guy August 13 In Milwaukee, Then Sheriff David Clarke (SHERIFF RUCKUS) Becomes FOX's On-The-Scene Police Expert: HOW CONVENIENT!!!!!!

FOX's & RNC's "good n*gger", FOX's HOUSE NEGRO. A Coincidence Too Far - READ ON

UPDATE 9/29/2016: Trump-loving sheriff body-slams man for pestering him on two-hour flight — and heckler gets arrested

July 18 unknown Milwaukee black sheriff (who seems to hate blacks btw...like Uncle Ruckus from the cartoon Boonedocks)) gives speech at RNC:

August 13, about a month later, Milwaukee cops shoot and kill black guy:

Guess where the shooting occurrred? In Milkwaukee, where SHERIFF DAVID CLARKE (SHERIFF RUCKUS) is from! The same guy who gave a speech at the RNC a month ago! And guess who conveniently becomes FOX's "on the scene police expert"? SHERIFF DAVID CLARKE (SHERIFF RUCKUS)!

So are you telling me that on July 18 SHERIFF DAVID CLARKE (SHERIFF RUCKUS) of Milwaukee gives a speech at the RNC, then a month later Milwaukee cops shoot a black guy for the latest police/protests, and the SAME GUY SHERIFF DAVID CLARKE (SHERIFF RUCKUS), who happened to give the RNC speech, also happens to be the sheriff where the shooting occurs, then conveniently becomes FOX's "expert"? And he's a black cop that appears to spout all the FOX/Rush Limbaugh talking points like LIBERALS CAUSED THIS, etc...etc...???

NO F*CKING WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TIME TO OUT ALL THIS STAGED SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup - he sort of has that General Honoree stench of waaaay toooo convenient to have the perfect actor in place with the perfect message at the perfect time.  Life is not this tidy in actuality - but it sure is on the TeeVee.

I guarantee you this all ties to the Koch Brother, their control of Walker, and his willingness to do ANYTHING THEM TELL HIM TO DO, including the requirement that the race war take hold somewhere in the US, and it falls to Milwaukee to assume the burden of it.

Hi Rush, I'm a BLACK GUY, but I hate blacks too!

He is seriously setting himself up to be taken out by somebody who won't tolerate this Uncle Tom calling as spade a spade, as it were.

This whole thing just became way to obvious, and they usually "off" the guy when that happens, and probably blame it on a "leftist", that's what happens when you play with fire though.

And guess who's the governor of Wisconsin? None other than SCOTT WALKER:


SHERIFF DAVID CLARKE should be called SHERIFF RUCKUS, like Uncle Ruckus the self-hating black guy from Boonedocks cartoon:

OMG - you don't think there's ay chance he was influenced by media images growing up, do you? He's the fucking Sheriff from Blazing Saddles!

Sheriff Clarke is married to a WHITE WOMAN and rides around on a horse with a cowboy hat like BLAZING SADDLES

It's Twooo - it's twooo!

He's married to a WHITE WOMAN, hey DITTOHEADS, LET'S GET HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Back off or the nigger gets it!"

In his mind, he's white. The cowboy hat is the dead giveaway. It's easy to criticize "the blacks", when you're a white cowboy!

Thursday, August 4, 2016



We saw the 2012 RNC rig their primary for Romney over Ron Paul; we saw the 2016 DNC rig their primary for Hillary over Bernie. So both parties are rigged - PROVEN. A lot of credible people think Trump is throwing the election and is a "liberal plant". His actions are of someone who is not trying to win the presidential election. Read on for my thoughts.

The GOP trots out as their candidate the only person on earth who could lose to Hillary Clinton . Are Trump & Hillary Taking Down The GOP AND Rightwing Media? At the bottom of this post, I'm updating it with "THE DAILY TRUMP" which is his DAILY antics throwing the election. I'll update that until you're ready to admit he's throwing the election. When I first wrote this post before the daily updates, I did not think the evidence would escalate so enormously and so fast.

During the Republican primary, in which Donald Trump ANNIHILATED the rest of the GOP candidates, the establishment Republicans were trying to gather together to take down Trump. Did they suspect something? Were they right? Was it because they knew HE was taking THEM down? What else can explain Trump's seemingly flipping a switch after the RNC and acting like a complete NUT? It looks like he's throwing the general election to Hillary.

I said this on FaceBook YESTERDAY:

How's THIS conspiracy I'm throwing out there for all of you who think Trump is a "plant":
how's this "conspiracy": if Trump is throwing it to Hillary, it might be bigger than that, and bigger than just taking down the GOP: taking down rightwing media. Don't forget: Hillary decades ago pointed out the 'vast rightwing media conspiracy". And don't forget Ailes just resigned from FOX. Coincidence? Or preparing everything for president Hillary?
maybe the establishment Republicans against Trump knew something?
just sayin'....but the GOP ***AND*** rightwing media is imploding, not just the GOP, and part of the rightwing media implosion is Trump is giving them ammo and he can't (or can he?) stop them from making fools of themselves daily backing his insane rants. It's genius, if I'm right.
rightwing media got used to backing any and all things gop/rightwing. Why not purposely put a nutty GOP candidate who daily spews nonsense and knows they will back anything he does, be it throwing babies out of rallies, attacking gold star familiies, etc...? Pure genius. Actually, that's doing it from the inside. Nobody who can get this far as being the GOP presidential nominee can DAILY be this stupid and nutty.

Now TODAY, I'm joined by JESSE VENTURA:

Longtime pal Jesse Ventura thinks Donald Trump was sent to destroy the GOP from within

If you want to make a FOOL out of conservatives who are always calling for deportation of ILLEGAL ALIENS, why not trot a guy out there as your presidential candidate, say he's going to BUILD A WALL to keep them out, and have him say to DEPORT ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS, NO EXCEPTIONS.....but make sure his wife is an ILLEGAL ALIEN:

Gaps in Melania Trump's immigration story raise questions. A racy photo shoot is prompting fresh scrutiny of the would-be first lady's early visits to the United States.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/08/melania-trump-immigration-donald-226648#ixzz4GTdVSVEH
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Why not have the "party of GOD", the party that doesn't want to serve pizza to gays, the party that's against gay marriages for "religious beliefs", the "CONSERVATIVES", have their future FIRST LADY POSE NUDE IN LESBIAN PHOTOS...and why not have FOX "news" Rupert Murdoch's rightwing newspaper break the story:

Melania Trump’s girl-on-girl photos from racy shoot revealed

Future FIRST & SECOND lady:

Why not have the "MILITARY PARTY"s presidential candidate have a non-stop fight with a GOLD STAR FAMILY who lost their son in war:

Trump continues week long attack against GOLD STAR FAMILY

Why not have Trump, whose wife if probably an illegal alien and posed nude in lesbian pictures, pick an extremist lunatic VP who DOESN'T WANT TO SERVE PIZZA TO GAY'S? Yes, he's THAT GUY from last year's Memories Pizza fiasco. Right when he could've picked a more moderate VP to appeal to disenchanted Bernie Sanders supporters, he picks MIKE PENCE, scaring everyone that Trump would make EXTREMIST SUPREME COURT picks like Pence and scaring away Bernie supporters he could've scooped up:

10 things you should know about Mike Pence, Donald Trump’s running mate

And here's the latest DAILY screw-ups by Trump:

U.S. Officials Literally Laughing at Donald Trump’s ‘Top Secret’ Iran Video Claim. The Donald swore he had access to classified information. The folks with access to no-shit secrets say that’s a lie.

FOX "news" does to Trump what it does to its own viewers: they showed a video over and over that didn't go with what they were actually saying, so the viewer IMPLIES the video goes with what they're saying:

Donald Trump Admits He Gets Confused and Makes Things Up After Watching Fox News

In an affort to shed claims that he's racist, Trump announces his economic adisory board: 13 millionaire white guys, half of them named "Steve". No one can figure out the "Steve Strategy" just yet.



And think about this timing: ROGER AILES has ran FOX "news" since it began in the 1980's. FOX "news" is nothing more than a GOP "news" operation posing as real news. Guess what just happened after all these decades? ROGER AILES STEPPED DOWN AMIDST CONTROVERSY:

Roger Ailes resigns; Rupert Murdoch becomes chairman and acting CEO of Fox News. Fox Business Network, Fox Television Stations

So you're telling me that after DECADES of running FOX "news", and sexually harassing female employees for DECADES, Roger Ailes "happens" to resign after all these decades right when Hillary Clinton looks like the next president? Thanks to Trump btw...

Democrats couldn't ask for a better GIFT: rightwing media (FOX, Rush, Savage, and especially local radio channels like WILK that syndicate them), etc... is so used to doubling-down on behalf of "their guy" for decades, all the Democrats have to do is let Trump make daily gaffes and sit back and watch the rightwing media gang go to work MAKING IT WORSE! Trump attacks a Gold Star family, the REPUBLICAN NOISE MACHINE doubles-down and attacks the Gold Star family 24x7 in their rightwing media empire, and so on and so on. Just sit back and let the decades-long rightwing media infrastructure go to work making 24x7 fools of themselves.

AND...let me add one more thing everyone's forgetting: in the 1980's when Bill Clinton was president, Hillary claimed there was a VAST RIGHTWING CONSPIRACY  to take down her husband, and she was also referring not ONLY to Republicans, but to RIGHTWING MEDIA like FOX "news" (Roger Ailes), Rush Limbaugh, and the whole rightwing media gang posing as "news":


The Republican Noise Machine: David Brock, the reformed conservative noise-maker, on how the Right has sabotaged journalism, democracy, and truth.

Falwell Confirms Lewinsky Affair Linked To Israeli Lobby Intrigue

And now look at this NEW STORY: TWO independent rightwing media websites (Breitbart & Gatewaypundit) INDEPENDENTLY use NBA Cleveland Cavaliers' championship parade photos and claim they're from Trump rallies showing how many people are at the: REALLY? TWO different independent rightwing sites happen to do this same exact thing? Really Really?

Breitbart Caught Passing Off Photo Of Cleveland’s NBA Championship Parade As Image Of Trump's Jacksonville Rally

Jim Hoft Also Uses Picture Of Cleveland's NBA Title Parade To Brag About The Size Of A Trump Rally

Hmmmm......whaddya tink 'bout DAT??? All these coincidences. Kinda like the coincidence that we gave/release $400 million dollars to Iran right when the let go 4 hostages? All these coincidences!

Maybe after all these years of a vast RIGHTWING conspiracy, there's a vast LEFTWING conspiracy?


Fake Coup In Turkey Presented As Real By The Mainstream Media, Got FakeCoup.com ???

Days after the engagement party in Cleveland, where he secured his party's nomination, the thrill of winning had all but subsided. The pursuit, perhaps, was more exciting than the prize.

Since the Republican National Convention, he has made blunder after blunder. He seems to be doing everything possible to show that he wants out.

Republican Party leaders are getting the message. They're in a panic, we're told, and have begun looking into options for replacing Trump if he were to make the unprecedented decision to drop out.

Trump appears to have fallen out of love with the idea of being president

THE DAILY TRUMP: this area below, I'm going to start posting Trump's DAILY statement of throwing the election. If you think Trump is THIS STUPID, he's a billionaire because he's NOT stupid, YOU watch this area and I will post his daily outrageous unacceptable (and he knows it) comments and actions, and ask yourself

THE DAILY TRUMP 8/9/2016: Trump implies using gun violence against Hillary:

Donald Trump Suggests Shooting Hillary Clinton, Her Supreme Court Picks, Or Both

THE DAILY TRUMP 8/10/2016: Trump says "TITTIES" during an economic speech. Ready to admit he's throwing the election?

THE DAILY TRUMP 8/9/2016: Trump implies using gun violence against Hillary:

Trump Tower climber endorsed Donald in creepy video

All this happened in about a week...think he's not throwing the election?



The ONLY way to save Hillary's embarassment of having the Orlando Shooter's father sitting behind her, is to, a couple of hours later, plant a gay Republican pedophile behind Trump IN THE ***EXACT SAME SPOT***. i said EXACT SAME SPOT...and have Trump POINT TO HIM for emphasis. Even have him WAVE DIRECTLY BACK AT TRUMP:

THE DAILY TRUMP 8/12/2016: Trump's plan to destroy the GOP was genius: say something indefensible, let the GOP try to defend, and then say it was just a joke.

Trump is making a fool out of the conservative media empire (FOX, Rush, Savage, Breitbart, Daily Caller, Alex Jones, Gateway Pundit, etc...), either on purpose or by accident. He says something outrageous, then waits for guaranteed conservative media onslaught backing him, then says I WAS JUST KIDDING, making a fool out of conservative media.

He's just a carnival barker who loves the spotlight, and like any good snake oil salesman, can't possibly make any claim that is too outrageous to close a deal or attract ever-more attention, which he can only perceive as admiration, being the narcissist that he is.

Trump Claims He Was Just Kidding About Obama Founding ISIS — After Republicans Tried To Defend Him

Is Trump Deliberately Throwing The Election To Clinton?