Sunday, December 15, 2013


Rush Limbaugh, the Half-Billion-Dollar Mouthpiece for 1% Rightwing Billionaires, Attacks The New Pope For Them (The 1%'s Pope?) On Christmas

The fake religious right media: can you get any worse than attacking the Pope on Christmas? And virtually get away with it? That's what I call a real "War On Christmas" and basically a "War On Jesus"! Rightwing media is the OPPOSITE of the Christmas sentiment of GIVING.

Rush Limbaugh has attacked women by calling them sluts & FemiNazis, he attacks poor people, unions, people fighting for a living wage, muslims, made fun of Michael J. Fox's disease, people without health care, and so on. Can you guess who he works for based on that? (hint: super-rich white guys and zionists)

But can something be the ULTIMATE that he could never top?

I think he finally did the ULTIMATE: he attack the new Pope! You can't get any higher than the Pope:

Pope Francis Rebukes "Marxist" Attack From Rush Limbaugh & Conservative Media

Rush Limbaugh's "dittoheads" think RUSH is the Pope! That's why he gets away with this.

What did the Pope do? He spoke about something Rush Limbaugh calls everyone else a "COMMUNIST" and "SOCIALIST" for saying: he spoke of the extreme inequality between the 1% wealthy and the 99%. But it doesn't matter if it's the 99% saying it or the Pope, he said the Pope is a COMMUNIST/MARXIST.

Really, Rush is just a high-paid mouthpiece for 1% rightwing billionaires. It's really THEM saying what Rush says. They always remain in the background and hand Rush his script. Rush gets paid handsomely by them to call you a "COMMUNIST" and/or a "SOCIALIST". In fact, he gets paid a HALF BILLION DOLLARS to be the media guy who speaks for them. Rush Limbaugh gets paid by them to tell middle-class "dittoheads" that everything is the POOR's fault, and it's THEIR fault that they are poor. By "dittoheads", I mean older white guys, most likely unmarried.

These rightwing billionaires have the system RIGGED in their favor, including markets, banks, judges, courts, & law enforcement. They also OWN congress. If you point this out, they sick Rush Limbaugh & rightwing media on you and call you a "COMMUNIST" or "SOCIALIST".

Rush Limbaugh is ready with rightwing billionaires CLICHES for every occasion. He has cliches for every occasion: food stamps, unions, people fighting for a living wage, health care, etc...the CLICHES he gets a HALF A BILLION DOLLARS to spew for these billionaires for are: "DON'T PENALIZE THE SUCCESSFUL" (for taxes), "THAT'S CLASS WARFARE" (when you point out all the wealth is being funneled from the 99% to the 1%), "PEOPLE ON FOOD STAMPS BUY LOBSTER" & "I SAW SOMEONE BUY SOMETHING ON FOOD STAMPS, THEN GET IN A CADILLAC", and on and on and on you hear these rightwing cliches. They re-appear over time when the subjects change and then the subject comes up again. The SAME CLICHES. And "dittoheads" repeat them for Rush, for he has brainwashed them. If you question the fact that the top 1% is taking all the wealth in this country, Rush will say you are a "COMMUNIST" and you are a "SOCIALIST". A good rule of thumb is if Rush is calling someone a communist or socialist, you should probably think the opposite of that person.

THINK OPPOSITE WITH RUSH LIMBAUGH, it's the only thing certain is the truth is the complete opposite of whatever he says.

Christian Rightwingers, the gauntlet has been thrown down: are you going to listen to the REAL Pope, or is Rush Limbaugh your Pope?

Hannity, of course, joins The Republican Noise Machine attack on the Pope at Christmas:

Here We Come A-Hustling: A Guide To Right-Wing Christmas Gifts

The conservative movement is still an elaborate moneymaking venture. The story of FreedomWorks' big Glenn Beck payout encapsulates the right-wing media

If Rightwing media could tailor Christmas stories to their agenda, their version of "It's A Wonderful Life" would be that George Bailey was a HIPPIE COMMUNIST SOCIALIST who tried to take down GOOD GUY POTTER who was only taking over the town for their own good. Rightwing media's version of Robin Hood would be OPPOSITE-LAND, too: Robin Hood, who takes from the rich and gives to the poor (like Jesus would do?), would be a TERRORIST!!! Santa would be some kind of PINKO who gives out "FREE STUFF" like WELFARE.

Rightwing media's UTOPIA: POTTERSVILLE -

Paul Ryan lectures the pope: The Catholic conservative who insists he cares about the poor says Pope Francis doesn’t understand capitalism

Right-wing biblical illiterates would be shocked by Jesus’ teachings …if they ever picked up a Bible

Thomas Cahill: Conservatives are afraid of pope’s ‘pure Christianity,’ not ‘pure Marxism’

Rush Limbaugh has FAKE CALLERS like an infomercial. His entire SHOW is an infomercial for rightwing billionaires:

Exclusive: Limbaugh’s parent company still using actors to fake radio call-ins, exec tells Raw

I personally have thought for years that Rush Limbaugh's #1 ratings aren't true. Just using logic, his audience is most likely older single white guys. What wife would put up with their husband listening to Rush Limbaugh attack women all the time? I happen to find this doing a bit of research:

Current TV’s Cenk Uygur Issues $10,000 Challenge To Rush Limbaugh: ‘Prove Your Ratings’

The OBSCENE profits  the 1% have are UNEARNED, INHERITED (not WORKED for, that is why they got Rush to call the "Estate Tax" the "Death Tax", it only affects the super-rich, but Rush has "dittoheads" fighting against the "death tax" which doesn't affect "dittoheads" at all ), and RIGGED (they RIG the "market"). The cliche "DON'T PENALIZE THE SUCCESSFUL" is a real GEM. Unless you think a BILLIONAIRE is working a BILLION TIMES HARDER than a McDonald's or Wal-Mart worker, then that cliche makes no sense. The CEO of McDonald's makes $13.8 Million dollars, so I guess he works 13 MILLION TIMES HARDER than the minimum wage employees (?). The people at the top of the Ponzi Scheme known as "American Capitalism" are "successful"...if you think EXTORTION, SWINDLES, & CONS are "earning money".

The 1% are the  CRIMINAL CLASS. They OWN the judges, courts, and well as the president OF ANY PARTY. The "parties" are there to give you the ILLUSION that we have a democracy and choice.

Ironically, "dittoheads" who REPEAT the 1%'s cliches via Rush Limbaugh & rightwing media ARE ALSO THE ONES HAVING THEIR MONEY STOLEN FROM THEM BY THE 1%!!!!!!!! But they're too dumb to realize it.

Capitalism in America is a PONZI SCHEME where the money is funneled from the 99% to the 1%.

I agree that socialism redistributes wealth from the 1% to the 99%...BUT, I also agree that capitalism redistributes wealth from the 99% to the 1%, as prove by these statistics: we actually HAVE had prosperity, but only the 1% got all the prosperity...

I'm speaking in generalities when I say this, but there is always some sort of redistribution of wealth in any economic system. The "left" is known for redistributing from the 1% to the 99%, and the "right" is know for redistributing wealth from the 99% to the 1%. Right now, American Capitalism is "right" in that wealth has been funneling from the 99% to the 1% to the tune of the greatest disparity between the 1% and the 99% since the Great Depression:

BDBB March 3, 2012: Rush Limbaugh's audience is now down to single/divorced white male LOSERS who hate women and have no children