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"FISCAL CLIFF" Is Another Hoax By The 1% To Dismantle Social Security, Medicare, & Medicaid, Pushed By the MAINSTREAM MEDIA TERRORISTS

The rigged corrupt corporate mainstream media and radio news briefs (MEDIA TERRORISTS) will chant FISCAL CLIFF FISCAL CLIFF FISCAL CLIFF over and over and over again (BRAINWASHING) on behalf of the 1% to SCARE the 99% of Americans in an attempt once again to dismantle social security, medicare, & medicaid.


WAKE UP AMERICA! - The Real U.S. Budget Problem: Defense & War Spending Equal 94% Of All Federal Income Tax Revenues

When the media keeps repeating a phrase like "FISCAL CLIFF" over and over and over again, BEWARE! Think: "DEATH PANELS", "GROUND ZERO MOSQUE", "CHICK FIL A", "AL QAEDA", "TERRORISTS", "INSURGENTS", etc... etc... BEWARE!!! They wouldn't do it IF THEY WEREN'T SCREWING US!!!

In fact, they did this TWICE! I remember they were bombarding us with "FISCAL CLIFF" before the "election", then it died out, now it's starting up again! So they are REALLY trying to BAMBOOZLE us!

I've been gathering some great info from the BEST economists and they all agree: WE ARE GETTING SCREWED AGAIN. We spend a TRILLION dollars a year on BOMBING countries on the other side of the earth. Here's what they will do IMO: they will cut social safety nets A LOT, and the bombing budget A LITTLE, so they can say they cut EVERYTHING, but the implication will be that they cut BOMBING in ration...but it won't be. Kind of like the Bush tax cuts: cut the rich A LOT and the middle class A LITTLE and then say they cut EVERYONE'S taxes.

btw: guess who came up with the term "FISCAL CLIFF"? None other than financial terrorist BEN BERNANKE of THE FED!

MICHAEL HUDSON says we're getting SCREWED:

BILL BLACK says we're getting SCREWED:


James Galbraith again:

ROBERT REICH says we're getting SCREWED:

PAUL KRUGMAN says we're getting SCREWED:

Paul Krugman: Fiscal Cliff Actually An 'Austerity Bomb'

Daily Show: congress concocted the catastrophic "fiscal cliff"


The rightwing FOOD STAMPS sham: one thing you can count on is that no matter how subject come and go on FOX "news" and rightwing radio (Rush Limbaugh, etc...), their whining about FOOD STAMPS never goes away. Whining about food stamps is the FLAGSHIP ISSUE, the FOUNDATION of rightwing radio. It weathers all storms and never goes away. They are OBSESSED with poor people getting food, for some reason. It's what JESUS would do. And just like Reagan MADE UP the CADILLAC-DRIVING WELFARE QUEEN MOMMA folklore, the rightwing has their fact-free FOOD STAMPS folklore they talk about and callers call in about: "I SAW THEM BUYING LOBSTERS ON FOOD STAMPS", "I SAW SOMEONE BUY SOMETHING ON FOOD STAMPS THEN GET INTO A CADILLAC/SUV/(fill in the blank)", etc...etc... This is a tactic of rightwing callers: they call in radio shows and MAKE SHIT UP that can't be proven. THEY'RE LYING. The reason they're lying, if you use logic, is that instead of REPORTING THIS ABUSE, they call in radio shows? Why does the host never ask them, "DID YOU REPORT THEM?" The answer would be, "NO". And that's not even addressing the FACT that it's IMPOSSIBLE to simply LOOK AT SOMEONE and know their income, IE: if they QUALIFY for food stamps or not. These people are just PARANOID, SELFISH people OR they're FAKE CALLERS whose mission is to get rid of a social safety net.

Let's take a look at how much we spend on food stamps, and especially in relation to how much we spend on BOMBING PEOPLE. Dittoheads hate numbers & facts, so they're not going to like this below. They hate charts and graphs, too. Here is the government budget website:

It says in 2011 we spent $878.5 BILLION on "Defense" which is bombing and murdering people on the other side of the earth. How much did we spend on feeding Americans? It says we spent $103.2 billion, or around 1% of the budget. Also keep in mind, historically we spend MORE on food stamps during financial and unemployment crises. That's NORMAL. So: $878.5 for MURDERING PEOPLE and $103.2 for FEEDING AMERICANS. Do you think that's a sign of an advanced country? Or a barbaric country? Below, I highlight in yellow 2011 "Defense" (OFFENSIVE BOMBING) vs FOOD STAMPS:

Food Stamps Are An Antipoverty Program, But Fox Won't Tell You That

CHARTS: Why U.S. Military Spending Is Totally Out Of Control And Can't Last

MORE truthtelling reality-based conservatives is drummed out of the establishment Republican Party (like Ron Paul, David Frum, Andrew Sullivan, and more...:

Revenge of the Reality-Based Community. My life on the Republican right—and how I saw it all go wrong. By BRUCE BARTLETT

It seems the Republicans have run out of squishy moderates to purge. Now they’re starting to run conservatives out of town for being insufficiently doctrinaire. Exhibit A: The defenestration of Tom Cole.


Iceland's economy recovered from the financial crisis better than most because the government bailed out the people and jailed the bank criminals. The lack of coverage of ICELAND once again proves the U.S. mainstream media speaks for the 1% and is corrupt and rigged and is NOT "liberal":

Top Economists: Iceland Did It Right … And Everyone Else Is Doing It Wrong

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An Open Letter To Big Dan From The Guy Who's BETTER Than Nate Silver: RICHARD CHARNIN - TRUTH IS ALL


I met Richard Charnin on THE BRAD BLOG. His comments under the username "TRUTH IS ALL" about his election and voting analysis were and are impressive to everyone. I called him THE ULTIMATE NUMBERS CRUNCHER. Anyone who researches and is hip to electronic voting machine fraud, election fraud, follows Bev Harris', etc... knows of Richard Charnin. He has written several BOOKS on these subjects. He wrote me the following on Facebook, and I feel fortunate to have friends like him write to me, and I'd like to share this with everyone. Here is Richard Charnin in his own words.

I saw your POST about Nate Silver.Let me tell you about Nate.

Nate Silver DID NOT GET IT RIGHT. He predicted 313 EV for Obama.

My final prediction had 332 EV for Obama. That was exactly right.

Getting it right is not that big a deal. There were 10 states that were "competitive" if you believe the Likely Voter Polls. I got them all. I WAS JUST LUCKY. I used the LV polls just like everyone else. Obama's expected EV was 321:the sum of the expected values (state win probability * electoral vote). The snapshot was 332 (the actual summation of the winning electoral votes, not the expected value). The LV polls understate Obama's true vote, which I calculated to be 371 expected and 380 snapshot.

In 2008, I also had Obama's bogus 365 EV exactly right in 2008 (the expected value, not the snapshot).

I produce several measures for calculating EV: theoretical, snapshot, and simulation mean value. Obama had 420 True EV.

My model is an open book. Can't say the same about Nate's. But I can understand why. His model is junk.

The purpose of a Monte Carlo Electoral Vote Simulation is to calculate the PROBABILITY OF winning the electoral vote. The probability is the number of winning election trials divided by the total number of trials. I used 500 election trials. That is all that is necessary. The Law of Large Numbers takes effect quickly in the rapid convergence to the mean. Nate does 100,000 trials - overkill. Prof. Sam Wang does nearly a million combinations - laughable.

Nate Silver is not a pollster. He is an aggregator of polls. A lot of sheeple think he is. I also aggregate, using the pollster's numbers. Oh, this will tell you ll you need to knowabout Nate: He ranked Zogby dead last among 100 pollsters a few years ago. So I had to set him straight with this:

He also wrote about "10 reasons to Ignore Exit Polls". I had to set him straight with this:

Nate Silver’s Final Prediction - Truthdig

Now Dan, why don't you write this about me. After all, you did call me the ULTIMATE NUMBER CRUNCHER. Here is the proof that you are right. Nate Silver is a an overrated corporate NY Times shill - who never says squat abut election fraud and who libels John Zogby ( a great pollster). Silver had the nerve to say that if Romney won, it would mean that the polls were BIASED against him Silver never considered that if Romney won, maybe it was becuase he STOLE it. Nate believes Bush won in 2004. What more do you need to know. Take it from this lifetine Quant, Nate doesn't know SQUAT about building mathematical models. His simulations are bullshit. But only I have the knowledge to see through his models and his character .Maybe you will now. too. LIKE YOU, DAN, I AM ALL ABOUT TRUTH. I AM ALL ABOUT FACTS. TRUTH IS ALL. NO BS. So when I saw that post you did on Silver I had to respond. It's 440am. I have to get some sleep.

The Election Model and True Vote Model track record. Nate Silver, eat your heart out. Election Model Forecast; Post-election True Vote Model

2004 (2-party vote shares)
Model: Kerry 51.8%, 337 EV (snapshot)
State exit poll aggregate: 51.7%, 337 EV
Recorded Vote: 48.3%, 255 EV
True Vote Model: 53.6%, 364 EV

Model: Obama 53.1%, 365.3 EV (simulation mean);
Recorded: 52.9%, 365 EV
State exit poll aggregate: 58.0%, 420 EV
True Vote Model: 58.0%, 420 EV

2012 (2-party LV Poll shares)
Model: Obama 51.6%, 332 EV (Snapshot)
Recorded : 51.6%, 332 EV
True Vote 55.2%, 380 EV

I asked Richard about this article about "anonymous" stopping Karl Rove from stealing the election electronically like he stole Ohio in 2004 in Bush v Kerry:

Karl Rove Loses Election After Being Checkmated By Cyber Sleuths?

Here is "anonymous"s WARNING to Karl Rove before the election:

Here is the explanation by Thom Hartmann of what may have went on between "anonymous" & Karl Rove on election night:

...which would explain this famous bizarre Karl Rove clip on FOX "news" on election night:

(btw...why isn't Karl Rove in Jail???)

...and this was Richard's reply to the above "anonymous/Karl Rove" electronic internet rigging attempt of Ohio like 2004:
I cannot say. It's possible. I don't know the facts. Check out Bob Fitrakis and Cliff Arnebeck. I speak via phone at the 29 minute mark: The DC press conference video is up:

The description text below (on the youtube page) contains several key links and explanations, so the main youtube link above is "primary". However, if you embed the video into some other site you'll want to provide links to the same material, either via links to files you host or to the copies I have on google docs. Those files are attached to this message.

This press release covers issues related to election fraud and the political misuse of our so-called "justice" system. The issues are intertwined! In the Don Siegelman case, he was subjected to election fraud by Rove's operation and when that wasn't enough to make him quit politics they falsely jailed him.

This presentation includes a complete guide to the internetworked companies, people and organizations that make up Karl Rove's empire of election fraud.

The "road map" to Rove's empire is a PDF file available here:

The press release for this event is a one-page technical introduction to the core issues:

The link to the petition to free Don Seigelman via a pardon by Obama is located at:

There is also a selection of exit-poll related statistics at:

NOTE: the main camera had issues. This was recorded with a head-mounted Looxie2 camera from the audience that we used as backup. There are brief audio glitches caused by unknown interference at the press club, probably a sat uplink somewhere.

National Press Club main press conference

There you have it, from the BEST: "Truth Is All" Richard Charnin.

Fascinating presentation and discussion with RICHARD CHARNIN, author of "PROVING ELECTION FRAUD" at Palm Beach County PDA.

Richard's new book provides compelling evidence the recorded vote has deviated from the true vote in all elections since 1968. Why does this continue to happen and what can be done about it?




The famous Clint Curtis rigged electronic voting machines testimony, the Movie "Murder, Spies, & Voting Lies", & the HBO movie "Hacking Democracy":

It can take a lawyer, like Cliff Arnebeck, to sometimes set the techies straight.


Cliff Arnebeck and Bob Fitrakis are the two Ohio attorneys who deposed Mike Connell, and who have otherwise been working to expose Karl Rove’s election thievery since 2004.

From Cliff:

Some hackers/spooks hacked Romney’s computers, which crippled his election day get out the vote activity. However I fail to see how this relates to Rove’s meltdown on Fox News that night.

A successful hack of the Romney campaign computers would have affected all of the operation, would have been illegal, and would have been known to Rove early on election day. So, it does not explain Rove’s dramatic disconnect over Fox’s calling Ohio for Obama at the 11 PM (EST) news hour.

The hack we discovered was limited to Ohio. Its use was coming from Bob Urosevich the same guy who personally delivered a malicious patch in Georgia 2002 which flipped the votes and outcome in their governor and US Senate races. Our exposure of the problem in court through one of the top cyber security experts in the world (so certified by NSA) occurred at about 3:15 PM on election day.

Urosevich would have been informed that the fix had been exposed and that an Ohio judge with jurisdiction had expressed willingness to adopt the corrective action recommended by our expert. He and the one operative who would have been positioned pull the trigger, instead nixed the operation. Neither of them would have been so foolish as to contact Rove to inform him that the Ohio fix was off. Rove’s communications were surely being monitored by law enforcement authorities.

Thus, Rove’s mistaken rant over Ohio being prematurely called for Obama.

Cliff Arnebeck

Bev Harris has some VERY PROFOUND COMMENTS in this video that go far beyond just the subject of electronic voting machines:

Latest video from my buddy Tony, just came out:

As you know, at the end of posts I usually post music or comedy or something along those lines. I came across this prank, and it has to be the funniest/scariest prank ever! Get ready to laugh and/or be scared:

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Questions About "Rockets From Gaza"

Start with this interesting short video, just to setup how there's more than meets the eye with this whole Hamas/Israel situation: you know those "terrorists" called Hamas you hear about all the time? Ron Paul (and many others) state that ISRAEL CREATED HAMAS! You never see THAT in the "news":

(Note: these are just questions I have. I never fully believe any major news story anymore, at least immediately, when it is reported in real time by the western/U.S. mainstream media. We have been DUPED too many times to believe them, without major personal research from varying sources. Usually we find out the REAL STORY much later. The more initial questions I have, the more I think the "official story" may not be true. Now we get into "OFFICIAL STORY", which is the story told by officials to protect officials. OFFICIALS are Big Media and politicians. We KNOW "officials" are the biggest liars in the history of mankind. As you will see in the videos below, the world is turning against Israel. It's the 99% vs 1% in Israel, too: Israel 1% government & military are psychopaths just like the U.S. and just about every other government and organization. Psychopaths rise to the top of every government & organization. But most people are, of course, in the 99% and they are protesting human rights violations around the world. Israel is becoming more and more hated around the world...except for Islamophobic Dittoheads inflamed by the likes of Rush Limbaugh & rightwing radio, Mike Savage, Pam Geller, FOX "news", and scum like that.)

Note: there is a great collection of videos in this post well-worth watching!

Israel Attack On Gaza, video the gatekeeper media will not let you see (graphic)

I don't believe that for days now, rag-tag starving "gaza militants" have been firing off thousands of rockets at Israel from the largest open air prison, totally controlled and surrounded by the country they're firing them at. There's got to be more to it than just that. I would sooner believe that Israel is LETTING them do this for justification to attack Gaza, Israel themselves are doing it as a false flag to blame them as justification for attacking them, or it isn't even happening (at least on the scale the "news" is telling us) but they're saying it is for justification to attack them. "Poor little Israel" is always the story in the mainstream "news". I have the following common sense questions about what is going on there right now that no one is asking. "Gaza militants" tricking and outsmarting Israelis by smuggling in thousands of rockets and firing them off for days and "poor little Israel" must defend itself is not possible for me to believe, it's way too far fetched.

1. Gaza is the LARGEST OPEN AIR PRISON ever, likened to the Nazi concentration camps. Gaza is not very big and is under total control of Israel. They can't get proper food, water, & medicine in Gaza for the Palestinians. How can "Gaza militants" somehow get THOUSANDS of giant rockets & missiles into Gaza under the Israelis' noses? They're "tricking" and "outsmarting" them? Are Israelis great at stopping food from getting into Gaza, but STINK and are LOUSY at stopping thousands of giant rockets & missiles from getting in? It's a huge stretch for me to believe this.

2. If "gaza militants" can smuggle in thousands of CRAPPY INEFFECTIVE rockets all the time, then they can smuggle in GOOD, EFFECTIVE ones. Why would they ALWAYS smuggle in only crappy ineffective rockets? So that then they can get SMASHED by the far superior NUCLEAR ARMED ISRAEL with sophisticated weapons made in the U.S.A.? NO ONE can be this stupid, including "gaza militants". And to do this over and over periodically with the same results? Does that make any sense whatsoever?

3. If "Gaza militants" are shooting off rockets & missiles into Israel, does anyone see them doing this? It's pretty easy to see giant rockets & missiles taking off into the air for days. Then why aren't the Israelis who have been occupying Gaza stopping them? I would think you'd see a giant rocket take off, say THERE THEY ARE, and go to that spot and stop them. How can it be going on for days, then? How can the news have their cameras trained on super-secret spots they're launching the rockets from BEFORE they shoot them? And then why aren't the news camera people saying to the Israelis: HERE THEY ARE! THEY'RE OVER HERE! Look at this ABC video. Obviously, the cameraman had his camera focused on the spot that rockets were launching, then they knew of this "secret" spot beforehand. First you see some kind of satellite photo of a vehicle Israel blows up. So they can't see thousands of rockets smuggled in and launching from these same satellites? Then you see a camera showing rockets taking off from Gaza. How did the cameraman have his camera focused on this "secret" spot before the rockets launched:

4. SATELLITES: Advanced countries like the U.S. and Israel can see EVERYTHING on satellite. WE are probably HELPING Israel with OUR satellites. Did no one see "Gaza militants" bringing in thousands of rockets on satellite? Does no one see on the satellites all the spots rockets are launching from? How come we all say that satellites can see everything going on everywhere all the time...but except for GAZA??? I thought they could read the back of a dime from a satellite. I thought Israelis were ALREADY IN GAZA for decades, to boot.

5. Is it possible Israel IS PURPOSELY LETTING "Gaza militants" smuggle rockets & missiles into Gaza, and LETTING them fire them off - at least for a short while - to have JUSTIFICATION to collectively bomb the hell (collective punishment) out of the Palestinians? You know, like many people have proven that the Bush administration KNEW about 911 in advance and LET IT HAPPEN for justification for "The War On Terror", the Afghanistan War, and the Iraq War? Remember the non-existent WMD's (Weapons of Mass Destruction)? LETTING this happen on purpose makes a hell of a lot more sense than ragamuffin poor starving cavemen are "tricking" and "outsmarting" one of the top military & spy forces in the history of the planet! Just like 911, we were expected to believe that 19 hijackers commanded by a guy in a cave on dialysis halfway around the world "tricked" and "outsmarted" the #1 military & spy force in the history of the planet with boxcutters!

6. Is ISRAEL or Israeli operatives launching the rockets & missiles and "BLAMING THE PALESTINIANS"? IE: FALSE FLAG or INSIDE JOB. Israel & the Mossad are famous for that. The creed of the Mossad is: "WAGE WAR BY DECEPTION". And we already KNOW most of the mainstream media is pro-Israel Zionists, that's an uncomfortable fact for many. Doing something and blaming someone else is called a "FALSE FLAG". Governments throughout history have done FALSE FLAGS to justify to their people going to wars they don't want to get into.

7. Are we to believe that Israel can sneak Mossad into Iran (or ANYWHERE for that matter) and kill Iranian nuclear scientists BUT CAN'T SNEAK IN AND INFILTRATE THE "GAZA MILITANTS" WHICH THEY ALREADY SURROUND AND CONTROL?

8. IRON DOME: We, the U.S. citizens, while having AUSTERITY imposed upon us by our government, have given BILLIONS of our taxpayer money to Israel to build "IRON DOME", which is a missile defense system. How convenient that the stories that are coming out mention how great IRON DOME is working! And why are WE paying for some foreign country's "IRON DOME" defense system anyway, while having AUSTERITY imposed on US? Who does our congress & president work for, Israel? Where are all the fiscal conservatives and Tea Partiers on this one?

9. BLAME IRAN FALSE FLAG: More and more stories are coming out that - WAIT FOR IT - the missiles the "Gaza militants" are shooting are - WAIT FOR IT AGAIN - FROM IRAN!!! Oh, how convenient once again that somehow this can be spun into attacking Iran, which we KNOW there have been non-stop false stories for YEARS by our mainstream media trying to get us to bomb Iran. And here we go again. Did you notice that when "Israeli officials" are on TV "news" they mention IRAN in almost every first sentence they utter? Or at the very least, they can't be on TV commenting about "rockets from Gaza" without mentioning IRAN. That reeks of the same old same old: either letting this happen or it's a false flag to justify bombing Iran. Or they wouldn't keep mention Iran, would they? EVERY story like this sooner or later gets spun in the "news" to be connected to IRAN, which happens to be the next country Israel wants to bomb or wants US to bomb. HELLO, IRAN? IT IS US, THE "GAZA MILITANTS". GOT ANYMORE OF THOSE CRAPPY INEFFECTIVE ROCKETS THAT DON'T DO SHIT AND THEN GIVE ISRAEL AN EXCUSE TO LEVEL US AGAIN? YEAH, GIVE US A COUPLE THOUSAND OF THEM. WE'LL SMUGGLE THEM THROUGH THE SECRET TUNNELS EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT AND ISRAEL IS GUARDING. NO, WE DON'T WANT THE GOOD ONES, WE SAID THE LOUSY ONES!!!

10. QUI BONO? WHO BENEFITS from this? Certainly not GAZA & the Palestinians! It would be BEYOND INSANE for them to secretly smuggle thousands of rockets into Gaza and shoot them into Israel knowing full well based on every instance in the past that it DOES NOTHING TO ISRAEL and GIVES JUSTIFICATION to Israel to do an all-out attack with super-sophisticated weaponry, as sophisticated as the U.S., paid for by you-know-who: YOU the U.S. TAXPAYER! Because "they're our friend", "they're the only democracy in the Middle East", "they're totally surrounded", "Israel has a right to defend itself", and every other cliche we've been brainwashed with by the media they control since we were born. WHO BENEFITS THE LEAST? The Palestinians.

11. THE TIMING: Has anyone noticed that this happened right after the election and while this Petraeus scandal is going on?

Why isn't anyone in the media asking these questions, or practically anyone period? Why do we continually BLINDLY believe the "news" when we've caught them lying to us time and time again?

Remember this famous CNN/Charles Jaco FAKE PERSIAN GULF WAR BROADCAST? Why is this not talked about 24x7 as an example of FAKE NEWS by the major networks? This was done YEARS ago while Poppy Bush the war criminal was president. IMAGINE how much BETTER and MORE SOPHISTICATED they are now at LYING:

Why did our congress rush out H.R. 813 bipartisan, which they unanimously back Israel as having a right to defend themselves? But never rush out anything saying the Palestinians can defend themselves? The Republicans and Democrats are supposedly fighting all the time...EXCEPT for things having to do with WAR, THE POLICE STATE, THE BANKSTERS, & ISRAEL! They're in GRIDLOCK 24x7, but somehow rush out H.R. 813 unanimously at the speed of light to remind the world that they are being blackmailed by Israel. Don't you wish they'd bipartisan kiss OUR asses like they do the foreign country of Israel?

Look at the conduct of our congress towards Israel. It's disgusting:

Protests Erupt Worldwide Against Israel's Bombing Campaign in Gaza:

Israeli air strikes level Hamas HQ:

Ominous message from anonymous to Israel:

FINKELSTEIN on "rockets from gaza":

CrossTalk on Israel-Gaza conflict: Gates of Hell (ft. Norman Finkelstein)

UK Jewish MP: Israel acting like Nazis in Gaza:

Chris Hedges: Assault on Gaza is Murder, Not War:

Webster Tarpley: Netanyahu is a DESPERATE DEMAGOGUE

Noam Chomsky - US/ Israeli Crimes Against Palestine:

911 GOOD FOR ISRAEL - Netanyahu

911 Israel video montage:

11-month-old son of BBC picture editor is killed in Gaza air strike

GLENN GREENWALD: Stop pretending the US is an uninvolved, helpless party in the Israeli assault on Gaza. The Obama administration's unstinting financial, military and diplomatic support for Israel is a key enabling force in the conflict

Continued US Support For Israeli Bombing Of Gaza Bodes Ill For Obama’s Second Term

Zionist Lobby Gets Drubbed in US Elections. AIPAC Takes a Big Hit

Zionist activist Jonathan Sacerdoti appeared four times as a guest on different BBC television news programs during the first two days of the Israeli assault. The BBC allowed him to pose as an independent expert, neglecting to mention his past work for the Zionist Federation and current role at the Board of Deputies of British Jews

As Israel assaults Gaza, BBC reporting assaults the truth

Media Cover for Israeli Crimes: "blame the victim" pattern ensues as usual in the mainstream media.

Gilad Sharon, Son Of Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Writes Op-Ed: 'We Need To Flatten Entire Neighborhoods In Gaza'

Armed with US Weapons, Israeli Firepower Threatens to Overwhelm Palestinians

Bombing press: Israeli strike on Gaza media center injures at least 6 (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

The below article is FANTASTIC, I'm putting it in RED and making the font bigger, a MUST-READ:

Zionism, anti-Zionist Jews, Is Israel a democratic state? — Interview with Mauro Manno

Saturday, November 10, 2012

93% = 47% On Electronic Voting Machines (PROP 37 IN CALIFORNIA LABELING GMO FOODS); ALSO: Is Petraeus' Resignation Connected To Behghazi?


Do you want the sun to come up tomorrow? YES

Do you want clean drinking water? YES

Do you want your food labeled? YES

Some things are no-brainers, you don't even need a "poll" to tell you that.

In June, ABC did a poll and 93% of Americans want GMO (Genetically Modified) Foods labeled:

ABC: Nearly everyone, moreover — 93 percent — says the federal government should require labels on food saying whether it's been genetically modified, or "bio-engineered" (this poll used both phrases). Such near-unanimity in public opinion is rare.

Did you get that? "SUCH NEAR-UNANIMITY IN PUBLIC OPINION IS RARE". Let me interpret that for you: ONE OF THE MOST LOPSIDED POLLS IN HISTORY, EXTREMELY RARE OVERWHELMING AGREEMENT. And that makes total sense. Who wouldn't want their food labeled? 93% TO 7%, you never see that. Who are those 7% btw? Just wonderin'...the same usual suspects who give Beatles videos "thumbs down" on youtube and really don't want the sun to come up tomorrow?

So EVERYONE wants their food labeled!

Prop 37 in California was the first law voted on to do just that: label GMO foods. EVERYONE - left, right, center, black, white, oriental, hispanic, men, women, DITTOHEADS - EVERYONE wants their food labeled. Right?

LET'S RUN THAT THROUGH THE ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES, you know, unverifiable, unrecountable, hackable black boxes where you touch a screen and then there's no trace, record, etc...of who you voted for:


Well, there you have it folks: SUBTRACT EXACTLY 46% IN FAVOR OF BIG CORPORATIONS LIKE MONSANTO!!! And you have your typical 51%-49% "victory" on electronic voting machines. It's never a mistake AGAINST big corporations, did you ever notice that? Anomalies ALWAYS favor them. That's not possible:

This one goes out to all you vote riggers, the REAL 7% who don't want their food labeled and don't want the sun to come up tomorrow, the FAKE RIGGED Monsanto NON-EXISTENT 53% who don't want their food labeled, the rigged media that pretends all of this isn't happening, and the handful of insane people who give Beatles videos "thumbs down" on youtube: YOU REALLY SUCK!!!

All Stories Of Rigged Electronic Voting Machines, Voter Registration Fraud, Voter Fraud, & Voter Suppression Are Being Done By The Republican Party; WORSE Than That Is The Democrats And Leftwing Media's SILENCE AND/OR DENIAL About It or say it's a "CONSPIRACY THEORY", their most powerful ridicule tactic

See WHO doesn't want you to know what's in your food: OVER $40 MILLION for ads that LIED and were purposely CONFUSING THE PUBLIC (click here).

Could Prop. 37 Kill Monsanto's GM Seeds? Big Ag is spending millions to keep labels off genetically modified foods in California—and with good reason.

Prop 37 has exposed the dark side of Big Ag and Big Food, and their desperation to keep U.S. consumers in the dark about whether or not our food has been genetically engineered. .

People are getting around RIGGED ELECTIONS with the LABEL IT YOURSELF program.

OH,LOOK! One of those FAKE CO-OPTED NON-RON PAUL "TEA PARTY" candidates who voted for NDAA and every other fascist unconstitutional piece of legislation is LOSING AND WON'T CONCEDE:

Rep. Allen West Refuses to Concede, Seeks Hand-Count, Impounding of Ballots and Voting Systems in FL-18 U.S. House Race. Tea Party-backed Repub reportedly trails challenger Murphy by less than 2,500 votes as tallied by FL's flawed, failed voting systems. UPDATE: Court denies West's motion to impound, though he still may file for contest, hand-count, after election is certified by state...

FLASHBACK: The War is as big as a SUBWAY $5 FOOTLONG. The war is thiiiiiiis big...General Petraeus replaces General McChrystal in the endless wars.........

It's looking more and more like Benghazi "ambassadors" was a CIA front supplying arms to Al Qaeda in Syria to overthrow the Syrian government. Doesn't that mean Obama technically, under the NDAA, could have LEGALLY ASSASSINATED those "ambassadors" because they were dealing with Al Qaeda terrorists? That is EXACTLY legal under NDAA. And it's looking more and more like General CIA Director Petraeus' resignation due to an "affair" (lol, sure, right) is connected to this whole mess. And btw, am I the only one who realizes the proof of how corrupt our government is, is the fact that these SAME GUYS (UNELECTED of course) keep getting passed around from the CIA to the military? Petraeus WAS the head of the military, now he's the head of the CIA. OOPS! Now he's gone. Panetta WAS the head of the CIA, now he's the head of the military! I suppose they'll replace Petraeus with another inside/rigged/1% passed around retread who will do whatever the oligarchs really running this country say. You watch!

Why Did CIA Director Petraeus Suddenly Resign … And Why Was the U.S. Ambassador to Libya Murdered?

Watch this guy Michael Hastings DESTROY the 2 generals on the left/right of him, DESTROY Piers Morgan/CNN, DESTROY General Petraeus, and DESTROY CNN'S reporting in general, unbelievable they let this guy on:

FBI's abuse of the surveillance state is the real scandal needing investigation. That the stars of America's national security establishment are being devoured by out-of-control surveillance is a form of sweet justice



Monday, November 5, 2012

All Stories Of Rigged Electronic Voting Machines, Voter Registration Fraud, Voter Fraud, & Voter Suppression Are Being Done By The Republican Party; WORSE Than That Is The Democrats And Leftwing Media's SILENCE AND/OR DENIAL About It or say it's a "CONSPIRACY THEORY", their most powerful ridicule tactic

(3 funny ones up front just so everyone lightens up a bit after all the mudslinging; I choose to keep my sense of humor, even if the world around me is falling apart!)


Watch this old guy go TAZMANIAN DEVIL on my friend Tony, he really hates the Wilkes-Barre Independent Gazette, PUT UP YOUR DUKES, TONY! He turns into TAZ at around 1:34, wait for it:



(special note: more and more Americans realize their vote doesn't count and therefore we do not have a democracy. If I felt everyone's vote counted, I honestly wouldn't care if a person I didn't vote for won, because at least I'd know that person won fair and square. But I, and a growing number of Americans, have no confidence in our voting system and therefore do NOT think that someone we voted for may have really lost. This in in turn causes more and more Americans to hate their own government because they view it as illegitimate and the best cheaters win, not the candidates with the most votes. I'm sure I speak for just about everyone when I say that no one would mind if their candidate lost, if they knew it was fair and square. And if politicians are getting in by cheating, then they don't have to answer to us because they do not fear that they will get voted out, because votes don't count, cheating does. This is also why I have now fully reversed over the years from being against term limits to being FOR term limits. Theoretically, if there was no cheating, I would be against term limits. But in light of rigged elections, term limits are at least a tourniquet for us to be able to get cheaters out of office until we fix our voting system. Republicans are the better cheaters NOW...but who's to say who the NEXT even BETTER cheaters will be. Maybe even candidates sponsored by foreign countries? Also, did you ever notice that a stolen e-vote election is always proceeded by a media blitz saying the election is: "50/50", "DEAD HEAT", "NECK AND NECK", "RAZORS EDGE", "TOSS UP", etc...??? We have a voting system that is like a THIRD WORLD BANANA REPUBLIC, including no contingencies because of the hurricane. NO ONE HAS FAITH IN IT, LEFT OR RIGHT! And these two RIGGED PARTIES KNOW ABOUT IT AND DO NOTHING ABOUT IT.)

Motion to Block Use of OH Sec. of State's Last- Minute, 'Experimental' Software on 39 County Vote Tabulators to Be Heard Tuesday Morning

Why Was Uncertified 'Experimental' Software Installed on ES&S Tabulation Systems in 39 OH Counties Just Days Before Presidential Election?

Ohio's Provisional Ballot Order: The Biggest Legal Story of the Weekend

Will "experimental" software patches affect the Ohio vote?

The Free Press confirms installation, secret justification of uncertified last minute election tabulation reporting software in Ohio

Ohio election overseer tries to trash provisional ballots

Ohio, Facing Vote-Rigging Lawsuit, Adds Voter-Purging Software: Are Dems, Liberals, Election Officials Ready to Safeguard Votes?

Another Stolen Presidency?

Evidence of Electronic Vote Fraud Pours In from Both Liberal and Conservative Sources. Rampant Evidence of Electronic Vote Tampering. Ron Paul supporters, progressives and the mainstream media have all discussed the potential for vote fraud.

Two HUGE Stories Are Being Ignored By The "Mainstream Media": Romney Family Ties To Electronic Voting Machine Companies & Nationwide Republican Voter Registration Scandal

Video: Voting Machine Flips Vote. Attempt to vote for Obama selects Romney instead

Above the law: You can be sure Karl Rove plays a big part in ALL GOP election "dirty tricks". Why is the Mike Connell plane crash story relevant today? Because he was Karl Rove's IT guru who was going to testify that OHIO was stolen in 2004, and after being threatened not to testify by Rove, his plane crashed and he died. OHIO AGAIN!!!!!!!!

Election Fraud, November 6 – Watch for Vote Flipping and Fixed Exit Polls

Rigged elections for Romney?

Rove Vote-Switching 'Empire' Alleged to Threaten Nov. 6 Results

Evidence of Fraud in the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election: A Reader

CNN accidentally shows that the GOP primary "election" is being stolen right in front of everyone's eyes, from state to state. Ron Paul is having the GOP primary "election" stolen from him, that's what your eyes and ears tell you. LOOK AROUND!!!

Karl Rove IT guru dies in small plane crash after being threatened by Rove about testifying against him in the stolen 2004 Ohio election

Karl Rove case witness killed in plane crash, sisters want answers. Web guru was potential witness in Ohio voting fraud case

GOP consultant killed in plane crash was warned of sabotage: report

Several hour voting lines are just not right:

As election looms, many voters fear the process is compromised

A voting debacle in Doral causes chaos and confusion. Mayor Carlos Gimenez said part of the reason the county elections headquarters temporarily shut down Sunday with a crowd waiting outside to vote was because he had not authorized the additional hours. Read more here:

Disgraceful: 6-Hour Lines for Early Voting in FL Problem no better in OH...

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Local service members who have spent years serving the country are discovering this fall that they aren't allowed to vote in the presidential election:


(makes you think they're either IN ON IT or BEING BLACKMAILED...their silence speaks volumes)

Calling Out the Left-Wing Election Rigging Denialists

'Think Progress' Smears BRAD BLOG Coverage of Voting Machine Concerns as 'Conspiracy Theory'. Dem-advocacy blog refuses to correct inaccurate attack on us, Truthout, Forbes magazine, and even former Dem Sec. of State...

Why the Democrats and Media Deny Election Rigging

FACT: The computer systems called vote machines that count the vast majority of ballots in the U.S.A. are supplied by a few private corporations. These few corporate entities write the programming for these machines with no real oversight of any independent government agency, elected official. No one outside the secret sanctum of the corporation is allowed to see the programming code used to count your vote.

Follow BLACKBOXVOTING.ORG throughout the election.

Computer programmer Clint Curtis TESTIFIES in front of congressional committee about RIGGED ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES (plus the movie "MURDER, SPIES, & VOTING LIES"):

WV Vote Flipping Caught on Tape

I'm going to start a "I HATE COLT BOWMAN" facebook page, if I see this commercial ONE MORE TIME:

Breaking...the new "COLT BOWMAN/COAL MINER/TOM SMITH" commercial, complete with JON VOIGHT who's pimping Romney in the area today:

Drag Queen Rudy "911" Giuliani and washed up film star from first X-RATED film ever (about gay city hustlers) Midnight Cowboy will be in our area stumping for Mitt Romney.

Giuliani, Voight campaign in NEPA for Romney

Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital. How the GOP presidential candidate and his private equity firm staged an epic wealth grab, destroyed jobs – and stuck others with the bill.






Obama Wins, the System is Broken