Saturday, August 29, 2015

Goverment and Media Terrorists Strike Again With A Staged False Flag Hoax: The "Live" Shooting Of Virginia Reporter

The government & media terrorists perpetrate another hoax on us, surreal interviews on the network terrorists' "news" channels where supposed victims' supposed loved ones are immediately on TV the same day bizarrely and unemotionally calling for gun control instead of personal grieving out of the spotlight of "news" cameras. Notice the bullet items that are hit in my FALSE FLAG SHOOTING FORMULA such as: MANIFESTO surfaces, reference of other FALSE FLAGS, and many other items:

Meet the ACTOR Andy Parker:

Why is the media parading around CARROT TOP FAKER as Alison Parker's boyfriend and not telling us about THIS BOYFRIEND BELOW? They're interviewing EVERYONE, why not THIS GUY:

UPDATE: this video below just came out - a REAL shooting side-by-side with the FAKE reporter shooting, COMPARE:

If you keep buying believing this BULLSHIT, then you DESERVE to have your GUNS and LIBERTIES taken away from you by these TERRORISTS. They are TERRORISTS by the very definition of TERRORISM. They are TERRORIZING us with sensational FAKE STAGED FALSE FLAG HOAX SHOOTINGS.

And this is noteworthy: I consider myself, if categorized, as a LIBERAL in that I'm for full health care from birth to death, higher wages, a $20 minimum wage, free education, and I don't own a gun and never have owned a gun. But you GUN NUTS are getting FUCKED with these obvious STAGED FALSE FLAG HOAXES which the obvious intent is GUN CONTROL. I am all about TRUTH 24x7 I may have some purely philosophical differences with people who are on "the right", but this is what's going on and THEY ARE AFTER YOUR GUNS. That is why I have CRED with EVERYONE, because I always admit the TRUTH and welcome debate on purely philosophical differences. I have many GUN NUT friends and I am VERY GLAD they exercise their 2nd amendment rights and I am VERY GLAD they have guns and I'm sure they'd have my back against these government and media TERRORISTS with their FALSE FLAG'S. I trust my fellow 99% GUN NUT friends ANY DAY over the government & media TERRORISTS.

But my message to my GUN NUT FRIENDS is: YOU BETTER START OUTING THESE "EVENTS" FOR WHAT THEY ARE: STAGED FALSE FLAG HOAXES WITH THE INTENT OF GUN CONTROL and stop any and all gun control debates which first ASSUME these staged events actually are for real.

Here's my post exposing the FALSE FLAG/HOAX FORMULA (I have to adjust my formula to add the new twist of a BLACK RACIST "shooter" instead of a "muslim" or "white racist" "shooter"):

Lafayette Louisiana Shooting: Cut/Paste My FALSE FLAG SHOOTER FORMULA To See If It's A FALSE FLAG

– "news" immediately refers to shooter as a "LONE NUT GUNMAN" or "LONE WOLF"
– had some/all of these: confederate flag, nazi flag, 9/11 t-shirt, rightwinger/white supremacist/skinhead/etc…
– there will be a "hero" story, where someone saved some lives during the shooting
– the FBI either had prior contact with the shooter, or "fumbled the ball" on sure-fire identifying him ahead of time or stopping him from purchasing a gun, or the “lone nut gunman” was an FBI INFORMANT
– a "MANIFESTO" will come out afterwards, most likely in the "white racist" FALSE FLAG, not the "muslim" FALSE FLAG. the "muslim" FALSE FLAG will have mentions of "the QURAN" (Koran) or ISIS.
– sensatinal pictures will come out of him , if it's a "white racist", he'll have pictures with guns and confederate and/or nazi flags. if it's a "muslim" FALSE FLAG, pictures of ISIS or tweets from ISIS and sensational "TURBAN" or "NINJA" pictures will surface or "muslims" training on "monkey bars" somewhere with masks on
– no video will come out of this, even though you can't take a shit without the government or someone having a video of it
– NSA/DHS is paid BILLIONS to ID people like this ahead of time…but no one will talk about how they somehow never ID crazy lone nut gunmen telegraphing the event well ahead of time
– they will push a law such as Patriot Act, take down confederate flag, gun control, radical Islam, etc…
– somehow "jews" will come up, like he hated jews, was a nazi sympathizer, etc…
– southern poverty law center will be extensively quoted on "domestic rightwing terrorists"
– conflicting stories, multiple shooters going down to "lone nut gunman", anonymous sources, no proof, no evidence…just take the mainstream media's word for it!
– enormous amount of things that don't make sense in the story, impossibilities, videos that don't make sense, and in fact more evidence points towards the "official story" being total bullshit
– instant wrap-up of event…although they didn't see it coming
– detailed history of "lone nut gunman" emerges with lightning speed…even though they didn't see this coming
- if it's not a "rightwinger" but it's a muslim/middle easterner/former soviet bloc, adjust above accordingly, IE: he had connections to ISIS instead of to white supremacist groups, etc...
- if it's a "white racist", Southern Poverty Law Center will be widely quoted and call for "hate crimes" and "gun control".
- if it's a "muslim", SITE/Rita Katz will have "found" audio and/or video. Pam Geller is likely associated with a "muslim" FALSE FLAG, also.
- if it's a "muslim" FALSE FLAG, the "shooter" likely will have "Mohammed" or "Abdul" as part of his name, or some over-the-top muslim-sounding name. it "sells" better than if a muslim's name is GEORGE.
- no one ever happens to have a gun to defend themselves except the "LONE NUT GUNMAN"
- The ready influx (upon the scene) of many “law enforcement” personnel – all ready to perform their crisis acting parts
- big time charities set up that make millions, sometimes set up before the actual "shooting"
- surreal interviews with family, friends, witnesses in which they seem to be acting or showing no emotion or saying strange things
- pictures of flowers and funerals and people dying after-the-fact for the emotional "sell" to continue to push they "official story" and you don't question it
- the "MOTIVE" is non-existent and seemingly filled in by the media and the actual act doesn't make any sense doing it and is overly sensational (HITLER, NAZI'S, CARTOON CARICATURES OF MOHAMMED, etc...), and is NEVER a REALISTIC motive that WOULD actually make sense for a guy going nuts like: the guy's unemployment ran out and he's losing everything, he has no health care benefits and he's at his wits end with a treatable problem but he's getting no help or going bankrupt from medical bills, the state is taking his home off him,'s ALWAYS a divisive, sensational issue the aristocrats/elites would like the non-elites fighting about like racism, terrorism, etc...

They way the MEDIA TERRORISTS sell this is with EMOTION. They pull a slight-of-hand with the amount of time spent on the ACTUAL SHOOTING VIDEO vs rolling EMOTIONAL CRISIS ACTORS on TV being interviewed 24x7 like pushing an INFOMERCIAL to get you all tied up in EMOTION instead of LOGIC AND EXAMINING THE HOAX SHOOTING VIDEO which is so comically non-believable, EVEN MY WIFE DOESN'T BELIEVE IT. And that's saying a lot!!! Believe me! If my WIFE doesn't believe this one, THEY DID A COMICALLY BAD JOB on the HOAX this time.

No blood in the shooting at point blank range, the shooter walks up to the reporter, cameraman, and person being interviewed (the HOAX ACTORS) pointing a gun at them FOR AN INCREDIBLY LONG TIME AT INCREDIBLY CLOSE RANGE AND THEY DON'T SEE HIM!!! And how about NO WITNESSES! Only the 3 victims and the "shooter" were there? Now COME ON!!!

This hoax STINKS!!! They did such a COMICALLY BAD JOB, they should be EMBARRASSED!!!

But the BIGGER picture is this: our judicial branch is so corrupt and controlled, these people cannot be thrown in jail despite a MOUNTAIN OF EVIDENCE and just your pure COMMON SENSE that these government and media TERRORISTS have STRUCK AGAIN!!!

FALSE FLAG SHOOTING FORMULA BULLET ITEM: Story comes out trying to somehow link this hoax shooting to 911:

Man who shot Virginia journalists identified with 9/11 attacks


Bryce Williams' 23-page rant is filled with rage and praise

BBC journalists covering Virginia shooting 'threatened by police,' forced to delete footage

Andy Parker's LINKEDIN

Perhaps there is one aspect of this testimony that rings true, she “pretended” to be dead and did so “until first responders showed up.” Seems to me there was a lot of pretending going on at Smith Mountain Lake that morning.


Sunday, August 23, 2015

"Pro-Life" Is A White Conservative Republican Movement That Should Be Renamed "PRO-BIRTH-ANTI-LIFE"

"Pro-life" is a white conservative Republican religious movement full of hypocrites. These things would lower the amount of abortions but these hypocrites are against all of these things: higher wages (73% of women who have abortions say it's because they can't afford a child), full health care from birth, and birth control.

"Pro-life"ers should be called "Pro-birthers" because all they care about is the BIRTH, not about the LIFE afterwards.

2/3 of abortions are minorites, yet all the pro-lifer's are white with white babies on their signs. Where are the black babies on the signs?

And what should the penalty be if a law is made to ban abortions? PRISON or DEATH PENALTY? Really? Death penalty for a million American women per year?

I will take "pro-life"ers seriously when I see them ALSO protesting for higher wages, health care at birth, and birth control. Until then, it's just a bunch of white conservative Republican religious HYPOCRITES.

The entire "pro-life" movement would go down in flames if reporters covering them (or ANYONE for that matter) asked them these questions:
1. Are you for these things that would prevent an enormous amount of abortions: raising wages, full health care from birth, and birth control?
2. What should the penalty be if abortion is outlawed: LIFE IN PRISON or the DEATH PENALTY?
3. Does a woman's body become "PUBLIC PROPERTY" when she becomes pregnant, and her body is now subject to public opinion and laws of corrupt male politicians and other 3rd parties?
4. Have you offered to adopt a woman's baby who is having an abortion?
5. Are you REALLY "pro-life"? So you're also protesting against WAR, TORTURE, & THE DEATH PENALTY?
6. 2/3 of abortions are MINORITIES. Why are all of you pro-lifer's WHITE and why are all the babies on your signs WHITE?

Pro-life'ers are NEVER NEVER NEVER asked these questions. Reporters ESPECIALLY don't do their jobs and ask them these questions. These white conservative Republican religious self-righteous hypocritical zealots are just allowed to, unchallenged, march around with their protest signs with white babies on them trying to make everyone think they are on the side of God and Jesus and everyone who's not on their PRO-BIRTH ANTI-LIFE side is a BABY-KILLER. Their entire movement would be exposed as making no sense, if they were challenged with those questions above every time they come out of the woodwork marching around. They would be exposed as being "PRO-BIRTH"ers and ANTI-PRO-LIFE.

They're also "ANTI-LIFE" on these subjects: they're PRO-WAR, PRO-TORTURE, PRO-DEATH PENALTY, and they tend to be a little NEGOTIABLE on the lives of Muslim babies.

They're also anti-big government conservatives...but they want BIG GOVERNMENT to make a law for them banning abortion. They're against big government...except when they're FOR big government. But then they want that big government to not raise the minimum wage, cut food stamps, cut CHIP children's health care, and outlaw birth control or at least don't cover it to prevent more abortions. HYPOCRITES!!! White conservative Republican religious HYPOCRITES!!!

Every "pro-life"er I've ever asked what the penalty should be for abortion, LIFE IN PRISON or DEATH PENALTY, has answered, "I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT THAT" or they didn't answer the question and WENT BALLISTIC for me even asking it. "Pro-life"ers really didn't think things through to the end.


If you cannot control your own body, what other rights can you possibly have? If your body is not yours, what does it matter if you can freely express your political and religious convictions?

2/3 of abortions are by low income minorities

George Carlin on conservative "pro-life"ers: