Sunday, August 23, 2015

"Pro-Life" Is A White Conservative Republican Movement That Should Be Renamed "PRO-BIRTH-ANTI-LIFE"

"Pro-life" is a white conservative Republican religious movement full of hypocrites. These things would lower the amount of abortions but these hypocrites are against all of these things: higher wages (73% of women who have abortions say it's because they can't afford a child), full health care from birth, and birth control.

"Pro-life"ers should be called "Pro-birthers" because all they care about is the BIRTH, not about the LIFE afterwards.

2/3 of abortions are minorites, yet all the pro-lifer's are white with white babies on their signs. Where are the black babies on the signs?

And what should the penalty be if a law is made to ban abortions? PRISON or DEATH PENALTY? Really? Death penalty for a million American women per year?

I will take "pro-life"ers seriously when I see them ALSO protesting for higher wages, health care at birth, and birth control. Until then, it's just a bunch of white conservative Republican religious HYPOCRITES.

The entire "pro-life" movement would go down in flames if reporters covering them (or ANYONE for that matter) asked them these questions:
1. Are you for these things that would prevent an enormous amount of abortions: raising wages, full health care from birth, and birth control?
2. What should the penalty be if abortion is outlawed: LIFE IN PRISON or the DEATH PENALTY?
3. Does a woman's body become "PUBLIC PROPERTY" when she becomes pregnant, and her body is now subject to public opinion and laws of corrupt male politicians and other 3rd parties?
4. Have you offered to adopt a woman's baby who is having an abortion?
5. Are you REALLY "pro-life"? So you're also protesting against WAR, TORTURE, & THE DEATH PENALTY?
6. 2/3 of abortions are MINORITIES. Why are all of you pro-lifer's WHITE and why are all the babies on your signs WHITE?

Pro-life'ers are NEVER NEVER NEVER asked these questions. Reporters ESPECIALLY don't do their jobs and ask them these questions. These white conservative Republican religious self-righteous hypocritical zealots are just allowed to, unchallenged, march around with their protest signs with white babies on them trying to make everyone think they are on the side of God and Jesus and everyone who's not on their PRO-BIRTH ANTI-LIFE side is a BABY-KILLER. Their entire movement would be exposed as making no sense, if they were challenged with those questions above every time they come out of the woodwork marching around. They would be exposed as being "PRO-BIRTH"ers and ANTI-PRO-LIFE.

They're also "ANTI-LIFE" on these subjects: they're PRO-WAR, PRO-TORTURE, PRO-DEATH PENALTY, and they tend to be a little NEGOTIABLE on the lives of Muslim babies.

They're also anti-big government conservatives...but they want BIG GOVERNMENT to make a law for them banning abortion. They're against big government...except when they're FOR big government. But then they want that big government to not raise the minimum wage, cut food stamps, cut CHIP children's health care, and outlaw birth control or at least don't cover it to prevent more abortions. HYPOCRITES!!! White conservative Republican religious HYPOCRITES!!!

Every "pro-life"er I've ever asked what the penalty should be for abortion, LIFE IN PRISON or DEATH PENALTY, has answered, "I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT THAT" or they didn't answer the question and WENT BALLISTIC for me even asking it. "Pro-life"ers really didn't think things through to the end.


If you cannot control your own body, what other rights can you possibly have? If your body is not yours, what does it matter if you can freely express your political and religious convictions?

2/3 of abortions are by low income minorities

George Carlin on conservative "pro-life"ers:

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