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Lafayette Louisiana Shooting: Cut/Paste My FALSE FLAG SHOOTER FORMULA To See If It's A FALSE FLAG

Lafayette Louisiana "LONE NUT GUNMAN" story looks like a FALSE FLAG because it hits so many bullet items in the "FALSE FLAG SHOOTING FORMULA":

(NOTE: I just updated this at the bottom with anti-gun nut Jewish Zionist Senator Chuck Schumer & his cousin actress Amy Schumer who happens to be the star of the movie "TRAINWRECK" which happened to be playing at the theater where the HOAX was perpetrated...what a coincidence, now she gets to pimp his new anti-gun legislation LIKE AN INFOMERCIAL)

Here's my FALSE FLAG SHOOTER FORMULA which I refer to in my last post U.S.A. FALSE FLAG NATION: Chattanooga Shooting Looks Like A FALSE FLAG and my post Now That "THE MANIFESTO" Story Has Come Out, The South Carolina Shooting Is Beyond A Doubt A FALSE FLAG and several other posts over the years (they did 3 quick FALSE FLAG SHOOTINGS alternating WHITE SUPREMACIST/MUSLIM/WHITE SUPREMACIST):

– "news" immediately refers to shooter as a "LONE NUT GUNMAN" or "LONE WOLF"
– had some/all of these: confederate flag, nazi flag, 9/11 t-shirt, rightwinger/white supremacist/skinhead/etc…
– there will be a "hero" story, where someone saved some lives during the shooting
– the FBI either had prior contact with the shooter, or "fumbled the ball" on sure-fire identifying him ahead of time or stopping him from purchasing a gun, or the “lone nut gunman” was an FBI INFORMANT
– a "MANIFESTO" will come out afterwards, most likely in the "white racist" FALSE FLAG, not the "muslim" FALSE FLAG. the "muslim" FALSE FLAG will have mentions of "the QURAN" (Koran) or ISIS.
– sensatinal pictures will come out of him , if it's a "white racist", he'll have pictures with guns and confederate and/or nazi flags. if it's a "muslim" FALSE FLAG, pictures of ISIS or tweets from ISIS and sensational "TURBAN" or "NINJA" pictures will surface or "muslims" training on "monkey bars" somewhere with masks on
– no video will come out of this, even though you can't take a shit without the government or someone having a video of it
– NSA/DHS is paid BILLIONS to ID people like this ahead of time…but no one will talk about how they somehow never ID crazy lone nut gunmen telegraphing the event well ahead of time
– they will push a law such as Patriot Act, take down confederate flag, gun control, radical Islam, etc…
– somehow "jews" will come up, like he hated jews, was a nazi sympathizer, etc…
– southern poverty law center will be extensively quoted on "domestic rightwing terrorists"
– conflicting stories, multiple shooters going down to "lone nut gunman", anonymous sources, no proof, no evidence…just take the mainstream media's word for it!
– enormous amount of things that don't make sense in the story, impossibilities, videos that don't make sense, and in fact more evidence points towards the "official story" being total bullshit
– instant wrap-up of event…although they didn't see it coming
– detailed history of "lone nut gunman" emerges with lightning speed…even though they didn't see this coming
- if it's not a "rightwinger" but it's a muslim/middle easterner/former soviet bloc, adjust above accordingly, IE: he had connections to ISIS instead of to white supremacist groups, etc...
- if it's a "white racist", Southern Poverty Law Center will be widely quoted and call for "hate crimes" and "gun control".
- if it's a "muslim", SITE/Rita Katz will have "found" audio and/or video. Pam Geller is likely associated with a "muslim" FALSE FLAG, also.
- if it's a "muslim" FALSE FLAG, the "shooter" likely will have "Mohammed" or "Abdul" as part of his name, or some over-the-top muslim-sounding name. it "sells" better than if a muslim's name is GEORGE.
- no one ever happens to have a gun to defend themselves except the "LONE NUT GUNMAN"
- The ready influx (upon the scene) of many “law enforcement” personnel – all ready to perform their crisis acting parts
- big time charities set up that make millions, sometimes set up before the actual "shooting"
- surreal interviews with family, friends, witnesses in which they seem to be acting or showing no emotion or saying strange things
- pictures of flowers and funerals and people dying after-the-fact for the emotional "sell" to continue to push they "official story" and you don't question it
- the "MOTIVE" is non-existent and seemingly filled in by the media and the actual act doesn't make any sense doing it and is overly sensational (HITLER, NAZI'S, CARTOON CARICATURES OF MOHAMMED, etc...), and is NEVER a REALISTIC motive that WOULD actually make sense for a guy going nuts like: the guy's unemployment ran out and he's losing everything, he has no health care benefits and he's at his wits end with a treatable problem but he's getting no help or going bankrupt from medical bills, the state is taking his home off him,'s ALWAYS a divisive, sensational issue the aristocrats/elites would like the non-elites fighting about like racism, terrorism, etc...

Here is the Louisiana FALSE FLAG SHOOTING article cut/paste (I'll highlight the things in RED that hit my formula above):

Police: Theater gunman killed with handgun he bought legally

LAFAYETTE, La. (AP) — A man who lost his family, home and businesses as he spent years angrily espousing right-wing extremism on television, the Internet and to anyone else who would listen did not say a word as he opened fire on strangers in a darkened movie theater, authorities said Friday.

John Russell Houser, 59, stood up about 20 minutes into Thursday night's showing of "Trainwreck" (bd: why do they keep mentioning the movie "TRAINWRECK" in every single article? IS THE NAME OF THE MOVIE RELEVANT? are they promoting the movie via this FALSE FLAG?) and fired on the audience, killing two people and wounding nine with a semi-automatic handgun.

"That was a horrific scene in there — the blood on the floor, sticks in the seats (showing the trajectory of the bullets), the smell," state police Col. Michael Edmonson said after top officials got an inside look at the theater.

"He took his time, methodically choosing his victims," Gov. Bobby Jindal added. "One of the surviving wounded victims actually played dead to stay alive." (bd: HERO/emotional pitch)

Houser then tried to escape by blending into the fleeing crowd after one of his victims pulled a fire alarm and hundreds poured out of the theater complex. But he turned back as police officers approached, reloading and firing into the crowd before killing himself (bd: often in a FALSE FLAG, we're told the "LONE NUT GUNMAN" killed himself) with a single shot inside the theater, police said.

"This is such a senseless, tragic action," Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft said. "Why would you come here and do something like this?"

Investigators recovered Houser's journals (bd: AH! The "MANIFESTO"), were studying his online postings and trying to reconstruct his movements to identify a motive and provide what Edmonson called "some closure" for the victims' families.

Craft said Houser bought the weapon legally (bd: GUN CONTROL) at a pawnshop in Phenix City, Alabama, last year, and that he had visited the theater more than once, perhaps to determine "whether there was anything that could be a soft target for him." (bd: do they know he visited the theater more than once, let alone reading his mind that he was determining "soft targets"? This may also be a push for more TSA in "soft targets" like movie theaters)

He had only been in Louisiana since early July, staying in a Motel 6 room littered with wigs and disguises. His only known connection to the Lafayette was an uncle who died there three decades ago.

Details quickly emerged about Houser's mental problems , prompting authorities in Louisiana and Alabama to bemoan the underfunding of mental health services in America. (bd: here's another push for something in the government)

Court records describe erratic behavior and threats of violence that led to a brief involuntary hospitalization in 2008 and a restraining order preventing Houser from approaching family members. Houser "has a history of mental health issues, i.e., manic depression and/or bi-polar disorder," his estranged wife told the judge. (bd: notice another part of "THE FORMULA: even though everyone was caught by surprise, they come out in record time with extreme detailed history)

Educated in accounting and law, he owned bars in Georgia — including one where he flew a Nazi banner (bd: DING DING DING - white guy so there's a reference to "NAZI"s) out front as an anti-government (bd: he's an ANTI-GOVERNMENT NAZI) statement. He tried real estate in Phenix City, Alabama. But Houser's own resume, posted online, says what he really loved to do was make provocative statements at local board meetings and in the media.

On an NBC television affiliate's call-in show in the 1990s, Houser encouraged violent responses to abortion and condemned working women, host Calvin Floyd recalled. He was an "angry man" who spoke opposite a Democrat and really lit up the phones, he added.

Houser wrote that he was a weekly guest for 60 episodes on "Rise and Shine WLTZ" in Columbus, Georgia, where he "invited political controversy on every one of them, and loved every minute of it."

In recent years, Houser turned to right-wing extremist Internet message boards, where he praised Adolf Hitler (DING DING DING - ADOLF HITLER!!!), and advised people not to underestimate "the power of the lone wolf (bd: it's either "LONE NUT GUNMAN" or "LONE WOLF)," according to the Southern Poverty Law Center (DING DING DING: it's a white guy so SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER is mentioned), whose hate-group watchdogs spotted Houser registering to meet with former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke (bd: mentioning Nazi, Hitler, and now KKK & David Duke is so over-the-top, this is BEYOND A DOUBT a FALSE FLAG) in 2005.

What prompted Houser to kill people Thursday night remains unknown.

He seemed like just another patron as he entered The Grand 16 theater, one of 25 people who bought tickets to the romantic comedy starring feminist jokester Amy Schumer as a boozing, promiscuous reporter.

Police believe he hoped to escape his deadly ambush before police closed in. Inside a Motel 6 room he rented, they found wigs, glasses and other disguises. Houser also swapped the license plates on his 1995 Lincoln Continental before parking it by the theater's exit door. He stashed the keys atop one of its wheels.

Once inside, he sat by himself and gave others in the theater no reason for concern before he began shooting, firing first at two women who were sitting in front of him, then wounding nine other people.

Twenty-one year old Emily Mann and a friend, who arrived a little bit late to the movie, were sitting in the same row as the gunman, and saw the flashes from his gun barrel.

"About twenty minutes into the movie, you hear one loud shot and you're sure that's not what it is because it would never be that. And then you hear another and another and another and you realize that those aren't just lights and sounds. That this is a man," Mann said.

As the chaos ensued she said she got down on her hands and knees and tried to make her way to the lobby.

"Lost a shoe, left my purse," she said. (bd: says the fake witness)

Once outside the theater she ran to the lobby where people were yelling there was a shooter. She later found her friend outside the theater and drove home.

Jeanerette High School English teacher Ali Martin and librarian Jena Meaux were credited with helping save lives amid the chaos. (bd: AH! it's about time we hit the "HERO STORY" part of my FALSE FLAG SHOOTING FORMULA, here it is right on schedule) Meaux, who was shot in the leg, told her colleagues that Martin, who was shot in the kneecap, still managed to pull a fire alarm, their former principal Heath Hulin said.

The lights came as the siren sounded, with a message urging everyone to leave. Outside, a woman was laying down, shot in her leg, said Jacob Broussard, who heard the gunshots from another theater across the hall.

"She was bleeding on the grass, in the front of the theater," Broussard said. "A man had actually dragged her out."

Theatergoers didn't panic, police said, but they left in a rush, leaving behind purses, keys and even shoes. Officers found 15 spent shell casings.

The two women killed were 21-year-old Mayci Breaux and 33-year-old Jillian Johnson. Breaux's body was brought to the same hospital where she was preparing to become a radiology technician. Johnson ran clothing and art boutiques, played in a rootsy rock band and planted fruit trees for neighbors and the homeless.

The wounded ranged in age from teenagers to their late 60s, Craft said. Five were treated at Lafayette General Health Center. Three patients had been stabilized, including one who remained in intensive care. Two others were released Thursday night.

Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor said his office denied Houser's request for a concealed weapons permit in 2006 because he had been treated for mental illness and arrested for arson in Georgia.

"He was pretty even-keeled until you disagreed with him or made him mad," said Jeff Hardin, the former mayor of Phenix City, Alabama, just across the state line from Columbus. "Then he became your sworn enemy."

Hardin said he once partnered with Houser on a real-estate project, but they had a falling out and hadn't spoken since around 2007.

Houser was evicted from his home in Phenix City last year, then returned to throw paint, pour concrete down the plumbing and tamper with a gas line, Taylor said. (bd: and he wasn't on some kind of "watch list" by NSA/DHS/etc...? but everyone else in the country is?)

Houser's wife filed for divorce in March, saying their differences were irreconcilable and his whereabouts were unknown. His mother recently lent him $5,000, but "It just seems like he was kind of drifting along," Craft said. (bd: I'm thinking of adding "DRIFTER" to my formula, they mention it so much here)

Houser's only known relative in Lafayette, an uncle, died 35 years ago.

After detailing each victim's wounds, David Callecod, president of Lafayette General Health, pleaded Friday for society to provide as much funding for mental health services as it does for other medical problems.(bd: this is one of the many government agendas linked to this FALSE FLAG, as well as GUN CONTROL and at the top of the reasons for all FALSE FLAGS is DISTRACTION FROM IMPORTANT THINGS such as half your taxes going to THE PENTAGON and the BANKSTERS fleecing you of all your money and ENDLESS WAR and CORPORATIONS & WEALTHY ELITES running the government with no democracy and in general KEEPING THE U.S. POPULATION IN A STATE OF FEAR in order to TAKE MORE LIBERTIES away from us and pass more DRACONIAN LAWS which we would never agree to unless we were in a constant state of FEAR & EMOTION distracting us 24x7).

Pressed to explain why Houser wasn't arrested before, Sheriff Taylor also blamed cuts in the safety net. (bd: the cuts went into the pockets of THE PENTAGON & WEALTHY ELITES).

"There's cuts being made all over," Taylor said. "What should be scary for the community is that the cuts being made in mental health around the state are allowing these people, who should not be walking around, to be out in the community."

NOTE: MANY other bullet items from my "FALSE FLAG SHOOTING FORMULA" were hit, but they are in different stories besides this one I cut/pasted in this post.


UPDATE: How convenient! The star of the movie "TRAINWRECK", which above I mention how puzzled I was that in every article about this (hoax) "shooting" they go out of their way to mention the movie "TRAINWRECK" was if that's at all relevant, and it seemed to me like they were PROMOTING the movie via this (hoax) "shooting"...

...well guess what? In a million-to-one coincidence - or ON PURPOSE if it's a hoax/false flag - the star of the movie "TRAINWRECK" happens to be anti-gun nut Jewish Zionist Israeli-firster senator Chuck Schumer's cousin AMY SCHUMER!!! And it gets better: this CONVENIENT (hoax) "shooting" perfectly riffs into his new proposed anti-gun legislation and HIS OWN COUSIN AND STAR OF THE MOVIE GETS TO PROMOTE HIS ANTI-GUN LEGISLATION WITH HIM!

HOW CONVENIENT!!! It's a million-to-one odds if it's NOT a hoax/false flag, or it's 100% CHANCE this would happen if it WAS a false flag/hoax.

Setup like an INFOMERCIAL, if you believe this BULLSHIT, I feel sorry for you.

Amy Schumer And Sen. Chuck Schumer Call For Gun Control After ‘Trainwreck’ Shooting

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