Saturday, October 3, 2015

Oregon Shooting: Another FALSE FLAG HOAX

The government either has knowledge of, or is participating in these FALSE FLAG HOAXES. The agenda is not necessarily gun control IMO. I think it's more so to just keep the population occupied with terror and distractions so we look to the government for SAFETY instead of focusing on: half our taxes go to the Pentagon, banksters and corporations and wealthy families foreign (in particular Israel) and domestic run our government and own all our politicians, elections are rigged on electronic voting machines, tens-of-millions of Americans don't have health care and half of bankruptcies are due to medical problems by Americans who don't have health insurance and even HAVE health insurance and the health insurance doesn't pay for the bills, the growing poor in America, the growing gap of wealth between the 1% and the 99%, corrupt government agencies, endlessly stealing our tax money to police the world and endlessly bomb other countries, and last but not least the police state and spying state we are now in. It's not for gun control or to take our guns, that will never happen IMO. That's a red herring they want you also to be preoccupied about. The mainstream media is complicit in all of this. Without a controlled mainstream media, none of this would be possible. Without a lull in terror, they know people can't think rationally. When one hoax starts dying out, you can be sure another one will pop up so we have continuous, evenly spaced TERROR.

And don't forget: sometimes people really die in FALSE FLAGS & HOAXES (see: 911). Sometimes no one dies and they just say they did. Sometimes they really kill people, but they blame a patsy or someone who doesn't exist and they made up. And when people really die, their families believe the patsy or non-existent person did it, and not government-related operatives or foreign operatives from other countries like Israel, sometimes with knowledge of our "government".

And also don't forget LOTS OF MONEY is made by everyone involved in these FALSE FLAGS & HOAXES: millions and billions! In all sorts of ways: monetary gains by foreknowledge of the event, donations, "GO FUND ME"S, wars, government contracts, government millions of our tax money to the FAKE VICTIMS' FAMILIES without taxpayers' permission. All of this works because of EMOTION...people who believe the FALSE FLAG OR HOAX not thinking rationally, but with emotion. Believing what the media and government says without any evidence except blind belief in the biggest liars in the world. Isn't it funny how EVERYONE goes around saying the government/politicians and the media are LIARS...but yet all turn around and blindly believe them when it's a (fabricated) tragedy? Can some psychologists chime in on that peculiar reaction of gullible people.

I may as well use this picture below again, like my last post, because it's the same exact thing: another FALSE FLAG HOAX:

August 29, 2015

The last post I did was on August 29, 2015, which is over a month ago. That's a long time for me between posts. But the last post happened to be about the FALSE FLAG HOAX REPORTER SHOOTING. So it's appropriate that this post will be about questioning whether this latest "mass shooting" was ALSO a FALSE FLAG HOAX.

In my last post, and in many posts I've written in the past years, I explained the FALSE FLAG HOAX FORMULA which I will cut/paste below and it's also in my very last post:

– "news" immediately refers to shooter as a "LONE NUT GUNMAN" or "LONE WOLF"
– had some/all of these: confederate flag, nazi flag, 9/11 t-shirt, rightwinger/white supremacist/skinhead/etc…
– there will be a "hero" story, where someone saved some lives during the shooting
– the FBI either had prior contact with the shooter, or "fumbled the ball" on sure-fire identifying him ahead of time or stopping him from purchasing a gun, or the “lone nut gunman” was an FBI INFORMANT
– a "MANIFESTO" will come out afterwards, most likely in the "white racist" FALSE FLAG, not the "muslim" FALSE FLAG. the "muslim" FALSE FLAG will have mentions of "the QURAN" (Koran) or ISIS.
– sensatinal pictures will come out of him , if it's a "white racist", he'll have pictures with guns and confederate and/or nazi flags. if it's a "muslim" FALSE FLAG, pictures of ISIS or tweets from ISIS and sensational "TURBAN" or "NINJA" pictures will surface or "muslims" training on "monkey bars" somewhere with masks on
– no video will come out of this, even though you can't take a shit without the government or someone having a video of it
– NSA/DHS is paid BILLIONS to ID people like this ahead of time…but no one will talk about how they somehow never ID crazy lone nut gunmen telegraphing the event well ahead of time
– they will push a law such as Patriot Act, take down confederate flag, gun control, radical Islam, etc…
– somehow "jews" will come up, like he hated jews, was a nazi sympathizer, etc…
– southern poverty law center will be extensively quoted on "domestic rightwing terrorists"
– conflicting stories, multiple shooters going down to "lone nut gunman", anonymous sources, no proof, no evidence…just take the mainstream media's word for it!
– enormous amount of things that don't make sense in the story, impossibilities, videos that don't make sense, and in fact more evidence points towards the "official story" being total bullshit
– instant wrap-up of event…although they didn't see it coming
– detailed history of "lone nut gunman" emerges with lightning speed…even though they didn't see this coming
- if it's not a "rightwinger" but it's a muslim/middle easterner/former soviet bloc, adjust above accordingly, IE: he had connections to ISIS instead of to white supremacist groups, etc...
- if it's a "white racist", Southern Poverty Law Center will be widely quoted and call for "hate crimes" and "gun control".
- if it's a "muslim", SITE/Rita Katz will have "found" audio and/or video. Pam Geller is likely associated with a "muslim" FALSE FLAG, also.
- if it's a "muslim" FALSE FLAG, the "shooter" likely will have "Mohammed" or "Abdul" as part of his name, or some over-the-top muslim-sounding name. it "sells" better than if a muslim's name is GEORGE.
- no one ever happens to have a gun to defend themselves except the "LONE NUT GUNMAN"
- The ready influx (upon the scene) of many “law enforcement” personnel – all ready to perform their crisis acting parts
- big time charities set up that make millions, sometimes set up before the actual "shooting"
- surreal interviews with family, friends, witnesses in which they seem to be acting or showing no emotion or saying strange things
- pictures of flowers and funerals and people dying after-the-fact for the emotional "sell" to continue to push they "official story" and you don't question it
- the "MOTIVE" is non-existent and seemingly filled in by the media and the actual act doesn't make any sense doing it and is overly sensational (HITLER, NAZI'S, CARTOON CARICATURES OF MOHAMMED, etc...), and is NEVER a REALISTIC motive that WOULD actually make sense for a guy going nuts like: the guy's unemployment ran out and he's losing everything, he has no health care benefits and he's at his wits end with a treatable problem but he's getting no help or going bankrupt from medical bills, the state is taking his home off him,'s ALWAYS a divisive, sensational issue the aristocrats/elites would like the non-elites fighting about like racism, terrorism, etc...

Now comes the OREGON SHOOTING, and we shall check how many of the bullet items above occurred or will occur in the upcoming days. The following two videos are excellent, and reiterate what I'm saying about the FALSE FLAG HOAX FORMULA. They go through many points already hit in the formula, such as mention of: NAZI'S, JEWS, LONE NUT GUNMAN, THE HERO STORY, FALSIFIED CHARACTERISTICS OF THE LONE NUT GUNMAN TO DEMONIZE WHAT THEY WANT TO BE DEMONIZED, and many other bullet items in THE FALSE FLAG HOAX FORMULA.

I will post relevant videos and news stories below:

Here's a video playlist from my very close friend and neighbor Anthony Antonello about the OREGON SHOOTING: The School in Oregon where the shooting took place admits that they held drills there just last week (that's a bullet item). He goes through several of the bullet items of the FALSE FLAG HOAX FORMULA, most importantly that there was a DRILL at the school last week:

Redsilverj goes through some of the FALSE FLAG HOAX FORMULA bullet items, including how they build a profile of the patsy or non-existent "LONE NUT GUNMAN" to demonize others who do things that the "LONE NUT GUNMAN" does:

Right on queue, and a bullet item: THE HERO STORY

Forget Oregon’s Gunman. Remember the Hero Who Charged Straight at Him.

'Hero' Umpqua Community College Student Chris Mintz Speaks After Being Shot 7 Times

Right on queue: the NAZI story:

Chris Harper-Mercer: Shooter who killed 10 ‘was Nazi fanatic who supported the IRA’

Chris Harper-Mercer: Shooter who killed 10 ‘was Nazi fanatic who supported the IRA’

It looks like they put all the BULLSHIT under one roof in this NYPOST article, it reads like my FALSE FLAG HOAX FORMULA bullet items:

NYPost ULTIMATE BULLSHIT ARTICLE on the Oregon "shooting"


This post goes through the history of the recent FALSE FLAG HOAX "shootings".