Saturday, June 20, 2015

Now That "THE MANIFESTO" Story Has Come Out, The South Carolina Shooting Is Beyond A Doubt A FALSE FLAG

He should be holding a FALSE FLAG, not a REBEL FLAG !!!!!!!

(UPDATE: they hit ANOTHER bullet point item of a FALSE FLAG since I posted this: there was a DHS active shooter drill simulation going on - guess where and when? - June 15 through June 19 in Charleston, SC, exactly when this happened. I posted the updates below in this post)

Even though the South Carolina "shooting" by Dylann Storm Roof had all the hallmarks of a FALSE FLAG, I waited and waited and waited and waited and waited to come out and officially say it was a FALSE FLAG.................UNTIL "THE MANIFESTO" story just came out today!!!

This shooting had all the hallmarks of the FORMULA FALSE FLAG, and I said these things BEFORE these stories came out. I said there would be (mix and match these) stories about: he was on psychotropic drugs, prior contact with FBI, somehow NSA/DHS didn't stop this ahead of time even though he was telegraphing (supposedly) everything ahead of time on social media and posting pictures with rebel flags and other racist things, there would be references to Nazi's and/or skinheads and/or white supremacists, a "HERO" story where someone saved some people among all the chaos, media referring to shooter as a "LONE NUT GUNMAN". There is a FORMULA to a FALSE FLAG. When EVERY SINGLE POINT is hit, I have no other choice than to believe it's a FALSE FLAG. This has OVERWHELMINGLY hit every single point of a FALSE FLAG. I know the formula. I've POSTED THE FORMULA on this blog MANY, MANY TIMES.

And here it is, the final point of hitting EVERY SINGLE POINT OF A FALSE FLAG:

FBI investigates website and manifesto linked to Charleston shooting suspect Dylann Roof

There we have it, folks! A ROYAL STRAIGHT FLUSH of EVERY SINGLE POINT of the FORMULA FALSE FLAG !!!!!!! Every FALSE FLAG RED LIGHT is on, the last TUMBLER clicked into place in the lock, ALL RED LIGHTS ARE ON ACROSS THE BOARD.

Congratulations! This is getting so predictable. It's getting so predictable, I PREDICTED IT AHEAD OF TIME !!!!!!!

In this July 9, 2014 post of mine about the Miller's false flag, I pointed out "THE FORMULA", including "THE MANIFESTO":

Another LOUSY Non-Believable False Flag: The Las Vegas Shooting False Flag.

Here is a CUT/PASTE from the above post of the points of "THE FALSE FLAG FORMULA", mix and match them, I can probably update these points with things like "rebel flag", etc...and refine it even more because this was from a year ago:


Some of the "formula" points are: 
- mention "white supremacist" or "neo nazi" or "anti semite"
- perpetrators "commit suicide" at the end
- calls for "gun control" by the media and Jewish senators
- mention "Southern Poverty Law Center" somewhere
- the NSA once again does not catch known kooks ahead of time...even though the NSA is spying on everything everyone is doing and crazy videos of the "perpetrators" will surface which were made well ahead of time...apparently they just don't spy on "lone nut gunmen", mass shooters with "manifesto"s, kooks who telegraph what they're going to do on youtube and facebook ahead of time, banksters, corrupt politicians, rapists, child abusers, etc...they are apparently only spying on regular citizens who don't do anything.
- mention OTHER false flags like: Columbine, Sandy Hook, Batman Aurora, Gabby Giffords, Boston Marathon, etc...
- no video footage of the actual shooting...even though no one can make a move anywhere without being filmed
- a followup "HERO" story to get emotions running and stop questioning the "official story"
- sensational pictures or actions like yelling "this is a revolution", dressing up like THE JOKER, etc...
- conflicting stories, multiple shooters going down to "lone nut gunman", anonymous sources, no proof, no evidence...just take the mainstream media's word for it!
- enormous amount of things that don't make sense in the story
- instant wrap-up of event...although they didn't see it coming
- they were "911 truthers"
- they had a picture/painting of Hitler
- they were "INFORMANTS" - FBI or police informants or had prior FBI or police communications

Now how can I predict all of this if it's not a formula perpetrated upon us by powerful people manipulating us for political purposes? btw that's the definition of TERRORISM.




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Proud to say my friend and neighbor's video went viral with over 100,000 hits and counting:

What are all these FALSE FLAGS in our own country by our own government all about?

First, learn about OPERATION GLADIO (video below). Operation Gladio, or "The Strategy Of Tension", is about governments doing FALSE FLAGS on their own citizens so their citizens turn to the government for protection against "terrorists" they think exist...but their own government is doing it. The endgame is so the government has more unquestioned power over their citizens. The government perpetrators use the infamous cliche: "TRADE SAFETY FOR SECURITY" from the ones who are actually the terrorists:

I did the above video step-by-step and took a picture of it (below) to prove the video is correct, and I found it: