Saturday, January 26, 2013

The GOP Is Attempting To Rig Presidential Elections Via The Electoral College, By Introducing Legislation To Split Electoral Votes In States Where They Now Control The State Legislatures & Governor, But Who Consistently Vote For The Democratic Presidential Candidate: Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Michigan, & Wisconsin

(that's a long title for a post!)


The GOP is quickly becoming the extreme minority party, and they know they have to cheat to win the presidency. One of their top tactics is to suppress the vote with un-Constitutional Voter ID (photo ID) laws. Another is to create long lines in precincts that don't vote Republican. Now we have the ultimate cheating, which renders all their other cheating unnecessary: SPLIT ELECTORAL VOTES ONLY IN STATES THEY NEVER WIN. For example, the Republican Party will NOT introduce legislation to split electoral votes in TEXAS, because they always win Texas. However, they've tried to introduce legislation to split electoral votes in the past in California, a state they never win.

So they enacted a well-financed plan to take over the state legislatures and governor of several key states, financed by billionaire rightwingers like the Koch Brothers. Those key states are states which always vote for the Democratic presidential candidate. Those states are Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Michigan, & Wisconsin. Notice none of them are states that always vote for the Republican presidential candidate? Like Texas or ANY southern states that always vote for the Republican presidential candidate? Notice these are all battleground states that every presidential election comes down to?

But in order to achieve this plan, they have to take over these battleground states which are blue or recently turning blue in presidential elections. They need to take over the state legislatures and governor so they can introduce and pass laws splitting the electoral vote at the state levels. Now once they get control of those states at the state level, they will GERRYMANDER the districts to insure they won't get voted out, which I think is un-Constitutional. Well, OF COURSE it is! It IS un-Constitutional to rig things to bypass the will of voters. Anyone who says otherwise is being intellectually dishonest and is not to be taken seriously.

And by coincidence, this well-financed plan is now happening. Watch these videos and learn the plan. So while you're obsessed with GUN CONTROL, THIS is going on behind the scenes and they DON'T want you to talk about it. The #1 thing is to SNEAK IT IN UNDER THE RADAR. Don't forget, the rightwing controls 99% of talk radio. If they DO mention this on talk radio, they will say, "IT'S A GOOD AND FAIR IDEA", which is a LIE. If it was a good and fair idea, they would propose it in ALL states...not just states they lose all the time.

This plan has to be publicly outed far and wide, just like their Voter ID plan and voter suppression plan!!! Outing those plans WORKED. Knowledge of these plans and the spreading of this knowledge is the #1 way to beat these plans. The #1 tactic to enact these plans is to keep them a secret and enact them under stealth and secrecy and keep them out of the news and to distract from knowledge of these plans with other issues, such as gun control for example. Or Benghazi. Or proposing ridiculous legislation they know will never pass, but ties up everyones' attention by talking about those ridiculous pieces of legislation. Did you notice this ELECTORAL SPLIT legislation is never talked about? But they'll talk about ridiculous legislation they know will never pass? ABSURD legislation? This is why they introduce absurd legislation. To distract.

The GOP Plan To Rig The Next Presidential Election

RNC Chair: Rig The Next Presidential Election For Republicans

Who's the guy who wants to RIG PENNSYLVANIA? Dominic Pileggi (probably a STOOGE for Karl Rove & the Koch Brothers):

But Mr. Pileggi: how about extending your same idea to the HOUSE in which Republicans lost by 1.1 MILLION popular vote yet won because of GERRYMANDERING? It's your idea, why not the House, too? Oh, that's different because the Republicans would LOSE the House with Pileggi's same exact idea for splitting only the Presidential electoral votes. So Pileggi wants to enact Pileggi's idea...ONLY WHERE IT HELPS REPUBLICANS:

If Pennsylvania's Going to Assign Electoral Votes Proportionately, Why Not Members of Congress, Too?

So the WEASEL PILEGGI is out and out trying to rig "democracy" only for Republicans!

Here is the recent GERRYMANDERING of Pennsylvania by the Republicans, before & after (done VERY QUIETLY btw...did you notice? I, myself, noticed I was voting for state rep in an entirely different district this year in Pennsylvania, but there wasn't any notification ahead of time, the "news" totally didn't cover it, or at least it wasn't widely disseminated for such an important thing).

YOU don't pick your leaders, your leaders pick YOU:

Gerrymandering 101 And Boehner's House

Now I know what some of you are going to say: YOU'RE PLAYING THE LEFT/RIGHT PARADIGM. To some extent I am. But I still think you need to point out things WITHIN the left/right paradigm. You can't act like these things aren't going on and totally ignore them. I also notice that people on the right exclusively seem to point out the left/right paradigm, which I agree with to a large extent btw. But still, if a party is rigging things against the vote and the will of the people, I absolutely think this has to be pointed out far and wide.

Are elections rigged? Yes. But they are rigged in several ways, not just on electronic voting machines. They are also rigged in many other ways including vote suppression, gerrymandering, and splitting electoral votes. ALL have to be pointed out, and you can't use as an excuse for not pointing any of these out "the left/right paradigm". Ignoring cheating is WRONG. PERIOD.

There is ONE PARTY that cheats with voter suppression, voter id laws, gerrymandering, electronic vote machine rigging...and that is THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. It's not "even", everyone's doing it,'s THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. Because they are fast becoming an extreme minority party and that's all they can do to win: CHEAT. They CHEATED in their own primary: RON PAUL BEAT MITT ROMNEY!!! If the GOP would screw their own Ron Paul, imagine what they are trying to do in GENERAL ELECTIONS:

Here are the people distracting you from this, or saying splitting electoral votes (ONLY IN STATES REPUBLICANS LOSE) is "fair"...or the top tactic: totally IGNORING that the GOP is trying to do this:

The bottom line is that cheating and attempts at cheating have to be pointed out on the light of day. If you can't win fair and square, look at your party in the mirror and question why no one likes you and why people are leaving you in droves...don't suppress people who vote against you, rig electronic voting machines, gerrymander, or try and split electoral votes only in states you don't win.

Splitting votes in states you don't win will lead to something preposterous like a Republican presidential candidate losing the popular vote by 10 million and becoming president. Is that democracy?

And talk opening about cheating and attempts at cheating, show it the light of day.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

"OFFICIALS" and their "OFFICIAL STORY"s are crumbling left and right because of the internet

(above: remember when you HAD TO listen to us Council on Foreign Relations OFFICIAL STORIERS on ANBCBSNNX because we were the only game in town? Nowadays, it's harder for them to push bizarre, non-believable OFFICIAL STORIES because of  the internet. Oh, yeah, they'll still talk openly about SPORTS HOAXES like Lance Armstrong & Notre Dame, but they're still running cover for government/Zionist/intelligence agency/Wall St/Pentagon hoaxes...but that ain't workin' now, either, because of the internet. All they have left in their arsenal against truthtellers actually doing THEIR job is to parade them on TV and use the playbook of ridiculing them and calling them conspiracy theorists. It's pretty sad and embarrassing.)

They're going to have to have a FALSE FLAG and blame "terrorists" they make up, like they've been doing since 911, and say they have to control the internet in order to stop "terrorists" from doing whatever the false flag is again.

And a great majority of Americans will believe the "official story" of the internet false flag, those who blindly believe "officials" and their "OFFICIAL STORY"s all the time. But less percent will believe it this time, because the internet has given them the ability to use their own brain and own judgement of more available information outside the controlled mainstream media.

What is an "OFFICIAL" and what is an "OFFICIAL STORY"? An OFFICIAL is a person connected to or a member of the government or mainstream media. An OFFICIAL STORY is a story the tell about an EVENT that is a game-changing event that affects the country...such as 911, the JFK/RFK/MLK/John Lennon shootings, the Sandy Hook/Batman/Sikh Temple shootings...and things like that, you get the picture.

YOU aren't an "OFFICIAL". If you're in the 99%, you're not an OFFICIAL. And therefore, can't tell an "OFFICIAL STORY". It is implied, by OFFICIALS, that they know better than us and we should trust them and believe them...BLINDLY believe them, even if their OFFICIAL STORY has no evidence, and to the contrary, there exists plenty of evidence that they're LYING to us.

Part of the OFFICIAL STORY by OFFICIALS is the implication that if you don't blindly believe them and bypass the mainstream media and use your own brain and research the "OFFICIAL STORY" yourself on the internet and don't come to the same conclusion as the "OFFICIAL STORY", you are a "CONSPIRACY THEORY" "NUT" who believes in "ALIENS" and wears a "TIN FOIL HAT". That is a KEY ELEMENT of "OFFICIALS" & "OFFICIAL STORY"s. It then allows "OFFICIALS" to RIDICULE those who don't blindly believe them. It makes people AFRAID to question the "OFFICIAL STORY", because no one wants to be RIDICULED as a "NUT", "CONSPIRACY THEORY", "ALIENS", "TIN FOIL HAT", etc...

The way this whole playbook works is to have "OFFICIALS" quickly roll out the "OFFICIAL STORY" and then get someone who questions it on the MAINSTREAM MEDIA and RIDICULE THEM as an example of what happens to anyone who questions "OFFICIALS" and/or the "OFFICIAL STORY".

But people are waking up to this due to the internet, which makes me believe "OFFICIALS" are going to censor the internet. When? I'm not sure. But the internet has allowed the general public to verify and question "OFFICIALS" and "OFFICIAL STORY"s themselves. In the past, we were forced to get ALL of our "news" from the mainstream media. Not so now, because of the internet.

Hoaxes work because at first people fear "OFFENDING" others by questioning it and fear "RIDICULE" by "OFFICIALS" who told the "OFFICIAL STORY".

Several "OFFICIAL STORY"s bit the dust this week. Let's go through them.


The Lance Armstrong "OFFICIAL STORY" bites the dust:

The "OFFICIAL STORY" of Lance Armstrong was: a great American hero overcame cancer to win the Tour De France.

Remember when Lance Armstrong was an American Hero who overcame cancer to win the Tour De France? Remember those "NUTS" who said he was doping? They DARED to question the "OFFICIAL STORY"? How DARE they question this hero who overcame cancer! He's one of the greatest role models of all time! Remember how many YEARS we defended him? And attacked the "NUTS" claiming he was doping?

The Notre Dame HOAX.

Here's the "OFFICIAL STORY" of the "heroics" of a football player overcoming adversity...just like Lance Armstrong: Notre Dame's Manti Te'o, the stories said, played this season under a terrible burden. A Mormon linebacker who led his Catholic school's football program back to glory, Te'o was whipsawed between personal tragedies along the way. In the span of six hours in September, as Sports Illustrated told it, Te'o learned first of the death of his grandmother, Annette Santiago, and then of the death of his girlfriend, Lennay Kekua.

Not so fast! We live in a nation of "OFFICIAL LIARS" and another "OFFICIAL STORY" bites the dust:

Manti Te’o’s Dead Girlfriend, The Most Heartbreaking And Inspirational Story Of The College Football Season, Is A Hoax

Kennedy Children speak out: "LONE NUT GUNMAN" "OFFICIAL STORY" of JFK assassination is FALSE

(above: RFK Jr, whose FATHER's "OFFICIAL STORY" of "LONE NUT GUNMAN Sirhan Sirhan ALSO isn't true)

Remember the "OFFICIAL STORY" of the JFK assassination? A "LONE NUT GUNMAN" did it. There's another phrase like "OFFICIALS", "OFFICIAL STORY", & "CONSPIRACY THEORY" perpetrated upon us by the same officials: "LONE NUT GUNMAN". In case you haven't noticed, "OFFICIAL STORY"s always start with local news coverage and initial reports saying there were MULTIPLE SHOOTERS. And then the FEDS swoop in and suddenly, predictably, it becomes "LONE NUT GUNMAN". They did that with these shootings: JFK, RFK, MLK, John Lennon, Batman shooting, Sikh Temple shooting, and now the Sandy Hook "OFFICIAL STORY". But we're talking about the JFK "LONE NUT GUNMAN" assassination right now.


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is convinced that a lone gunman wasn't solely responsible for the assassination of his uncle, President John F. Kennedy, and said his father believed the Warren Commission report was a "shoddy piece of craftsmanship."

JFK gave a speech on "SECRET SOCIETIES". He was a "CONSPIRACY NUT" for saying that, right? If you said that NOW, you'd be a "CONSPIRACY THEORY NUT" who believes in ALIENS and wears a TIN FOIL HAT. But at one time, a PRESIDENT could speak like this. Not anymore! Just replace the words "SECRET SOCIETIES" with "CONSPIRACY THEORY":

Martin Luther King: "LONE NUT GUNMAN" government fabrication proven FALSE in court.

MLK assassinated by US government: King family civil trial 1999 decision. Why didn't you know this?

Dr. Martin Luther King assassinated by US govt: King Family civil trial verdict

Martin King’s family: share civil trial case that US govt assassinated Martin

MLK's vehement condemnations of US militarism are more relevant than ever.
His vital April 4, 1967 speech is a direct repudiation of the sophistry now used to defend US violence and aggression

The Sandy Hook Shooting

(above: "LONE NUT GUNMAN" Adam Lanza...the NOT Sandy Hook shooter)

...and now we come to Sandy Hook. The "OFFICIAL STORY" is: a "LONE NUT GUNMAN" kid who never hurt a fly (now don't LAUGH as I proceed through the "official story"), suddenly decided to dress in body armor, put on a mask, shoot his mother in the face, drive to Sandy Hook school, shoot 20 little children between 3 & 11 times each, shoot 7 adults...acting alone as, you know, a "LONE NUT GUNMAN" once again. Just like the BATMAN SHOOTING.

Two things that are obvious about Sandy Hook is that the "official story" is not true and that the INTENT of Sandy Hook is GUN CONTROL. There are several THEORIES as to what really happened, but for sure the OFFICIAL STORY isn't true and the INTENT was GUN CONTROL. Gun control was obvious by witnessing the mainstream media, newspapers, and radio shows shout in unison until this day about gun control. IMO, these statements about Sandy Hook carry a lot of weight, because I'm a non-gun-owning liberal. But I'm also about the TRUTH 24x7. So how's THAT for being unbiased? And I noticed, if you click on the BATMAN SHOOTING link above in blue, the same cast of Jewish Zionist characters were immediately paraded on the mainstream TV shouting for gun control: FEINSTEIN, LIEBERMAN, BLOOMBERG, DERSHOWITZ, SCHUMER. So I DO think there is something to Zionist Israeli-Firsters wanting to disarm the U.S. citizens. I also did some research, and ALL gun control legislation in the past was penned by Jewish Zionists. Look it up yourself. I think that is an alarming pattern.

I wrote a post about Sandy Hook. It got many THOUSANDS of hits. I also put together these videos below calling into question the "OFFICIAL STORY" of Sandy Hook. The first video is 90 minutes, but is the best one I've seen. The second video has over 10 million hits on it and alone should be enough to cause you to question the "OFFICIAL STORY" of Sandy Hook. You may have trouble watching the first video, youtube puts up a warning that it's "OFFENSIVE". Above in this post I wrote a very profound statement: "Hoaxes work because at first people fear "OFFENDING" others by questioning it and fear "RIDICULE" by "OFFICIALS" who told the "OFFICIAL STORY". These videos, I suppose, are "OFFENSIVE" to "OFFICIALS" who tell "OFFICIAL STORY"s, that is EXACTLY who they are OFFENSIVE to:

Team 6/Bin Laden

(above: "OFFICIALS" supposedly witnessing the Team 6/Bin Laden raid...and people say they aren't ACTORS? Politics is ACTORS FOR UGLY PEOPLE! When they come on TV and LIE to us, that's called ACTING. Is it so hard to believe that sometimes they might hire REAL ACTORS?)

The "OFFICIAL STORY" of the Team 6/Bin Laden raid is so farcical, if you believe it, you have a blind faith belief in government OFFICIALS greater than any religion.

Here's the OFFICIAL STORY of the Team 6/Bin Laden raid:

We found Bin Laden watching himself on TV. Apparently he didn't hear helicopters and Team 6 storming through his house and continued to watch himself on TV. He had PORN they said. Team 6 shot him in the head. First they said he was armed, then they said he was unarmed. Then they IMMEDIATELY "threw him in the sea", "according to Islamic law. They have video of this, but won't show us (they said). No sailors on the vessel saw any of this according to FOIA emails. Bin Laden was with his 4 wives and 13 or so children, who also must've been evading the CIA/Mossad/MI6 for a decade. Team 6 then immediately died in an unrelated helicopter crash. There is ZERO ( --->>> 0 <<<--- ) evidence provided by these know LIARS for this story, and the ONLY evidence they claim they have, a video of it, they OFFICIALLY said they won't show us.

If you believe THAT whopper, you need to look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself WHY??? WHY AM I AN IDIOT?



Here is the "OFFICIAL STORY" of 911:

If you believe that, you are a MORON and an IDIOT. And your new religion, greater than religion itself, is blindly believing "OFFICIALS" and "OFFICIAL STORY"s.

If you want to bypass "OFFICIALS", "OFFICIAL STORY"s, or as I call them - "OFFICIAL LIARS" - then watch these 100-or-so 911 videos I've put together over the years:

The mainstream media "PLAYBOOK".

Remember above I said part of how this whole thing works is after "OFFICIALS" tell the "OFFICIAL STORY", then they trot out someone questioning the "OFFICIAL STORY" onto the mainstream television and "RIDICULE" him by throwing around words like "CONSPIRACY THEORY", "ALIENS", "TIN FOIL HAT", etc...??? Well watch these two examples. Watch the mainstream media "PLAYBOOK", how many times they say "CONSPIRACY THEORY", etc...and portray the person questioning the "OFFICIAL STORY" as a "NUT":



Below, ex-CIA intern Anderson Cooper, from Operation Mockingbird, makes a fool of himself overacting THE PLAYBOOK and outing himself, just like Bill O'Reilly above, overdoing phrases like "CONSPIRACY THEORY":

As you're watching CNN's Anderson Cooper preach to us about "CONSPIRACY THEORY"s, ask him about this FAKE Persian Gulf War broadcast CNN did during the first Gulf war:

You sound like a "conspiracy theorist".........

Why would you blindly believe TV news, when it by nature gives one point of view? If TV were infiltrated by propagandists, that one point of view would always be propaganda. What makes you believe it isn't? Blind faith?
"I don't believe everything that's on the Internet. But apparently you believe everything that's on the TV! I only believe those things which are verifiable, and consistent with my own sense of reasoning and logic. The beauty of the Internet is that, unlike the TV that you worship so much, all sides of an issue are presented on the Internet. It allows a critical thinker to figure out what the true story is. The TV doesn't give you that option. Do you really believe that the media presents the whole story? Are you that naive? (laugh) Remember the fairy tale of the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? The media shoved that lie down our throats. So why do you trust the media so blindly and not the Internet?"
How to respond to an anti Conspiracy Theorist

Freedom of Speech In The West Is Constrained By The "Conspiracy Theory" Label

There's many more "OFFICIAL STORY"s that are complete lies by "OFFICIALS". I just touched upon some of them in this post. I have come to the conclusion that "OFFICIALS" are going to have to censor the internet, because we're bypassing their "OFFICIAL STORY"s in their "OFFICIAL MEDIA (the mainstream media). And "officials" will continue to use they psychology against those seeking the truth of using the phrases "OFFICIALS", "OFFICIAL STORY", & "CONSPIRACY THEORY" to thwart questioning them.

We're a nation of "OFFICIAL LIARS".

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Shout-Out from A Liberal To My Rightwing FRIENDS: I Trust YOU With A Gun, More Than I Trust The Government, Police, & Military With Guns!

Just trust the government, police, & military with guns??? NO THANKS!!! Those guys are preaching to us about GUN CONTROL??? And celebrities who glorify violence in their movies are preaching to us about GUN CONTROL??? You have to stand in awe of this breathtaking hypocrisy.

Rightwingers: guess what? You're right about the "gun control" debate.

I'm a liberal, or at least a left-leaning liberal (if there is such a thing), and I am on your side of the "gun control" debate. I'd rather see YOU with a gun, than the government, police, or military with guns. I TRUST you, and not them. I know that, even though we argue all the time, YOU would be the first to rush to my aid WITH A GUN, should the occasion present itself. That's what being FRIENDS is all about. I'm not FRIENDS with the government, police, and military! In fact, you are 8x more likely to get killed by the police than "terrorists". You know those government guys that TAZE, BEAT, & JAIL peaceful OCCUPY protesters? I don't want them to have guns...because they TAZE, BEAT, & JAIL peaceful OCCUPY protesters! Do YOU TAZE, BEAT, & JAIL protesters? NO! Are YOU bombing and murdering millions of people on the other side of the earth? NO! I think the ones doing that ARE THE ONES TELLING YOU TO GIVE UP YOUR GUNS!

I'd rather have ALEX JONES next to me with a gun than a policeman with a gun. Alex Jones isn't going to shoot me, but there's a way better than there should be chance the policeman is going to shoot me!

I'd rather have Alex Jones with a gun, than Piers Morgan with a gun. I think it's more likely Piers Morgan would shoot me, than Alex Jones.

I'm ashamed of left news websites that are only talking about gun control. That is turning me right off to them. I hope they realize they're losing people like me.

We should be talking about, instead of gun control, GOVERNMENT FALSE FLAG CONTROL & WAR CONTROL. In fact the REAL LIBERALS I like I notice AREN'T talking about gun control. They ARE talking about more important issues. Just like I am. Maybe only DEMOCRATS and DEMOCRAT-LEANING "news" sites are pushing gun control, and REAL LIBERALS are NOT pushing it.

Really, it's pretty simple: right to bear arms is in the Constitution. Case closed.

I'm going to post Alex Jones on CNN debating gun control, but I'd like to point out some things about Piers Morgan...AND CNN.

Before he inexplicably turned up on CNN, Piers Morgan was with The News Of The World newspaper in England, owned by FOX "news" owner Rupert Murdoch. That paper was caught in a phone-hacking scandal in which they hacked into the cell phones of DEAD PEOPLE. Can you imagine the families of those dead people, what they think? Rupert Murdoch took a 100 year old paper and turned it into a scandalous rag and drove it right out of business. YES, THAT is where Piers Morgan comes from!

A second important point I have about Piers Morgan is this: does ANYONE like Piers Morgan? I don't think ANYONE likes Piers Morgan. So why does CNN thrust him in front of our faces and make it appear that he's great?

Three: watch this video first of CNN'S FAKE PERSIAN GULF WAR BROADCAST:

Here's the gun control debate between Alex Jones & Piers Morgan:

And take a look at THESE ASSHOLES: these celebrities GLORIFY violence in their movies 24x7...and then make a commercial pushing gun control What a joke! The reason this really bothers me - celebrities AND politicians & media - calling for gun control, is because it proves they can get the entire nation talking about a topic. But I don't see them getting us talking about corrupt banksters, Wall St, The Police State, Police brutality against peaceful protesters, THE WARS, FALSE FLAGS by our government, our government ARMING TERRORISTS, murdering people with DRONES, TORTURING people, and obvious anomalies in the following "OFFICIAL STORIES": 911, Team 6/BIN LADEN raid, the JFK/RFK/MLK/SANDY HOOK/BATMAN THEATER SHOOTING/SIKH TEMPLE SHOOTING/DC sniper shootings, whether or not the government is hiring ACTORS at crisis scenes for TV "news" purposes, and things like that:


Hi, I'm Piers Morgan. CNN got me from England from a paper owned by FOX's Rupert Murdoch that went under due to a phone hacking scandal. Here's what I think about gun control.

*** WHO CARES WHAT YOU THINK ????????????? ***

Does ANYONE like Piers Morgan? Does CNN think ANYONE likes Piers Morgan? Are they INSANE? What planet is CNN on?

Here's a BRAINSTORM by CNN: get a pompous English GOOF no one ever heard of from an English newspaper rocked in a phone hacking scandal and also from a country that banned guns and have him tell US to get rid of our guns!!! Why would CNN do this? Am I missing something here? Does he have pictures of someone at CNN in a compromising position? What gives with Piers Morgan & CNN? This gets a big: WTF???

Deport him? HELL YEAH! DEPORT HIM! But the reason is because...HE STINKS!!! And who names their son "PIERS" btw? What kind of a name is that?

Musical interlude: SPOOKY TOOTH - OLD AS I WAS BORN

Tragic ZORB accident in Russia:

Friday, January 4, 2013


(first let's set up the mood with a little crowd awards ceremony applause, and picture maybe Alec Baldwin & Angelina Jolie & Matt Damon behind the podium opening the nominee envelopes)


...and here we go! The nominees for CRISIS ACTORS Lifetime Achievement Awards are:

Nurse Nayirah in: SADDAM INCUBATOR BABIES. Her faked testimony got us into the first Iraq Gulf War under GHW Bush (hat tip to the PR firm Hill & Knowlton):

The Harley Guy in: STRUCTURAL FAILURE DUE TO FIRE. This "random guy on the street" had it all figured out, even though it took scientists a decade to prove the "official story" false. "I WITNESSED THE ENTIRE THING FROM BEGINNING TO END.......AND THEN I WITNESSED BOTH TOWERS COLLAPSE.......DUE TO STRUCTURAL FAILURE":


(special shout-out to the host who says: "UNFORTUNATELY, WE SEEM TO HAVE LOST THE LINE WITH JANE STANLEY", when the "lost the feed" when they realized WTC7 was still standing directly behind her):

Presidents Bush & Obama in: 911 OFFICIAL STORY.

Chris Ramos in: THE BATMAN SHOOTING. He was at the Batman movie with his younger sister and her friends. "FOR THE RECORD, THERE WAS ONLY ONE GUNMAN":

"ALEX" in: THE BATMAN SHOOTING. He was at the Batman movie with his younger sister and her friends.

The "medical examiner" in: THE SANDY HOOK SHOOTING.



Adolph Hitler in: THE REICHSTAG FIRE. Adoph had his "brownshirts" burn down the Reichstag and blame his political enemies.

And the winner is: JESUS in: GARDEN OF GETHSEMANE.

Questions About The Newtown, Connecticut School Shooting, Gun Control, Operation Gladio, MK-ULTRA, & The Shock Doctrine