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The GOP Is Attempting To Rig Presidential Elections Via The Electoral College, By Introducing Legislation To Split Electoral Votes In States Where They Now Control The State Legislatures & Governor, But Who Consistently Vote For The Democratic Presidential Candidate: Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Michigan, & Wisconsin

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The GOP is quickly becoming the extreme minority party, and they know they have to cheat to win the presidency. One of their top tactics is to suppress the vote with un-Constitutional Voter ID (photo ID) laws. Another is to create long lines in precincts that don't vote Republican. Now we have the ultimate cheating, which renders all their other cheating unnecessary: SPLIT ELECTORAL VOTES ONLY IN STATES THEY NEVER WIN. For example, the Republican Party will NOT introduce legislation to split electoral votes in TEXAS, because they always win Texas. However, they've tried to introduce legislation to split electoral votes in the past in California, a state they never win.

So they enacted a well-financed plan to take over the state legislatures and governor of several key states, financed by billionaire rightwingers like the Koch Brothers. Those key states are states which always vote for the Democratic presidential candidate. Those states are Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Michigan, & Wisconsin. Notice none of them are states that always vote for the Republican presidential candidate? Like Texas or ANY southern states that always vote for the Republican presidential candidate? Notice these are all battleground states that every presidential election comes down to?

But in order to achieve this plan, they have to take over these battleground states which are blue or recently turning blue in presidential elections. They need to take over the state legislatures and governor so they can introduce and pass laws splitting the electoral vote at the state levels. Now once they get control of those states at the state level, they will GERRYMANDER the districts to insure they won't get voted out, which I think is un-Constitutional. Well, OF COURSE it is! It IS un-Constitutional to rig things to bypass the will of voters. Anyone who says otherwise is being intellectually dishonest and is not to be taken seriously.

And by coincidence, this well-financed plan is now happening. Watch these videos and learn the plan. So while you're obsessed with GUN CONTROL, THIS is going on behind the scenes and they DON'T want you to talk about it. The #1 thing is to SNEAK IT IN UNDER THE RADAR. Don't forget, the rightwing controls 99% of talk radio. If they DO mention this on talk radio, they will say, "IT'S A GOOD AND FAIR IDEA", which is a LIE. If it was a good and fair idea, they would propose it in ALL states...not just states they lose all the time.

This plan has to be publicly outed far and wide, just like their Voter ID plan and voter suppression plan!!! Outing those plans WORKED. Knowledge of these plans and the spreading of this knowledge is the #1 way to beat these plans. The #1 tactic to enact these plans is to keep them a secret and enact them under stealth and secrecy and keep them out of the news and to distract from knowledge of these plans with other issues, such as gun control for example. Or Benghazi. Or proposing ridiculous legislation they know will never pass, but ties up everyones' attention by talking about those ridiculous pieces of legislation. Did you notice this ELECTORAL SPLIT legislation is never talked about? But they'll talk about ridiculous legislation they know will never pass? ABSURD legislation? This is why they introduce absurd legislation. To distract.

The GOP Plan To Rig The Next Presidential Election

RNC Chair: Rig The Next Presidential Election For Republicans

Who's the guy who wants to RIG PENNSYLVANIA? Dominic Pileggi (probably a STOOGE for Karl Rove & the Koch Brothers):

But Mr. Pileggi: how about extending your same idea to the HOUSE in which Republicans lost by 1.1 MILLION popular vote yet won because of GERRYMANDERING? It's your idea, why not the House, too? Oh, that's different because the Republicans would LOSE the House with Pileggi's same exact idea for splitting only the Presidential electoral votes. So Pileggi wants to enact Pileggi's idea...ONLY WHERE IT HELPS REPUBLICANS:

If Pennsylvania's Going to Assign Electoral Votes Proportionately, Why Not Members of Congress, Too?

So the WEASEL PILEGGI is out and out trying to rig "democracy" only for Republicans!

Here is the recent GERRYMANDERING of Pennsylvania by the Republicans, before & after (done VERY QUIETLY btw...did you notice? I, myself, noticed I was voting for state rep in an entirely different district this year in Pennsylvania, but there wasn't any notification ahead of time, the "news" totally didn't cover it, or at least it wasn't widely disseminated for such an important thing).

YOU don't pick your leaders, your leaders pick YOU:

Gerrymandering 101 And Boehner's House

Now I know what some of you are going to say: YOU'RE PLAYING THE LEFT/RIGHT PARADIGM. To some extent I am. But I still think you need to point out things WITHIN the left/right paradigm. You can't act like these things aren't going on and totally ignore them. I also notice that people on the right exclusively seem to point out the left/right paradigm, which I agree with to a large extent btw. But still, if a party is rigging things against the vote and the will of the people, I absolutely think this has to be pointed out far and wide.

Are elections rigged? Yes. But they are rigged in several ways, not just on electronic voting machines. They are also rigged in many other ways including vote suppression, gerrymandering, and splitting electoral votes. ALL have to be pointed out, and you can't use as an excuse for not pointing any of these out "the left/right paradigm". Ignoring cheating is WRONG. PERIOD.

There is ONE PARTY that cheats with voter suppression, voter id laws, gerrymandering, electronic vote machine rigging...and that is THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. It's not "even", everyone's doing it,'s THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. Because they are fast becoming an extreme minority party and that's all they can do to win: CHEAT. They CHEATED in their own primary: RON PAUL BEAT MITT ROMNEY!!! If the GOP would screw their own Ron Paul, imagine what they are trying to do in GENERAL ELECTIONS:

Here are the people distracting you from this, or saying splitting electoral votes (ONLY IN STATES REPUBLICANS LOSE) is "fair"...or the top tactic: totally IGNORING that the GOP is trying to do this:

The bottom line is that cheating and attempts at cheating have to be pointed out on the light of day. If you can't win fair and square, look at your party in the mirror and question why no one likes you and why people are leaving you in droves...don't suppress people who vote against you, rig electronic voting machines, gerrymander, or try and split electoral votes only in states you don't win.

Splitting votes in states you don't win will lead to something preposterous like a Republican presidential candidate losing the popular vote by 10 million and becoming president. Is that democracy?

And talk opening about cheating and attempts at cheating, show it the light of day.

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