Wednesday, August 29, 2012

American Taliban Come Out With Platform

The American Taliban (the GOP) and Taliban Media (Rush Limbaugh, FOX "news", rightwing talk radio), the party with the SATANIC UPSIDE-DOWN STARS on their logo, hate things that do not exist (their strawman Obama they hate is communist/socialist, not the corporatist wall st bailout austerity drone warmonger), hate things that do not bother anyone (gay marriage, smoking pot, etc...), and actually hate real conservatives (Ron Paul & Libertarians) while they pretend to be conservative. The mainstream media and Taliban Media are both happy to go along with this charade that the establishment GOP is conservative, in order to totally ignore Ron Paul and Libertarians who are the real conservatives. Frankly, this is further proof that this country is being run by enemies of the United States, both foreign and domestic (the so-called New World Order) via RIGGED ELECTIONS (check out those electronic voting machines, optical scanners, and voter suppression Voter ID laws):

One thing this whole American Taliban circus proves is ELECTION FRAUD. Election fraud is not voter fraud. Election fraud is a full frontal assault on stealing an election with things such as rigging electronic voting machines, voter suppression, voter purging, misleading voters. Voter fraud, which they claim as their reason for Voter ID laws, does not exist as proven by statistics in court. Voter fraud is on the individual level: one person for one vote pretends they're not who they are. Who would risk a felony for one single vote anyway?  The American Taliban hates democracy and voting.

Here is one of the American Taliban forefathers telling it like it is: Republicans don't want everyone to vote. You can find plenty of videos of them when they're amongst their own, saying how they really feel - IE: "SPILLING THE BEANS" -

Here's another one: Pennsylvania Taliban leader Mike Turzai saying the REAL reason for Voter ID laws in Pa. WHOOPS! "SPILLING THE BEANS" amongst your own again:

PROOF the Republicans RIGGED their own election: look at this snapshot someone got of a teleprompter at the RNC, it says "THE AYES HAVE IT". That means they had a "vote on the rules but were going to say "THE AYES HAVE IT" even if "THE NAYS HAVE IT" - IE SCRIPTED OUTCOME/RIGGED!!! Don't you think they try and rig ALL elections, if they'd rig their OWN elections at the RNC? Check this out:

GOP Fixes Election Results at Own Convention And reads them off a TelePrompter...

BRAD from (nationally famous) THE BRAD BLOG takes a call from RON PAUL DELEGATE ANTHONY ANTONELLO about the RNC SHAM, and at the end of the call (around the 11 minute mark) Brad asks Anthony and ALL RON PAUL backers to join Brad's mission to make sure every American's vote, regardless of party, is counted and counted accurately and not suppressed:

(NOTE: hit the link below "ANTHONY ANTONELLO's call to BRAD......." and look for:
"HOUR 2: Great call from a Ron Paul delegate at the RNC who was appalled by what the establishment GOP did to Paul supporters (and the mini-uprising that ensued). Then, Don Siegelman joins us to describe the outrage of what is being done to him... Download MP3 or listen online below..."
...then hit the PLAY arrow...

ANTHONY ANTONELLO's call to BRAD from THE BRAD BLOG who is guest-hosting the nationally famous MIKE MALLOY SHOW out in California.

My GOOD FRIEND & NEIGHBOR ANTHONY ANTONELLO interviewed from the RNC by Adam Kokesh:

RNC BOSSES change rules to disenfranchise Ron Paul delegates and neuter the entire primary know, just like they're doing to BLACKS & MINORITIES with their "voter id" rules:

ELECTION FRAUD on the other hand is alive and well. How do you think Romney stole the American Taliban primary from Ron Paul? And the mainstream media, Taliban Media, and the American Taliban play along with the charade that Romney won to keep down real conservatives like Ron Paul and the Libertarians. Before Romney ran for president the American Taliban and Taliban Media said the was a "TAXACHUSETTS LIBERAL", remember? Now Romney is the leader of the American Taliban! This is exactly how the American Taliban hijacked Ron Paul's original Tea Party and now the Tea Party is also part of the American Taliban and Ron Paul, Libertarians, and real conservatives are completely shut out.

Democracy NOW! confronts billionaire Zionist/Israeli Firster Sheldon Adelson at the RNC and his daughter pushes the DN! reporter and seizes his camera:

Here's Mitt's sugar daddy Sheldon Adelson: I REGRET HAVING WORN AN AMERICAN UNIFORM INSTEAD OF AN ISRAELI UNIFORM (this is how they talk when they're amongst their tribe and they think outsiders won't see who's he loyal to: the U.S. or Israel? What does he expect for Israel from Romney for his $10 million dollar donation?):

Clint Eastwood's bizarre, rambling, incoherent, odd, peculiar speech at the RNC complete with blank-outs and disheveled hair...WEIRD:

(if this isn't described by the mainstream media as exactly what I said above - bizarre, rambling, incoherant, odd, peculiar, blank-outs, disheveled hair - then that's further proof the MSM isn't "liberal"...did Clint think someone was really in that chair? This fits in with my observation that in this country, if someone hangs around long enough, we worship them and can't judge them in the present reality. See: JOE PATERNO.)

He was playing to the room, to the sense that he was among his people, among friends, but with no awareness that other, less friendly eyes might be watching. In doing so, he hung his friends out to dry: The audience’s willingness to humor him, to just revel in being near a movie star, exposed them as sycophants.

Here's a picture of the audience watching Clint:

So add CLINT EASTWOOD to the Republicans' attempt to capture "the youth vote", to go along with Taliban Ted Nugent & Kid Rock:


And NEVER FORGET: The GOP is the party of RUSH LIMBAUGH! Here's "El Rushbo"s latest: we, the GOP, should send 500 bags of money for the levees, and when poor Dems pull the bags out to get the money, they'll drown themselves - I think Rush Limbaugh and Clint Eastwood are double-agents for Obama, trying to take down the GOP:


Here is the American Taliban's PLATFORM they just announced, it scores 100% approval rating from their mentors the Taliban in Afghanistan. This platform is so off-the-charts, off-the-beaten-path, un-American, (I can go on), it's MINDBOGGLING it's hard to believe it's 2012 and not 1812. Would you believe 1712?


ABORTION: (bd: this is where they have the most in common with their Taliban brethren in the Middle East - countries such as Iran, Iraq, Libya, and Yemen have banned abortion under all circumstances including rape & incest. Next up: BURKAS FOR WOMEN!!!)
The party states that "the unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life which cannot be infringed." It opposes using public revenues to promote or perform abortion or to fund organizations that perform or advocate abortions. It says the party will not fund or subsidize health care that includes abortion coverage.

MARRIAGE: (bd: anti-gay of course)

The platform affirms the rights of states and the federal government not to recognize same-sex marriage. It backs a constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

VOTER INTEGRITY: (bd: racism; there is NO SUCH THING AS VOTER FRAUD as proven by statistics and proven in court. This is a trick to disenfranchise blacks, hispanics, the elderly, and young voters, all of whom happen to NOT vote for Republicans. They don't care about the much bigger issue of ELECTION FRAUD, though, which is RIGGING ELECTIONS, because that is what they do so well. See: Romney's stolen victory over Ron Paul via ELECTION FRAUD.)
"Voter fraud is a political poison," the platform says. It praises legislation to require photo identification for voting and to prevent election fraud.

ENERGY: (bd: fracking, BP oil spill, word about FREE SOLAR POWER)
The party is committed to domestic energy independence and an "all-of-the-above" energy policy, backing the exploration and development of the Outer Continental Shelf and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. It criticizes the Obama administration for picking winners and losers in the energy sector and expresses support for new coal-fired plants that will be low-cost, environmentally responsible and efficient.

It adds: "We will end the EPA's war on coal and encourage the increased safe development in all regions of the nation's coal resources." It calls on Congress to prohibit the EPA from moving forward with new greenhouse gas regulations "that will harm the nation's economy and threaten millions of jobs over the next quarter century."

MEDICARE and MEDICAID: (bd: put it in the "free market", you know, like the rigged Wall St!!!)
The platform pledges to move both Medicare and Medicaid away from "the current unsustainable defined-benefit entitlement model to a fiscally sound defined-contribution model." It supports a Medicare transition to a premium-support model with an income-adjusted contribution toward a health plan of the enrollee's choice. Age eligibility in Medicare must be made more realistic in light of longer life spans.

Medicaid services for low income people would be transformed into a block grant program in which the states would be given the flexibility to determine the best programs for their residents. (bd: then Republicans can steal state "elections" with ELECTION FRAUD and determine "what's best"!)

HEALTH CARE: (bd: they will do NOTHING about health care, like they've always DONE NOTHING. In fact, they will RUIN Medicare/Medicaid by putting it in the FAKE FREE MARKET, you know, like the stock market, we all know how "free" that is! Look at the financial crisis! Yeah, let's go all "free market"! The 1% RIG the so-called "free market".)
It states that a Republican president on his first day in office would use his waiver authority to halt progress in carrying out the health care act pushed through by President Barack Obama and that Republican victories in November would guarantee that the act is never implemented. It proposes a Republican plan based on improving health care quality and lowering costs and a system that promotes the free market and gives consumers more choice.

DEFENSE: (bd: Let me summarize: we spend HALF our budget on BOMBING. They will INCREASE that and fiddle as Rome burns and we are policing the entire world with the FAKE "WAR ON TERROR" that ruined the United States of America.)
The platform says Republicans are "the party of peace through strength" (bd: WAR=PEACE) and support the concept of American exceptionalism — "the conviction that our country holds a unique place and role in human history." It criticizes the current administration for its weak positions toward such countries as North Korea, China and Iran and its reductions in military spending. The Republican national military strategy "restores as a principal objective the deterrence using the full spectrum of our military capabilities."


I can tell you one thing for sure: GOD HATES REPUBLICANS because the only other convention by ANY PARTY EVER to have the beginning of it cancelled due to a hurricane, like this year's RNC, was - brace yourself - THE 2008 RNC CONVENTION WITH JOHN MCCAIN & SARAH PALIN!

(from 2008 RNC McCain/Palin convention FLASHBACK) Hurricane Gustav: Republican convention thrown into chaos

Why are we pretending the Republicans aren't CRAZY? Why is the "news" pretending they aren't CRAZY? Because both the GOP and the "news" are totally corrupt psychopaths, that's why.


Here's the GOP in a nutshell: the now famous Obama statement "YOU DIDN'T BUILD THAT". Obama gave a speech in which he said successful people all got a little help from someone along the way, such as the highways and roads the successful businessmen use were built by public tax money. "YOU DIDN'T BUILD THAT" = you didn't build the highways. The American Taliban and Taliban media edited that soundbite and pushed the LIE that "YOU DIDN'T BUILD THAT" referred to the businessman's actual business and not the highways.

Here's Obama's actual "YOU DIDN'T BUILD THAT" speech:

Romney has practically built his campaign around a LIE, which is "YOU DIDN'T BUILD THAT", to the point where even though weeks and months have passed since this LIE was debunked, here we have at the RNC a guy in a cowboy hat singing: "YOU DIDN'T BUILD THAT":

The American Taliban and Taliban Media has gotten so good at LYING that FACTS no longer matter. It doesn't matter that Obama didn't say "YOU DIDN'T BUILD THAT" like the American Taliban portrays it. IT DOESN'T MATTER ONE BIT!!! They hate the Obama that doesn't exist, the one they created. That's called "THE STRAW MAN ARGUMENT": you invent a caricature of your opponent that doesn't exist and then attack it. At least hate Obama based on reality: he's a Wall St bailout artist warmonger. Hate him for being a CLASSIC REPUBLICAN, not a liberal or a communist or a socialist. Hate him for being like the George Bush's, the Clinton's, and Ronald Reagan...NOT for being like FDR & JFK.


GOP is dividing country with racism - blatant and subliminal:


RNC to Open With Politician Who "Should Be in Jail"

The GOP and Iran/Iraq/Libya/Yemen are in the minority of "no abortions even for rape or incest":

Summary of Abortion Laws Around the World

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

FBI whisking away MILITARY VETERAN 911 TRUTHERS exercising their Freedom of Speech, calling them "nuts" as an excuse: this will cause even MORE people to question the "official" 911 story because this is exactly what COVER UP LIARS abusing their power would do

NDAA: the U.S. government indefinitely detains or assassinates U.S. citizens without charges or trial.

So are you sick of our U.S. media continually telling us how OTHER countries are suppressing their citizens' freedoms - like Syria, Libya, Russia, China, etc... - and ignoring OUR government suppressing OUR freedoms? The word for it is: propaganda. In all 3 of our Sunday papers (and everywhere else: TIME magazine, network "news", talk radio shows, etc...) we saw the story about how Russia's Putin is suppressing the Russian girl punk band "Pussy Riot"s freedom of speech by jailing them for staging a protest in a church. Where is the religious right in this country on that one by the way? What if a punk band forced their way into a church here and started "punking out" in protest? I'm sure they'd say there's a "War On Religion" or something like that. Meanwhile here in OUR country, did you see the story of how our OWN government jailed (or detained, whatever way you want to put it) one of OUR citizens for questioning the official 911 story? And a MARINE no less? Of course you didn't! How many times do I have to hit you on the nose with the newspaper and point out things like this to you? This is exactly why everyone is abandoning mainstream PROPAGANDA media and watching real hard-hitting journalism like this:

Vet Adam Kokesh LIVE on cell phone with jailed Marine Brandon Raub, who was jailed for questioning the "official" 911 story (have you seen this story? of course you didn't!):

UPDATE: Detained Marine veteran leaves VA hospital

Now...from the above article, notice these CHILLING STATEMENTS:
Mental assessment records of Brandon J. Raub describe his as delusional and paranoid in the days before he was transferred to a Veterans Affairs hospital in Salem. (bd: our government is labeling people who question them "NUTS" basically!!!)

"Client believes that 911 was a conspiracy caused by the U.S.," an assessment of Raub filled out by a Chesterfiled County crisis worker states. (bd: 911 WAS caused by the U.S. & Israel and "blamed on the Muslims". See the wealth of proof by THOUSANDS OF REAL QUALIFIED INDEPENDENT EXPERTS in this post!)

The crisis employee saw Raub on Aug. 16 after he was picked up by Chesterfield police and transferred under an emergency custody order to John Randolph Medical Center in Hopewell.

"Client met with the FBI and Secret Service to explain recent posts on Facebook. Client's friends reported client to the FBI for posting extreme conspiracy theories and threats to President Bush. This counselor asked client about why the authorities were involved and he stated because they know I am on to something." (bd: Brandon Raub IS onto something, it's called BELIEVING REAL EXPERTS, EVIDENCE, & PROOF vs LIES by politicians and the media!)


Are People Being Thrown Into Psychiatric Wards For Their Political Views? Hitler, Stalin, and many fascist regimes historically threw their own citizens who question them in mental hospitals/psychiatric wards

So, did calling people "nuts" or "nutty conspiracy theorists" actually have sinister beginnings from brutal regimes who usually locked up dissenters by initially calling them "nuts", only to be accompanied by "they ought to be locked up"? So then it's really not so funny to ridicule people who have differing opinions. You're imitating brutal, sinister people. Maybe that's ALSO why Ghandi's often quoted profound statement actually addresses that: "First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." Notice the "ridicule" part of that?

Watch the tactic being played out against a "911 truther" on TV by Bill O'Reilly. Keep in mind, making fun of, or ridiculing, someone is not actually making a point or sticking to the subject, it's a form of distracting from the subject and attacking the messenger and you really have nothing on your side of the argument that has anything to do with the subject. How many times does O'Reilly say "nuts", "aliens", "Elvis", etc...? And btw say NOTHING for his side as far as evidence. And also notice that O'Reilly is using a "belief" for his side: IF YOU CAN'T GET ON THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA, WHAT YOU SAY MUST NOT BE TRUE. That is a BELIEF, not proof of anything. Actually, what it IS proof of, is the mainstream media is in on a cover up on behalf of the government:


UPDATE: After Brandon Raub’s attorney in the above video warned of veterans are being rounded up nationwide news comes of another veteran having his guns seized.

Vets Being Round Up Nationwide, People Everywhere Just Disappearing

911 LIARS throwing 911 TRUTHERS in jail:

The final "death throes" of the 911 LIARS is throwing the 911 TRUTHERS in jail: when you "got nuthin'"...that's all you can do! Use your power for abuse, because you can't prove the "official" lie. Simply throw the truth in jail. It was right in front of you all the time: LIARS vs "TRUTHERS"! Truth is bad to liars. Liars demonized the word "TRUTH" by calling people who question the "official" 911 story "TRUTHERS". Think about it: why is the U.S. government starting to label those who question the "official" 911 story "nuts" and quietly whisking them away with no mainstream media coverage? This isn't happening to people who don't believe OTHER "official" stories, right?  What does that tell us? They ARE onto something! The LIARS fear the TRUTH about 911! I'm going to make this simple statement: whenever the government locks you up simply for questioning something, the person questioning it is RIGHT and the government is COVERING UP SOMETHING. Whenever people with power can't convince people of something and then use that power to "shut them up", then not only are they LYING but they're abusing their power vested in them and that they are trusted with, trusted not to abuse. Millions and millions of people around the world and thousands (and growing daily) KNOW the official 911 story doesn't have a shred of any sort of evidence backing it. THOUSANDS & THOUSANDS of real independent experts (and growing daily) have PROVEN this. NO real independent (not connected to the government) experts believe the "official" 911 story. The truth is hard to stop. In fact, you CAN'T stop it. (UPDATE NOTE: IF THE FBI ARE THE ONES DOING THIS, WE NEED TO KNOW WHO'S RUNNING THE FBI AND WHO IN THE FBI IS DOING THIS, AND ARE THESE EVENTS ALSO CONNECTED TO THE DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY? I'M SURE THEY ARE.

BREAKING: Brandon Raub's Attorney: "He Was Institutionalized for Posting Song Lyrics"

District Court Refuses to Stop Transfer of Marine Brandon Raub to Salem Psych Ward, 3 Hrs. Away, for Posting Political Views, Song Lyrics to Facebook

Rutherford Institute Files Notice of Appeal Challenging Arrest & Detention of Marine in Psych Ward for Posting Political Views, Song Lyrics to Facebook

VICTORY: Circuit Court Orders Brandon Raub Released, Dismisses Case Against Marine Arrested, Detained in Veterans Admin. Psych Ward over Political Views, Song Lyrics Posted on Facebook

VICTORY: Circuit Court Orders Brandon Raub Released, Dismisses Case Against Marine Arrested, Detained in Veterans Admin. Psych Ward over Political Views, Song Lyrics Posted on Facebook


UPDATE: Judge Orders Release Of Detained Marine From Psychiatric Hospital

Marine to Contend Mental Commitment in Hearing Thursday



Former Marine Indefinitely Detained In Psychiatric Ward Over 9/11 Facebook Posts

"I really love America, and I think that idea that you can be detained and sent somewhere without due process and a lawyer ... is crazy," Raub said.

Chesterfield Police assisted federal authorities in their efforts to interview Brandon J. Raub on Thursday, Aug. 16. After speaking to Raub, officers believed him to be in need of further evaluation.

U.S. Government Planned Indefinite Detention of Citizens, Suspension of Constitution, Spying on Americans and Other “Post-9/11 Realities” LONG BEFORE 9/11

Marine Brandon Raub gets jailed or detained for questioning the "official" 911 story (btw "official" simply means the government & media's story, when did the word "official" get bastardized to mean LIARS - politicians & media - instead of QUALIFIED EXPERTS? oh, yeah: when we started believing LIARS instead of EXPERTS! Remember who told us the fact-free "official" 911 story: politicians & media. NO EXPERTS BELIEVE IT!).

NOW...What Do Mental Health Professionals Say About Those Who Question 9/11 (not politicians and the media) ??? See the video below:

Many sociologists and mental health professionals say that those who believe the official version without any questioning are the ones suffering from psychological defense mechanisms.

Should the THOUSANDS of PROFESSIONALS in the organisations below also be "locked up" for questioning the "official" 911 story? Should the mental health experts in the above video be "locked up"? Should the MILLIONS & MILLIONS of people in the U.S. and worldwide who question the "official" 911 story told to us by KNOWN LIARS - politicians & the media - be "locked up"?

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Pilots For 9/11 Truth

Firefighters For 9/11 Truth

Consensus 9/11: The 9/11 Best Evidence Panel

Journal of 9/11 Studies (scientific peer-reviewed papers on 9/11)

Scholars For 9/11 Truth

Scientists For 9/11 Truth

Physics 9/11

Military, Intelligence, & Government Patriots

Military, Intelligence Service, Law Enforcement, and Government Patriots For 9/11 Truth

Architects & Engineers - Solving the Mystery of WTC 7 -

The Magical Passport: the day I began to listen to REAL INDEPENDENT EXPERTS about 9/11, and not to politicized government agencies paid by the government (NIST), Magazine hucksters (Popular Mechanics, Michael Shermer/Skeptics Magazine), TV & radio characters, and slick anonymous websites (debunking 9/11)


Here is a 911 video playlist of all the important research videos to look into 911 yourself:

Here's the "OFFICIAL" 911 story as told to us by KNOWN LIARS politicians & the media. Now WHO IS "NUTS":

Presidents Bush & Obama WARN US not to research 911, to keep the MYTH of the FAKE "War on Terror" alive (don't question any "official" stories or we'll use NDAA to lock you up):

Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of current and formerly serving military, reserves, National Guard, veterans, Peace Officers, and Fire Fighters who will fulfill the Oath we swore, with the support of like minded citizens who take an Oath to stand with us, to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help us God. Our Oath is to the Constitution

Our motto is "Not on our watch!"


MORE of OUR U.S. government suppressing OUR freedoms:

Man Kicked Off Flight Over Anti-TSA Shirt: Questioning authority is a suspicious activity

Romney's staff is filled with Zionist dual Israeli citizen 911 inside job planners. Next, is he going to try to get on his team Larry Silverstein, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Doug Feith, Michael Mukasey??? How about Scooter Libby? Maybe he'll be out of jail in time to join the Romney staff! What about Ari Fleischer, Robert Zoellick, John Bolton, Mel Sembler, & Henry Kissinger? I hear they're available! May as well go for the gold and get Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld on his staff!!!

IRONY: I just did a post (2 posts ago) about these same guys and how they were all members of PNAC and they urged Bill Clinton to bomb Iraq BEFORE they got their 911 excuse to do so, and how they NOW have written a similar letter to President Obama urging him to ATTACK SYRIA. Those who forget history are destined to repeat it:

OH LOOK! The 2012 letter to President Obama urging an attack on Syria is exactly like the 1998 PNAC letter to President Clinton urging him to attack Iraq!!!

Elliot Abrams - Romney advisor & 911 planner

Michael Chertoff - Romney advisor & 911 planner

Rabbi Dov Zakheim - Romney advisor & 911 planner


Saturday, August 18, 2012

I'm An Idiotic "MORAN" Dittohead Who Thinks That If I Need Photo ID To Buy A Beer, Then Everyone Needs Photo ID To Vote

I'M A "MORAN": Pennsylvania is a LAUGHINGSTOCK under Republican partisan "leadership". The Republican Party across the nation has a full-court press on "keeping the vote down" (as well as keeping WOMEN down), not just the Voter ID law in Pennsylvania (where I live), just look at all the links I've provided in this post! The party and their media that continually cry and whine that everyone else hates America, are in reality the ones who hate America and the Constitution.  THE GOP "WAR ON VOTING"!!!

Rush: when's my next Chick Fil A or Death Panels or Ground Zero Mosque protest? What should I say or do now? Shall I call in about FOOD STAMPS again?  Oh, you want me to say that if I need photo ID to buy a beer, then I should need photo ID for ALL my Constitutional rights? What? Oh, only the Constitutional right to vote? Not the other ones like gun control?  Oh, OK, Rush. I'm a "MORAN", MEGADITTO'S!!!!!!!!

A major part of the destruction of America is rightwing talk radio.


First of all, let's get some definitions straight right up front. I categorize people in 4 separate groups: liberals, Democrats, libertarians, and Republicans. I'm talking about Republicans in this post, not liberals/Democrats/libertarians. Republicans are "establishment Republicans", not to be confused with libertarians. Libertarians like Ron Paul, liberty, and the Constitution. This post is NOT about libertarians. It's about establishment Republicans, Dittoheads, rightwing radio listeners, the people who protested FOR the Chick Fil A owners' homophobic hate speech, the people who protested AGAINST the Muslims Constitutional rights of free speech and right to put a Mosque at Ground Zero, the people who are whipped into one frenzy after another by Rush Limbaugh.

These people are TOTAL HYPOCRITES across the board on ALL ISSUES. Two recent example are they protested AGAINST the same rights of Muslims at the Ground Zero Mosque but FOR the exact same rights for THEIR GUYS at Chick Fil A. They protest AGAINST so-called "big government" control over Constitutional rights THEY like, like gun control, but FOR "big government" control over Constitutional rights of voters that they don't like who they vote for. Total hypocrites on one issue after another. This is why they hate their brothers on the right - libertarians - because libertarians are NOT hypocrites and ARE consistent across the board all the time. Libertarians are NOT rightwing radio listeners. In fact, rightwing radio HATES libertarians. Rush Limbaugh HATES libertarians and Ron Paul fans. Rightwing radio BANS libertarians, as well as Democrats and liberals.

All of these controversies all the time, like the Chick Fil A controversy and GOP Voter ID laws are all from this one group of rightwing radio listening Dittoheads that spew rightwing radio talking points such as, "PEOPLE ON FOOD STAMPS BUY LOBSTERS", "DEATH PANELS", "PEOPLE SELL THEIR FOOD STAMPS CARD FOR CASH AT GROCERY STORES", etc...etc... ALL of these talking points are put out by rightwing radio and FOX "news", and repeated by DITTOHEADS that never had a unique thought in their entire lives and wait around for the next DITTOHEAD rightwing radio talking point. Did you ever notice Republican Dittoheads only attack women, blacks, the poor, minorities, gays, college students, workers, etc...and never Wall St, the Military Industrial Complex, the CIA/FBI/Mossad, SUPER RICH MULTI-NATIONALIST GLOBALIST OWNERS, etc...???

Well, now the latest rightwing Dittohead Chick Fil A Ground Zero talking point that they repeat like the mindless Dittohead parrots that they are, is: "I NEED PHOTO ID TO BUY A BEER, SO I SHOULD NEED PHOTO ID TO VOTE." See? They ARE for "big government" after all. But we knew that all along based on their OTHER hypocritical stances on issue after issue.

These Dittohead hypocrites that need to be indentified by everyone else - liberals, Democrats, and libertarians - cannot be taken seriously on ANY issue. They love to quote "the founding fathers", "Ben Franklin", "the Constitution", sound really "Patriotic", but they HATE AMERICA, they HATE OTHER AMERICANS EXCEPT THEMSELVES, they are SELFISH, and they are UNPATRIOTIC. But they wrap themselves in the flag and claim THEY are the "patriots".

What if I said we now need photo ID for free speech and EVERY Constitutional right, not just voting? We need photo ID for free speech...BECAUSE I NEED PHOTO ID TO BUY A BEER??? This is so IDIOTIC of a statement it's breathtaking. These people are MORONS and IDIOTS. They are the backwards AMERICAN TALIBAN who are taking us back to the stone age. They are DANGEROUS to liberty and the Constitution. THEY are the IDIOTS who will get us all RFID chipped, because they will say (another favorite rightwing Dittohead phrase of theirs), "IF YOU'RE NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG, YOU SHOULDN'T MIND IF THE GOVERNMENT PUTS AN RFID CHIP IN YOU". Yep! They will definitely be the ones saying that phrase when the times comes. Because these idiotic Dittohead have already said the phrase many times about "big government" tapping their phone calls, spying on their computer, and they are the ones who are FOR the TSA feeling your genitals and your wife's genitals at airports, and your kids' and grandmothers' gentials at airports. They said: "IF YOU HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE, THEN YOU HAVE NO REASON NOT TO LET TSA GRAB YOUR GENITALS."

Has anyone thought of this: what if you forget your wallet or purse at the voting precinct? I hope everyone realizes YOU CAN'T VOTE because you don't have your photo ID! Even if you HAVE photo ID!

Has anyone thought of this, too: not only is voter fraud non-existent, but it's a felony. Who would risk going to jail on a felony charge JUST FOR ONE VOTE FOR SOMEONE???

With up to one million LEGAL voters going to the polls only to be turned away, I predict this election day will be CHAOS, LONG LINES, SCREW-UPS, AND POSSIBLY PEOPLE WILL BE ARRESTED AND THERE WILL BE RIOTS AND POSSIBLY RACE RIOTS as many LEGAL BLACK and minority voters are turned away.

And PROVISIONAL BALLOTS? Over 700,000 provisional ballots in the last election WERE NOT COUNTED, so don't let them talk you into a provisional ballot, that's like saying, "HERE, FILL OUT THIS MEANINGLESS PIECE OF PAPER HERE JUST SO I CAN SHUT YOU UP, WE WON'T COUNT IT BUT WE'RE NOT GOING TO TELL YOU THAT."



Even New Zealand thinks Pennsylvania is a LAUGHINGSTOCK: NEW ZEALAND HERALD: Eligibility rules bar millions of voters in US


“Big government” politicians should never be allowed to pass a law that disenfranchises Americans from one of their Constitutional rights, which includes voting, gun ownership, and ALL Constitutional rights. Not just SOME rights, or the ones YOU like. The instant Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania passed their Voter ID law, hundreds of thousands of LEGAL Pennsylvania voters were disenfranchised. These LEGAL voters will remain disenfranchised from voting until they jump through some hoops that Big Government Republicans created to make their Constitutional right to vote unnecessarily more difficult. No ILLEGAL voters were disenfranchised, because it was recently brought up in court that there hasn’t been any Voter Fraud in Pennsylvania since 2000. It is important to not forget that only LEGAL voters were disenfranchised.

One definition of TREASON is: using your political power to harm citizens’ rights. The Republican Voter ID act fits the definition of TREASON. They are most definitely and absolutely beyond a doubt, harming hundreds of thousands of LEGAL voters’ rights. (not ILLEGAL voters, because there are none) Every single disenfranchised voter is a LEGAL voter. You may not like who they vote for, but it’s their Constitutional right you should be fighting for. Like Freedom of Speech or Gun Ownership.

Here are the TREASONOUS Pennsylvania state SENATORS who voted to disenfranchise almost a million LEGAL Pennsylvania voters, they have a "Y" near their name.

Here are the TREASONOUS Pennsylvania state HOUSE CONGRESSMEN/WOMEN who voted to disenfranchise almost a million LEGAL Pennsylvania voters, they have a "Y" near their name.


EVEN THOUGH in court in front of Judge Robert Simpson, the ACLU PROVED there IS NO VOTER FRAUD...EVEN THOUGH in court in front of Judge Robert Simpson the ACLU SHOWED that UNPATRIOTIC PENNSYLVANIA REPUBLICANS WHO HATE THE CONTITUTION like state Rep. Mike Turzai (R) SAID (QUOTE):
"Voter ID, which is gonna allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania, done"

...EVEN THOUGH all of this was presented in court to JUDGE ROBERT SIMPSON, he upheld the UNCONSTITUTIONAL GOP Voter ID law to DISENFRANCHISE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF LEGAL PENNSYLVANIA VOTERS. Judge Robert Simpson needs to step down from being a judge or needs to be forcefully removed from being a judge by those who care about the basic American rights in this country, such as the right to vote. How can NO ONE be talking about the removal of Judge Robert Simpson? Not anyone? His actions are OK with you? We need to stop judges that rule against the Constitution, don't you think? Or are you a mindless "MORAN" idiotic Dittohead that has zero integrity and flows with the winds of the latest rightwing radio orders from Rush Limbaugh?

Judge Upholds Penn. Voter ID Law; GOP Admits Law Designed to "Allow" Mitt Romney to "Win the State"

On Wednesday, a Pennsylvania judge upheld a controversial voter ID law that critics say could disqualify hundreds of thousands of voters. Republican lawmakers have openly admitted the law was designed to impact the result of the November election. In June, Pennsylvania House Majority Leader Mike Turzai listed off a number of legislative accomplishments. "Voter ID, which is going to allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania: Done," Turzai said. Meanwhile, Florida, New Mexico and other states are being accused of purging voters ahead of the election. "Whenever states determine that they want to purge their rolls or clean up their rolls, it takes time. It has to be done efficiently and effectively. And waiting to do so so very close up to an election always raises concerns about why a state is doing it so close to an election," said Nicole Austin-Hillery of the Brennan Center for Justice. "We’re always concerned about errors and the fact that innocent people, individuals who are indeed eligible registered voters, we’re always worried about whether those people may be erroneously kicked off the rolls."

13 key points on PA Court ruling upholding Voter ID law

Here are 13 key take-aways from the 68-page Simpson ruling:

  1. Simpson describes the requirement to show state-approved identification to vote as a “minor change” to the state Election Code. (disenfranchising hundreds of thousands of LEGAL voters is a "minor change")
  2. He said any voter rejected for lack of an ID can still cast a provision ballot and then produce an approved ID within six days to have their vote counted. (experts say that provisional ballots are the WORST thing to do. They're often lost or not counted. in 2008, over 700,000 provisional ballots were NOT COUNTED!)
  3. “Importantly,” Simpson said, the Voter ID law, “contains no references to any class or group. Rather, its provisions are neutral and nondiscriminatory and apply uniformly to all voters.” (Brennan Research Center did a study that showed those being disenfranchised are: blacks, latinos, elderly, young)
  4. Simpson rejected a claim that voters could be harmed by being “erroneously charged a fee for a photo ID for voting.” They can get a refund later, he explained. (Now come on: everyone knows how THAT will work out. Try and get a refund for ANYTHING, let alone this!)
  5. Gov. Corbett and the Department of State initially said about 1 percent of voters did not have an approved state ID. The Department of State later said that number was closer to 9 percent. Simpson guesses the number is “somewhat more than 1 percent and significantly less than 9 percent,” Based on testimony of the Department of State’s director of policy. Simpson also said he rejected “attempts to inflate the numbers in various ways.” (Judge Simpson "guesses" nice! Do we "hope" he guessed right? What kind of a statement is that: he "guessed"? If ONE goddamn person can't vote, it should be thrown out, let alone hundreds of thousands!)
  6. Simpson compared objections to the Voter ID law to a legal action taken in 2008 by the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, which sought to curtail the voter registration efforts of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, also known as ACORN. Simpson ruled in October 2008 that the Republican Party would not be able to prove that ACORN was engaged in voter fraud. (ACORN? Do we want to go there? As in MORE rightwing radio deception: ACORN was NEVER EVER charged with, let along convicted of, VOTER FRAUD. That is a FACT anyone can look up, contrary to rightwing folklore)
  7. Simpson, in the ACORN comparison, said he is convinced the Voter ID law “will be implemented by Commonwealth agencies in a non-partisan, even-handed manner.” (It's just that it affects mostly blacks, latinos, the elderly, and the young voters. What a ridiculous statement in the face of facts presented at trial.)
  8. Simpson said a Department of State plan for a special identification for voting, still being developed, will prevent voters from being disenfranchised. (Baloney! On the one hand Republicans and rightwing radio listeners say that government is "inefficient" and needs to be cut down...but on the other hand it's going to efficiently prevent voters from being disenfranchised? What a HUGE CONTRADICTION no one is pointing out!)
  9. Simpson took into account the “alarm, concern and anxiety” shown by the state’s commissioner of the Bureau of Commissions, Elections and Legislation of the impact a preliminary injunction on the Voter ID law would have on preparing for the Nov. 6 general election. “His demeanor tells the story,” Simpson wrote. (Judge Simpson took NOTHING into account, he ruled in favor of the GOP vote disenfranchisers. ANOTHER ridiculous statement.)
  10. Simpson cites an April 2008 decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, rejecting a constitutional challenge to a Voter ID law in Indiana. 
  11. In citing that case, Simpson notes that Department of State here acknowledged having no proof of in-person voter fraud occurring in Pennsylvania. “Nevertheless…The United States Supreme Court upheld a nearly identical Indiana voter ID law despite the absence of any evidence of in-person voter fraud occurring in that state.” (So...EVEN THOUGH it was proven that there is NO VOTER FRAUD IN PENNSYLVANIA, and that is the BASIS OF THE ENTIRE GOP VOTER ID LAW CASE...Judge Simpson still ruled in favor of the GOP!!! Judge Simpson is a BIASED POLITICAL HACK who should be removed from office.)
  12. Simpson denounced “disturbing, tendentious statements by House Majority Leader Michael Turzai to a Republican Party gathering” – In June Turzai said the law would help former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney defeat President Obama in the presidential election – but declared that a legislator’s partisan interest in voting for a law does not make that law discriminatory. “Factually, I decline to infer that other members of the General Assembly shared the boastful views of Rep. Turzai without proof that other members were present at the time the statements were made,” (Like point #9 above, Judge Simpson took NOTHING into account, as he ruled in favor of the GOP Vote Disenfranchisers)
  13. Simpson wrote. Simpson wrote that the Voter ID law challengers “did an excellent job of ‘putting a face” to those burdened by the law but that he does not have the “luxury of deciding the issue based on my sympathy for the witnesses.”   (Like pointS #9 & #12: he did NOTHING to take into account the "excellent job" by the plantiffs. But he did give them a thumbs up!!! So, he ruled AGAINST the side that did an "excellent job". Does that make any sense to YOU?)
So Judge Robert Simpson ADMITS the plaintiffs had a better case, but he just should've been honest and said: "YOU DID A GREAT JOB. YOU ACTUALLY WON. BUT I AM A POLITICAL PARTISAN GOP HACK WHO DOESN'T CARE ABOUT JUSTICE OR THE CONSTITUTION. I'LL GIVE YOU A 'THUMBS UP', THOUGH, FOR EFFORT. IF YOU GOT A REAL JUDGE, YOU WOULD'VE WON HANDS DOWN/SLAM DUNK." I'll say it again: Judge Robert Simpson needs to step down or be removed from being a judge, like so many other "judges". The judicial system in this country is totally corrupt.

The Republican Party has become the party of "BIG GOVERNMENT" when they can disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of LEGAL voters with the stroke of a pen, like KINGS & QUEENS who think they "GRANT" Constitutional rights to the PEASANTS (or the COLOREDS in this case). And DITTOHEADS go right along with this BIG GOVERNMENT, and falsely claim to be the opposite, like painting over rust.

Pennsylvania Voter ID Decision: Emotional Plaintiff Speaks To HuffPost Live

Based on these linear regression models, it appears that Pennsylvania’s new strict photo ID requirement may be in effect a racially discriminatory voting procedure.

Actually, state Rep. Mike Turzai (R) was not the first elected official to commit embarrassing truth when discussing voter ID laws. In New Hampshire, the Republican state Speaker told a tea party gathering that he supported the state’s voter ID law because it would decrease student voting, and: “They’re foolish. Voting as a liberal, that’s what kids do.” What a surprise that in Texas, a concealed weapon permit is acceptable for voting, but a state university-issued student ID is not.

Inalienable Rights and the Bureaucrats Who Control 'Em:
What bothers the hell out of me is that the debate has now moved onto the ground of whether or not a state has to be fair about making sure people have the proper photo ID to vote — not that the people lined up behind these laws give a rat's hindquarters about that problem, either — and away from the simple fact that you should not have to show your government-sanctioned papers in this country to vote. Period. Yes, it is a tactic to suppress Democratic voters, and, yes, the whole thing's a sham because the problem it allegedly addresses doesn't exist. But the real damage this does to the country is that it inculcates in the citizenry a sense that its franchise depends completely on the whims of government bureaucrats — and, come to think of it, aren't Republicans really opposed to that as regards to imaginary bureaucrats in the new health-care system? These are real government bureaucrats mucking with the one inalienable right that protects all the others. These laws create in a free people the habits of subordinate behavior.
Goodbye to All That: Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the Cult

Now here is the elephant in the room: ELECTION FRAUD. Election fraud is different than Voter Fraud. There's NO VOTER FRAUD. Election fraud is stealing an entire election on the total vote level, not on the individual "voter fraud" level. Election fraud is FLIPPING THE TOTAL NUMBER OF VOTES in electronic voting machines. Watch these videos, they explain ELECTION FRAUD (not non-existent VOTER FRAUD):


Federal Court Blocks FL GOP's Early Voting Limits in Counties Protected by U.S. Voting Rights Act

UFO Blasts Pinellas County Elections Office with anti-technology-ray

Cause of Pinellas voting glitch still a mystery

Federal Court Rules Florida’s Shortening Of Early Voting Discriminates Against Blacks

Ohio Secretary of State Removes Democratic Members of Election Board for Supporting Weekend Voting

Arizona Election Fraud: "In the Spirit of Cooperation, Let's Not Look Into the Past"

Recall Hand Count Audit suggests a Flip. Freedom of Information Act open record orders were filed by citizens in most Wisconsin Counties to hold the ballots of the June 5 Recall Election

Federal Judge Dismisses Right-Wing Challenge to Election Day Registration in Minnesota. But Election Day Registration still at risk because of proposed Photo ID ballot measure...

Federal Court Blocks FL GOP's Early Voting Limits in Counties Protected by U.S. Voting Rights Act

New Nationwide Study of Election Fraud Since 2000 Finds Just 10 Cases of In-Person Voter Fraud. Exhaustive analysis finds fraud that might be deterred by polling place Photo ID restrictions 'virtually non-existent'...

JUDGE UPHOLDS STATE CONSTITUTIONALITY OF GOP PHOTO ID VOTING RESTRICTIONS IN PA. Plaintiffs vow to appeal ruling by Republican judge as 1.6 million legal votes said to be imperiled by new law this November...UPDATED: Plaintiffs filed formal notice of appeal...

UPDATE: Gubernatorial Recall Ballots Saved from Destruction in Waukesha County, WI - For Now...State and local officials confirm the public records have been moved to off-site storage, though they remain in the custody of County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus...

EXCLUSIVE: Infamous Waukesha, WI Election Clerk Threatens to 'Destroy' Historic Walker Recall Ballots Amid Statewide Public Hand Count Effort. Bi-partisan citizen effort to oversee completely unverified June 5th results 'illegally' blocked by Kathy Nickolaus...[LATE UPDATE:The recall ballots from Waukesha County have been saved from destruction, for now. Full details posted in our follow-up now here...]

The Myth of Verified Voting: How GOP strategists & J. Abramoff transformed America's elections & the reform movement


Republican U.S. House Staffers Indicted for Felony Election Fraud as GOP Fraud Epidemic Continues. MI prosecutors: 'Blatant', 'disgraceful' aides 'lost moral compass', were 'completely indifferent to requirements of law'. ALSO: 10+ recent cases of voter fraud by very high-profile GOPers...

GOP SCREWING RON PAUL, AS WELL AS BLACKS, LATINOS, THE ELDERLY, AND THE YOUNG VOTERS: Ron Paul campaign files second appeal for Louisiana delegates




CONFIRMED: Fake followers cause of Romney’s Twitter spike, tech firm says

Let me run this theory by you: we KNOW (it's PROVEN) that there's ELECTION FRAUD. In fact, we just saw it. I believe Ron Paul CRUSHED Mitt Romney in the GOP primary, as evidenced by the huge crowds at Ron Paul events, contrasted with the lackluster non-existent "crowds" at Mitt Romney events. Remember that football stadium at a Romney event that was COMPLETELY EMPTY? What if all these CRACKPOTS that are the heads of the Gop, like Michele Bachmann and Steve King just to name two, REALLY AREN'T WINNING THEIR ELECTIONS and it's ELECTION FRAUD? And the whole sham is being pushed like an infomercial by Rush Limbaugh (and rightwing radio in general) with FAKE CALLERS to make it seem legit?


Interesting subject: SOVEREIGNS or FREEMEN, check out this video suggest by friend of BDBB "Youtube/Xendrius 1-13" -

Friday, August 10, 2012

OH LOOK! The 2012 letter to President Obama urging an attack on Syria is exactly like the 1998 PNAC letter to President Clinton urging him to attack Iraq!!!

Below is the Full 2012 letter to President Obama from "conservatives" urging him to attack Syria (keep that AUSTERITY going against us here at home in the U.S., though!!! Right? Notice all the dual Israeli citizens who signed BOTH the 2012 letter to Obama AND the 1998 letter by "conservatives" in PNAC urging President Clinton to attack Iraq. We must get these Israeli citizens OUT OF OUR GOVERNMENT! Both these letters are full of Jewish Zionist Dual Israeli citizens in OUR GOVERNMENT as well as neo-con Zionists. They are all warmongers. Let me be clear: 99% of Jewish Americans are NOT like these guy, in fact, they are like ME and are against all of this. It's the 1% elite Jewish Zionists Israeli Firsters. It's once again the 99% vs the 1% like everything else is. Let me also be clear about another thing, and this is to soldiers: YOU ARE DYING FOR ISRAEL. You are NOT "fighting for our freedom" in all these Arab countries we're constantly bombing. You are being JACKED!!! And sometimes pay for it with your LIFE or loss of limbs, for these 1% warmongers! The media will never say this because the U.S. mainstream media is also controlled by these 1% Jewish Zionists. NOT the 99%. The 99% of EVERY group does NOT want endless wars, bombing, murdering, and spending all our tax money on death. Including 99% of Jewish people, NOT the 1% Zionist Jews controlling our government. 99% of Jews, Christians, Muslims, 99% OF EVERYBODY wants these endless wars and murdering STOPPED RIGHT NOW! But there is a sick warmongering 1% class of elite Jewish Zionists and neo-cons, PSYCHOPATHS, in control of EVERYTHING. Wake up. It's not "the muslims". It's not "the terrorists"...unless you mean THESE PEOPLE ARE THE TERRORISTS! These same people are also creating a Police State in the United States right in front of your eyes, if you open them up. Guess who's NOT creating a Police State in the United States: "THE MUSLIMS". Guess who IS: Michael Chertoff - dual Israeli citizen in the U.S. government.  )
Full 2012 letter to President Obama from "conservatives" urging him to attack Syria
February 17, 2012

The Honorable Barack H. Obama

President of the United States of America

The White House

Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. President:

For eleven months now, the Syrian people have been dying on a daily basis at the hands of their government as they seek to topple the brutal regime of Bashar al-Assad. As the recent events in the city of Homs-in which hundreds of Syrians have been killed in a matter of days-have shown, Assad will stop at nothing to maintain his grip on power.

Given the United Nations Security Council's recent failure to act, we believe that the United States cannot continue to defer its strategic and moral responsibilities in Syria to regional actors such as the Arab League, or to wait for consent from the Assad regime's protectors, Russia and China. We therefore urge you to take immediate steps to decisively halt the Assad regime's atrocities against Syrian civilians, and to hasten the emergence of a post-Assad government in Syria.

Syria's future is not purely a humanitarian concern. The Assad regime poses a grave threat to national security interests of the United States. The Syrian government, which has been on the State Department's State Sponsors of Terrorism list since 1979, maintains a strategic partnership with the terror-sponsoring government of Iran, as well as with Hamas and Hezbollah. For years, it facilitated the entry of foreign fighters into Iraq who killed American troops. For years, it secretly pursued a nuclear program with North Korea's assistance. And for decades, it has closely cooperated with Iran and other agents of violence and instability to menace America's allies and partners throughout the Middle East.

Equally troubling, foreign powers have already directly intervened in Syria-in support of the Assad regime. Russia is providing arms and supplies to the Syrian government. Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and Hezbollah are reportedly operating in Syria, and assisting Syrian military forces and pro-regime militias in efforts to crush the Syrian opposition. In turn, the lack of resolve and action by the responsible members of the international community is only further emboldening the Assad regime.

Given these facts, we urge you to take the following immediate actions to hasten an end to the Assad regime and the humanitarian catastrophe that it is inflicting on the Syrian people:

Immediately establish safe zones within Syrian territory, as well as no-go zones for the Assad regime's military and security forces, around Homs, Idlib, and other threatened areas, in order to protect Syrian civilians. To the extent possible, the United States should work with like-minded countries like Turkey and members of the Arab League in these efforts.

Establish contacts with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and, in conjunction with allies in the Middle East and Europe, provide a full range of direct assistance, including self-defense aid to the FSA.

Improve U.S. coordination with political opposition groups and provide them with secure communications technologies and other assistance that will help to improve their ability to prepare for a post-Assad Syria.

Work with Congress to impose crippling U.S. and multilateral sanctions on the Syrian government, especially on Syria's energy, banking, and shipping sectors.

Unless the United States takes the lead and acts, either individually or in concert with like-minded nations, thousands of additional Syrian civilians will likely die, and the emerging civil war in Syria will likely ignite wider instability in the Middle East. Given American interests in the Middle East, as well as the implications for those seeking freedom in other repressive societies, it is imperative that the United States and its allies not remove any option from consideration, including military intervention.

The Syrian people are asking for international assistance. It is apparent that American leadership is required to ensure the quickest end to the Assad regime's brutal reign, and to clearly show the Syrian people that, as you said on February 4, 2012, the people of the free world stand with them as they seek to realize their aspirations.


(BD: Will this be "President" Romney's entire cabinet? Because when you see the signators of the 1998 letter to President Clinton urging him to attack Iraq, practically the entire list of signators mysteriously became Bush's cabinet! Some of these signators are already in the Romney campaign, like 9/11 criminal awaiting arrest Rabbi Dov Zakheim. I highlighted some of the more interesting names, it reads like the WHO'S WHO of 9/11. Note in particular KARL ROVE, LIZ CHENEY, DOV ZAKHEIM, & FOX NEWS SUPER ZIONIST WARMONGER WILLIAM KRISTOL. Note some of the same names in the 1998 letter as in this 2012 letter, like Karl Rove, William Kristol, and Rabbi Dov Zakheim. Note that this letter is practically IDENTICAL to the 1998 letter to Clinton, even many of the signators are the same. All you have to do is switch "IRAQ" in the 1998 letter with "SYRIA" in the 2012 letter. These traitors should be ARRESTED! They're giving us their names! It would be easy!)

Khairi Abaza, Ammar Abdulhamid, Hussain Abdul-Hussain, Tony Badran, Paul Berman, Max Boot, Ellen Bork, L. Paul Bremer, Matthew R. J. Brodsky, Elizabeth Cheney, Seth Cropsey, Toby Dershowitz, James Denton, Mark Dubowitz, Nicholas Eberstadt, Eric S. Edelman, Jamie M. Fly, Reuel Marc Gerecht, Abe Greenwald, John P. Hannah, William Inboden, Bruce Pitcairn Jackson, Ash Jain, Kenneth Jensen, Sirwan Kajjo, Lawrence F. Kaplan, Irina Krasovskaya, William Kristol, Michael Ledeen, Tod Lindberg, Herbert I. London, Clifford D. May, Ann Marlowe, Robert C. McFarlane, Joshua Muravchik, Martin Peretz, Danielle Pletka, John Podhoretz, Stephen Rademaker, Karl Rove, Jonathan Schanzer, Randy Scheunemann, Gary J. Schmitt, Daniel S. Senor, Lee Smith, Henry D. Sokolski, Daniel Twining, Peter Wehner, Kenneth R. Weinstein, Leon Wieseltier, R. James Woolsey, Khawla Yusuf, Dov S. Zakheim, Robert Zarate, Radwan Ziadeh

Here's the 1998 letter by "conservatives" in PNAC urging President Clinton to attack Iraq:

Full 2012 letter to President Clinton from "conservatives" urging him to attack Iraq
January 26, 1998

The Honorable William J. Clinton President of the United States Washington, DC

Dear Mr. President:

We are writing you because we are convinced that current American policy toward Iraq is not succeeding, and that we may soon face a threat in the Middle East more serious than any we have known since the end of the Cold War. In your upcoming State of the Union Address, you have an opportunity to chart a clear and determined course for meeting this threat. We urge you to seize that opportunity, and to enunciate a new strategy that would secure the interests of the U.S. and our friends and allies around the world. That strategy should aim, above all, at the removal of Saddam Hussein’s regime from power. We stand ready to offer our full support in this difficult but necessary endeavor.

The policy of “containment” of Saddam Hussein has been steadily eroding over the past several months. As recent events have demonstrated, we can no longer depend on our partners in the Gulf War coalition to continue to uphold the sanctions or to punish Saddam when he blocks or evades UN inspections. Our ability to ensure that Saddam Hussein is not producing weapons of mass destruction, therefore, has substantially diminished. Even if full inspections were eventually to resume, which now seems highly unlikely, experience has shown that it is difficult if not impossible to monitor Iraq’s chemical and biological weapons production. The lengthy period during which the inspectors will have been unable to enter many Iraqi facilities has made it even less likely that they will be able to uncover all of Saddam’s secrets. As a result, in the not-too-distant future we will be unable to determine with any reasonable level of confidence whether Iraq does or does not possess such weapons.

Such uncertainty will, by itself, have a seriously destabilizing effect on the entire Middle East. It hardly needs to be added that if Saddam does acquire the capability to deliver weapons of mass destruction, as he is almost certain to do if we continue along the present course, the safety of American troops in the region, of our friends and allies like Israel and the moderate Arab states, and a significant portion of the world’s supply of oil will all be put at hazard. As you have rightly declared, Mr. President, the security of the world in the first part of the 21st century will be determined largely by how we handle this threat.

Given the magnitude of the threat, the current policy, which depends for its success upon the steadfastness of our coalition partners and upon the cooperation of Saddam Hussein, is dangerously inadequate. The only acceptable strategy is one that eliminates the possibility that Iraq will be able to use or threaten to use weapons of mass destruction. In the near term, this means a willingness to undertake military action as diplomacy is clearly failing. In the long term, it means removing Saddam Hussein and his regime from power. That now needs to become the aim of American foreign policy.

We urge you to articulate this aim, and to turn your Administration's attention to implementing a strategy for removing Saddam's regime from power. This will require a full complement of diplomatic, political and military efforts. Although we are fully aware of the dangers and difficulties in implementing this policy, we believe the dangers of failing to do so are far greater. We believe the U.S. has the authority under existing UN resolutions to take the necessary steps, including military steps, to protect our vital interests in the Gulf. In any case, American policy cannot continue to be crippled by a misguided insistence on unanimity in the UN Security Council.

We urge you to act decisively. If you act now to end the threat of weapons of mass destruction against the U.S. or its allies, you will be acting in the most fundamental national security interests of the country. If we accept a course of weakness and drift, we put our interests and our future at risk.
(BD: Note the traitors to the U.S. in this list urging President Clinton to bomb Iraq BEFORE 9/11, became practically the entire Bush cabinet. THEN 9/11 luckily happened for them, giving them an excuse to attack Iraq anyway! How unbelievably lucky! Inside job?)

Elliott Abrams, Richard L. Armitage, William J. Bennett, Jeffrey Bergner, John Bolton, Paula Dobriansky, Francis Fukuyama, Robert Kagan, Zalmay Khalilzad, William Kristol, Richard Perle, Peter W. Rodman, Donald Rumsfeld, William Schneider, Jr., Vin Weber, Paul Wolfowitz, R. James Woolsey, Robert B. Zoellick
Signatories or contributors to other significant letters or reports[15]
Elliott Abrams, Kenneth Adelman, Richard V. Allen, Richard L. Armitage, Gary Bauer, Jeffrey Bell, William J. Bennett, Jeffrey Bergner, John Bolton, Ellen Bork, Rudy Boschwitz, Linda Chavez, Eliot Cohen, Seth Cropsey, Midge Decter, Paula Dobriansky, Thomas Donnelly, Nicholas Eberstadt, Hillel Fradkin, Aaron Friedberg, Francis Fukuyama, Frank Gaffney, Jeffrey Gedmin, Reuel Marc Gerecht, Charles Hill, Bruce P. Jackson, Eli S. Jacobs, Michael Joyce, Donald Kagan, Robert Kagan, Stephen Kantany Zalmay Khalilzad, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Charles Krauthammer, William Kristol, John Lehman, I. Lewis Libby, Tod Lindberg, Rich Lowry, Clifford May, John McCain, Joshua Muravchik, Michael O'Hanlon, Martin Peretz, Richard Perle, Daniel Pipes, Norman Podhoretz, Peter W. Rodman, Stephen P. Rosen, Donald Rumsfeld, Randy Scheunemann, Gary Schmitt, William Schneider, Jr., Richard H. Shultz, Henry Sokolski, Stephen J. Solarz, Vin Weber, Leon Wieseltier, Marshall Wittmann, Paul Wolfowitz, R. James Woolsey, Dov Zakheim, Robert B. Zoellick

Israeli Official: the 1% Zionist Warmonger Israeli Jews and U.S. dual citizens have a "trick" to shut everyone up about what's really going on, and to make it seem like people hate ALL Jewish people instead of the 1% elite Zionist warmongers:

Iraq war Planned in 1998; PNAC letter to Bill Clinton

Guess what? WE are supplying AL QAEDA with arms to overthrow the Syrian government! So Al Qaeda is working for the U.S. govnernment and Al Qaeda did 9/11, right? So I guess 9/11 was most definitely an inside job. And keep in mind folks, I keep contrasting that as these same criminals running our government are supplying arms to Al Qaeda, they're telling us at home here that we need "austerity", we need to cut social programs out of the budget, we need to cut unemployment, social security, education, health care. etc... etc... :

The most shocking development to come out of the conflict in Syria is that Washington is openly supporting Al-Qaeda, militarily, financially, and politically.

Overthrow of Syria by the USRAEL is decades in the works:

Norman Finkelstein: the romance between America Jews and Zionist Israeli Jews is over, American Jews can see the Israeli horrors against the Palestinians and their constant warmongering:

Dual Citizenship -- Loyal to Whom?

NOTE TO GUN OWNERS: WHO was on TV immediately calling for GUN CONTROL after the Batman and Sikh Temple shooting? Not "the muslims". Not Barack Obama. It was the 1% Zionists in our government - Bloomberg, Lieberman, Dershowitz, Netanyahu, and Chertoff!

"The Muslims" NOR Barack Obama are behind Gun Control legislation. Why does the NRA not say this?