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Did you hear Johnny Cash's latest song, "A BOY NAMED CATHY"? An in-depth analysis of the Chick Fil A - Dittohead - FOX News "free speech" Homophobe protests, PLUS: we put "the Cathy"s on the psychologist's couch

Just say it: the pro-Chick Fil A protesters are HOMOPHOBIC. It's not a "free speech" issue because no one was ever saying Chick Fil A doesn't have a right to free speech! Everyone AGREES that everyone else has a right to free speech. Let's cut out this NONSENSE of pretending otherwise. It's about the same Fox News Dittohead rightwing-radio-listening cast of characters PRETENDING someone is attacking their rights. Like "the war on christmas". Since gays never said Chick Fil A doesn't have a right to free speech, it's obvious what pro-Chick Fil A protesters are protesting: THEIR OWN HOMOPHOBIA!

Dittoheads: IT'S A "FREE SPEECH" ISSUE!!! NOT AN ANTI-GAY ISSUE!!! DO believe us, don't you? You know, like Voter ID laws aren't racist, they just happen to disenfranchise blacks and's all just COINCIDENCE, ALL THE TIME, that the same cast of characters - WE FOX NEWS DITTOHEADS - always happen to be doing this! Time after time after time after time after.......and we get the bad rap of being racist homophobes! How DARE you say that! We're OUTRAGED! And if you asked all of us pro-Chick Fil A protesters if we watch FOX "news" and listen to Rush Limbaugh and rightwing radio shows, we'd say "YES" right down to every single person at these protests...BUT THAT'S A COINCIDENCE, TOO!!! Stop pointing out things like that! You don't have a right to! It's not fair! Our protest doesn't make any sense, but we do what FOX "news" and Rush Limbaugh and rightwing radio tells us! Why do you think we call ourselves "dittoheads"!

(Big Dan: MY TAKE on this is that, of course, it's a distraction so we don't notice the police state being formed right in front of us, the wall st bankster scandals, and the wars. But let's take a look at what happened. Chick Fil A owners have an anti-gay stance. That's not up for debate, look at all the evidence below in this post. You're in denial if you believe otherwise. Sooo...the gays are PISSED. And I don't blame them. The Chick Fil A owners have a right to their free speech, but gays have a right to boycott and protest Chick Fil A. End of story, right? Things like this happen all the time. NOW COMES THE FOX NEWS/RUSH LIMBAUGH HOMOPHOBES, egged on by FOX's Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin and rightwing media in general! Under the guise of fighting for "free speech", "constitutional rights", and "christianity is under attack" - can you say War On Christmas? - they COUNTER-PROTEST the gays by having Chick Fil A day. They stuff their big, fat, fast food chicken-eating faces with lousy fast food chicken and probably french fries - oops! I mean FREEDOM FRIES - to back freedom of speech of fellow homophobes. How nice! And they have a right to do that, as the gays have a right to protest Chick Fil A. But why is this not a free speech issue and it's a homophobe issue, you ask? Because this SAME CREW picks and chooses "free speech" protests. Were they backing the Mulsims at the Ground Zero Mosque? No, they were actually AGAINST *THEIR* free speech, constitutional rights, and were FINE attacking *THEIR* religion! Were they out there protesting the cops beating OCCUPY WALL ST  protesters free speech? OF COURSE NOT! They said they were DIRTY HIPPIES WHO DESERVED IT, and they should GET A JOB! But this same cast of characters will most certainly turn off FOX "news" and Rush Limbaugh and get up off their collective fast food chicken eating fat asses to protest the rights of free speech of racists and homophobes, all the while saying IT'S JUST A COINCIDENCE!!! Please... And why is no one saying that this whole thing was drummed up by FOX "news" and the entire rightwing media echo chamber? It started with FOX's Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin and then was repeated ad nauseum by rightwing radio shows like Rush Limbaugh. This is NOT a spontaneous grassroots free speech protest, it's just like the establishment GOP-co-opted Tea Party rallies. Frankly, this is enjoyable entertainment watching these Rush Limbaugh dittohead homophobes making a fool out of themselves, and saying, "we're not homophobes! it's a free speech issue!" this is VERY GOOD ENJOYABLE ENTERTAINMENT. back to the police state, wall st banksters, the LIBOR scandal, the endless wars, and "AUSTERITY".......)

WE HATE GAYS - media whores "the Palins", GOP, Huckabee, Rush Limbaugh, and the whole rightwing gang back Chick Fil A after the fast food (southern?) chicken chain speaks out against gays (of course, what did you expect?). Sarah Palin, who was last seen quitting the governorship of Alaska, losing the presidential race with senile John McCain and the Alzheimer's Express, co-opting Ron Paul's original Tea Party, and joining FOX "news", just couldn't stay clear of this one:

Get a brain, "MORANS"!!!!!!!!!
(I'm surprised the guy on the right didn't put "BRIAN" instead of "BRAIN")

Now don't think for one second, Palin didn't accidentally use religious imagery in her "crucified" statement. I've touched upon how the GOP always "accidentally" uses religious imagery. Tom Corbett uses it all the time. And don't forget, the Palin's don't hate gays, just like the GOP isn't racist. Once again, IT'S A COINCIDENCE - the Palins are for FREE SPEECH/1ST AMENDMENT, they don't hate gays, the GOP isn't RACIST, their Voter ID laws JUST HAPPEN TO disenfranchise blacks and latinos!!! Don't you get this by now? It's always a coincidence! It's just that nothing they ever do, ever ACCIDENTALLY HELPS anyone other that heterosexual god fearing whites (although all the gay scandals and pedophile scandals seem to be exclusively Republican):

Palin: Chick-fil-A owner "getting crucified"

Now, I'm sure "the Palins" aren't up in New Hampshire at this renegage Chick Fil A up in New Hampshire that's sponsoring a gay pride parade. The Palins are probably against this particular one's FREE SPEECH:

Chick-fil-A store breaks with founder to sponsor LGBT Pride

Local Scranton Fox News Dittohead Homophobes Stuff Their Faces With Lousy Chicken For Bigotry

More thoughts on Chick Fil A: CASH IS KING, TALK IS CHEAP. Chick Fil A made a HUGE mistake. A business doesn't want to alienate ANYONE. Money is GREEN, nothing else matters. Rightwing FREAKS like "the palins", Rush Limbaugh, Huckabee, etc...may have made it "appear" this pro chick fil a protest was a success...but it wasn't. And Chick Fil A will PAY DEARLY for this, mark my words. It was a BAD MISTAKE, sorry rightwingers, I'm right and you're wrong, because CASH IS KING. Less gays, less profits. Less liberals, less profits. Less Democrats, less profits. CASH IS KING, every businessman knows this. It's a "rightwing media illusion" that this was in any way, shape, or form, a good idea. Period. I'm 100% correct on this one, bank on it. Chick Fil A better hope all these rightwing protesters come back...and they won't.

The BIGGEST rightwing hypocrisy of all with the Chick Fil A "controversy": the SAME PEOPLE saying "freedom of speech", "Constitutional rights", "Christianity is under attack".....SAID THE OPPOSITE FOR THE GROUND ZERO MOSQUE CONTROVERSY!!! These SAME HYPOCRITES wanted the GOVERNMENT to step in and stop the GROUND ZERO MOSQUE:

Dr. Plunger puts the CATHY CHICKS "on the couch" for psychological examination - are they "the boys named sue"???





......just kidding about that one, there's no CATHY CATHY, I just thought that was funny. I got carried away, sorry, just carry on to Dr. Plunger:

Dr. Plunger on DICK FIL A (a Jerry Sandusky company, OR NO CHICKS ALLOWED FIL A), the psychology of how these MANLY OWNERS may have become HOMOPHOBES, due to their effeminate last name "CATHY" -

Executive Vice Presidents at Chick-Fil-A (Bubba & Buck)

S. Truett Cathy, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Dan T. Cathy, President and Chief Operating Officer

Donald M. "Bubba" Cathy, Executive Vice President and Dwarf House President

James "Buck" McCabe, Executive Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer

When your last name is a woman's first name, you need to overcompensate, call yourself Bubba, and bash some gays.

"Bubba Cathy?"

Seriously - you suck dick, right?

Every man running this company whose last name is Cathy grew up being teased about having a girl's name as their own. No one can tell me that this had ZERO influence on their perceptions and realities as they matured from children into men. Put each of these Sallies, oops, I mean Cathy's, on the couch with a shrink, and find out how many ways they were influenced by going through life with a girl's name defining them as men. The odds are in favor of it having some impact. You think the father wasn't a bit concerned about the teasing he knew his boys would endure, as he had growing up? Were the Cathys always destined to insert themselves into a national dialogue about manhood? How do they feel about the high likelihood that a large percentage of the GOP leadership live in the closet?


Bubba Cathy: Marriage Commission

Chick-Fil-A Donated Nearly $2 Million To Anti-Gay Groups In 2009

OH LOOK!!! "Pray Away The Gay" guy Alan Chambers supports Chick Fil A!

Displayed prominently above Chambers’ statement is a photograph of the self-proclaimed “ex-gay” with Donald M. (“Bubba”) Cathy, Chick-fil-A senior vice president, smiling proudly:

Surprise, Surprise: Alan Chambers Supports Chick-fil-A

Alan Chambers with Bubba Cathy: tastes like chicken???

About Alan Chambers: Alan Chambers travels the world sharing his story of faithfulness to Christ in the midst of a struggle with same-sex attraction (SSA). He is the president of the largest evangelical organization dealing with this topic in the world today — Exodus International. His personal story has inspired audiences around the world as he offers unique insight into how SSA personally affects the Church, individuals, families and the broader culture:

Alan Chambers dot org

Chambers says that he has mostly overcome his attraction to men (although he does speak openly about his own ongoing sexual attraction to men[6]); however, he rejects the term ex-gay[7][8] He is married to Leslie Chambers and has two adopted children.[3][9] He travels extensively and is a frequent speaker and guest lecturer at conferences, churches and college campuses. He has debated at many university campuses, such as the University of California at Berkeley, Pepperdine University and Reformed Theological Seminary.

Prior to Exodus International's annual conference in 2012, Chambers stated, "I do not believe that cure is a word that is applicable to really any struggle, homosexuality included.... For someone to put out a shingle and say, 'I can cure homosexuality' — that to me is as bizarre as someone saying they can cure any other common temptation or struggle that anyone faces on Planet Earth."[10] In July 2012 while appearing on NBC's Hardball:

Chambers stated that he always believed the catchphrase, "Pray away the gay", to be a lazy stereotype and one that he never used, as it invalidates the nature of the complex issue surrounding homosexuality. Chambers went on to tell the host (Michael Smerconish), that he has same-sex attraction and for anyone to say he does not have temptations, or that he could never be tempted, or does not have same-sex attraction is not true:

Alan Chambers (Exodus International)

Here's a recent clip of Alan "pray away the gay" Chambers on TV:

OH LOOK!!! A "pastor" who wrote a book about teenage girl dating and then confessed to having sex with a 16 year old, backs Chick Fil A! I know that's hard to believe:


DATING WITH A PURPOSE - by Pastor Jack Schapp


Jack Schaap Confesses To Sexual Relationship With Teen After Firing From Megachurch

Dr. Jack Schaap at Chick-fil-A?

- Dr. Plunger

Fox's Campaign To Defend Chick-Fil-A From Its Anti-Gay Record

Fox Not Disclosing News Corp.'s Interest In Defending Chick-Fil-A

Study Finds Conservative Talk Radio Promotes Echo-Chamber Of Hate Speech

Fox's Doocy: People Support Chick-Fil-A Founder Cathy Because "So Many On The Left Are So Intolerant"


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