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MAGIC: Sikh Temple Shooting In Wisconsin - PROOF the mainstream media (and especially the "RADIO NEWS BRIEFS") and government is totally corrupt

PRESTO-CHANGO!!! POOF! RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES! THE WITNESSES ON VIDEO SAY "FOUR (4) gunMEN", AND ALL THE GOOGLE STORIES IN PRINT, RADIO NEWS BRIEFS, AND MAINSTREAM "NEWS" STORIES MAGICALLY SAY "LONE gunMAN"!!! We live in an age where the mainstream media makes up an "official story" which is something other than what eyewitnesses say. We live in an age where people BELIEVE the "official story", even if it contradicts what eyewitnesses say. Do we now blindly believe "the official story" all the time, which is what the media says, even when there is no proof of what they say? Why is "the official story" what the media says, and not what eyewitnesses say? Who even made up the term "official story"? What does "official story" mean? Does "official story" mean "what the media says"? If a reporter holds a microphone up to an eyewitness and asks, "How many gunmen were there?" and the eyewitness says "4 gunmen", and the reporter turns to the camera and says, "There you have it! LONE GUNMAN", are you seriously going to believe the reporter? Does the reporter have some kind of MAGICAL power over you? People who constantly say the media lies to them or is biased, BELIEVE that same media for all the BIG stories, as if they wouldn't lie about big stories, too. When a story, across the board, becomes something other than what eyewitnesses said, that's what you would call a COORDINATED CONSPIRACY BY THE MEDIA. We need to do a citizens' arrest of the mainstream media.

So how do witnesses on video (videos below) saying "4 shooters" and "well coordinated", become "lone gunMAN" and "skinhead with 9/11 tatoo" in print and on radio news briefs? If this isn't proof, to go along with all the other stories like this, that the mainstream media and government is corrupt, then you have the mind of a 2nd grader.

Witnesses: FOUR (4) GUNMEN - (note: THE NEWS THEMSELVES interview witnesses that say FOUR GUNMEN, and then THE SAME NEWS turns around and says "LONE GUNMAN"!!!!!!!)


...but the New York Post "makes up" their OWN story (as well as The Radio News Briefs and the mainstream media outlets THEMSELVES who interviewed witnesses saying FOUR GUNMEN. NOTE: the clip of witnesses saying FOUR GUNMEN *IS ACTUALLY FROM CNN* THEMSELVES!!!):
Observations of the NYPost article below: The shooter did not speak, yet the writer knew he was "hate-filled" and a "madman" - as opposed to a programmed MKultra patsy. He had no hair, just like Michael Chertoff, therefore he was a "Skinhead." GOT HOT PROPAGANDIZED RHETORIC BY THE ZIONIST-CONTROLLED PRESS, DESIGNED TO REINFORCE THE LIE THAT TURBAN-WEARING BROWN-SKINNED PEOPLE ATTACKED THE US ON 9/11? Mossad at work.  They have access to the entire MKultra playbook and are using it.  Military Veteran goes crazy.  What a coincidence!  Anything that appears to be the work of MKultra techniques that advances the Zionist cause should be presumed to be the work of Mossad. - plunger

'9/11' tattoo skinhead responsible for massacre in Wisconsin: reports

GOOGLE: "sikh temple shooting wisconsin 4 gunMEN", and ONLY stories come up that say "gunMAN"...mindboggling to see in real time right in front of your own eyes, isn't it?

GOOGLE: "sikh temple shooting wisconsin 4 gunmen"

NON-MAINSTREAM news that the MAINSTREAM "news" calls "crazy"...reports the TRUTH: WITNESSES SAY FOUR (4) GUNMEN:

Eyewitness: 4 Man Team Behind Sikh Temple Shooting RADIO NEWS BRIEFS: I've said here for YEARS that THE MOST CORRUPT PROPAGANDA, BAR NONE, is THE RADIO NEWS BRIEFS you hear in your car at the top and bottom of every hour. Guess what they are saying? LONE GUNMAN!!!!!!!

We should actually HANDCUFF CNN (and the entire mainstream media, and whoever's doing THE RADIO NEWS BRIEFS, and the cop that said "one gunman" and any other government connected official that said "one gunman") AND MARCH THEM OFF TO PRISON! I'M NOT KIDDING! THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!


NOTE: EVEN ALEX JONES says it's a possibility that constant anti-Muslim rhetoric on rightwing talk radio had a chance of causing this:

Here's MUSLIM HATER MIKE SAVAGE: DITTOHEADS listen to this rightwing anti-muslim hate radio all day:

Sikh Temple Shooting Question Ignored

'Domestic Terrorism' Label for Temple Shooting Questioned

We'll put a catch-all constant update of other articles and observations being covered up by the mainstream media or reported only once down here at the bottom of this post:

Got foreknowledge and failure to act - like 9/11? There was FOREKNOWLEDGE AND FAILURE TO ACT in BOTH the Batman shooting AND the SIKH temple shooting. So what are we paying these organisations like Department of Homeland Security BILLIONS of dollars for? To build a POLICE STATE against US and not do their job against things like these rash of shootings? What good is DHS? Or is there something nefarious going on with this huge taxpayer boonedoggle called DHS?

The psychiatrist treating James Holmes told a University of Colorado police officer that she was worried about her patient weeks before he allegedly killed 12 people in an Aurora movie theater.

How about the Southern Poverty Law Center was tracking the SIKH temple shooter for a decade! That's foreknowledge, too!

Southern Poverty Law Center has tracked Sikh temple shooter for more than a decade

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