Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Indianapolis Colts officially rename team: "PEYTON MANNING"

Since everyone refers to the Indianapolis Colts as "Peyton Manning" - IE: the Eagles are playing Peyton Manning, Peyton Manning beat the Giants, etc...and since no one else on the Colts matters and they are in any game as long as Peyton Manning is their quarterback and it doesn't matter who else is injured, traded, waived, cut, drafted - Colts ownership has decided...FUCK IT!!! We're just going to call the Indianapolis Colts "PEYTON MANNING", everyone refers to us as "PEYTON MANNING" anyway!!!

Philadelphia Eagles Beat Peyton Manning

Next up for Peyton Manning: the Cincinnati Bengals!!! Peyton Manning should have no trouble beating the Cincinnati Bengals. Peyton Manning still sits atop the AFC South division, tied with the Tennessee Titans with a 5-3 record.

New Orleans Saints defeat Peyton Manning in Super Bowl:

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