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Wendell Potter and the Health Care Industry Lies

This story below is not only an inside look into how the health care industry lies to average Americans to keep the present system the same, but how corporations and big money can get you to believe anything. A former big wig CEO explains how he participated in smearing Michael Moore's movie SICKO. Extrapolate what happened in this one instance into how we are being constantly bombarded with propaganda via the mainstream media via all corporations. This is proof beyond a doubt to all of you out there who trashed Michael Moore, because this former health care CEO is telling exactly how the health care industry got you to hate Michael Moore because he was right. You walked around like a parrot, repeating what the health care industry wanted you to, against Michael Moore and your own self interest. That's how powerful propaganda, power, and money is. And it's happening right now, see Mike Huckabee's video after this one.

The Fear of Sicko: CIGNA Whistleblower Wendell Potter Apologizes to Michael Moore for PR Smear Campaign; Moore Says Industry Was Afraid Film Would Cause A 'Tipping Point' for Healthcare Reform

I'm seeing this commercial on all channels and so are you: Mike Huckabee wants to repeal the health care bill. Above, you see an actual health care CEO telling you of his propaganda campaign and then you see this:

I'm going to throw a brick through my TV the next time I see Mike Huckabee shilling for the health care industry and trying to fuck you/us.

So, how stupid are you???

Are you going to go along with Mike Huckabee (of all people!), repeal health care, and then find out he's lying like Wendell Potter now admits? Mike Huckabee's plan is to do nothing. Just repeal the health care bill and do nothing else. How does that sound to you 50 million Americans with no health care? Sure, the health care bill isn't perfect, but it's doing something and it's a step in the right direction. It does some things like it ensures that all Americans have access to quality, affordable health care, it creates a new, regulated marketplace where consumers can purchase affordable health care, extends much needed relief to small businesses, improves Medicare by helping seniors and people with disabilities afford their prescription drugs, prohibits denials of coverage based on pre-existing conditions, limits out-of-pocket costs so that Americans have security and peace of mind, helps young adults by requiring insurers to allow all dependents to remain on their parents plan until age 26, expands Medicaid to millions of low-income Americans, provides sliding-scale subsidies to make insurance premiums affordable, holds insurance companies accountable for how our health care dollars are spent, clamp down on insurance company abuses, and invests in preventive care. So which of those are you against? Are you also against social security, too? If it's watered down from being great, you can thank people like Mike Huckabee, the Republican Party, and former health care CEO Wendell Potter while his job was to lie to you. He is now chirping and is one of the good guys.

"Push Michael Moore Off a Cliff:" Health Insurance Whistleblower Wendell Potter Details How the Industry Attacked Michael Moore’s Film Sicko

And by the way, how come you don't see whistleblowers like Wendell Potter in the mainstream media? Especially on FOX "news"? Why isn't Wendell Potter on FOX "news"? This is why you must watch Free Speech TV on DISH channel 9415 and DirecTV channel 348. They're having a fund drive now, they're the only news channels with no commercials, no corporate funding, and no government funding. You can't even count PBS in that category. It's viewer driven news. Democracy NOW! is on Free Speech TV. You can watch your "news" on ABC, NBC, CBS, or FOX and never see things like this. And don't forget about all the commercials.

Just like the health care industry propaganda Wendell Potter admits to above, here's more propaganda being shoved down our throats: "tax cuts for the rich will create jobs". Congress has more millionaires per capita than any city in the country, so it is no wonder that all of the Republicans in Washington want the Bush tax cuts to be extended - they could lose a tiny amount of money! Ed Schultz blasts these Republicans for being unpatriotic, greedy millionaires who only care about themselves.

American food banks being crushed:

American Dream - Hungry In America:

I advise EVERYONE to bookmark (liberal, conservative, independent) and read daily, Washington's Blog:

Does everyone agree with this from Washington's Blog:

We Can Fix America If We Focus on What ALL Americans - Liberals AND Conservatives - Want

- Break Up the Unholy Alliance Between Big Government and Big Banks
- Throw the Criminals In Jail
- Audit the Fed
- Safe and Healthy Food and Water
- Freedom and Fair Elections

The Origins of the Overclass By Steve Kangas

Feds turn up heat on Wall St., raid 3 hedge funds:

Police State: This is what happens when media tries to film a REAL protest (not the Tea Party or Stewart/Colbert). They get arrested. What does that tell you? They're protesting the military school of assassins. That's not legal, I guess.

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