Monday, November 29, 2010

Big Dan's Big News Nov 29, 2010

As you read the Wikileaks revelations, just be wary of this possibility: WIKILEAKS = AIPAC.

Israel always seems to get a pass in Wikileaks leaks. Even though USrael are twins. This could be one of those double-twists, where Israel is really trying to weaken the United States government via Wikileaks. BD: I am not making a definitive judgement here, there could be twists, double twists, and triple twists. I'm just laying it all out here for you. At this time, I don't think anyone can make a definitive judgement on any of this. I'm open to changing my mind, due to ever changing proof, evidence, or whatever makes the most sense. One thing for sure, doubt whatever the mainstream media is pushing when you make your judgement. The biggest thing I'm getting out of Wikileaks leaks is: 1. the U.S. is committing war crimes, and 2. Attack Iran. Both of which are suspicious to me. Not that the U.S. isn't committing war crimes, but why does Wikileaks always make the U.S. and only the U.S. look bad? Unless it's because of the nature of the documents Wikileaks is only able to obtain. Cui Bono: usual.


WIKILEAKS TAKES PRO-ISRAEL STANCE? Wikileaks is Israeli propaganda- supporting an attack on Iran? Wikileaks appears to be pro-Israel and anti-Moslem.

Israel gets a pass in new 'Wikileaks' - Focus is on Iran

WikiLeaks releases 250,000 classified documents...WITHOUT actually releasing them.

WikiLeaks revelations: the world reacts

Iraq’s Secret War Files (WikiLeaks Special)

Cables Obtained by WikiLeaks Shine Light Into Secret Diplomatic Channels

US allies, Iran savage WikiLeaks for secrets release

U.S. Facing Global Diplomatic Crisis Following Massive WikiLeaks Release of Secret Diplomatic Cables

Mossad chief in Wikileaks: US should change Iranian regime. Diplomatic cables show Israeli focus on Iran since 2005, advocating regime change; officials try to maintain Israel's "qualitative military edge" in the ME.

Lieberman urges Europe embassies to use 'allies' in PR efforts. New advocacy campaign to begin early next year, will make extensive use of professional advocacy and public relations experts by Israeli embassies in Europe.

Shocking cable: US says Saudi donors are chief financiers of al Qaeda


Holy Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dennis Kucinich: Fake Taliban Leader, Fake Elections, Fake Deadline, Real Trouble

Taking apart the federal budget: Explore the various facets of the government's budget and see how revenues and spending have changed over time.

Big Dan's Big 9/11 LINKS: Do your OWN research, because the mainstream media was in on it, you won't find help there!


Dual Citizenship -- Loyal to Whom?

Former Israeli officials in the U.S. government

Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9/11, "our purpose was to document the event"

Falwell Confirms Lewinsky Affair Linked To Israeli Lobby Intrigue

Mossad: RSA Security & Ptech Run US Govt Computers

Israeli Wiretappers, the NSA, and 9/11: Are Members of the U.S. Govt Being Blackmailed by Israel and Others via Wiretaps?

Jane's Addiction

Anthrax & 9/11- Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

Israeli Mossad Involvement in 9/11

The White Van: Were Israelis Detained on Sept. 11 Spies?

FOX news 4 part investigative series into Israeli spy rings in the U.S., scrubbed from their site, but available on youtube

TSA Gestapo: notice Israeli Michael Chertoff

Former Reagan official Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: "Indeed, if terrorists want to attack air travelers, they never need to board an airplane.
All they need to do is to join the throngs of passengers waiting to go through the TSA scanners and set off their bombs. The TSA has conveniently assembled the targets.

The final proof that there are no terrorists is that not a single neoconservative or government official responsible for the Bush regime’s invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan and the Obama regime’s slaughters of Pakistanis, Yemenis, and Somalians has been assassinated. None of these Americans who are responsible for lies, deceptions, and invasions that have destroyed the lives of countless numbers of Muslims have any security protection. If Muslims were capable of pulling off 9/11, they are certainly capable of assassinating Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Libby, Condi Rice, Kristol, Bolton, Goldberg, and scores of others during the same hour of the same day."

Who is cowing Americans into submission, terrorists or the TSA Gestapo? By Paul Craig Roberts

Why the TSA pat-downs and body scans are unconstitutional

Conspiracy Theory Jesse Ventura behind the scenes Interview

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