Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Ed

Yesterday was my daughter's birthday. We went to get an ice cream cake at Carvel, but their prices were too outrageous. I was wondering when they're going out of business with those high prices. After seeing those prices, my daughter suggested we go to Wal Mart Super Store in Wilkes-Barre because they also sell ice cream cakes. She was joking that they sometimes still have Halloween ice cream cakes left over at a discount, and wouldn't it be funny if her birthday cake had a ghost or a pumpkin on it. Hey, we're a funny family, the apples don't fall far from the tree.

So, we're looking around at Wal Mart in the see-through ice cream cake cooler and my daughter starts laughing and says, "Look at this cake! It says, "Happy Birthday Ed" on it:

But it was for sale with all the other cakes at full price, even though it said, "Happy Birthday Ed" on it! I said to the lady baker behind the counter, "Hey, this cake says 'Happy Birthday Ed' on it and it's full price, can I have some money off if I buy it?" I was thinking, who cares if it says 'Ed' on it? I'll eat the word 'Ed' off it. The woman says, "You better ask a manager". I said, "Either a manager better give a discount on this cake, or you better hope someone named 'Ed' buys it!!!"

Then my daughter yells over to me, "Hey, the seal's broken on the cake", and opens up the cake. So, this cake must've been opened and returned. Who returns an ice cream cake?

Then my daughter says, "Hey, there's a bite out of it!!!"

In the upper left corner, I don't know if you can see it clearly (I took these pictures with my cell phone), there's a bite out of the cake. Creepy: notice how the word "Ed" is different and soaking into the cake. I go to the lady behind the counter, "Hey, there's a bite out of this cake!" She was getting angry with us. By this time we were laughing hysterically! Let's recap: Wal Mart has an obviously returned ice cream cake out on the floor for sale (full price) that says, "Happy Birthday Ed" on it with a bite out of it! Now that I see there's a bite out of it, I definitely don't want it, even at a discount! My daughter says I should go back to the car, take a picture of the cake, and put it on my blog. I did that, but on the way back in, I was hoping I didn't come back and the lady had had it with us and took the cake and then I couldn't get a picture of it. But there was my daughter standing there with the cake laughing. And here are the pictures of the "Happy Birthday Ed" cake with the bite out of it...on sale for full price.

Now this does get better and funnier: we are still laughing, in fact I said I may have to call an ambulance if I can't stop laughing. We pull out of Wal Mart and are going onto Interstate 81...

...then we see this guy in front of us: (cell phone pictures, please!!!)

(look at the rake, does it rake every other leaf???)

I go to my daughter, "Holy shit! It's the Beverly Hillbillies!!!" There's a 1970 Chevy pickup truck in front of us, full of rust, packed more than twice the height of the pickup truck is a bunch of total junk with a huge tarp over it! Sticking out the left side is a rake with half the spokes missing out of it, and sticking out the right of the junk is a useless broom with all the bristles bent up. I start singing the theme to the Beverly Hillbillies (with banjo vocals). My daughter is manning the cell phone and gets this picture as we pull along side of the pickup truck going down I-81:

At this point, my daughter says, "I think we found 'Ed'." (remember the Happy Birthday Ed cake?) I am proud of my daughter for thinking of that one, I wish I had thought of that. Now, as we pass "Ed", what are the odds that he is a peddidle? (padiddle means one of your headlights is out - look it up!)

The odds are 100% that "Ed" is a padiddle (Ed is on the left with the headlight out):

Happy Birthday Ed:

Update: I forgot to say, I'm unemployed right now and I've been trying to sell a 2nd house I own. When I told my son this story (he's in Boston), he said, "I take it you didn't sell the house yet, if you're trying to buy a cake that says 'Happy Birthday Ed' on it". We're a pretty funny bunch, except for my wife. But she's 100% German, so she gets a pass on the funny gene.

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