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Big Dan's Big News Nov 2, 2010

Special Commentary by Big Dan: "The lesser of two evils argument. An observation I have is that people on the left vote Democratic because given the choice presented in front of us, the politicians on the ballot, the Democrat is more favorable so we hold our nose and vote Democratic. That is of the choice presented on the ballot, the only choice presented. And I also observe, that people on the left are far more critical of Democrats once they get in, than people on the right are of their Republicans. This is witnessed by the Obama administration constantly and publicly saying that the left is hurting them. That's because we held our collective noses when we voted for you because you've betrayed being progressive! But we have no choice but to vote for you vs the Republican candidate, who is worse. I wish the same could be said of people on the right. They seem to all be on the same page, lock, stock, and barrel. There are no more progressive choices. The Democrats are the 'New Republicans', and the Republicans are batshit crazy - see: O'Donnell, Angle, Paladino, Brewer, Rand Paul, that guy who dresses up like a Nazi, etc... See? They have their extreme right, where's our extreme left? They've successfully labeled centrist Democrats like Obama as 'extreme left', and he's not even close. People on the left have got to start voting in more progressive candidates in the primaries. The Democrats are the same as the Republicans on all major issues, like the wars and war profiteer welfare spending, bailing out banksters and screwing over the other 99% of Americans, to name just a few major issues they're the same on...(see the Ralph Nader clip down below for how the Democrats betrayed their voters)"

Electronic Voting Machines

What To Do If You Have Problems With an E-Voting Machine Today...

If you must vote on a Direct Recording Electronic (DRE, usually touch-screen) system, and have problems in the process, what to do if it happens to you:

* Call poll supervisors to observe the problem.
* Fill out a problem report.
* Refuse to vote on that machine.
* Request that the machine be taken out of service.
* Get a serial number of the machine if possible (may be difficult in many cases).
* Tell other voters in line which machine it was and that they should NOT vote on that machine!
* Report it to county/town election office.
* Report it to the Secretary of State.
* Call local reporters and tell them the story.
* Call voter problem hotlines (eg. 866-OUR-VOTE) and report it.
* Contact bloggers and Election Integrity websites.
* Raise holy hell.

REMINDER: Please bring a video camera/cell phone camera when you go to vote so you can document these problems on video tape.

Opinion: Cast Your Ballot Against Electronic Voting

Computer programmer testifies that there are computer programs to secretly fix elections:

Vote on paper ballots:

A Few Election Integrity Heroes on Election Eve...


Ballot boxing: The problem with electronic voting machines

Ten years and billions of dollars after the Bush-Gore debacle, America's voting system is still a mess. Machines can be hacked, votes can be stolen and voters' intentions can't be verified in a close race.

Hacking Democracy:

How Safe Is Your Ballot? Tracking Voter Suppression, Intimidation on Election Day

As millions of voters head to the polls, Democratic and progressive groups are concerned with reports of voter intimidation and efforts to suppress minority and poor voters from casting their ballots. They point to the mushrooming of Republicans and tea-party-affiliated groups who are raising the specter of voter fraud in states across the country. We speak to Wendy Weiser of the Voting Rights and Election Project at the Brennan Center for Justice.

4 BILLION DOLLARS spent on campaigns this year:

Ralph Nader: Ten Questions for Tea Partiers

Ralph Nader: Dems Face Losses to "Most Craven Republican Party in History"

Ralph Nader on how the Democrats betrayed their voters, and his explanation of the Tea Party:

Like every election year, right-wing media are undermining confidence in the election process through baseless voter fraud fear mongering.

We're going to pick which ELITES will run us today: top 6 ways the Democrats helped the Republican resurgence -

Outside Groups Dominate 2010 Campaign Spending

CATO Institute: The 2009 fiscal year began Oct. 1, 2008, nearly four months before Obama took office. The budget for the entire fiscal year was largely set in place while President Bush was in the White House.

Rally to Restore Sanity - Interviews with Participants

Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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