Friday, November 5, 2010

Big Dan's Big News Nov 5, 2010

Karl Rove siting in Pennsylvania day after election, boasting about how the Bush/Cheney "energy policies" exempted fracking in Pennsylvania from government oversight...and lucky thing: fracking friendly Tom Corbett is now governor!!! Welcome to Texas North! Congratulations, Pennsylvanians!

Oil and Gas Bribery Case Settled for $236 Million

WILK FOX "news" Jr has degenerated into a radio channel that has callers and hosts that just repeat what Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and FOX "news" says, even if it's fact-free.

Rightwing media is so well funded, powerful, and self-contained in their own world with their own loyal viewers, it no longer matters that they "report" false news - it can no longer be debunked.

Hey, did you hear? Obama is spending $200 million a day going to India and they're using 1/10th the Navy:

I apologize to rightwingers for posting FACTS, but:

Pentagon dismisses 34 warships, $200 ml a day cost Indian media reports

The Republican Noise Machine

David Brock, the reformed conservative noise-maker, on how the Right has sabotaged journalism, democracy, and truth.

As a young journalist in the 1990s, David Brock was a key cog the Republican noise machine. Writing for the American Spectator, a conservative magazine funded by billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife, Brock gained fame for his attack pieces on Anita Hill and President Bill Clinton. Then, in 2002, Brock came clean. In his memoir, Blinded by the Right, Brock admitted that his work was based on lies and distortion, and part of a coordinated smear campaign funded by wealthy right wing groups to discredit Clinton and confuse the public.

Since then, Brock has continued to expose the conservative media onslaught. In his newest book, The Republican Noise Machine, Brock documents how right-wing groups pressure the media and spread misinformation to the public. It's easy to see how this is done.

Fringe conspiracies and stories will be kept alive by outlets like Rush Limbaugh, the Washington Times, and the Drudge Report, until they finally break into the mainstream media.

Media groups like Brent Bozell's Media Research Center have spent 30 years convincing the public that the media is, in fact, liberal. As Brock says, it's all a sham: "I have seen, and I know firsthand, indeed from my own pen, how the organized Right has sabotaged not only journalism but also democracy and truth."

The Republican Noise Machine

Exposed: Pentagon awards $630M fuel contract to secretive corporation whose ownership is unknown

So, instead of talking about Obama signing the extension of the biggest attack on Americans' civil liberties, The Patriot Act, which BOTH parties suddenly found their was no "gridlock" on, rightwing media has you going around like FOOLS saying Obama is spending $200 million a day and using 1/10th the Navy going to India.

Obama signs extension of Patriot Act

SLATE: Should you be afraid of The Patriot Act?

A Guide to the Patriot Act, Part 1

A Guide to the Patriot Act, Part 2

A Guide to the Patriot Act, Part 3

A Guide to the Patriot Act, Part 4

Sad for everyone who cares about civil liberties and the Constitution: Russ Feingold, the only senator to vote against The Patriot Act, loses:

Russ Feingold on opposing The Patriot Act

Alan Grayson, who lost his reelection bid, says Democrats lost because of appeasement causing Democratic voters to stay home. IE: Democratic voters stayed home BECAUSE DEMOCRATS WEREN'T LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE ENOUGH!!! If you love Ron Paul, you should've loved Alan Grayson:

Here's Alan Grayson exposing Bernanke and the FED: Grayson says to Bernanke: "HALF A TRILLION DOLLARS, AND YOU DON'T KNOW WHO GOT THE MONEY???

Here's the next CITIZENS UNITED decision by the SUPREME CORPORATE:

Consumers' right to file class actions is in danger

Citizens United decision by the Supreme Corporate:

Rep. Alan Grayson: "Bipartisanship Has Become Code Word for Appeasement"

...and don't expect The Great Appeaser Obama to save social security:

This is Exactly How They Are Going to Cut Social Security

I'm coming to the conclusion that there's definitely something suspicious about Jon Stewart, and the evidence keeps piling up:

Geithner consulted with Jon Stewart on economy: US Treasury

Jon Stewart belittles 9/11 truthers, and one of his posse beats up a 9/11 truther:

The Federal Reserve Is Holding A Conference On Jekyll Island To Celebrate 100 Years Of Dominating America

Velvet Underground - I´m Waiting For The Man

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