Sunday, November 28, 2010

Big Dan's Big News Nov 28, 2010

More FBI/CIA FAKERY: many of the "terror" threats you see actually wouldn't happen if it wasn't for the FBI/CIA...

This is like the subCRIME lending crisis: the FBI gets informants who are former criminals to scour poor neighborhoods for dupes by offering them $$$$$$$, giving them bombs, giving them plans...and then arresting them and the headLIES say: "FBI STOPS TERROR ATTACK"!!!!!!! The part they don't tell you in the headLIES: the whole "terror attack" wouldn't have happened in the first place without the FBI.It's called "entrapment". And entrapment of Muslims in particular. I'm sure this would work on many patsys, not just Muslims. Then it foments anti-Muslim backlash like this. YOUR tax dollars at work! Probably to justify the FBI/CIA black hole of taxpayer money going to them.

FBI apparently set up US teen blamed for fake car bomb

FBI stopped Portland bomb suspect from taking job before sting

FEDS stage another FAKE "terror" attack:

Feds "Cultivated" Christmas Tree Bomber For 18 Months

When False Flags Don't Fly

Big Dan's Big 9/11 LINKS: Do your OWN research, because the mainstream media was in on it, you won't find help there!

Next: The FBI goes into poor Muslim section of cities, pays informants to create a "terrorist" situation, offers huge amounts of $$$ to poor Muslims in the community to go along with a "terror plot" the FBI themselves created, then all we see are headlines (HeadLIES): "Terror Plot in U.S. Foiled":

Entrapment or Foiling Terror? FBI’s Reliance on Paid Informants Raises Questions about Validity of Terrorism Cases

The U.S. government is entrapping NON-Muslim activists, too. Basically, if you question the powers that be, you're a "security risk":

Your tax dollars at work: SOA Graduate Involved in Coup Attempt in Ecuador

The REAL news: U.S. military plants in the mainstream media, Rick Sanchez OUT after suggesting Jews run the media, and more FAKE "terror":


World uneasy on upcoming Wikileaks dump

Holy Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This illustrates how gullible FOX "news" viewers are, and they should rethink what they are watching on FOX "news" and self examine themselves. If they believe this, it goes without saying that they believe other FALSE "news":

FOX Nation believes story about Obama by the joke site The Onion; embarrassed, FOX then scrubs the site instead of admitting their error:

Fox Nation readers confuse Onion article with real news

Here's the actual FOX article about the joke Onion article, it's been scrubbed off the internet by FOX, but it is preserved here:

The Onion: Frustrated Obama Sends Nation Rambling 75,000-Word E-Mail

Here's the joke Onion article:

Frustrated Obama Sends Nation Rambling 75,000-Word E-Mail

Here's an Onion "news" report, probably more credible than the actual FOX "news":

Use Of 'N-Word' May End Porn Star's Career

.....breaking......The Onion is bought out by FOX "news" and is now part of the FOX "news" team featured in a show called "Onion and Friends"............just kidding!!!!!

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