Friday, November 30, 2007

Fascist America, in 10 easy steps; American Democracy Is Closing Down Fast

(Naomi Wolf)
The blueprint (click here): 10 steps all fascist societies have taken throughout history:

1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy (the "terrorists")

2. Create a gulag (Guantanamo Bay)

3. Develop a thug caste (Blackwater)

4. Set up an internal surveillance system (domestic spying)

5. Harass citizens' groups (infiltrate, taser, jail, put people on "lists")

6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release (whisleblowers, Guatanamo)

7. Target key individuals (political opponents, journalists, activists)

8. Control the press (FAKE news releases, embedded reporters, FAKE reporters, FOX News, Rush Limbaugh)

9. Dissent equals treason ("You're against the troops", "You're with the terrorists", "You're un-Patriotic")

10. Suspend the rule of law (revoke Habeus Corpus, Military Commissions Act, etc....)

In her new book, “The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot”, Naomi Wolf says the United States is on the road to becoming a fascist society, right under our very noses. Wolf outlines what she sees as the ten steps to shut down a democratic society and argues that the Bush administration has already implemented many of these steps.

DN! transcript or DN! video

Naomi Wolf: "I saw that there is a blueprint that would-be dictators always do the same ten things, whether they’re on the left or the right, and that we are seeing these ten steps taking place systematically right now in the United States...It’s scary enough to see these ten steps, but what is terrifying to me personally is how many actual phrases are being recycled, and tactics. “Homeland security”—“heimat”—became popularized by the National Socialists. Goebbels developed the practice of embedding journalists...Hitler descending in an airplane in von Riefenstahl’s famous Triumph of the Will and being greeted by the uniformly armed paramilitary sort of surrounding their leader and him saying, “Help us accomplish our mission...Mussolini developed the Blackshirts, which were these paramilitary thugs that beat up newspaper editors, terrorized the population, and they intimidated people counting the vote in Milan...Hitler developed the Brownshirts, the SA, who intimidated people counting the vote in Austria...And you saw this scene of identically dressed Republican staffers in Florida in 2000 intimidating people counting the key individuals...Valerie Plame’s bolts were taken away from her back deck, fifty feet off the ground. She has two lists...secret prisons...military sites...often-innocent prisoners in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib and these black sites around the world ...torture people that it sees as at the margins or that citizens see at the margins: brown people on an island in Guantanamo with Muslim names, whatever. That’s what they did in Germany in ’31, ’32: anarchists, communists, Gypsies, Jews, whatever, homosexuals, whatever...blurring of the line. And once the state legalizes torture of people at the margins, inevitably it will begin to direct state abuse at people at the heart of civil society, and it’s always the same cast of characters: journalists, editors, opposition leaders, outspoken clergy and labor leaders. And when that starts to happen, society can close down in a heartbeat, because people start to sensor themselves...journalists saying, "“We’re seeing a fascist society build.” And they were told that they were biased...Some corporations were deeply involved in Nazi Germany, making millions, like IBM. How did they round people up so quickly, you know, in Germany when they were rounding up the Jews so fast? It’s because IBM had developed this prototype of a punch card system, and they were secretly working with the Nazis. Prescott Bush, Bush’s grandfather, was making millions in consolidation with Krupp, Thyssen, and it’s very interesting to me, because in the Nuremberg trials they went after these industrialists like Krupp, and so there was a moment at which the Nuremberg trial was about to identify supporters of these war crimes who were US collaborators...who controlled the trials, right?...The President has said that he can say, “Amy Goodman, you’re an enemy combatant. Naomi Wolf, you’re an enemy combatant. This guy behind the camera, you’re an enemy combatant. A person walking down the street, enemy combatant. can be anyone. A person walking down the street, enemy combatant...They can’t torture us yet, though I was chilled to learn that an adviser to the White House was reported in a British newspaper yesterday as not ruling out waterboarding against US citizens...Well, the ACLU is suing many agents of the state for illegally infiltrating citizens’ groups...there’s been a heightening of surveillance in the wake of 9/11...But what we’ve got to understand is that our country is unique right now in directing the crackdown on civil liberties and surveillance at citizens. In countries like England and Spain, experienced the same terror attacks, the same kind of terror attacks by the same bad guys that we did, but they’re not using that as a pretext to strip citizens of civil liberties...You can’t close down a society without a paramilitary force. We skipped over that one. It’s very important. Blackwater, the Blackshirts, the Brownshirts, that’s not answerable to the people, and surveillance... I was on the watch list for a year and a half, Amy, which means that every time I got on a plane, I got taken aside for extra searching, quadruple-S high-risk Naomi, you know. And I was told, “You’re on a list.” And I found out that many critics of the administration are on the list: ACLU staffers, Ted Kennedy, antiwar activists, David Altoon [phon.], a highly decorated Vietnam War veteran who was critical of the Iraq war. Not only is he on the list, but people who come to me in tears after my readings are more upset that now their kids are on the list if they write a letter critical of the Bush a strong society, it’s like it’s a kind of compliment to be "on the list"...but in a closing society, it gets very do they round up people so quickly in a closing society? The management of the lists is going to go from the airlines to the government. And in February, unless we push back this regulation—it’s being slipped in very quietly—we are going to have to apply to the state to get an airline ticket to cross a border, which moves us from 1931 to about 1936...

Well, the patriot’s task is, first, wake up .............................................................................

Big Dan's Big News Nov 30, 2007

(Kucinich once again gets 1/3 debate time of Obama/Hillary)

· CNN’s Irresponsible Debate Coverage Undermines Its Claim As The ‘Most Trusted Name In News’

· CNN Anchor Compares MoveOn To Insurgents (McCarthyism); Oh! She's Also The Wife Of Dan Senor, who served as a spokesperson for Bush in Iraq! No bias here! Right?

· Firefighters asked to report people who express discontent with the government

· Since June 2001, more than 70 people have died in police custody in the US and Canada after being struck with Tasers, with the number of reported cases rising each year, according to a November 2004 report by Amnesty International, a worldwide human rights organization. In five of these cases, an autopsy found that the Taser shock was a main cause of death. In several others, coroners' reports identified the Taser as a likely contributing factor.

· BREAKING: State Department official Iraq update is really compilation of plagiarized major media articles

· Did You Know That Senator Obama Is A Terrorist?

· US Roman Catholic Bishop: 9/11 was inside job

· "America's Mayor" (lol!) Rudy Giuliani of New York says a story accusing him of obscuring mayoral expenses to hide an extramarital tryst is a "hit job" on his personal life.

· Keith Olbermann/Countdown: John Edwards Mocks Republicans For Being Afraid To Take Questions From Democrats

· Lead Prosecutor In Clinton Impeachment Dies; Hidden Story: He Tried To Kill The Impeachment!

· Texas's (of course) state director of science curriculum resigns after being accused of creating the appearance of bias against teaching intelligent design.

· GOP Senator: Bush Administration 'Most Arrogant, Incompetent Ever'; Chuck Hagel Says 'They Have Failed the Country'

· Extreme right wing Phil Kline investigated by KCTV5

· (...more on Kline) If Bill O'Reilly has Accessed Medical Records for Kansas Women and Girls, Someone Broke the Law; In this weekend's video from the Bill O'Reilly show on Fox News, called "Tiller the Baby Killer Part 2," Mr. O'Reilly tells Kansas Attorney General Phil Kline that Mr. O'Reilly has accessed medical records for 90 women and girls in the Wichita and Overland Park areas of Kansas

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Jesus Helps Cowboys Beat Packers 37-27

Terrell Owens thanked Jesus after the Cowboys beat the Packers 37-27, in a meeting of two 11-1 NFC teams.

In the post-game interview, Owens stated, "I'd like to thank Jesus for this victory." Owens came over to the Cowboys after his agent Jesus Christ (of Nazareth) negotiated a 3-year/$25 million dollar contract with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Halfway through the 2nd quarter, Green Bay Packers quarterback Bret Favre had to leave the game after being viciously sacked and hurting his right hand and arm. "We would've won the game...if it wasn't for Jesus hurting my arm. It's not enough that Jesus is Terrell Owen's agent, but he shouldn't interfere with the know, being a God and all that. First he helps Kurt Schilling win the World Series for the Red Sox, and now he's helping Terrell Owens for the Cowboys. I go to church, too! You know! I put my money in the collection plate, too! Just like them!"

Coincidence? Australia Able To Vote Out Pro-Bush PM Howard, And Their E-Vote Machine Software Is Not Secret Like U.S. E-Vote Software!

(Ousted Australian PM Howard, and PM-elect Rudd)

When Australia designed their electronic voting machines, they chose to make the software running their system completely open to public scrutiny...even though it was made by a private company. The code is posted on the internet for anyone to see and scrutinze. It also runs on open-source Linux software that is free to anyone on the internet.

In the U.S., voting systems have proprietary, secret software written by private companies...and we are not allowed to see it!

We say we're trying to spread democracy around the world, and here we are voting on e-vote machines made by private corporations running secret software we, the voting public, are not allowed to see! Funny, how Australia was able to oust pro-Bush PM Howard, and their electronic voting machine software is transparent for all of their citizens to see on the internet!

Big Dan's Big News Nov 29, 2007

(artwork by Little De)

· Mainstream media would have you believe the U.S. military has only killed Iraqi "militants," "extremists" and "criminals" -- even when the people gunned down are women and children.

· The mainstream media is dominated by a handful of mega corporations who control what many of us hear, read, and believe. The propaganda masters are censoring and suppressing the truth from the American people.

· Expert: Both parties cooperate to keep administration crimes secret

· Rove's Latest Outrageous Lie: Says Congress Rushed Bush into War; May Be Easiest Rove Lie To Disprove Ever White House Website from Sept. 2002: 'President Urges Congress to Pass Iraq Resolution Promptly'

· Factual History They Don't Want You To Know! Naomi Wolf: America's Fascist Coup Owes Legacy To Bush's Nazi Grandfather

· CNN Is An ACTIVE Participant In Planning War With Iran!!

· The Bush Family Gets Away with Crimes That Would Land Anyone Else in Jail; For decades, the Bush family has operated above the law, using powerful connections to brush aside evidence that would put lesser Americans in the slammer.

· Iran's military said Tuesday it has manufactured a new missile with a range of 1,200 miles capable of reaching Israel and U.S. bases across the Mideast, the official news agency IRNA reported.

· Michael Moore cut this scene from Sicko because no one would believe it

· THIS IS AN URGENT ACTION ALERT! S 1959 "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007" must be stopped at all costs!

· Writer's Strike Close To Over?

· Top-10 Terrible Tech Products…Window's VISTA is #1 btw...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Merry Christmax, From Corpra Claus!

Message from Corpra Claus:

Merry Christmax! It's time to "max" out those credit cards! The War on Christmas rolls around faster each year, doesn't it? Instead of putting the "Christ" back in "Christmas", put the "MAX" back in "Christmax"!

Were you waiting in line on Black Friday for all the deals? I knew it! You were there! Did you pay in cash? Fuck cash! Max your credit cards! I hope you got a big, $3,000 flat screen TV! You're going to have to, anyway, some day soon! And don't worry about the new bi-partisan bankruptcy laws the Republicans & Democrats created on behalf of the credit card companies! That's part of the mortgage crisis they're not telling you! People are paying their credit cards instead of their mortgages because of the new laws! Who needs a house, anyway?

Buy some plastic lead-painted crap for your kids made in China! It'll be cheap because they're made in Chinese sweatshops for American companies where they're getting paid a nickel an hour, and they're passing on the savings to you! More to buy!

Make sure you put $50 of gas in your car and eat at McDonalds to save time! You don't want to waste any time!

Have you seen my Christmax commercials yet? I started running them Nov. 1st. Fuck Thanksgiving! There's nothing to buy for Thanksgiving, anyway! Did you see in my Christmax commercials, how much those kids wanted their parents to buy those toys for them? They were really happy when they got those toys. Those are good parents! Did you see how miserable those kids were, when they weren't sure their parents were going to buy them those toys? I wouldn't want to be them! Ho Ho Ho!

And did you see? On my Christmax commercials, how happy the wife was when she got a car with a big red bow on it? Or a diamond? Remember, show her your love her with a diamond! There's no other way! Remember before the husband bought his wife the gift on the commercial, how much she hated her husband? Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmax!

And you kids: did you see my special glossy Wal-Mart flyer in the Sunday papers? The one where you take stickers and stick them next to the top-12 Wal-Mart toys you want? Ho Ho Ho! You better use all 12 stickers, or Mommy & Daddy won't like you! But, shhhhhh.......don't tell Mommy & Daddy about this! It's between you and Corpra Claus! You won't get anything from me if you tell them! And kids, don't forget! Just give 'em the glossy Wal-Mart flyer with your top-12 stickers on the toys you want (12 of them, make sure!) or e-mail your "wish list" to the WHOLE FAMILY at!!! You're not stupid, you know how to use a computer, right? That's what Corpra Claus thought! Ho Ho Ho!

Mom & Dad? Don't be a cheapskate! Are you going to tell them you didn't get them all 12 toys from that glossy Wal-Mart flyer? I don't think they'll like that! Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmax!

Remember this guy on the right? Fuck him! He has nothing to do with Christmax! That's right, I started the War on Christmas, and he's the terrorist!

Don't think about the fact that 1 Christmax present = 1 tank of gas for your car. You're charging your Christmax presents on your credit cards! You're not paying for them! Save some cash just for gas and food to keep you charging...I mean shopping. Cash is only for gas, food, medical co-pays, medical deductibles, and the 30% of medical procedures and prescriptions not covered. And your astronomical health premiums are deducted right out of your paycheck! You don't have to worry about that!

You have college school loans for $100,000.00? Fuck 'em! Don't pay 'em! How are you going to buy Christmax presents, otherwise?

If I were you, I'd feel very guilty if I didn't charge everyone a great, big, expensive Christmax present! Or how about 2 or 3? I would feel "obliged" to do that. Don't forget what our president said when we were attacked on 9/11, he said to go out shopping! That's the best way to fight the terrorists! If you don't, people might think that you are a terrorist, and you wouldn't want people thinking that, would you?

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmax! Corpra Claus loves you!

Suddenly, Bush Pretends To Give A Shit About The Palestinian/Israeli Conflict

(Bush with "some guy" who's not the leader of the Palestinians)

Seven years into his administration, after doing absolutely nothing about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, U.S. "president" Bush and his henchwoman Condoleeza Rice, who have zero credibility with the Palestinians, held a one-day international conference in Annapolis, Md., aimed at creating an independent Palestinian state living peacefully with Israel.

The funny thing is, the democratically elected leaders of the Palestinians (Hamas) were not invited, and neither was Iran.

Why is this happening 7 years into the Bush administration? It looks like some kind of media farce to me. Then when no agreement is reached, they can blame the Palestinians whose leaders were not invited to the meeting!

ABC News tells us New Hope for the Middle East. Don't you think it's important for ABC to tell you that Hamas and Iran were not invited?

Here's the REAL news, Democracy NOW!, on the issue:

Israelis, Palestinians Open U.S.-Backed Conference With Vague Statement on Timeline

Israel and the Palestinian Authority have agreed to launch immediately peace negotiations with the goal of reaching a full treaty by the end of 2008. But Israel has already said it will delay talks on core issues, including the status of Jerusalem, the borders of a Palestinian state, the future of Jewish settlements in the West Bank and the fate of Palestinian refugees. We speak with Palestinian lawmaker and physician Mustafa Barghouti and former Israeli peace negotiator Daniel Levy.

In Annapolis, Maryland on Tuesday, Israel and the Palestinian Authority announced they have agreed to launch immediately peace negotiations with the goal of reaching a full treaty by the end of 2008. President Bush opened the Annapolis conference by reading aloud a joint statement agreed upon by the two sides just minutes before.

DN! transcript or DN! video

Big Dan's Big News Nov 28, 2007

(artwork by Little De)

· The Dream Ticket??? Dennis Kucinich: "I'm thinking about Ron Paul" as a running mate"

· Another inept Bush crony appointee calls on another FAKE reporter for questions! The Bush administration "infomercial" of FAKERY continues!

· Unbelievable! Racist Romney Says He Wouldn't Appoint A Muslim To His Cabinet

· HUSTLER Magazine has received numerous inquiries regarding the involvement of Larry Flynt and HUSTLER in the resignation of Trent Lott. Senator Lott has been the target of an ongoing HUSTLER investigation for some time now, due to confidential information that we have received.

· Devil in the Details: Martin’s Big Media Giveaway; Free Press released "Devil in the Details", a report exposing what FCC Chairman Kevin Martin is hiding from the public about his recent proposal to lift the longstanding ban on “newspaper/broadcast cross-ownership.”

· The permanent Republican majority: Daughter of jailed Democratic governor sees hand of Rove

· Home price drop largest on record

· US housing gloom intensifies

· The Department of Veterans Affairs fell farther behind this year in its attempts to give veterans timely decisions on their disability claims, new records show.

· What's clear now is that this economy is in trouble. The credit crisis is roiling global financial markets. Housing prices and sales are down, with millions of foreclosures beginning to have far broader effect. Oil is at $100 a barrel. The dollar is sinking; gold is near record highs. Food prices are rising. Parents might well be tightening their belts while trying to find toys that won't poison their children.

· Now Wells Fargo Joins Bad Mortgage Debt Writeoffs

· Afghanistan cannabis crop up 40 percent

· Israeli-Palestinian Middle East "Peace Process": Tragedy and Travesty at Annapolis

· 5-Part Video Of JFK Assassination, Videos They Never Showed You!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Big Dan's Big News Nov. 27, 2007

(artwork by Little De)

· 24-yr-old Washington Redskin's Star Murdered In His Home By Burglar

· Steelers beat Dolphins in Bizarre Mud Quagmire Conditions; Score was 0-0 with less than 20 seconds remaining in game because of difficult conditions

· How to Beat Down a Black Sports Star; For Marion Jones, Michael Vick, Barry Bonds, and O.J. Simpson, their mistakes will forever hold them in infamy.

· The deepening housing crisis will cut economic growth by more than 25 percent in 143 U.S. metropolitan areas next year and by more than a third in 65 metro communities, according to a new forecast for the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

· Praise the Lord and Pass the Ethnic Cleansing

· The permanent Republican majority: How GOP power players sent a governor to jail

· Signs Are Pointing South on Wall St.;Credit Woes Foster Bets on Bad Times

· Why Did a General Tied to the Abu Ghraib Scandal Deliver the Dems' Weekly Address?

· Iraq and the United States agreed Monday that the U.N.-mandated occupation of Iraq will end in December 2008 and that any U.S. troop presence in the country after that time will be subject to U.S.-Iraq negotiations that are to be completed by next summer.

· White House Releases "Principles" for Permanent Iraqi Presence

· The White House’s embrace of a permanent presence contradicts their long record of declarations against permanent bases. White House war czar Gen. Doug Lute said the new long-term occupation plan won’t require Congress’ approval.

· Is Cheney's Heart Ailment Real - Or Could It Be a Pretext for His Resignation?; Replacing Cheney With A VP Who Can Run As the Incumbent May Be the GOP's Only Hope

· FLASHBACK: As Halliburton CEO, Cheney Evaded U.S. Law To Do Business With Iran

· Bush to open Mideast conference, but won't stay for discussion

· 11 dead in Baghdad mass slaying, showing fragility of gains there

· Barbour’s Proposed Special Election To Replace Lott May Violate Election Law

· Zogby Poll: Hillary Clinton Loses Head-to-Head Matchup Against Every Leading Republican Candidate

· Amnesty International: A Taser victim's penalty 'should not be death'

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Big Dan's Big News Nov. 24, 2007

(artwork by Little De)

Despite Economy, Malls and Stores Jammed (bd: What do they mean by "despite economy"? I thought they told us it was good! What did these people buy and with what money? Didn't they spend $50 in gas to get there? I'm predicting the all-time biggest Christmas "buying" flop of all-time this year!)

Not So Black Friday: Shoppers Flock To Discount Chains

The Immigration Con Artists: The issue of illegal immigration is a con job to draw attention away from the corporate profiteers who are buying influence in Washington.

Sharpton, Olbermann, Fox-5 New York reporter targets of white powder

Conservapedia’s Gay Obsession: Nine Most Popular Pages Are Gay Related

U.S. World Bridge Champions Won't Be Punished for Anti-Bush Sign; United States Bridge Federation Will Forego Harsh Sanctions

Pope to purge the Vatican of modern music

US allowing feds to track Americans by cell phones without proof of crime

GOP Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee Is Not a Sane Man; he may talk about poverty and trade, but the wild-eyed Baptist goofball doesn't believe he is evolved from primates. Does that even worry Republican voters?

GOP Talking Points For Dummies:
It looks like Black Friday has kicked off the corporate mainstream media 2008 election talking points for Republicans. I've noticed a sharp increase in news stories about abortion, gay marriage, and illegal I need a separate area of Big Dan's Big News for it:

GOP 2008 Election Wedge Issues Of Abortion, Gay Marriage, Illegal Immigration In The News:

Double-Header GOP Talking Points, Birth Control AND Saving the Planet! Woman gets sterilized…to save planet!!!

An attempt to undermine Roe vs. Wade by amending constitutions to grant human status to embryos gains ground in several states.

State Level GOP talking points: Supporting male-female union urged; Area priests will ask parishioners to get behind a traditional-marriage amendment to the state constitution.

Republicans And Pro-Lifers Silent On Counting Zygotes As Tax Deduction

(These pro-life assholes are more worried about the human rights of fertilized eggs, than theirs and our rights stripped away by the Bush administration with the Patriot act, domestic surveillance, etc...!!!)

Pro-lifers and Republicans aren't sure what to make of the activist group "Zygotes For Tax Deductions" (ZFTD). ZFTD states that with all these new laws that pro-lifers are advancing, such as granting personhood to fertilized eggs and giving them the same rights as humans, they ignore counting zygotes as a tax deduction. There were 1.3 million abortions in the U.S. last year, so Republicans are shying away from the issue because counting zygotes as humans would cost the government upwards of $100 billion dollars worth of tax deductions. IE: Is a family in which the wife has a fertilized egg, a "family of three"? If so, they would get 3 tax deductions. An irony is that the government needs this tax deduction money to send 18-20 year old American zygotes off to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some say that Republicans would try to finance this shortfall by making deeper cuts into the children's health care program SCHIP.

When ZFTD spokesman was questioned, he said, "We're not saying whether we're pro-life or not. We're just saying...IF...these pro-life activists and Republicans are going to count zygotes as humans and give them the same rights, then they also have a right to a tax deduction. But they remain silent on this issue."

Giving zygotes a tax deduction would be a huge windfall for the pregnancy testing industry. Families would be rushing to get pregnancy tests to see if they beat the tax deduction deadline.

Asked why the Republicans didn't do anything to outlaw abortion when they controlled all branches of government from 2000->2006, RNC spokesman said, "It's only a campaign issue when we're in the minority. Did I say that out loud? I meant to only think it..."

Also an issue, is lack of jail space for throwing 1.3 million American women in jail per year. But there's no activist group for that.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Big Dan's Big News Nov. 23, 2007

(artwork by Little De)

Saudi Arabia and Libya, both considered allies by the United States in its fight against terrorism, were the source of about 60 percent of the foreign fighters who came to Iraq in the past year to serve as suicide bombers or to facilitate other attacks

Federal officials are routinely asking courts to order cellphone companies to furnish real-time tracking data so they can pinpoint the whereabouts of drug traffickers, fugitives and other criminal suspects, according to judges and industry lawyers.

133 Million Idiots Expected To Be Out 'Shopping" On Black Friday

'Better Than Doyle': Camouflage In The JFK Assassination Would Have Fooled Sherlock

The Coverup Continues: 'JFK Was A Hawk' And Other Stories

Instead of calling it "treason", FOX News says White House "deserves a medal" for outing U.S. CIA agent for political reasons!

Treason is Not Old News, Mainstream Media Wants to Trivialize McClellan Story

Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney share a big problem as barnstorm across American trying to act like tough guys on immigration: their past.Each ran a jurisdiction that's arguably among the nation's most tolerant, where cracking down on illegal immigrants wasn't good politics.

Dollar hits new low against euro amid warnings from Europe

The Commercialization of Christmas: What Would Jesus Buy? Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping

Please see my previous article from yesterday, on Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping!

NEW COLD WAR ISOLATES AMERICA; Turkey, Shunned by U.S., EU, Seeks Support of Syria, Iran

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Big Dan's Big News Nov. 22, 2007

Remember Bush Gave Our Troops In Baghdad A Fake Turkey? Another Thanksgiving For American Troops in Iraq & Afghanistan!

21 Reasons for Progressives & Liberals to Give Thanks

Gary Hart: Among other lessons, Thomas Jefferson taught that future leaders should trust the good judgment and common sense of the American people. He thought those qualities were the rudder that would keep the ship of state on its proper course. Of course he presumed our good judgment and common sense were underwritten by a press protected by the First Amendment that would do its job of informing the people about their public business and by elected officials committed to honesty and candor.

Photo (Plus Video) of the Moment: Alberto Gonzales' Eternal Shame...

Curveball 2.0: The Proven Liar Leading the Way to War on Iran

Team of American bridge-players who held up a sign saying "We did not vote for Bush" after winning an international bridge tournament in Shanghai

How's the forgotten War in Afghanistan Going?; Taliban control half of Afghanistan

VIDEO: Swiftboater For 'Truth' Funder/Coward Welches Out of $1 Million Challenge to Kerry; Hannity Aids and Abets

Ex-Iraq commander says bring troops home; Retired Iraq Commander Sanchez Backs Democratic Proposal to Bring Troops Home

McClellan's Publisher Tries to Walk Back Scotty's Assertion That Bush Lied about CIA Leakers; Says Bush Didn't Know He Was Lying When He Told Scotty Rove Was Not Involved

More stuffing beaten out of stocks; The Dow plunges 211 points in pre-holiday trading as investors turn to the stability of bonds. The 10-year T-note yield briefly falls below 4%.

Rove Tries To Rewrite History: Claims WH ‘Opposed’ Politicizing Pre-War Iraq Vote

In light of the massive personal data loss by the British government, plans for a national ID card are obviously now in question. Remember when ID cards were the answer to our 9/11 problems? Yikes.

"What Would Jesus Buy?" Reverend Billy & The Church Of Stop Shopping...the movie Santa doesn't want you to see!!!

Democracy NOW!

“What Would Jesus Buy?”: As Holiday Buying Frenzy Begins, New Film Tracks Anti-Consumerism Gospel of Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping

The holiday shopping season kicks off this week with Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year. The new documentary “What Would Jesus Buy?” follows Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping gospel choir on a cross-country tour, preaching their message in such destinations as the Mall of America, Wal-mart headquarters, Starbucks and Disneyland. We speak to Rev. Billy, and the film’s producer Morgan Spurlock, who gained fame with his documentary “Super Size Me.”

As we kick off this Thanksgiving holiday, retailers are looking forward to Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the entire year. Millions of Americans around the country are expected to flock to malls and shopping centers, eager for discounts in a buying frenzy that kicks of the Christmas shopping season.

But a group of people are trying to convince Americans that there’s more to Christmas than the next best toy. They’re called the Church of Stop Shopping and their led by anti-consumerism activist, Reverend Billy. He is the subject of a new feature-length documentary hitting theaters this week called “What Would Jesus Buy?” The film follows Reverend Billy with the Church of Stop Shopping gospel choir in tow on a cross-country tour as they preach their Stop Shopping message in such destinations as the Mall of America, Wal-mart headquarters, Starbucks and Disneyland.

DN! transcript or DN! video

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Big Dan's Big News Nov. 21, 2007

(artwork by Little De)

Former WH Press Sec.: Bush, Rove helped pass along 'false information' on Plame

White House press secretary Dana Perino said it wasn't clear what McClellan meant in the excerpt. "The president has not and would not ask his spokespeople to pass on false information," she said.

Plame issued a statement saying the opposite.

"I am outraged to learn that former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan confirms that he was sent out to lie to the press corps," Plame said. "Even more shocking, McClellan confirms that not only Karl Rove and Scooter Libby told him to lie but Vice President Cheney, presidential Chief of Staff Andrew Card and President Bush also ordered McClellan to issue his misleading statement."

Olbermann On McClellan Revelations: Bush Was A Passively Involved “Liar In Chief”

Dangerous toys remain on store shelves, survey finds

San Francisco Files Lawsuit Against Electronic Voting Machine Company ES&S for Fraud, False Claims, Breach of Contract; Damages and Penalties to 'World's Largest' Voting Systems Provider 'Could Reach into Millions of Dollars'New Case Follows Yesterday's $15 Million Suit Against ES&S by CA SoS Bowen...

Subpar Economic Growth Expected For 2008…NO KIDDING!!!

Civilian Contractor in Georgia Accused of Bribing Army Official to Win Business

Clinton: Being A 10-Year-Old In Indonesia Isn't Foreign Policy Experience... Obama: Hillary Attacking Me With GOP Talking Points

Big-name investment banks are taking a financial beating this year, leaving many Americans to ask: Just how did all these Wall Street bankers in their $5,000 John Lobb shoes manage to step in you-know-what?

Military Wants Bonus Back From Wounded Soldier, Do They Want The Bonus's Back From The Dead Soldiers, too? Just Askin'...

A Broken Vow, A Soldier's Torment

House Democrats: Pentagon Using Scare Tactics on War Spending

Murtha Has Strong Words For Republicans About Iraq War Funding

The Coverup Continues: 'JFK Was A Hawk' And Other Stories

Why does Fox News hate our troops?

Ari Fleischer’s Freedom’s Watch Involved In ‘Marketing Sessions’ To ‘Sell’ Iran War

No Detectable Respect For Science: False Claims Regarding 9/11 Research Reflect Badly On University Of Cambridge

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Big Dan's Big News Nov 20, 2007

(artwork by Little De)

Federal Prosecutors Subpoena Blackwater Employees Over Shootings

CALIFORNIA FILES $15 MILLION LAWSUIT AGAINST ES&S!; Voting Machine Company Allegedly Violated Law by Deploying Uncertified Touch-Screen Machines in Several CA Counties and Lying About It in Public Hearings...

Protesting Gas Station Owner Dies On Hunger Strike

EXCLUSIVE: Daniel Ellsberg Says Sibel Edmonds Case 'Far More Explosive Than Pentagon Papers' 'Gagged' FBI Whistleblower, Risking Jail, Says American Media Have Refused Her Offer to Disclose Classified Information, Including Criminal Allegations, Information Concerning 'Security of Americans'; Charges Several Mainstream Publications Have Been Informed of 'Full Story' by Other FBI Leakers Nearly a Year Ago, Have Remained Mum...

Neocon accused of misquoting Iran's leader to push case for invasion

Anti-Mormon Calls Causing Infighting, Trouble Within GOP Field

A.B. "Buzzy" Krongrad, the brother of State Dept. Inspector General Howard Krongrad who is under investigation for lying to Congress, resigned from his seat on an advisory board for Blackwater on Friday:

Iraq Says 2 American Guards Detained After Private Security Convoy Opens Fire in Baghdad

17 Presidential Debates, 1500 Questions, Almost None That Actually Mattered; The Breadth of the Failure to Our Country, by the Corporate American Mainstream Media, is Simply Staggering...

Victory Will Come as in Cold War, Rumsfeld Predicts (4+ years into a war he predicted would last 4-6 weeks, he's "predicting" victory???)

Fascist Fox host against free speech; 'for Tasing anyone in Code Pink' after Hillary heckled

Afghanistan aid wasted by the truckload

Jack Cafferty: Is a Fertilized Egg a Person?

Obama Pulling Ahead Of Hillary In Iowa Poll

Destination of 'recycled' electronics may surprise you

OPEC debates dumping the dollar


Fox News Chief Roger Ailes Lectures West Point Cadets About ‘The Military And The Media’

Chavez in Tehran: "Empire of dollar is crashing"

When AWOL Is the Only Escape -- A Patriot's Story; What makes a soldier go AWOL -- and later turn himself in?

Military to charge AP photojournalist?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Robert Novak Won't Comply With Mike Gravel's Request To "Swift-Boat" Him

With his presidential campaign failing to gain any steam, and in light of troll-like wingnut columnist Robert Novak recently awoke from his coffin and swiftboating Hillary and Obama, Mike Gravel has requested that Novak "swiftboat" him, too. Gravel feels it will bring more attention to his presidential bid. "Look what it's done for Hillary and Obama. Ever since Robert Novak reappeared from wherever he was and swiftboated them, they are grabbing all the headlines! Even Rush Limbaugh is quoting Robert Novak's swiftboating of Hillary and Obama", complains Gravel.

Novak, who recently outed CIA agent Valerie Plame, replied, "Tell Mike I only swiftboat the Democrats highest in the polls. His turn will come, but only after Edwards, Dodd, Richardson, and Kucinich. Mike is last on my swiftboating list, sorry Mike. I'd like to oblige you, but you've got to be higher in the polls! And tell Mike that Valerie Plame was a glorified secretary. "

To which Mike Gravel replied, "GODDAMMIT!!!"

Big Dan's Big News Nov 19, 2007, Snow Edition!

(Look what we woke up to today in NEPA! Several inches of snow! Here's a picture off my back porch!)

Dennis Kucinich Is The Front Runner For The Democrats, And The Controlled Corporate Media Isn't Telling Us!!!!!!!!!!!

Why isn’t Dennis Kucinich a frontrunner?

Kucinich Protests Army Training School

Dennis Kucinich '08 Website

Iraqi footballers vanish, seek asylum (Why? I thought Iraq Was Doing Fine?)

Edwards: Clinton would perpetuate US occupation of Iraq

Alan Dershowitz Is A Torture-Condoning Nutcase

We're rapidly approaching the 44th anniversary of the JFK assassination...Many of the people who participated in the JFK coverup did so willingly but unwittingly.

U.S. Cites Drop In Attacks Since Buildup in Iraq; Bombs Kill 20

70 Percent Of Iraqis Lack Clean Drinking Water Because Of Us Bombing The Shit Out Of Them

Army Corps Of Engineers' "improvements" To New Orleans Levees Show Not Much Improvement

Bangladesh cyclone death toll hits 15,000

One of the "3 Rightwing Female Stooges" Laura Ingraham upset that Dodd spoke Spanish during debate. (Michelle Malkin & Ann Coulter are the other 2)

What would Jesus do? Immigration Dilemma: A Mother Torn From a Baby

Experts say 'most dangerous city' rankings twist numbers

Democracy NOW!
Deception: British Reporter Andrew Levy on How the United States Secretly Helped Pakistan Build Its Nuclear Arsenal

DN! transcript or DN! video

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Michelle Malkin Employs The Nazi Media "Human Shields" Strategy In Her Latest Propaganda Article Of Lies

Michelle Malkin is part of the Nazi Media propaganda machine along with Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Bill O'Reilly, FOX "news", etc... Like them, she is against children's health care, for war but is a chickenhawk who wants others to die and get maimed, calls real Patriots "un-Patriotic", is for billionaires' tax cuts, for spying on Americans, against Habeus Corpus, hates all protestors, and is against poor and middleclass Americans on all issues...but loves billionaires.

She recently wrote an article entitled "Seditious anti-war protesters use kids as human shields", about the protesters in Washington state who brought some children to an anti-war demonstration Sunday. See what I mean about how they use McCarthyistic tactics to label people who disagree with them, "seditious", "un-Patriotic", "against the troops", "with the terrorists", etc...? She and her commentors think these parents should have their kids taken away from them for bringing them to the protest! Keep in mind, she doesn't want kids covered with SCHIP healthcare, though! These patriotic protestors are trying to block a port that's being used to ship more weapons to Iraq and Afghanistan for more murdering of their civilians. Real, heroic patriots! Not like Michelle "chickenhawk" Malkin, the warmonger who stalks 12-year-olds! Or should I call her "Michelle Stalkin'"? She cares so much about kids, she stalks them!

Here's the article from The Olympian she idiotically links to, showing police brutality against the peaceful protestors (didn't she read the article first, before she linked to it???). I guess it's hard to link to something in reality that backs her distorted views. The article shows a picture of a policeman pepper-spraying a peaceful protestor who is squirming in agony on the ground. Why did she link to the article? She writes like a 2nd-grader and I have a feeling she's being financed by the billionaires' Nazi Media cabal.

She also employs the Nazi Media "human shields" strategy in her article. It's a tactic to get general uninformed idiots on the side of the powerful who are abusing the weak. Never in any other case. Like when Israel tried to head-off public outrage when they murdered scores of civilians in Southern Lebanon. They said Hezbollah were using civilians as "human shields", but Human Rights Watch found no cases to back their claims.

So, Michelle Malkin, to get her idiot followers to be for the government against the civilian protestors, says the protestors were using their children as "human shields." Remember that distraction term they use..."human shields", and remember exactly when you've seen it, learn how it is used, and watch for the Nazi Media's use of it in the future. Make yourself smarter!

We're all getting wise to the "human shields" propaganda in the media, Michelle "Stalkin" Malkin!

Update!Democracy NOW! Covers The 66 Arrested in Washington State Blocking War Shipments At Port of Olympia! More than four hundred antiwar demonstrators marched through Olympia, Washington Saturday to protest the war in Iraq and the police brutality aimed at demonstrators in the past two weeks. Police beat back and repeatedly used pepper spray on peaceful demonstrators who were trying to stop outgoing military shipments to Iraq from the port of Olympia. At least 66 people have been arrested and 150 others injured since the protests began November 7th.
On Saturday, demonstrators used non-violent direct action to block military equipment for 17 hours and force a convoy back into the port.

Olympia Port Militarization Resistance is a group formed in 2006 by community peace activists. They wanted to "end their participation in the illegal occupation of Iraq by stopping the military use of the port of Olympia."

DN! transcript or DN! video

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Big Dan's Big News Nov 18, 2007

(artwork by Little De)

Bill Moyers Journal: Media Ownership Rules

Don't Buy Newsweek Magazine Anymore! They just joined the Nazi propaganda media by hiring Karl Rove, the man more responsible than anyone, for ruining America!

When did we become like Syria??? The secretive US policy of transferring suspected terrorists abroad for severe interrogations is akin to something the Syrian government would do, according to a Syrian-American columnist and lawyer

Renters begin losing their homes, even though they don't miss a payment!

Bet you haven't seen THIS one in the "news": ‘LIBERTY DOLLAR’ RAIDED BY IRS, FBI


Bush-Cheney Really Are Planning to Attack Iran!

Children without health insurance lose out on learning at school

Bush nominates judges who donated to his campaign.

FLASHBACK: 109th Congress Tried To Defund Iraq Watchdog, Transfer Authority To Krongard

New Docs Contradict Official Explanations Of Why Planes Weren't Immediately Used To Put Out California Fires

9/11 Firefighters and Family Members Plot Anti-Giuliani Ad Campaign

Politically We're Frogs Not Noticing the Boiling Water

US envoy: Pakistan must end emergency

Learn how the media has helped the Bush Administration lie

To a Fascist, ALL Americans are Terrorists

Tony Benn on the “revolutionary notion” of Democracy

Real Player Video: Bioneers: Turning Defense into Offense: Challenging Corporations and Creating Self-Governance (click 'open' after you click on this link)

Rush Limbaugh Cares About Torturing Dogs...But Not Humans!

Rush Limbaugh's guest on Friday was fellow wingnut Mark Levin, the author of the book "Rescuing Sprite", which is about how much he loved his dog Sprite and how terrible it was when his dog passed away. Probably published by NMP (Nazi Media Press).

Immediately into the interview, Rush soon asked Levin this question:

RUSH: I've always wanted to ask you -- and I was with you when you were writing this -- what was your reaction, first off, when you heard about the Michael Vick story? Because that came within such close proximity to your dog's death and your writing of this book.

LEVIN: I was so disgusted, because this guy has the whole world at his feet, you know? He's got all the money he wants. He's a tremendous athlete. He's got tremendous fans -- and here he is not just gambling, but he is involved in funding, and transporting, and torturing, and murdering dogs. As you know, I'm a big dog lover -- you're a cat lover and a dog lover -- and I was absolutely stunned by this, and first he lied about it, as most criminals do, and also the way in which they did this. You know, the way he tortured them, the way they were thrown to the ground, the way they were hung and electrocuted. They threw water on them and everything. The thing is that dogs are supposed to -- and do -- bring out the best in human beings. They really do. Anybody who owns a dog or has owned a dog, or cat for that matter --
(BD: Levin didn't like Vick waterboarding dogs!!! And electricuting them!!!)

Rush then says:

RUSH: All right. But anyway, so the thing is, dogs are really innocent, fun-loving, joyful creatures, and I think God's give them to us to help bring out the best in us, and this guy uses his position to brutalize them and torture them and murder them. I have nothing but contempt for him.

Rush cried when his cat died:

LEVIN: He said to you, "We all have our roles, Rush," and he didn't have an arm and he didn't have an eye, and you also said to me, "You don't realize how many people you help, family, friends, strangers." But you were just so compassionate and helpful, and you also relayed to me the passing of your cat and what happened over that weekend when she had a stroke, as I recall.

RUSH: Yeah. That surprised me. I cried over the death of that little cat. She was five years old. You're right. They're the essence of innocence. This one had such a great little personality, and she was a fighter. Sprite was a fighter, too. That's one of the things you mean when you say they bring out the best in us. This little cat, we had to give her Valium one day just to keep her quiet.

(BD: Are you sure it wasn't OxyContin, Rush? Rush finishes up by crying about his cat Punkin and Levin's dog Sprite! It's a great, big "cry-fest" by the human torturer condoners and warmongers! )

RUSH: Gotta take a quick time-out. Thank you very much. He came in here today saying don't make me cry. You turned the tables on me.

BD: Boo frickitty Hoo!!! Rush and Mark Levin are upset about Punkin and Sprite! Ahhhh, how cute! These wingnuts get all mushy over their pets, don't they? These big, strong warmongers cry over their pets!

Too bad Rush doesn't feel the same about human beings! That's if he isn't lying about his cat in the first place. Here's Rush's cat "Punkin" (original name: OxyContin), who's probably in a better place than with the fat, lying, Nazi Media drug-addict Rush Limbaugh. If that was really his cat. Remember, you can't believe a word he says...