Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bush Thinks Funding American Health, Education, and Labor Is "Pork"

("president" Bush...hates Americans! But loves $$$ and billionaires.)

Today, "president" George W. Bush vetoed a bill to fund Americans' health, education and labor. He said it contained "too much pork." There you have it! Bush thinks Americans' health, education, and labor is "pork"!

At the same time he was vetoing American's health, education, and labor, he signed a $471 billion Defense Department spending bill that funds regular Pentagon operations other than the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Bush has a problem with American childrens' healthcare (SCHIP) and Americans' education, health, and labor...but has no trouble pumping trillions of our tax money into the Iraq and Afghanistan wars! Where is this country going? It's becoming a 3rd-world-country under Bush! Where are the so-called "conservatives"? Surely, they can't be for this "big government" endless spending on a war-of-choice in lieu of Americans-first! And surely they're against pre-emptive wars! And our own government spying on Americans!

9/11 is getting further and further from Americans' minds, and they're starting to realize the Bush administration is a bunch of anti-American criminals, cyphoning our money for the enrichment of their multi-millionaire and billionaire friends and family. Bush is saying, "Fuck You!" right to our faces! He's sending Americans off to die for no reason, getting maimed and crippled for no reason, vetoing Americans' education, health, and labor bills, vetoing American childrens' health care bills...Bush hates America!

Then the AWOL president who dodged battle in the Vietnam war takes photo-ops on Veterans' Day with soldiers he helped get melted faces, and really doesn't give a shit about because he'll veto their health benefits and send more of them off to die and get melted faces! How dare he! Do you think he cares about the soldier in this picture? Look at how uneasy he is! He wishes he wasn't there! The only time he can't speak or looks uneasy is when he is forced to confront reality! He doesn't have a "shill" infomercial audience in this picture.

Who else wants more dead and crippled American soldiers? And less money for Americans' education, health, labor and American childrens' health care? Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michelle Malkin, Bill O'Reilly, and Ann Coulter! How do they trick you? They call themselves self-proclaimed great Americans and patriots and call everyone who is against our soldiers dying and getting maimed, "un-Patriotic." They make sure there's lots of flags around them, too! When they write a book, they make sure it's red, white, and blue with flags on it. The real anti-Americans always call the REAL patriots "un-Patriotic"! And say you're "against the troops" and "for the terrorists." Hitler and Goebbels did it that way! It's called "fascism" and it's one big "infomercial", just like the age-old snake-oil salesman. None of them ever went or ever would go to war, and they had a chance...they still have a chance. They want YOU to go! They're also called "chickenhawks", people who avoid war but sent you and your kids off to their war. Dick Cheney got 5 deferrments to avoid Vietnam, but he will send your kids to die or get crippled for his enrichment.

When are all the "dittoheads" going to realize he's screwing them, too? How can anyone except the 1% super-rich not be puking right now??? Suckers!!!!!!!!
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