Saturday, November 24, 2007

Republicans And Pro-Lifers Silent On Counting Zygotes As Tax Deduction

(These pro-life assholes are more worried about the human rights of fertilized eggs, than theirs and our rights stripped away by the Bush administration with the Patriot act, domestic surveillance, etc...!!!)

Pro-lifers and Republicans aren't sure what to make of the activist group "Zygotes For Tax Deductions" (ZFTD). ZFTD states that with all these new laws that pro-lifers are advancing, such as granting personhood to fertilized eggs and giving them the same rights as humans, they ignore counting zygotes as a tax deduction. There were 1.3 million abortions in the U.S. last year, so Republicans are shying away from the issue because counting zygotes as humans would cost the government upwards of $100 billion dollars worth of tax deductions. IE: Is a family in which the wife has a fertilized egg, a "family of three"? If so, they would get 3 tax deductions. An irony is that the government needs this tax deduction money to send 18-20 year old American zygotes off to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some say that Republicans would try to finance this shortfall by making deeper cuts into the children's health care program SCHIP.

When ZFTD spokesman was questioned, he said, "We're not saying whether we're pro-life or not. We're just saying...IF...these pro-life activists and Republicans are going to count zygotes as humans and give them the same rights, then they also have a right to a tax deduction. But they remain silent on this issue."

Giving zygotes a tax deduction would be a huge windfall for the pregnancy testing industry. Families would be rushing to get pregnancy tests to see if they beat the tax deduction deadline.

Asked why the Republicans didn't do anything to outlaw abortion when they controlled all branches of government from 2000->2006, RNC spokesman said, "It's only a campaign issue when we're in the minority. Did I say that out loud? I meant to only think it..."

Also an issue, is lack of jail space for throwing 1.3 million American women in jail per year. But there's no activist group for that.
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