Thursday, November 15, 2007

Big Dan's Big News Nov 15, 2007

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By the Numbers: Photo ID Poll Restrictions Disenfranchise Minority & Elderly (read: Democratic) Voters Some Quantitative Numbers from the Brennan Center in Response to the GOP 'Voter Fraud/Photo ID' Scam...

Reactions Counted at the Sold Out 'Uncounted' Premiere Overflow Crowd in Nashville Prompts Scheduling of Several Additional Screenings...

US, Israel refuse to cooperate with inquest into Syria strike

Rebuffed! Conspiracy Theory Destroyed By Unsung Internet Heroes


Note: I will definitely go out of my way to post ANY protest or civil disobedience, because they are not showing this in the CMSM (corporate mainstream media). I will post every Code Pink disruption of congress, etc...and these people are not "NUTS"...Rush Limbaugh and the Nazi media want you to think these patriots are "NUTS"...Michelle "Stalkin" Malkin said these people are "NUTS"...she said Al Gore, Dennis Kucinich, Mike Gravel and Ron Paul are "NUTS"...YOU are "NUT" if you listen to Rush Limbaugh:

Lacking CMSM Coverage For His Impeachment Bill Of Dick Cheney, Dennis Kucinich Launches "KucinichTV"

Barclays, Britain's third-biggest bank, unveiled a 1.3 billion pound ($2.7 billion) writedown on its exposure to credit market problems on Thursday

Foreclosure filings rose in 77 of the largest 100 metropolitan areas

Chevron settles on Iraq oil-for-food scandal

Countdown: Blood Is Thicker Than Blackwater

Why is it taking White House officials so long to restore millions of deleted e-mails from the backup tapes they claim to have?

Congress Passes Iraq Funding Bill That Requires Troop Withdrawal

Democracy NOW!
With the Iowa caucuses 50 days away, more questions about Giuliani's past have emerged in recent days that could threaten his candidacy. On Friday, his personal friend and business partner Bernard Kerik was indicted on 16 counts of federal corruption charges, including bribery and tax fraud. On Tuesday, it was revealed that one of Kerik's former lovers, Judith Regan, had sued Rupert Murdoch's News Corp and accused the company of pressuring her to commit perjury in order to protect Giuliani's presidential ambition. We speak to investigative reporter and Village Voice senior editor Wayne Barrett, author of two books on Giuliani.

DN! transcript or DN! video
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