Sunday, November 4, 2007

Irony: U.S. Healthy Food Program's Lunch Bags Made In China; Recalled Due To Lead Contamination

We love irony here at Big Dan's Big Blog!

I'm quite the "jokester", but I'm not making this up. Lunch bags made for WIC's "Healthy Food Program" were recalled because the lunch bags, made in China, were contaminated with lead! Do I have to spell out the IRONY for you???

First of all, we can't even make crappy lunch bags in the U.S. now??? We have to import lunch bags???

Second, it's called the "Healthy Food Program", but they give these poor WIC children the (supposed) healthy food in LEAD CONTAMINATED LUNCH BAGS!!! Does it matter how healthy the food is, if it's served up in lead-contaminated lunch bags??? Why don't they serve the kids LEAD in the lead-contaminated lunch bags??? A nice healthy heapin' bagfull o' LEAD!!! Yeah! Why not???

Third: Do the Chinese put lead in EVERYTHING??? For Christ's sake! Can't they make a LUNCH BAG without putting LEAD in it??? Does some guy, no matter what, say, "Let's put some LEAD in it" when they're making something over there? Why do they listen to him?

Where is China getting all this lead from? Is China made of lead? WTF??? Are Chinese PEOPLE made of lead???

Let me ask the third question from a different angle: DO THE CHINESE MAKE ANYTHING WITHOUT LEAD IN IT??????????????

Why is there so much lead in China? I ask of thee? How much da ya wanna bet, the lead pencils they send us don't have any lead in them! But everything else does!

While we're busy with this bogus "War On Terror", the Chinese are killing us with lead! Jesus Christ! I'm going to buy a "lead detector"!

Has the FDA checked Chinese Buffets for lead yet???
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