Saturday, November 17, 2007

Can't We All Just Get Along???

I put this thingy on my blog called "sitecounter" and it shows where people are from who visit my blog. Some visitors are from some very interesting places:

Frankfurt, Germany: Hi! Guy from Germany! My wife is 100% German, and all her relatives live in Germany! We've been to Wurzburg twice, that's where they're all from.

Bologna, Italy: Welcome! I'm half Italian! My mother's side of her family are all from Perugia, Italy! I love Italian food! And German food btw... I'm also half Russian, so are kids are German, Italian, and Russia...the WWII "axis of evil"! How da ya like dat???

United Arab Emirates: I love Arabs! Sorry about that port deal...

Israel: I love Israelis and Jewish people, too! I love everybody! I just hate governments!

New Zealand: Hi, guy from New Zealand! Know what my favorite show is? Flight of the Concords! "A coupla jeesters, eh?"

London, England: Is this possibly one of the Beatles? Ringo, is that you?

Sweden: If this is a Swedish woman, can you email me your picture? If it's Sven from Sveden, welcome!

Brazil: See Sweden comment. How's it going, getting off oil? Did you see my chariot post?

Canada: Several Canadian visitors. We loved it at Niagara Falls, you have the better side of Niagara Falls, eh?

United States:

Alaska: Hi, one guy in Alaska! Hope this blog keeps you warm! Is this "Winter" Patriot???

Framingham, Mass: My son's going to college in Boston, is this one of his buddies? My favorite team is the Red Sox!!! Yay!!!

There's some local visitors from Hazleton and Kingston (Linda, is that you?), there's California, Florida, Connecticut (are you my relatives in Ct.? the 'construction' state b/c your roads are always under repair?), Utah (I love Mormons, did I tell ya dat?), Texas (Ron Paul! You found my blog!), Georgia (Paul? How's your new baby doing?), Michigan, Virginia (Uncle Ralph? Is that you?), Alaska, New York (Hillary or Rudy, is that you?), Maine (Tracy?), New Jersey (Mrs. Big Dan's 'outlaws' who aren't living in Germany? Is that you?), New Mexico, Nevada (Is prostitution legal there? I'm there!!! OOPS! My wife just read that...GAMBLING! That's why I love Nevada! Not prostitution! OOPS! She doesn't like GAMBLING, either! DAMN YOU, NEVADA! I'm getting in trouble here, so I'll move on to: ), Ohio (cousin Keith?), Illinois (Barack Obama? Is that you?), Missouri (mmmm...steaks....I love St. Louis steaks...been there!), Colorado, Iowa (IOWA????????), Washington DC (you need govt representation there, Bub!!!), and beautiful Vermont.

I also love Mexican illegal immigrants...WELCOME! But Mexico won't show up on my sitecounter thingy, because all the illegal Mexican immigrants are on someone else's computer...but welcome anyway!!!

Did I miss anybody? If your state or country isn't mentioned here, that means you haven't visited my blog! Shame on you!
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