Saturday, November 24, 2007

Big Dan's Big News Nov. 24, 2007

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Despite Economy, Malls and Stores Jammed (bd: What do they mean by "despite economy"? I thought they told us it was good! What did these people buy and with what money? Didn't they spend $50 in gas to get there? I'm predicting the all-time biggest Christmas "buying" flop of all-time this year!)

Not So Black Friday: Shoppers Flock To Discount Chains

The Immigration Con Artists: The issue of illegal immigration is a con job to draw attention away from the corporate profiteers who are buying influence in Washington.

Sharpton, Olbermann, Fox-5 New York reporter targets of white powder

Conservapedia’s Gay Obsession: Nine Most Popular Pages Are Gay Related

U.S. World Bridge Champions Won't Be Punished for Anti-Bush Sign; United States Bridge Federation Will Forego Harsh Sanctions

Pope to purge the Vatican of modern music

US allowing feds to track Americans by cell phones without proof of crime

GOP Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee Is Not a Sane Man; he may talk about poverty and trade, but the wild-eyed Baptist goofball doesn't believe he is evolved from primates. Does that even worry Republican voters?

GOP Talking Points For Dummies:
It looks like Black Friday has kicked off the corporate mainstream media 2008 election talking points for Republicans. I've noticed a sharp increase in news stories about abortion, gay marriage, and illegal I need a separate area of Big Dan's Big News for it:

GOP 2008 Election Wedge Issues Of Abortion, Gay Marriage, Illegal Immigration In The News:

Double-Header GOP Talking Points, Birth Control AND Saving the Planet! Woman gets sterilized…to save planet!!!

An attempt to undermine Roe vs. Wade by amending constitutions to grant human status to embryos gains ground in several states.

State Level GOP talking points: Supporting male-female union urged; Area priests will ask parishioners to get behind a traditional-marriage amendment to the state constitution.
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