Friday, November 2, 2007

Dittohead Brothers Jeb 'n Jeb: "Hallyween Iz Fer Duh Terrists"

Dittohead brothers Jeb and Jeb Babaweenie are angry about Halloween after watching FOX News personalities Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly slam the holiday.

Jeb: "Hallyween Iz Fer Duh Terrists! Dats wut Hammity said! I wuz all happy 'n dat, when duh World Instruction Towers fell down in Hallywood. Den I found out Hitler dun it, and me an Jeb wuz MAD!!! Now Hitler'z selluhbratin' Hallyween! It's fer duh terrists!"

The other Jeb: "Yeah! Me and Jeb don't take kindly ta Hitler knockin' down buildin's in Ummerica, even if it iz in Hallywood! Me and Jeb arnt fer Hallyween ether. Durz witchs 'n libruls 'n doze urnge pukkins dressin' around doin' stuff! RAsslin' around 'n stuff! Knockin' down buildin's 'n stuff."

Jeb: "Yeah! Sham Hammity sez Hallyween iz fer duh libruls! And Hitler's fer duh libruls...'n stuff..."
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