Saturday, November 3, 2007

Torture-Condoning Democrats Schumer & Feinstein Will Vote To Approve Robert Mukasey (Alberto Gonzales II)

(Torture-condoning "Democrats" Chuck Schumer & Diane Feinstein)

After railing for months about torture-condoner Alberto Gonzales, did Democrats "cave in" with Schumer & Feinstein saying they're going to vote for fellow torturer-condoner Robert Mukasey? Or was it because Schumer, Feinstein, & Mukasey are all Jewish? I, for one, am getting tired of these frequent coincidences not being pointed out by the media.

Did Schumer & Feinstein just not like a Mexican torture-condoner? Or did Schumer & Feinstein do an about-face and now condone torture? Mukasey would not admit that waterboarding was torture, when grilled by the Senate during the approval process. A denial of Mukasey by the Democrats seemed all but certain...until Schumer & Feinstein's announcement.

A shill is defined as: "One who poses as a satisfied customer or an enthusiastic gambler to dupe bystanders into participating in a swindle...or to act in a deceitful manner."

There's 2 types of shills who would like to stop debate of the legitimate question of whether Schumer & Feinstein voted for Mukasey just because they are all Jewish:

1. Those shills whose tactic is to call anyone asking this, "Hitler Lovers" & "Holocaust Deniers".

2. Those shills whose tactic is to say, "Yeah! Let's kill all the Jews!" These people are shills trying to stop legitimate debate, too, because they want to confuse people who simply hate Jewish people.....with people asking legitimate questions like this.

Did Bush strategically nominate Mukasey to replace Gonzales because Mukasey is Jewish and he knew Democrats like Schumer & Feinstein would overlook the fact that there is no difference Mukasey and Gonzales?

These are legitimate questions, as there is no explanation for Schumer's & Feinstein's flip-flop on torture condoners!

Remember the media and politicians had no problem castigating congressman Keith Ellison (Minnesota) simply for being the first Muslim ever elected to congress. Far be it for the media and politicians to ask if Schumer & Feinstein are voting for Mukasey because they are Jewish!

Our goose is cooked! Our country is toast! The Democrats are sell-outs, too!!! They are not an "opposing party"...they are complicit in ruining our country and, among other things, CONDONING TORTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are some very minor differences between Republicans & SCHIP...but have the Democrats, after taking control of the House & Senate, done anything to stop the WAR??? Are they stopping torture-condoners like Mukasey from being approved? Did they stop the approval of Supreme Court justices Roberts & Alito?

Mukasey obviously doesn't think waterboarding is torture...and Schumer & Feinstein don't have a problem with that...maybe all 3 should give it a try!

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