Saturday, November 17, 2007

Big Dan's Big News Nov 17, 2007

(artwork by Little De)

Democracy NOW! news: "The Fall of the House of Bush: The Untold Story of How a Band of True Believers Seized the Executive Branch, Started the Iraq War, and Still Imperils America’s Future”

DN! transcript or DN! video

Group hopes to 'flood the Oval Office' with 25,000 copies of the Constitution

Thousands surround Justice Department in hate crimes march

Dems Will Not Recess Over Holidays, To Stop Sneaky Bush Recess Appointments

BREAKING: Waxman to Explore Perjury Charges against State Dept. Inspector General Howard Krongard's Testimony Is Refuted to Committee By His Brother

In November 2006, Two Machines 'Smoked' - Only One Was Recalled, One Caused no Problems; the Other Impacted a High-Profile Local Election...

The Mess In Pakistan Continues

Is Lou Dobbs Going To Run For President???

There Is NO Social Security Crisis!

'Jena Six' case sparks march on DC

Democrats unable to bring troops home

Countdown w/Keith Olbermann: Broken Government

Keith Olbermann zeros in on exactly what should be meant by the phrase “supporting the troops.”

Gonzales Defense Fund Set Up; Former Attorney General's Legal Fees Mount in Probe

Leonid meteor shower Nov. 16 & 17

U.N. Report: Earth Hurtling Towards Warmer Climate

...Bush Administration Says "No, it isn't"...and we know they're always right(?)

John Murtha: Two Years after Calling for a Redeployment of U.S. Forces from Iraq, Bush Refuses to Provide the American People with a Responsible Exit Strategy

Catholic bishops say voters' souls at stake…What ever happened To 'Separation of Church & State? Maybe the Church Should Have To Register As A Foreign Lobbyist!!! (Vatican is considered a country, isn't it???) And maybe they should start paying taxes!!!

Oh, no doubt when Laura Bush looks in her mirror at night, what she sees is one of God's little sunbeams, who wants nothing but the very bestest best for every single person on earth. But what is actually there is the visage reflected in countless gilded mirrors of the Establishment elite: a wretched, bloodstained collaborator with evil.
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