Thursday, November 29, 2007

Jesus Helps Cowboys Beat Packers 37-27

Terrell Owens thanked Jesus after the Cowboys beat the Packers 37-27, in a meeting of two 11-1 NFC teams.

In the post-game interview, Owens stated, "I'd like to thank Jesus for this victory." Owens came over to the Cowboys after his agent Jesus Christ (of Nazareth) negotiated a 3-year/$25 million dollar contract with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Halfway through the 2nd quarter, Green Bay Packers quarterback Bret Favre had to leave the game after being viciously sacked and hurting his right hand and arm. "We would've won the game...if it wasn't for Jesus hurting my arm. It's not enough that Jesus is Terrell Owen's agent, but he shouldn't interfere with the know, being a God and all that. First he helps Kurt Schilling win the World Series for the Red Sox, and now he's helping Terrell Owens for the Cowboys. I go to church, too! You know! I put my money in the collection plate, too! Just like them!"
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