Monday, November 19, 2007

Big Dan's Big News Nov 19, 2007, Snow Edition!

(Look what we woke up to today in NEPA! Several inches of snow! Here's a picture off my back porch!)

Dennis Kucinich Is The Front Runner For The Democrats, And The Controlled Corporate Media Isn't Telling Us!!!!!!!!!!!

Why isn’t Dennis Kucinich a frontrunner?

Kucinich Protests Army Training School

Dennis Kucinich '08 Website

Iraqi footballers vanish, seek asylum (Why? I thought Iraq Was Doing Fine?)

Edwards: Clinton would perpetuate US occupation of Iraq

Alan Dershowitz Is A Torture-Condoning Nutcase

We're rapidly approaching the 44th anniversary of the JFK assassination...Many of the people who participated in the JFK coverup did so willingly but unwittingly.

U.S. Cites Drop In Attacks Since Buildup in Iraq; Bombs Kill 20

70 Percent Of Iraqis Lack Clean Drinking Water Because Of Us Bombing The Shit Out Of Them

Army Corps Of Engineers' "improvements" To New Orleans Levees Show Not Much Improvement

Bangladesh cyclone death toll hits 15,000

One of the "3 Rightwing Female Stooges" Laura Ingraham upset that Dodd spoke Spanish during debate. (Michelle Malkin & Ann Coulter are the other 2)

What would Jesus do? Immigration Dilemma: A Mother Torn From a Baby

Experts say 'most dangerous city' rankings twist numbers

Democracy NOW!
Deception: British Reporter Andrew Levy on How the United States Secretly Helped Pakistan Build Its Nuclear Arsenal

DN! transcript or DN! video
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