Sunday, November 18, 2007

Michelle Malkin Employs The Nazi Media "Human Shields" Strategy In Her Latest Propaganda Article Of Lies

Michelle Malkin is part of the Nazi Media propaganda machine along with Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Bill O'Reilly, FOX "news", etc... Like them, she is against children's health care, for war but is a chickenhawk who wants others to die and get maimed, calls real Patriots "un-Patriotic", is for billionaires' tax cuts, for spying on Americans, against Habeus Corpus, hates all protestors, and is against poor and middleclass Americans on all issues...but loves billionaires.

She recently wrote an article entitled "Seditious anti-war protesters use kids as human shields", about the protesters in Washington state who brought some children to an anti-war demonstration Sunday. See what I mean about how they use McCarthyistic tactics to label people who disagree with them, "seditious", "un-Patriotic", "against the troops", "with the terrorists", etc...? She and her commentors think these parents should have their kids taken away from them for bringing them to the protest! Keep in mind, she doesn't want kids covered with SCHIP healthcare, though! These patriotic protestors are trying to block a port that's being used to ship more weapons to Iraq and Afghanistan for more murdering of their civilians. Real, heroic patriots! Not like Michelle "chickenhawk" Malkin, the warmonger who stalks 12-year-olds! Or should I call her "Michelle Stalkin'"? She cares so much about kids, she stalks them!

Here's the article from The Olympian she idiotically links to, showing police brutality against the peaceful protestors (didn't she read the article first, before she linked to it???). I guess it's hard to link to something in reality that backs her distorted views. The article shows a picture of a policeman pepper-spraying a peaceful protestor who is squirming in agony on the ground. Why did she link to the article? She writes like a 2nd-grader and I have a feeling she's being financed by the billionaires' Nazi Media cabal.

She also employs the Nazi Media "human shields" strategy in her article. It's a tactic to get general uninformed idiots on the side of the powerful who are abusing the weak. Never in any other case. Like when Israel tried to head-off public outrage when they murdered scores of civilians in Southern Lebanon. They said Hezbollah were using civilians as "human shields", but Human Rights Watch found no cases to back their claims.

So, Michelle Malkin, to get her idiot followers to be for the government against the civilian protestors, says the protestors were using their children as "human shields." Remember that distraction term they use..."human shields", and remember exactly when you've seen it, learn how it is used, and watch for the Nazi Media's use of it in the future. Make yourself smarter!

We're all getting wise to the "human shields" propaganda in the media, Michelle "Stalkin" Malkin!

Update!Democracy NOW! Covers The 66 Arrested in Washington State Blocking War Shipments At Port of Olympia! More than four hundred antiwar demonstrators marched through Olympia, Washington Saturday to protest the war in Iraq and the police brutality aimed at demonstrators in the past two weeks. Police beat back and repeatedly used pepper spray on peaceful demonstrators who were trying to stop outgoing military shipments to Iraq from the port of Olympia. At least 66 people have been arrested and 150 others injured since the protests began November 7th.
On Saturday, demonstrators used non-violent direct action to block military equipment for 17 hours and force a convoy back into the port.

Olympia Port Militarization Resistance is a group formed in 2006 by community peace activists. They wanted to "end their participation in the illegal occupation of Iraq by stopping the military use of the port of Olympia."

DN! transcript or DN! video
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