Saturday, November 17, 2007

Big Dan's Big News Nov 18, 2007

(artwork by Little De)

Bill Moyers Journal: Media Ownership Rules

Don't Buy Newsweek Magazine Anymore! They just joined the Nazi propaganda media by hiring Karl Rove, the man more responsible than anyone, for ruining America!

When did we become like Syria??? The secretive US policy of transferring suspected terrorists abroad for severe interrogations is akin to something the Syrian government would do, according to a Syrian-American columnist and lawyer

Renters begin losing their homes, even though they don't miss a payment!

Bet you haven't seen THIS one in the "news": ‘LIBERTY DOLLAR’ RAIDED BY IRS, FBI


Bush-Cheney Really Are Planning to Attack Iran!

Children without health insurance lose out on learning at school

Bush nominates judges who donated to his campaign.

FLASHBACK: 109th Congress Tried To Defund Iraq Watchdog, Transfer Authority To Krongard

New Docs Contradict Official Explanations Of Why Planes Weren't Immediately Used To Put Out California Fires

9/11 Firefighters and Family Members Plot Anti-Giuliani Ad Campaign

Politically We're Frogs Not Noticing the Boiling Water

US envoy: Pakistan must end emergency

Learn how the media has helped the Bush Administration lie

To a Fascist, ALL Americans are Terrorists

Tony Benn on the “revolutionary notion” of Democracy

Real Player Video: Bioneers: Turning Defense into Offense: Challenging Corporations and Creating Self-Governance (click 'open' after you click on this link)
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