Monday, November 26, 2007

Big Dan's Big News Nov. 25, 2007

(artwork by Little De)

CA Secretary of State Finds LA County's ES&S E-Voting System Vulnerable to Hacking, Fraud and Manipulation; Company's Flawed 'Inkavote Plus' System May be Used in Nation's Largest County During February 2008 Primary When Republican Measure to Divide State's Electoral Vote Could be on the Ballot; SoS to Hold Public Hearing on Future of Voting System Monday in Sacramento...

Experts: No firm evidence of Iranian nuclear weapons

Lott expected to announce resignation as early as Monday

Bush Is Like Nixon, Only With A Lapdog Congress

Memo To New York Post: The Bush Administration Was Warned About 9/11

Cooked Books: Iraqi Figures On Returning Refugees Are "Massaged"

U.S. Notes Limited Progress in Afghan War; Strategic Goals Unmet, White House Concludes

Former Treasury secretary sees recession

Crucifixes Made in Chinese Sweatshops

Short of Money, G.O.P. Enlists Rich Candidates

While U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan engage the enemy with guns, tanks, airplanes and missiles, the American military is quietly fighting a much different kind of war on a new front — cyberspace.

Fighting Identity: Why We Are Losing Our Wars

A guide to 4 main issues that divide Israel and the Palestinians
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