Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Big Dan's Big News Nov. 27, 2007

(artwork by Little De)

· 24-yr-old Washington Redskin's Star Murdered In His Home By Burglar

· Steelers beat Dolphins in Bizarre Mud Quagmire Conditions; Score was 0-0 with less than 20 seconds remaining in game because of difficult conditions

· How to Beat Down a Black Sports Star; For Marion Jones, Michael Vick, Barry Bonds, and O.J. Simpson, their mistakes will forever hold them in infamy.

· The deepening housing crisis will cut economic growth by more than 25 percent in 143 U.S. metropolitan areas next year and by more than a third in 65 metro communities, according to a new forecast for the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

· Praise the Lord and Pass the Ethnic Cleansing

· The permanent Republican majority: How GOP power players sent a governor to jail

· Signs Are Pointing South on Wall St.;Credit Woes Foster Bets on Bad Times

· Why Did a General Tied to the Abu Ghraib Scandal Deliver the Dems' Weekly Address?

· Iraq and the United States agreed Monday that the U.N.-mandated occupation of Iraq will end in December 2008 and that any U.S. troop presence in the country after that time will be subject to U.S.-Iraq negotiations that are to be completed by next summer.

· White House Releases "Principles" for Permanent Iraqi Presence

· The White House’s embrace of a permanent presence contradicts their long record of declarations against permanent bases. White House war czar Gen. Doug Lute said the new long-term occupation plan won’t require Congress’ approval.

· Is Cheney's Heart Ailment Real - Or Could It Be a Pretext for His Resignation?; Replacing Cheney With A VP Who Can Run As the Incumbent May Be the GOP's Only Hope

· FLASHBACK: As Halliburton CEO, Cheney Evaded U.S. Law To Do Business With Iran

· Bush to open Mideast conference, but won't stay for discussion

· 11 dead in Baghdad mass slaying, showing fragility of gains there

· Barbour’s Proposed Special Election To Replace Lott May Violate Election Law

· Zogby Poll: Hillary Clinton Loses Head-to-Head Matchup Against Every Leading Republican Candidate

· Amnesty International: A Taser victim's penalty 'should not be death'
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