Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Analyzing The Paris FALSE FLAG...YES, It Was Another FALSE FLAG...of course

Below: picture of Bataclan in Paris where suicide bombers exploded. Really???

The point of this post is to acknowledge that people around the world are waking up to the fact that governments do FALSE FLAGS and blame Muslims to keep the "war on terror" going and to strip liberties from citizens in their countries in the name of keeping them safe from the Muslim terrorist FALSE FLAGS they're doing. There is NO WAY at this point in 2015 that the U.S. and Israel and Britain and all the advanced countries like France DO NOT KNOW "TERRORISTS" ARE DOING THIS AHEAD OF TIME WITH ALL THE NSA SPYING, SATELLITES, ETC...ETC... Therefore, these countries are doing the FALSE FLAGS and blaming Muslims. There is NO WAY rag-tag cavemen Muslims are continually outsmarting these countries in 2015. The mainstream media does not allow the most important first question: WAS IT A FALSE FLAG? The place to ask this question and get answers is THE INTERNET, which is the place that the mainstream media and their controllers fear the most. Just the fact that the mainstream media NEVER asks the question WAS IT A FALSE FLAG? implicates them as being complicit in the FALSE FLAGS. And one of their jobs is to RIDICULE those asking this important question.

Let's begin here: The first question in any "terror attack" should be a question that is NOT ALLOWED BY THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA & GOVERNMENTS: WAS IT A FALSE FLAG.......read this great article below:

The First Question to Ask After Any Terror Attack: Was It a False Flag? Presidents, Prime Ministers, Congressmen, Generals, Spooks, Soldiers and Police ADMIT to False Flag Terror. In the following instances, officials in the government which carried out the attack (or seriously proposed an attack) admit to it, either orally, in writing, or through photographs or videos.

Political author Gearoid O Colmain discusses the Paris attacks with RT International

The WEST created ISIS and the terror acts are orchestrated by the WEST:

Marine Ken O'Keefe: SAME THING: the WEST created ISIS and are orchestrating the "terror attacks":

Here's the criminal terrorist mainstream media promoting the FALSE FLAGS blamed on Muslims:

French false flag? .01%: ‘We’re an empire, and create our own reality. While you’re studying, we’ll act again. We’re history’s actors, and all of you will be left to just study what we do.’

Paris crisis (cr-ISIS) actors ‘duping delight,’ same actors at different false flags; had enough to demand arrests or need more duping?’

Bataclan was Jewish-owned for decades, but was (conveniently?) sold on 911-SEPTEMBER 11th!!! Is that FOREKNOWLEDGE of the "terror attack"?

Jewish owners recently sold Paris’s Bataclan theater, where IS killed dozens

Breaking Bullcrap - Episode 1: ISIS Islamic State Worldwide Deception Exposed (Redsilverj)

And here's what started it all: THE 911 FALSE FLAG - Google "911 five dancing Israelis".Five Israeli's were caught on 911 filming the first plane that hit the Twin Towers, which means they had FOREKNOWLEDGE. THESE were the people celebrating on 911, not Palestinians like Donald Trump said:

FOX did a 4-part series below about the biggest spy ring ever busted and it was on 911:

Below: so this guy was through a terrorist explosion...and his hair is perfectly styled and he's on a cell phone looking into the camera. Really???