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Last week Atlanta Jewish Times publisher suggested assassinating Obama; This week NEWT's top donor BILLIONAIRE Sheldon Adelson says: "The uniform that I wore in the military, unfortunately, was not an Israeli uniform, it was an American uniform."

Above left: Billionaire Sheldon Adelson gave $10 MILLION donation to philanderer Newt Gingrich, above right.

Last week I wrote this post:

(Saturday, January 21, 2012) Jewish American newspaper publisher suggests Israel assassinate Barack Obama we have NEWT GINGRICH's TOP DONOR, BILLIONAIRE SHELDON ADELSON, who has already donated more than $10 million to NEWT, saying in the following video:

"The uniform that I wore in the military, unfortunately, was not an Israeli uniform, it was an American uniform." @ 5:10

(about one of his sons) "His hobby is SHOOTING, hopefully he'll come back (to ISRAEL) and become a SNIPER for the IDF." @ 5:37 (Since non-Jews are considered to be non-humans, aspiring to have your son become a sniper makes perfect sense. - plunger)

"All we care about is being GOOD ZIONISTS." @ 7:22

Here is the web site and cause he is promoting - designed to ensure that the media tows the Israeli propaganda line:

Sheldon Adelson believes Palestinians are "invented people", too:

Gingrich’s Major Backer Arch-Zionist Sheldon Adelson

The propaganda art of the elite 1% wealthy & powerful Israeli-Firster Zionist warmongers who control our government & media, whose loyalty is to Israel even though they are American citizens, is to blur and confuse the difference between THEM vs the other 99% Jews and the religion of Judaism, especially American Jews whose loyalty is NOT to Israel, but to THEIR COUNTRY THE UNITED STATES. Then, when they blur these differences enough, they can call you an ANTI-SEMITE (you hate 100% of ALL JEWS). Besides calling you an "ANTI-SEMITE", they may also bring up Hitler and/or the Holocaust and imply that, because you've pointed out the EVIL things they are doing, you "love Hitler" and/or you were "for the Holocaust"...because you're an "ANTI-SEMITE" and hate ALL JEWS. When in reality, you just hate THOSE PARTICULAR PEOPLE because you realize what EVIL warmongers they are and they are using their wealth and power and media ownership to hijack the U.S. government and military for their warmongering purposes, like propagandizing us into endless wars against Israel's enemies. The "ANTI-SEMITE" trick, right from the horse's mouth - from a former Israeli minister:

Max Blumenthal: U.S. politics isn't about American Jewish votes, it's about Zionist Jewish MONEY; 45% of individual campaign contributions are from a tiny select group of super rich Jewish Zionist elites: Mel Sembler & Sheldon Adelson make sure the GOP does the Zionists bidding, & Haim Saban make sure the Democrats do the Zionists' bidding:

Israeli Zionists insult American Jews:

Popular Christian Zionist author, Kay Arthur of Precepts Ministries. "I love America," Arthur said, her voice quivering with emotion. "But if it came to a choice between Israel and America, I would stand with Israel."

Report: Adelson under criminal investigation for alleged bribery of foreign officials: American billionaire, close ally of Netanyahu, and main donor to Gingrich's campaign has been under federal investigation for his casino empire's alleged involvement in a corruption scandal in China, ABC reports.

Netanyahu hits on just about all the points here: HITLER, THE HOLOCAUST, 1938 GERMANY, NAZI'S...ETC...ETC...

2006: Holocaust II IMMINENT...according to Netanyahu...I guess he was off a little:

(2006) Netanyahu: It's 1938 and Iran is Germany; Ahmadinejad is preparing another Holocaust: Likud leader hints Israel has the military capability to curb the Iranian threat but time is running out.

Dual Citizenship -- Loyal to Whom?

CLEAR EVIDENCE that the US media is completely under the control of Netanyahu - via blackmail and coercion with Dual-Citizen TRAITORS INSIDE THE US:

Breaking: Patriot Missiles Seized, Sold To China by Israel (Updates)

Commentary by PLUNGER:

If you're Jewish - you can threaten the life of the President of the United States.  It's legal now:

Apparently the Jewish community knows how they actually speak to one another in private - and this rhetoric is normal in their realm.  Note that if Muslims spoke this way in private - they'd be arrested and charged as terrorists...

"Freedman also sees broader trends at work, including the fading line between private and public talk dissolving in the era of blogging and tweeting. The Atlanta Jewish Times incident, he says, is a reminder that words that sound bold in private will "resonate really differently when they are out in public."

So how has it come to pass that Eric holder's US Department of Justice has failed to arrest a dual citizen inside the United States who openly threatened the life of the US President?

If your Jewish, threatening the life of the American President "sounds bold in private?"  Bold?  What laws apply to Zionist Jews living inside the United States?  Seriously?  If Adler had threatened the life of the President in a private meeting of Zionists - the collective opinion of the group would have been that his words were "Bold?"

THAT is what this situation and these articles reveal.  A secret society within the United States that actively works at cross-purposes to the US Constitution.  They are CLEARLY ABOVE THE LAW.

Look at all the games and wordsmithing in this article - trying to explain away the "Israel-Fist" mindset:

You do, of course, have schmuckos like Andrew Adler, the now-ex-editor of the Atlanta Jewish paper, who fantasized in print about the Mossad rubbing-out President Obama. I don't think this makes him pro-Israel, by the way, or whatever the non-anti-Semitic equivalent of "Israel-Firster" is. I think this makes him an idiot and a sociopath.


Jefferey Goldberg of the Atlantic Magazine thinks that what Adler did ONLY makes him a "schmucko" and "an idiot and a sociopath?"  What about a "criminal?"  Why is it that no one in the Jewish community or the Justice Department can articulate the need to arrest this man?

CLEARLY - the Zionist-controlled media has taken up a new cause - the rewriting of the English language to declare yet one more term "anti-Semitic."

"Israel-Firster" = anti-semitic!  Got it?

What American citizens refer to as TRAITORS - Zionists seek to protect from discussion or scrutiny.

Note that Zionists are not exclusively Jewish - not by a long shot.

Yet despite that - the effort is fully underway to paint the term 'Israel-Firster" as meaning "anti-Jewish."

Nothing could be further from the truth. But don't let the truth get in the way of a carefully crafted conspiracy to deploy propaganda to silence critical thinking and debate on the most important issue effecting our country and our future.

When Sheldon Adelson refers to himself as a proud "Israel-Firster," is he not also an anti-Semite for doing so, here in this newly-contrived world?

If they didn't have so many crimes to coverup for, they would be putting so much effort into making free speech illegal.


Barack Obama’s “unbreakable bond” with Israel

Morton Klein of the Zionist Organization of America demands more U.S. wars for Israel:

Obama Claims Iran is “Isolated” When the Opposite is True: Obama claims “a world once divided [on Iran]. . .now stands as one” and that Iran is “isolated”. Is it Iran or the US & Israel who are “isolated”?

John Gunther Dean American Ambassador reportedly a target of an Israeli assassination plot. Published in The Nation.

Staten Island Rep. Michael Grimm accused of using Israeli ties, collecting illegal political contributions

Jewish American Alfred Lilienthal 1949: "Judaism, I have felt, was a religious faith which knew no national boundaries, to which a loyal citizen of any country could adhere.

By contrast, Zionism was and is a nationalist movement organized to reconstitute Jews as a nation with a separate homeland. Now that such a state exists, what am I? Am I still only an American who believes in Judaism? Or am I-as extreme Zionists and anti-Semites alike argue-a backsliding member of an Oriental tribe whose loyalty belongs to that group?"

Alfred Lilienthal (Jewish American, 1949): Israel’s Flag is Not Mine

Putting Israel First: The War Party's Achilles' heel


NEWT & Santorum are "JOKE CANDIDATES", only in it so the media can continue to ignore Ron Paul. If only Romney and Ron Paul were in it, the media would be FORCED to talk about the only other candidate besides Romney: Ron Paul. The establishment Republican Party has already decided on Mitt Romney. (UNLESS...see below about Jeb Bush)

How big of a "JOKE" are NEWT & Santorum? As big, if not BIGGER, "JOKE CANDIDATES" as Cain & Perry were! Santorum & NEWT are not even on the BALLOT of several major states:

Newt's failure to get on the Missouri, Ohio and Virginia ballots and Problems in NH : causing his supporters to leave in droves.

Santorum is not on the ballot in VA, TN, & DC

Remember when I wrote this?

(Saturday, November 5, 2011) The Three Stooges Simultaneous Meltdown: orchestrated by KARL ROVE so JEB BUSH can step in at the last second???? Is Karl Rove orchestrating the 3 Stooges (Romney/Cain/Perry) simultaneous meltdown so the SAVIOR from the family of royalty (the Bush's) can step in after the MEDIA CIRCUS?

(Simply replace CAIN & PERRY with NEWT & SANTORUM. See a pattern? Romney + two "JOKE CANDIDATES" - STILL the Three Stooges, STILL ignoring Ron Paul!)

BUT LOOKEY HERE....WHO DAT????? WHO DAT in the picture below? Is that JEB BUSH, POPPY GHW BUSH, & OBAMA???

Look at these reports that just came out:

Fearful GOPers, Failed Dem Prepare for Jeb Bush Draft

George H.W. and Jeb Bush Pay Obama an Unscheduled Visit

Big Dan TV Random Videos:

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They Just Won't Stop The Team 6 Bullshit

We're not talking about Team 1, Team 2, Team 3, Team 4, Team 5, Team 7, Team 8, Team 9, or Team 10...we're talking TEAM 6!!!!!!

MYTHICAL, SUPER-SECRET BUT YET FAMED AND LEGENDARY TEAM 6, who "got Bin Laden" after he was running around in caves for 10 years while on dialysis, is back from the DEAD and DOIN' THEIR THING!!! Notice this coincides with Obama's State of the Union Speech...much like Bush's "color coded terror alerts" happened whenever HE needed a "boost" in ratings.

Official: Bin Laden kill team 6 rescued Somali hostages

Here's the OFFICIAL OSAMA/TEAM 6 story told to us by the "news" at that time, which I have kept in cut/paste for Team 6 occasions such as this (yes, I'm NOT making this up, they DO think YOU are a MORON):
The FBI/CIA/Mossad couldn't find Osama for 10 years, he was on dialysis, "TEAM 6" found him watching TV of himself, he had porn, we shot him in the head, we threw him in the sea, "according to Islamic Law" (that phrase was said 1 MILLION TIMES on the "radio news briefs" in your car), they have video of this but won't show us, Osama had his 4 wives and 13 kids they never told us about with him, who also for 10 years must've been eluding the FBI/CIA/Mossad. Then TEAM 6 died in a helicopter crash soonafter. They said in the "news" they were going to interview Osama's wives and never did. They said they would release the video of Team 6 killing Osama and never did. All this is amid reports from around the world for YEARS that he was already dead a long time ago.
Do you believe that? Then you believe EVIDENCE-FREE STORIES TOLD BY POLITICIANS AND TV. The same guys you're always saying are constantly LYING to us all the time!


They cover TEAM 6 below, here in the excellent Corbett Report:

They just won't stop the MASSIVE BIN LADEN BULLSHIT!!!

CARTOON NEWS: Major Networks show "cartoon rendering" of Team 6 getting Bin Laden...even though they supposedly have video.

If you believe the TEAM 6 bullshit, you should buy these things:




How to prevent a false flag - out the potential target and story in advance:


Keiser Report: The Entire Internet Community vs Hollywood/Chris Dodd/Tea Party congressman:

Still don't believe in CHEMTRAILS? Read my saying at the top of my blog, and then watch this:

This is my wife's new health care website: 

911 Natural Health Care

Have No Health Insurance? Paying too much while insured? Here is your solution! FREE stuff! Ridiculously low cost, easy natural remedies. Politics in Healthcare Blog & much, much more!

Not in attendance at JOE PATERNO's funeral: ALL THE VICTIMS OF ASSISTANT COACH JERRY SANDUSKY, many of whom wouldn't have been molested if Paterno, anytime after reporting Sandusky to his superiors, asked the simple question: "HEY! HOW COME SANDUSKY'S STILL WALKING AROUND FREE WITH LITTLE KIDS, AFTER I REPORTED HIM?"

A father gave his son's 3 prospective wives $5000 each, so that his son would marry the one who used the money the most wisely.

#1 Got her hair done, her nails, bought fancy clothes, jewelry, she would look the prettiest for him.

#2 Bought him all sorts of presents and said she would always give up everything for HIS happiness.

#3 Took the $5000 and made several investments earning $50,000 in profits, and gave the father back the $5000, and said that now her and his son would have $45,000 to start a new life together.

The father said to the son, "Now you've seen what each one did with the $5000. Which one do you want to marry?"


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Jewish American newspaper publisher suggests Israel assassinate Barack Obama

"Sept 11 was good for Israel." -- Netanyahu (pictured above)

"It's a Trick, We Always Use It." (calling people "anti-Semitic")

Uproar after Jewish American newspaper publisher suggests Israel assassinate Barack Obama. Op-ed in Atlanta Jewish Times says the slaying of the president may be an effective way to thwart Iran's nuclear program.


The American Jewish Committee in Atlanta last night issued a harsh condemnation of Adler’s article, saying that his proposals are “shockingbeyond belief.”

"While we acknowledge Mr. Adler's apology, we are flabbergasted that he could ever say such a thing in the first place. How could he even conceive of such a twisted idea?" said Dov Wilker, director of AJC Atlanta. "Mr. Adler surely owes immediate apologies to President Obama, as well as to the State of Israel and his readership, the Atlanta Jewish community."



Dear Editor of The Jewish Times: Please re-think your call to assassinate Obama


I wonder what will happen to the man who calls for the assassination of the President of the United States. The post-9/11 era dictates that the mere thought of something so absurd, something so backwards, merits serious consequences. The Department of Homeland Security elevates the national threat level. A Patriot Act-like bill pushes its way through Congress. Those associated with the plot are arrested, interrogated, sent to Guantanamo, and kept there. The President is safe.

But I’ve left out one blaring detail that has the power to quell Washington’s reaction: the man’s political and religious affiliation.


Secret Service Probes Atlanta Jewish Times' Andrew Adler

Israel Should Consider Assassinating Obama - Atlanta Jewish Times newspaper

Americans catching on: read the thousands of comments here.

This pretty much says it all about Israel's influence over the US Government.

Why is this legal? Because Israel owns Congress:

Remember this?

Man with ‘Israel’ tattoo charged with attempting to assassinate Obama

Now suppose Mr. Adler wasn't just a newspaper publisher, but was in the governement like, say, Paul Wolfiwitz or Michael Chertoff or Richard Perle or Eliot Abrams or the dozens of dual-Israeli citizens in our government under both Republican and Democrat administrations. Do you think they'd participate in aiding the Mossad to do 9/11 to get us into wars against Arab countries? Do you think they'd then blackmail our entire government to pass legislation like NDAA, SOPAPA, PIPA, etc... Un-Constitutional legislation that they would not normally ever write up let alone vote almost 100% bi-partisan for?

Remember this?

Sep 2010 FLASHBACK: The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania hired ITRR, the Instititute of Terrorism Research and Response, a Jerusalem based company owned by the Mossad and tied directly to the Israeli Ministry of Defense to track “dissidents” and “activists.”

The Death of American Democracy: 29 bi-partisan standing ovations from Republicans/Democrats for leader of foreign country -

Israeli agents posed as CIA to recruit terrorists

Dual Citizenship -- Loyal to Whom?

Did you know that by law the US guarantees israel's oil supply - no matter what?

9/11 Israeli Art Students:

Why The Military Knows Israel Did 9/11

Mossad: RSA Security & Ptech Run US Govt Computers

1/5 of CONGRESS goes to Israel.


This also serves to explain why America has never actually declared war in decades - and why Congress NEVER raises the issue of going into repeated wars without the CONSTITUTIONALLY REQUIRED CONGRESSIONAL AUTHORIZATION.

If the best interest of America was truly served by global imperialism and endless wars - Congress would fulfill its duty to the American people by promoting that goal - WITHOUT ILLEGALLY ENRICHING THEMSELVES PERSONALLY IN THE PROCESS.

Treason is evidenced by their willingness to accept bribes and the proceeds from insider trading to do what would be their jobs on behalf of their ACTUAL constituents - the American People - whom they clearly do not represent.





Government Has Seized All Power: - We're No Longer Free

Google: "Joint US-Israel drill called off"

People Who Believe The Official 9/11 Story, Who Otherwise Seem Intelligent, Believe In Not One, But NINE Scientifically Disproven Supernatural MIRACLES

Israeli Wiretappers, the NSA, and 9/11: Are Members of the U.S. Govt Being Blackmailed by Israel and Others via Wiretaps?

Jane's Addiction

Anthrax & 9/11- Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

"Muslims" didn't do 9/11

Funny the guy's name who's interviewing dual citizen Michael Chertoff in this video is ADLER, just like the guy's last name who suggested Obama be assassinated:

The CIA False Flag Hacker Cyber Attacks Are A New Goldmine For Michael Chertoff (just like airport TSA BODY SCANNERS were a goldmine for Michael Chertoff's THE CHERTOFF GROUP)

Michael Chertoff is on Mitt Romney's foreign advisory team!!!

Gingrich says his backer’s ‘central value’ is Israel (and NBC drops the subject)

"EMERGENCY COMMITTEE FOR ISRAEL" attack ad against Ron Paul:

Why is there a rash of Jews getting caught writing anti-semetic graffiti (false flag)? To foment anti-semetism and make America seem unlivable to American Jews so they go back to the "LAND OF ISRAEL" or "ERETZ ISRAEL":

Don't think our media is hijacked? The way Sean Hannity acts here can only be explained if he works for Israel. A tipoff is whenever someone like Hannity has someone on his show exposing Israel, he must say "conspiracy" and "anti-semite" before letting the person speak:

Here's 9/11 truther (what's the opposite of truth, btw?) Jim Fetzer on O'Reilly, at about 1:00 out comes "conspiracy" and "nut" and "space aliens" and "elvis" and "crazy" and "looney" and "you hate your country", etc...notice O'Reilly looks down at his script to read. Ironically, O'Reilly actually PROVES the media cover up complicity, he names the mainstream outlets who won't carry Fetzer. Thanks, Bill!!! You just named the outlets for us!!!!!!! The title of the video should be: "O'REILLY NAMES MAJOR NEWS OUTLETS IN ON 9/11 COVERUP" )

Israel creates a super PAC to attack Ron Paul

Commentary by plunger:

Notice (in the above video) he mentioned "the Greater Israel Project." Sounds fairly benign until you think it all the way through. He's the only one I've heard say that out loud. 9/11 was ALL about "the Greater Israel PROJECT" - at least it was from Israel's perspective. Their US co-conspirators just had no idea how ruthless Likud could be.

Everyone needs to have a clear understanding of what "the Greater Israel Project" is. It means specifically, the acquisition of the lands/resources from the Nile to the Euphrates. And of course, the extermination of removal of all the "sub-human Arabs" (how Israel brainwashes its population to perceive them) presently occupying the land that Likud would explain is rightfully the property of Jews. This single truth drives "THE AGENDA."

It's also crystal clear who was behind the "Citizens United" push and ruling - the subsequent NDAA language and the push for SOPA and PIPA. Israel has Congress completely blackmailed to pass these. All of the money that flows into politics, ultimately cycles into driving the narrative Americans are presented with on TV (censorship/brainwashing for the Greater Israel Project) - as it flows into the coffers of their co-conspirators, the Zionist owners of media - TRAITORS.

The US Tax dollars that have been offshored to Israel over the past two decades (loans never to be repaid), have been intentionally repurposed to destroy America to the sole benefit of Israel and its co-conspirators in the US.

What American Jews need to fully comprehend (particularly those running the PROJECT in the US), is that the end-game that Netanyahu has in mind is to cause ALL US JEWS to fleee to "Greater Israel," by necessity. Likud perceives Israel's greatest problem to be demographic - too many Arabs and not enough Jews. Just as Israel's 9/11 co-conspirators, the GHW Bush / David Rockefeller / CFR Shadow Government, could never imagine Netanyahu blackmailing them for their role in 9/11 - so to Israel's Zionist partners in America believe they are insulated from the truth ever being revealed about their TRAITOROUS role in 9/11, the subsequent cover-up, brainwashing & Blackmail - all in support of the Greater Israel Project.

These US-based co-conspirators think they'll be free to live out their lives in America - with the truth of their illegal/traitorous activities hidden from view. Netanyahu has other plans. His goal is to make the truth known - and cause all Jews worldwide to have to flee to FORTRESS GREATER ISRAEL to save their very lives. Likuds primary goal is to foment so much actual anti-semitism, that Jews are left with no choice but to migrate. The Greater Israel Project is about securing all of the land, water, oil, defense weaponry, money and control, in order to support all of the Jews on earth in one place.

You're probably thinking that the US Military would just attack Israel at that point. It won't be able to. Israel will have bankrupted America by that time, taken control of its nuclear weapons launch codes and targeting (it likely already has), and the Military will no longer be a force - as there will be no money to support it, when the TRAITOROUS FEDERAL RESERVE LEACH abandons its dead host.

Cunning, Ruthless, Rogue, Unpredictable.

American Jews are seduced into believing they will be free to live in America. Israel's Likud are mad men - they are out to make America uninhabitable for Jews - and perhaps, for all humans. When their project is ready to support the influx of emigres, Likud will stunningly and intentionally make the truth of Mossad's role in 9/11 known - intentionally fomenting massive global anti-semitism, and the tsunami of Jews flooding into Greater Israel (formerly known as Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Palestine) will be complete.



When will it become publicly known that this fight is against Israel and its co-conspirators?

You really think Eric Holder at the DOJ wasn't blackmailed into the take-down of Megaupload? Strategically, the timing could not have been more stupid - so something else must explain it. Remember how criminally compromised Holder is over the outing of Fast & Furious? Who outed him? Israel has total information awareness of EVERYTHING in the US thanks to their unlimited surveillance. Was Holder outed in retaliation for something that pissed off Netanyahu? Was Netanyahu sending the White House a message? Care to bet on that?


SPEAKING OF THE ORCHESTRATED PROTEST AGAINST SOPA - Zionist sell=out, Chris Dodd, who retired from the senate to run the organization that represents entertainment interests, pulls a Rovian stunt, accusing his opponents of PRECISELY that which he and those he represents are guilty of:

Supporters of the bill were quick to condemn the actions of the websites. Ex-Senator Chris Dodd, MPAA's chief executive, described theblackouts as an "abuse of power".

Ahead of the day's action, Mr Dodd said: "It's a dangerous and troubling development when the platforms that serve as gateways to information intentionally skew the facts to incite their users in order to further their corporate interests."


SOPA is - in reality - the Stop 9/11 Truth Act

Look at it this way - no web site will EVER be taken off line and no lawsuit will EVER be brought under SOPA against anyone who steals copyrighted material favoring Israel, posts it, and profits from it. That will NEVER happen.

SOPA is intentionally written to be selective - and corporations and interest groups (Israel) will be free to target sites that mention anything about Israel's direct role in 9/11 or anything else Israel does not want discussed.


The NDAA is companion legislation that was demanded by the same co-conspirators at the same time. These two pieces of legislation REQUIRE one another to work. The NDAA legislation needed to pass first in order to make the weasel words in the SOPA legislation work. Any use of the phrase "under the law" in SOPA relates to the NEW law - the NDAA - which makes every individual a terrorist and everything communicated online "aiding the enemy at a time of war" - if the President says so.

And the President is now and always will be - an agent of Israel - whether by choice or by blackmail.

But for Israel's ability to totally control elected officials in the United States, do you honestly believe that such a huge majority would voluntarily pass the NDAA of their own free will? It's not logical, and is therefor EVIDENCE that the US Government has been hijacked via a combination of the THREE Bs:




...all three controlled by Netanyahu.

9/11 was the event that enabled all of it - as the US co-conspirators never imagined that Netanyahu would threaten to expose the entire plot, including the direct role of himself and Israel - EVERY SINGLE PERSON - in order to blackmail the US government - by blackmailing those in the layer above the government - (Bush Sr., Rockefeller, etc).

Remember - Israel has virtually EVERY SINGLE CONVERSATION between all of the 9/11 co-conspirators on tape.


Only by exposing the entire truth of 9/11 at the very highest levels, and outing the entire globalist scheme - can America once again be truly free.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"EVANGELICALS" fight over which MASS MURDERER they will endorse: Santorum or Gingrich; RON PAUL BOOED for quoting the GOLDEN RULE and being against WAR

Above right: Romney, NEWT, Santorum: the MASS MURDERER Republican candidates, with their fake Jesus on the left who also loves war and mass murder.

Take a look at these videos of "evangelical leaders" arguing over which mass murderer they will endorse: Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich, both of whom will continue the Bush-Obama continual state of wars and mass murder of brown-skinned civilians in other countries with trillions of our taxpayer dollars while crying we need to cut public aid with "austerity", instead of saying they will vote for the only RepubliCrat candidate (Ron Paul) who will immediately cease and desist mass murder and continuous war and save us a lot of money in the process:

Who would even want to be an "evangelical", if they endorse mass murder and constant war? They're TELLING YOU that the only candidate who's for peace and not for mass murder is OFF THE TABLE OF DISCUSSION among them. Are YOU an "evangelical"? SHAME ON YOU, THEN! Shame on mass murderer Rick Santorum! Shame on mass murderer Newt Gingrich! Shame on mass murderer Mitt Romney! Shame on EVANGELICALS for only discussing voting for MASS MURDERERS, and the only NOT mass murderer Ron Paul is off the table of discussion among "evangelicals".

WHO WOULD JESUS VOTE FOR? The guys arguing over who wants to be the next MASS MURDERER? Or the guy quoting the GOLDEN RULE?

(below, right: the REAL Jesus, not the fake Jesus at the top of this post)

RON PAUL BOOED FOR QUOTING THE GOLDEN RULE (you may as well BOO Jesus himself):

There's no doubt in my mind, that if Jesus came down right now, we'd kill him again.

There's only ONE RepubliCrat that JESUS would vote for: RON PAUL, the only NOT MASS MURDERER RepubliCrat candidate (BDBB Jan 5)

Since IGNORING Ron Paul hasn't worked, the mainstream media will now cover him as a RACIST, ANTI-SEMETIC, HOLOCAUST-DENYING, TERRORIST-LOVING CONSPIRACY THEORIST (BDBB Dec 25)

Evangelicals for NEWT (BDBB Dec 13)

Local radio shill WILK's Steve Corbett spends two days attacking Ron Paul for something about airline tickets:

Paul's flights fly in face of cut-spending theme

Above: WILK's Steve Corbett...rattled, feathers ruffled, made no sense.

Steve Corbett is a self-proclaimed liberal who, for the 2008 election, voted for and relentlessly pushed McCain/Palin. Does it make any sense to you, that Steve Corbett is a liberal and pushed and voted for McCain/Palin? He seems to think so, but doesn't realize that no one else does.

Well, does this make sense any sense? "Liberal" Steve Corbett has spent two straight days relentlessly attacking Ron Paul, the only (I said ONLY) RepubliCrat who would, like a real liberal would want, stop the continuous wars and mass murdering of brown skinned people? Of course, this only makes sense if Steve Corbett is NOT a "liberal", which is what everyone knows except for Steve Corbett. Ssshhh...don't tell him!!! Let him think that we all believe he's a "liberal"!

Now, ME? I'm a REAL liberal, so first and foremost, I am voting for the only RepubliCrat who is outspokenly against continuously mass murdering brown skinned people. I am not concerned about sensationalizing a NON-STORY about some airline tickets, a story which, no matter how many times it's explained, I do not understand anyway. Talk about clutching at straws!

I actually heard him say to a caller, "I didn't say Ron Paul bought 1st class tickets, I said he flew 1st class!" Folks: if you have to MINCE WORDS that finely, you beyond a doubt have some kind of agenda. That was between cutting off Ron Paul callers, falsely accusing Ron Paul callers of being rude, and making statements like "give it a rest" about Ron Paul callers, even though he had a "free for all" talk about anything you want format, and hanging up on Pa. Libertarian chair Lou Jasikoff. I never heard someone of Lou's stature treated so rudely on the air. No one deserves that. I'm sure an audio of this will be coming out soon, and I will post it.

Steve Corbett accused others of doing what HE was doing: losing his cool. That's a Karl Rove tactic: accuse others of what you yourself are doing.

Nice try, fake "liberal" Steve Corbett. I have pointed out that since Steve Corbett has come into this area and has a radio show, that he PRETENDS to be a liberal, and just before an election, becomes an establishment Republican. And true to form, exactly as I have said for years, here he goes again: attacking the ONLY Republican (and you can include Obama) who is against MASS MURDER & CONTINUOUS MURDER OF BROWN SKINNED PEOPLE. Learn what a real liberal is. And for that matter, a real conservative. Of all the RepubliCrats, REAL LIBERALS & REAL CONSERVATIVES have no choice but to vote for Ron Paul. Period. Anyone who says anything else is neither a REAL LIBERAL nor a REAL CONSERVATIVE.

UPDATE: Oh! Lookey here! MSNBC'S Lawrence O'Donnell, a progressive not known for supporting anyone with small-government rhetoric on any issue, reports the truth about AP's Ron Paul airline tickets hit piece:

“Every major Jewish Republican fundraiser has been with Mitt” since then, said Zeidman, a Houston lawyer who was a major backer of George W. Bush.

Here's two foreign policy advisors on Mitt Romney's team, you can look it up right on Romney's website: Israeli-firsters and Bush/Cheney administration Israel dual-citizen warmongers Dov Zakheim & Michael Chertoff - expect more war for Israel

Dov Zakheim

Michael Chertoff

You can find both Dov Zakheim & Michael Chertoff in this article below:

Dual Citizenship -- Loyal to Whom?

People Who Believe The Official 9/11 Story, Who Otherwise Seem Intelligent, Believe In Not One, But NINE Scientifically Disproven Supernatural MIRACLES

“He (Mitt Romney) has a proven business record and is a problem solver,” said Mel Sembler

Let's take a look at who Mel Sembler is:

The unauthorized biography of Mel Sembler.

If you're for Ron Paul and PEACE, be prepared to be called an ANTI-SEMITE because you are against wars for Israel.

Obamney vs. US, USrael vs. Iran: there is NO DIFFERENCE between Romney and Obama, Ron Paul is the ONLY choice for peace among Republicans and Democrats

Monday, January 16, 2012

People Who Believe The Official 9/11 Story, Who Otherwise Seem Intelligent, Believe In Non-Scientific, even MAGICAL, Supernatural MIRACLES

Do the Twin Towers look like they're "falling" or EXPLODING:

Otherwise seemingly intelligent people, who endorse the 9/11 "MIRACLES" story: Are they being PAID OFF? Are their jobs threatened? Are their lives being threatened? Did their BRAIN take a vacation...just on the 9/11 "MIRACLES" story? Three such otherwise highly regarded people come to mind: Bill Moyers and Matt Taibbi (below left picture: left & center), and David Corn (below right picture: on right):

Bill Moyers, Matt Taibbi, & David Corn believe in SUPERNATURAL MIRACLES when it comes to 9/11, but otherwise appear to be extremely intelligent and great investigative reporters and writers. Bill Moyers, Matt Taibbi, & David Corn are not stupid, they DON'T believe SUPERNATURAL MIRACLES happened on 9/11. They are extremely intelligent. They fit into one of these categories: they are in denial (highly unlikely, based on their journalistic abilities with subjects such as the financial crisis, Iran-Contra, etc...), they got paid off, their jobs are being threatened, their lives are being threatened.

Are you telling me that Matt Taibbi wrote THIS article...and believes 9 MIRACLES happened on 9/11?

Are you telling me that Bill Moyers did THIS Iran-Contra expose...and believes 9 MIRACLES happened on 9/11?

What's going on here? Those guys, and other intelligent media professionals like them, cannot possibly embrace the official 9/11 story which involves believing in 9 MIRACLES. I don't believe these super-intelligent people threw science, research, and their BRAINS out the window ONLY FOR THE 9/11 STORY, and nothing else. I don't believe they "didn't look into it". I think they DID look into it, and they KNOW the official story is false. I don't BELIEVE that Bill Moyers and Matt Taibbi are MORONS. There's something else going on, only with the 9/11 story. I think you can throw DENIAL out the window with reporters like that, and I conclude they are being paid off, their jobs are threatened, and/or their lives are threatened - ONLY WITH THE SUBJECT OF 9/11. As Dr David Ray Griffin (theologian) says: he can even question RELIGION all he wants and not be attacked for it, but questioning 9/11 is off limits.

Seemingly intelligent people who believe the "official story" of 9/11, and aren't SHILLS (being paid off, or their lives are being threatened), are in DENIAL: Denial is a defense mechanism postulated by Sigmund Freud, in which a person is faced with a fact that is too uncomfortable to accept and rejects it instead, insisting that it is not true despite what may be overwhelming evidence.

9/11 Truthers continue to be made fun of as "nutjobs", "conspiracy theorists", "anti-semites" (what???), for believing in science, proof, evidence, and what thousands of real experts say such as architects, engineers, physicists. But those who believe the official SUPERNATURAL MIRACLES non-scientific "official story" without a shred of evidence backing it, should be described with those adjectives. This shows the power of media and government propaganda and peer pressure over facts and science. There have been over 30 peer reviewed papers written by accredited experts disputing the "official story". And there are virtually NO EXPERTS (not connected to the government like NIST, whose paychecks depending on pimping the magical miraculous theory) who go on record believing the "official story" embracing non-scientific "MIRACLES".

Those who believe the "official" 9/11 story believe at least these 9 MIRACLES:

Miracle #1. The Fire-Induced Collapse of WTC 7: An Apparent Miracle

NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) is on record saying that WTC 7, the 47 story building which was part of the World Trade Center and was NOT hit by a plane, yet fell free fall controlled demolition style, is the first and only steel frame skyscraper to completely collapse due to fires alone, contradicting Popular Mechanics who said it was due to debris falling from the North Twin Tower and fuel tanks. One or both NIST/Popular Mechanics is WRONG, because they are on record contradicting each other.

Miracle #2. WTC 7’s Collapse: A Perfect Imitation of an Implosion

WTC 7 fell perfect controlled demolition free fall in it's own footprint, due to random office fires? A random act, such as "office fires", cannot cause a textbook controlled demolition free fall of a steel frame skyscraper. A one-in-a-trillion MIRACLE: random office fires caused textbook controlled demolition.

Miracle #3. WTC 7’s Descent in Absolute Free Fall

The ONLY known thing that would cause free fall speed of a steel frame skyscraper collapsing is CONTROLLED DEMOLITION, anything else you are in direct conflict with the settled science of Newton's Laws of Motion. Another MIRACLE.

Miracle #4. The Twin Towers: Descending in Virtual Free Fall

Same as #3: free fall is IMPOSSIBLE...except for CONTROLLED DEMOLITION. A random act cannot cause textbook controlled demolition free fall speed collapse into its own footprint. Unless another MIRACLE occurred.

Miracle #5. The South Tower’s Mid-Air Miracles

Video proof of giant portions of the South Tower WTC 2 did "mid air dances", and beams ejected weighing several tons changed directions and speeds while falling. MORE MIRACLES you must believe, to believe the official story.

3 short videos on the South Tower WTC 2 supernatural MIRACLES...otherwise explained by a scientist as controlled demolition:

Miracle #6. Horizontal Ejections from the Twin Towers

Massive beams and other structures were ejected sideways at incredible speeds, some landing up to 650 feet from the "falling" Towers, are proof of explosives used. Energy from explosives could only provide that energy. The "official story" provides for 3 things: the planes hitting, fires, & gravity. Except for the MIRACLE "supernatural energy" (not pre-planted explosives or incendiaries) provided energy to eject structures such as several ton beams sideways up to 650 feet.

Miracle #7. Metal-Melting Fires

(has your BBQ melted down recently? otherwise intelligent people who BBQ, must buy a new BBQ each time they cook, because it melts into a pile each time, like the steel frame Twin Towers and WTC7)

Steel melts at 2,800F, the hottest the fires at Ground Zero could've achieved, and only under idea conditions (which didn't occur), is 1,800F. That one was pretty easy. The MIRACLE of the steel of the Twin Towers and Building 7, without controlled demolition explosives or incendiaries, is a supernatural MIRACLE that people who seem to otherwise possess intelligence believe.

Miracle #8. Inextinguishable Fires

Inextinguishable fires raged at Ground Zero for SIX MONTHS according to Ground Zero workers, ranging between 600F and 1,500F. Mysterious, miraculous, supernatural fires...which could otherwise easily be explained by the use of controlled demolition explosives. More MIRACLES, otherwise explained by controlled demolition explosives and incendiaries.

Miracle #9. Supernatural Sulfur

Steel from the towers and WTC 7 had characteristics such as holes like Swiss Cheese, and thinned steel beams. The explanation was SULPHER, which aids in lowering the melting point of steel for controlled demolition...but no explanation was provided as to how tons of SULPHUR got there. Supernatural sulpur got there miraculously. Another MIRACLE you must believe, to believe the "official story".

So there are 9 non-scientific explanations, or MIRACLES, you must believe, to believe the "official story" told by politicians and the media, and by NO REAL EXPERTS NOT CONNECTED TO THE GOVERNMENT, such as NIST.

If you believe the above 9 MIRACLES occurred on 9/11, you'll believe ANYTHING!!!

Read this essay by Dr David Ray Griffin. He's a THEOLOGIAN who does NOT believe MIRACLES occurred on 9/11:

9 MIRACLES people believe about 9/11, people who otherwise seem intelligent. - Dr David Ray Griffin

Get Dr David Ray Griffin's book: "9/11 TEN YEARS LATER". He's the theologian who doesn't believe the MIRACLES we were told to believe by politicians and the media on 9/11, and believes in SCIENCE, EVIDENCE, PROOF, AND REAL ACCREDITED EXPERTS NOT CONNECTED TO THE GOVERNMENT:

9/11 Ten Years Later: When State Crimes Against Democracy Succeed

How can otherwise intelligent people (discarding those who are paid off, fear losing their jobs, or fear for their lives) who normally examine all the facts about something before arriving at a conclusion, believe the official 9/11 story which implies believing at least 9 non-scientific miracles occurred and all the facts and evidence provided by experts show otherwise? The answer is a simple: they presupposed the official story is true and didn't look at all the evidence. Why didn't they look at all the evidence? Because the LIE is so big - the biggest lie ever - they assume it must be true and there is no need to examine all the facts. These otherwise intelligent people who normally do fully research something, have drawn a line at fully researching 9/11, the biggest lie of all time. They subconsciously hide believing in The Big Lie without examining all the evidence by distraction: calling those providing the facts they are not examining: "truthers"/"conspiracy theorists"/"kooks"/"tin foil hat"/etc..., and making ridiculous statements as "proof", they otherwise would not make, like: "I SAW IT ON TV" or "EVERYONE KNOWS THE OFFICIAL STORY IS TRUE". Intelligent people who believe the official 9/11 story fell for The Big Lie, the biggest lie ever. The Big Lie relies on not examining the facts, and not examining the facts is caused by the LIE being so big, intelligent people think it simply must be true...without thorough examination. The Big Lie will not be believed, if all the facts are examined, but the facts aren't examined.

Here is a playlist I created of over 42 videos of raw footage of the Twin Towers and WTC 7 controlled demolition. Several of the videos are by REAL ACCREDITED EXPERTS (scientists...NOT politicians/media characters):

Over 30 peer reviewed papers by REAL EXPERTS (not politicians, TV guys, or government-connected scientists whose paychecks depend on the government) here below in this link:

Journal of 9/11 Studies

Thank you for visiting The Journal of 9/11 Studies, a peer-reviewed, open-access, electronic-only journal, covering the whole of research related to the events of 11 September, 2001. Many fields of study are represented in the journal, including Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Psychology. All content is freely available online. Our mission has been to provide evidence-based research into the events of 9/11 that might not otherwise have been published, due to the resistance that many established journals and other institutions have displayed toward this topic. We encourage all potential contributors to first prepare papers suitable for the more established journals in which scientists might more readily place their trust.

Refereed papers have already been published in mainstream peer-reviewed journals: Fourteen Points...[Bentham] and Environmental Anomalies at the World Trade Center: Evidence for energetic materials [SpringerLink], and Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe [The Open Chemical Physics Journal] . Further relevant papers are now in the peer-review cycle.

We will continue for the time being to provide a service for researchers who wish to present a new finding or a new point of view that has not been addressed in this venue. However, due to the volume of work, there may be substantial delays in publication. Thank you for your interest in careful research.

Kevin Ryan and Frank Legge co-editors

Various Professionals for 9/11 Truth sites:

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Pilots for 9/11 Truth

Scientists for 9/11 Truth

Patriots (Intelligence Officers) for 9/11 Truth

Fire Fighters for 9/11 Truth

Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth

Actors & Artists for 9/11 Truth

Veterans for 9/11 Truth

Military Officers for 9/11 Truth

Visit These Two Major Websites of 9/11 Scholars:

Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice

Scholars for 9/11 Truth

Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth

Religious Leaders for 9/11 Truth

Lawyers for 9/11 Truth

Journalists & Other Media Professionals for 9/11 Truth

Bottom line as dictated by media ownership cabal (Zionists) re: media talking-head stooges...

"If you like being on TV in America, don't EVER discuss 9/11, unless it's in the context of knocking down conspiracy theories. I guarantee you'll never work again"

That's all it takes to own America. $70K in a Congressman's freezer. The threat of firing if a journalist dares to print or speak the truth.

Ariana Huffington started to become too successful, with too big a liberal following on HuffPo - who were allowed to freely debate Israel - posting evidence of its direct role in 9/11. What happened? First they sent in the HASBARAara shills to create strawman arguments and poison the well. They relentlessly bombarded Huffpo with claims that she was ANTI-SEMITIC for allowing the truth to be told on her web site. Then they sent in the Prime Minister of Israel to meet with her - whom she allowed to blog directly on her site. She subsequently banned the offending truthtellers, and a Venture Capital Firm full of Israelis came along to fund her, and ultimately get her sold to their controlled AOL division.

Mission accomplished. Silenced, censored and banned - at a profit! All Israel's doing.

- plunger

What is ESSENTIAL in keeping the 9/11 MIRACLES MYTH story alive? A complicit, controlled U.S. mainstream media. Surprised? You shouldn't be. They're the ones who told you MIRACLES happened in the first place on 9/11 and had the entire story laid out before you in real time while it was happening...which is impossible unless the "official story" was known ahead of time. They're also the same people who have been lying to us or ignoring many other things such as NDAA for the past 10 years, and are presently trying to lie us into a war with Iran:

Sorry, but I don't believe NINE NON-SCIENTIFIC SUPERNATURAL MIRACLES, told to us by LIARS (politicians & media), which I would have to believe in order to believe the "official story". PHYSICS WAS NOT SUSPENDED ON 9/11:


Thursday, January 12, 2012

You Can't Legalize Tyranny

Systematic Silence About NDAA Proves Long Plot To Destroy America Is Real, Vindicating Conspiracy Theorists

URGE ALL presidential, Congressional and other political candidates to sign a pledge promising to protect America and its people, and not to allow any false flag attacks on American soil.

NDAA Is A Hoax: You Can't Legalize Tyranny

Protesting Against Indefinite Detention May Get You Detained:

And here's the next thing our corrupted congress has in store for us, with the corrupt media ignoring it so we don't know about it: trying to pass legislation to control the only place we can bypass the corrupt media to get the truth on anything - the internet:

REPORT: News Networks Ignore Controversial SOPA Legislation

America is now controlled by ‘Enemies Inside its Gates’

Put it all together: the same congress who wrote and passed NDAA against American citizens gave the leader of Israel 29 standing ovations and we keep going to war against enemies of Israel, including Iran next. Doesn't it seem like our government has been infiltrated by Israel and works and does what's best for Israel, and not us? And our media is also compromised by Israel? And they're tricking us into thinking "muslim terrorists" are everywhere and doing all of this? Do you really think cavemen on donkeys are continually outfoxing us? Or do you think someone else is more capable of doing it, and also has the capability to make us think cavemen on donkeys are doing it? And then they use the trick of calling you an ANTI-SEMITE to shut you up when you point this out? And is the way congress keeps voting bi-partisan exactly the opposite of what the American people want, and the way the "president", be it Republican or Democrat, keeps doing exactly the opposite of what we want, proof of rigged elections? We cannot POSSIBLY keep "voting" in people from both parties who continually keep doing the exact opposite of what we all want. Is anything I've just said NOT TRUE? This is very obvious, you don't have to be a genius to see this. Denial is a defense mechanism postulated by Sigmund Freud, in which a person is faced with a fact that is too uncomfortable to accept and rejects it instead, insisting that it is not true despite what may be overwhelming evidence:

And here's how they did it and continue to do it: FAKE TERROR, the "War on Terror", and 9/11

Juan Cole presents more evidence that the recent overtures by the US against Iran are but another instance of a long line of Israeli manipulations of US foreign policy in the Middle East.

Dual Citizenship -- Loyal to Whom?

The Trick Is To Make Iran Fire The First Shot

Do you think IRAN is killing their OWN nuclear scientists? Obviously not! Israel and/or the U.S. is killing Iranian nuclear scientists. That is TERRORISM...WE are the TERRORISTS:

Iranian nuclear scientist killed in Tehran explosion:


9/11 videos: looks like CONTROLLED DEMOLITION and the official story told to us by the government & media LIARS was...A LIE

Confirmed Presstitute: CNN's Dana Bash Worried About Ron Paul's Success!

Weapon of MASS DISTRACTION: Distract-O-Tron

Weapons of Mass Deception (movie): how the mainstream media cheerleads us into wars

LEAKED: Marine piss on Arabs they've murdered. US politicians & media make bigger deal out of pissing on them than murdering them:

Here is a picture of CHEMTRAILS above my house, taken from my friend's cell phone camera:

Exposed: Secret Presidential Chemtrail Budget Uncovered – Congress Exceeds Billions To Spray Populace Like Roaches

Government ADMITS secretly SPRAYING POISON on us!!! Also admit secret tests hundreds of times!

He just won't stop doing it and people just won't stop falling for it: Misguided sociopath pimp felon liar video hoakster James O'Keefe does it again! He makes ANOTHER heavily edited hoax video and the media, especially rightwing radio talk shows, run with it: DEAD PEOPLE VOTING IN NEW HAMPSHIRE. Anyone can comb the obituaries for the recently deceased and find them on the voter rolls, because they haven't been purged yet. Republicans who hate social security do this, too. They say, "DEAD PEOPLE GET SOCIAL SECURITY CHECKS". It's the same thing: of course, recently deceased OLD PEOPLE are going to get a social security check mailed to them, if there's a check going out in the system and they just died. And of course, at the local level, our rightwing radio talk show station WILK kept up with trying to further lose their credibility and keep true to their rightwing format by talking about this, in particular WILK's Sue Henry. Any radio show pushing any hoax video by James O'Keefe or Andrew Breitbart is not to be listened to. How many times are people going to fall for this? A bigger question might be, how can discredited James O'Keefe possibly think he can ever get away with another hoax video with the spotlight on anything he does? Can we now expect Republicans to use this HOAX VIDEO to blitz the media into some type of voting legislation to make voting tougher, like they immediately blitzed the media pushing legislation to DEFUND ACORN based off of James O'Keefe's ACORN HOAX VIDEO???

New James O'Keefe Hoax Video Purports to Detail Fraudulent Cases of 'Voter Fraud' in New Hampshire

Election Officials, Experts: O'Keefe Implicated In Another Illegal Stunt

NH Republican Mayor: 'Arrest and Prosecute' O'Keefe and Fellow 'Voter Fraud' Conspirators! Unnamed donor paid $50k to fund his 'voter fraud' project...

(and keep in mind, all this rich, white, Republican PUNK's edited "stings" are always against minorities, little old ladies, etc...NEVER against billionaire white guys! or NEVER a "sting" against the military industrial complex or banksters who are ripping us off to the tune of TRILLIONS of dollars!)

Let's take a look at previous James O'Keefe and/or Andrew Breitbart rightwing hoax videos the media ran with. Andrew Breitbart's name seems to always pop up sooner or later in relation to James O'Keefe hoax videos, although Breitbart would push any hoax video, as long as it suits his agenda.

Big Dan's Big News July 13, 2010: ACORN lawsuits now rolling in over O'Keefe hoax "pimp" video.

Shirley Sherrod's "racism" heavily edited hoax video.

O'Keefe Video Doesn't Show "Dead People Vote In NH"

O’Keefe and Breitbart ACORN Videos ‘Severely Edited’

conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart blamed Fox News host Glenn Beck for a clip that portrayed U.S. Department of Agriculture state director Shirley Sherrod as racist.

The following article is about video hoaxster James O'Keefe getting arrested. But typical of articles at this time, it INCORRECTLY says "by posing as a pimp on hidden camera" when referring to his hoax "pimp" video, when it SHOULD say, "when James O'Keefe's heavily edited 'pimp' video SUCCESSFULLY MISLEAD THE PUBLIC AND US into thinking he showed up at ACORN offices dressed as a 'pimp'". But the getting ARRESTED part is correct:

James O'Keefe ARRESTED In Mary Landrieu Phone Scheme, 3 Others Also Charged

Media Watchdog FAIR Finds NYT Was 'Duped' in 'Wildly Misleading' Coverage of ACORN 'Pimp' Hoax: WHY CAN'T THE NYTIMES ADMIT THEIR MISTAKE???

Will the Republicans try and rush in legislation to make voting tougher, based off O'Keefe's "DEAD PEOPLE VOTE IN NEW HAMPSHIRE" hoax video, just like they did with the HOAX ACORN VIDEO? Watch:

Crowboarding: Russian roof-surfin' bird caught on tape

Remember a while back, the Japanese had "WANG COMPUTERS"? And we said, "Didn't anyone tell them what 'WANG' means?" Japanese dept store: