Thursday, January 12, 2012

You Can't Legalize Tyranny

Systematic Silence About NDAA Proves Long Plot To Destroy America Is Real, Vindicating Conspiracy Theorists

URGE ALL presidential, Congressional and other political candidates to sign a pledge promising to protect America and its people, and not to allow any false flag attacks on American soil.

NDAA Is A Hoax: You Can't Legalize Tyranny

Protesting Against Indefinite Detention May Get You Detained:

And here's the next thing our corrupted congress has in store for us, with the corrupt media ignoring it so we don't know about it: trying to pass legislation to control the only place we can bypass the corrupt media to get the truth on anything - the internet:

REPORT: News Networks Ignore Controversial SOPA Legislation

America is now controlled by ‘Enemies Inside its Gates’

Put it all together: the same congress who wrote and passed NDAA against American citizens gave the leader of Israel 29 standing ovations and we keep going to war against enemies of Israel, including Iran next. Doesn't it seem like our government has been infiltrated by Israel and works and does what's best for Israel, and not us? And our media is also compromised by Israel? And they're tricking us into thinking "muslim terrorists" are everywhere and doing all of this? Do you really think cavemen on donkeys are continually outfoxing us? Or do you think someone else is more capable of doing it, and also has the capability to make us think cavemen on donkeys are doing it? And then they use the trick of calling you an ANTI-SEMITE to shut you up when you point this out? And is the way congress keeps voting bi-partisan exactly the opposite of what the American people want, and the way the "president", be it Republican or Democrat, keeps doing exactly the opposite of what we want, proof of rigged elections? We cannot POSSIBLY keep "voting" in people from both parties who continually keep doing the exact opposite of what we all want. Is anything I've just said NOT TRUE? This is very obvious, you don't have to be a genius to see this. Denial is a defense mechanism postulated by Sigmund Freud, in which a person is faced with a fact that is too uncomfortable to accept and rejects it instead, insisting that it is not true despite what may be overwhelming evidence:

And here's how they did it and continue to do it: FAKE TERROR, the "War on Terror", and 9/11

Juan Cole presents more evidence that the recent overtures by the US against Iran are but another instance of a long line of Israeli manipulations of US foreign policy in the Middle East.

Dual Citizenship -- Loyal to Whom?

The Trick Is To Make Iran Fire The First Shot

Do you think IRAN is killing their OWN nuclear scientists? Obviously not! Israel and/or the U.S. is killing Iranian nuclear scientists. That is TERRORISM...WE are the TERRORISTS:

Iranian nuclear scientist killed in Tehran explosion:


9/11 videos: looks like CONTROLLED DEMOLITION and the official story told to us by the government & media LIARS was...A LIE

Confirmed Presstitute: CNN's Dana Bash Worried About Ron Paul's Success!

Weapon of MASS DISTRACTION: Distract-O-Tron

Weapons of Mass Deception (movie): how the mainstream media cheerleads us into wars

LEAKED: Marine piss on Arabs they've murdered. US politicians & media make bigger deal out of pissing on them than murdering them:

Here is a picture of CHEMTRAILS above my house, taken from my friend's cell phone camera:

Exposed: Secret Presidential Chemtrail Budget Uncovered – Congress Exceeds Billions To Spray Populace Like Roaches

Government ADMITS secretly SPRAYING POISON on us!!! Also admit secret tests hundreds of times!

He just won't stop doing it and people just won't stop falling for it: Misguided sociopath pimp felon liar video hoakster James O'Keefe does it again! He makes ANOTHER heavily edited hoax video and the media, especially rightwing radio talk shows, run with it: DEAD PEOPLE VOTING IN NEW HAMPSHIRE. Anyone can comb the obituaries for the recently deceased and find them on the voter rolls, because they haven't been purged yet. Republicans who hate social security do this, too. They say, "DEAD PEOPLE GET SOCIAL SECURITY CHECKS". It's the same thing: of course, recently deceased OLD PEOPLE are going to get a social security check mailed to them, if there's a check going out in the system and they just died. And of course, at the local level, our rightwing radio talk show station WILK kept up with trying to further lose their credibility and keep true to their rightwing format by talking about this, in particular WILK's Sue Henry. Any radio show pushing any hoax video by James O'Keefe or Andrew Breitbart is not to be listened to. How many times are people going to fall for this? A bigger question might be, how can discredited James O'Keefe possibly think he can ever get away with another hoax video with the spotlight on anything he does? Can we now expect Republicans to use this HOAX VIDEO to blitz the media into some type of voting legislation to make voting tougher, like they immediately blitzed the media pushing legislation to DEFUND ACORN based off of James O'Keefe's ACORN HOAX VIDEO???

New James O'Keefe Hoax Video Purports to Detail Fraudulent Cases of 'Voter Fraud' in New Hampshire

Election Officials, Experts: O'Keefe Implicated In Another Illegal Stunt

NH Republican Mayor: 'Arrest and Prosecute' O'Keefe and Fellow 'Voter Fraud' Conspirators! Unnamed donor paid $50k to fund his 'voter fraud' project...

(and keep in mind, all this rich, white, Republican PUNK's edited "stings" are always against minorities, little old ladies, etc...NEVER against billionaire white guys! or NEVER a "sting" against the military industrial complex or banksters who are ripping us off to the tune of TRILLIONS of dollars!)

Let's take a look at previous James O'Keefe and/or Andrew Breitbart rightwing hoax videos the media ran with. Andrew Breitbart's name seems to always pop up sooner or later in relation to James O'Keefe hoax videos, although Breitbart would push any hoax video, as long as it suits his agenda.

Big Dan's Big News July 13, 2010: ACORN lawsuits now rolling in over O'Keefe hoax "pimp" video.

Shirley Sherrod's "racism" heavily edited hoax video.

O'Keefe Video Doesn't Show "Dead People Vote In NH"

O’Keefe and Breitbart ACORN Videos ‘Severely Edited’

conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart blamed Fox News host Glenn Beck for a clip that portrayed U.S. Department of Agriculture state director Shirley Sherrod as racist.

The following article is about video hoaxster James O'Keefe getting arrested. But typical of articles at this time, it INCORRECTLY says "by posing as a pimp on hidden camera" when referring to his hoax "pimp" video, when it SHOULD say, "when James O'Keefe's heavily edited 'pimp' video SUCCESSFULLY MISLEAD THE PUBLIC AND US into thinking he showed up at ACORN offices dressed as a 'pimp'". But the getting ARRESTED part is correct:

James O'Keefe ARRESTED In Mary Landrieu Phone Scheme, 3 Others Also Charged

Media Watchdog FAIR Finds NYT Was 'Duped' in 'Wildly Misleading' Coverage of ACORN 'Pimp' Hoax: WHY CAN'T THE NYTIMES ADMIT THEIR MISTAKE???

Will the Republicans try and rush in legislation to make voting tougher, based off O'Keefe's "DEAD PEOPLE VOTE IN NEW HAMPSHIRE" hoax video, just like they did with the HOAX ACORN VIDEO? Watch:

Crowboarding: Russian roof-surfin' bird caught on tape

Remember a while back, the Japanese had "WANG COMPUTERS"? And we said, "Didn't anyone tell them what 'WANG' means?" Japanese dept store:

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