Wednesday, January 25, 2012

They Just Won't Stop The Team 6 Bullshit

We're not talking about Team 1, Team 2, Team 3, Team 4, Team 5, Team 7, Team 8, Team 9, or Team 10...we're talking TEAM 6!!!!!!

MYTHICAL, SUPER-SECRET BUT YET FAMED AND LEGENDARY TEAM 6, who "got Bin Laden" after he was running around in caves for 10 years while on dialysis, is back from the DEAD and DOIN' THEIR THING!!! Notice this coincides with Obama's State of the Union Speech...much like Bush's "color coded terror alerts" happened whenever HE needed a "boost" in ratings.

Official: Bin Laden kill team 6 rescued Somali hostages

Here's the OFFICIAL OSAMA/TEAM 6 story told to us by the "news" at that time, which I have kept in cut/paste for Team 6 occasions such as this (yes, I'm NOT making this up, they DO think YOU are a MORON):
The FBI/CIA/Mossad couldn't find Osama for 10 years, he was on dialysis, "TEAM 6" found him watching TV of himself, he had porn, we shot him in the head, we threw him in the sea, "according to Islamic Law" (that phrase was said 1 MILLION TIMES on the "radio news briefs" in your car), they have video of this but won't show us, Osama had his 4 wives and 13 kids they never told us about with him, who also for 10 years must've been eluding the FBI/CIA/Mossad. Then TEAM 6 died in a helicopter crash soonafter. They said in the "news" they were going to interview Osama's wives and never did. They said they would release the video of Team 6 killing Osama and never did. All this is amid reports from around the world for YEARS that he was already dead a long time ago.
Do you believe that? Then you believe EVIDENCE-FREE STORIES TOLD BY POLITICIANS AND TV. The same guys you're always saying are constantly LYING to us all the time!


They cover TEAM 6 below, here in the excellent Corbett Report:

They just won't stop the MASSIVE BIN LADEN BULLSHIT!!!

CARTOON NEWS: Major Networks show "cartoon rendering" of Team 6 getting Bin Laden...even though they supposedly have video.

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How to prevent a false flag - out the potential target and story in advance:


Keiser Report: The Entire Internet Community vs Hollywood/Chris Dodd/Tea Party congressman:

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