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There's only ONE RepubliCrat that JESUS would vote for: RON PAUL, the only NOT MASS MURDERER RepubliCrat candidate

(update: In my comments, NJT correctly notes that there are 3rd party candidates, such as the Green Party's Cynthia McKinney, that are NOT MASS MURDERERS. So, everywhere I said the only "candidate" that's not a MASS MURDERER, I changed to say the only "RepubliCrat". The Republicans and Democrats, the only two parties shoved down our throats on TV, radio, & newspapers, offer us only ONE NOT MASS MURDERER candidate: Ron Paul. Silly me! I'm against MASS MURDER! Psychopathic, genocidal MASS MURDERER! I'm "NUTS"!!!!!!!!!! I'm "CRAZY"! I'm "ANTI-SEMETIC! I'm "RACIST"!...for some unknown reason... Everyone who's against MASS MURDER is a NUTTY, CRAZY, ANTI-SEMETIC RACIST!!!)

Ron Paul's top 3 donors ... Us Air Force $23,437.00- U.S. Army $23,053.00 U.S. Navy $16,973.00-

Mitt Romney's top 3 donors. Goldman Sachs $354,700.00-Credit Suisse Group $195,250.00- Morgan Stanley $185,800.00

...Any questions ?

The Ron Paul-Military Alliance Is The Biggest Threat To The Rotten Establishment

I decided, out of the RepublicCrats, I'm voting for the ONLY one that's not a MASS MURDERER RACIST, or says they will be by bombing other countries if elected president: Dr Ron Paul - the ONLY RepubliCrat that's NOT a MASS MURDERER. A vote for Ron Paul is a vote AGAINST MASS MURDER. A vote for Obama, Romney, Santorum, or Gingrich is a vote FOR mass murder. Boil your vote down to one issue, folks, the most important issue: MASS MURDER in YOUR NAME with YOUR tax money. Ron Paul CAN'T be that bad, if he's the only one of the RepubliCrats against MASS MURDER. You DO have a choice out of the RepubliCrats, you have a choice between the psychopathic, genocidal MASS MURDERERS and Ron Paul. Which RepubliCrat would JESUS vote for? The only one that's not a MASS MURDERER:

Ron Paul: hates MASS MURDER and LYING

(How to win the "racist" accusation argument against Ron Paul: even though Ron Paul isn't a racist, just say, "I'D RATHER HAVE A RACIST THAN A MASS MURDERER". No one can deny that Obama, Romney, Santorum, Perry, Gingrich, & Bachmann are MASS MURDERERS or said they WILL BE MASS MURDERERS by continuing to kill millions of Arabs on the other side of the globe. Ron Paul is a pure libertarian, libertarians are for LEAVING EVERYONE ALONE. How can you be a racist, when you're for LEAVING EVERYONE ALONE??? You must ALWAYS shift the "racist" argument, to the "mass murder" argument. That will shut them up. Let's start talking about right and wrong, heaven and hell. If you believe in heaven and hell, you can vote for no other than Ron Paul or you're voting for MASS MURDER and you're going to hell.)

Since when is possible racism, worse than factual mass murder of one type of people - Arabs - as well as many other war crimes, crimes against humanity, and endless war pushed by media lies? What kind of a country has a debate over whether someone is a racist, instead of a debate about throwing the last two presidents - Bush & Obama - in jail for war crimes and crimes against humanity and mass murder of millions of one type of people - Arabs? Since when is the THE ONLY candidate who is against all of this...called "NUTS" by that country's mainstream media, radio talk show hosts, and mostly all other politicians from both parties??? Only in a country where morals and ethics no longer exist and its people are propagandized and brainwashed by their media and politicians 24x7 mass hypnosis.

The enemy of my enemy, is my friend. If the U.S. mainstream media and all the other candidates hate, trash, and ignore Ron Paul, I'm voting for him.

A regular old "racist" will call an Arab a "sand nigger", but never think of killing one. A MASS MURDERER RACIST will bomb only Arabs and kill millions of them. That's why I'm voting for Ron Paul. He's the only candidate that's not a MASS MURDERER RACIST. These MASS MURDERER RACIST will not get my vote: Obama, Romney, Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Perry, & Bachmann. And Ron Paul has a multi-decade track record of always voting in line with the Constitution. Mostly all the Republicans and Democrats recently voted for the un-Constitutional National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which stated that U.S. citizens could be locked up indefinitely without trial. Obama signed the NDAA, that is another reason I'm not voting for him. All the other Republican candidates were for the NDAA...except for Ron Paul. Obama LIES, Ron Paul doesn't. I'm also voting for the only candidate that isn't a LIAR. There are some issues I don't agree on with Ron Paul, but I agree with Ron Paul on all the most important issues: stopping the wars, sticking with the Constitution, stopping the police state, stopping the government attack on civil liberties, and reigning in the FED.

I am on the left, therefore I'm not voting for a MASS MURDERER RACIST like Obama, who is a "Democrat" in name only and engages in the RACIST ACT of bombing and killing only brown-skinned people. Ron Paul is much more liberal than Barack Obama. That is exactly why establishment Republicans also hate Ron Paul. You can throw Obama and all the Republicans, except for Ron Paul, into one hat and call it: THE MASS MURDERER RACISTS.

Here is your choice of RepubliCrat MASS MURDER candidates who want continual mass murder, genocide, destruction, draining our economy for endless war, death, mass crippling of brown skinned people, murdering and crippling brown skinned babies and children, and they all want to bomb Iran just after bombing Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and other brown-skinned countries:

Many people say, and with mountains of proof, the U.S. government and mainstream media is "ISRAELI OCCUPIED TERRITORY". If this is true, then it makes sense that our government are MASS MURDERER RACISTS on behalf of Israel, killing all of Israel's enemies for them - the Arabs.

Watch this CNN video for which adds to the already mountains of proof that the U.S. media is "Israeli Occupied Terrority", just like Palestine. CNN is interviewing a U.S. soldier. The interview goes on until the soldier starts talking about how he's against bombing Iran (SURPRISE! another enemy of Israel). When the soldier is in the middle of the sentence, "ISRAEL IS MORE THAN CAPABLE OF TAKING CARE OF THEMSELVES", the CNN screen freezes, lines come across the screen, and Wolf "pro-Israeli Zionist" Blitzer says, "WE JUST LOST OUR CONNECTION, UNFORTUNATELY". Yeah, right. In the middle of that exact sentence, and not in some other part. More likely, is that they are on a 5-7 delay, and the pro-Israel censor at Israeli-Occupied CNN saw the soldier begin to talk about being against bombing Iran, then saying, "ISRAEL IS MORE THAN CAPABLE OF TAKING CARE OF THEMSELVES", and it was censored. Also notice the CNN reporter pushing the idea that being anti-war is "DANGEROUS", like the FOX reporter in the next video also pushes.


Now we turn to FOX "news", as part of the pro-Israel Zionist controlled U.S. media. Another "coincidence" happens here with the same soldier. FOX is more blatant. They don't even try and fake you out with a "lost connection". FOX just simply cuts off the soldier with: "TEXAS CONGRESSMAN RON PAUL FINISHES THIRD". Notice, as with the CNN video above, FOX attacks Ron Paul's anti-war policy. The FOX reporter also says Ron Paul is "THREATENING THE U.S.".


Ron Paul brings back silenced soldier (note to CPL JESSE THORSON: don't say "ISRAEL" this time, we wouldn't want CNN to "lose transmission" again):

Iowa Outcome Ideal for Ron Paul

Phil Donahue: the media and politicians have us brainwashed into thinking PEACE IS DANGEROUS and Ron Paul is "DANGEROUS" because he's for PEACE:

He mentions the pledge of allegiance...

"and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands."

That's a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC that we pledged our allegiance to.

"with Liberty & Justice FOR ALL"

Now what are the names of the individuals who stole that CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC from us? WHO WERE THE PLOTTERS IN THIS COUP? What are the names of the individuals who have not been arrested for their FRAUD, SEDITION, BRIBERY, BLACKMAIL, EXTORTION, MURDER and TREASON?



Here's how SICK FUCKS who call in talk radio shows saying we should BOMB BOMB BOMB should be treated by the radio show host. Anything short of saying this to a BOMB CALLER, is PARTICIPATING IN THE MASS MURDER by the radio talk show host:

Here's how TV talk shows push war. See Bill O'Reilly:

I wrote this post on Christmas, you should go back and read it and look at all the links:

Since IGNORING Ron Paul hasn't worked, the mainstream media will now cover him as a RACIST, ANTI-SEMETIC, HOLOCAUST-DENYING, TERRORIST-LOVING CONSPIRACY THEORIST

That post contains the following CNN (Israel Central) video in which Ron Paul walks out of an interview with CNN's Gloria Borger. Guess what Gloria Borger happens to be saying at the exact moment Ron Paul walks out of the interview? She accuses Ron Paul of saying Israel was behind the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. Think about how all our major network "news" is OBSESSED with Israel, to the point of looking like they are more concerned about ISRAEL than we U.S. citizens, and they appear to be talking to ISRAELIS and not US. It only makes sense if they are controlled by pro-Israeli interests.

Watch how CLEVERLY CNN's Gloria Borger starts out NOT talking about Israel, then half way through, the FACADE breaks down, the WHEELS COME OFF, and it's all ISRAEL ISRAEL ISRAEL BOMB IRAN CONSPIRACY RACIST TERRORIST ISRAEL ISRAEL ISRAEL:

Ron Paul is a disaster for Republicans and Democrats, but not for America's freedoms

DELUSIONAL FANTASY: Obama is different than Bush

The Rick Santorum that America doesn't know

Obama, Democrats, & Republicans violate the Constitution:

Aaron Russo's last message before he died:

Hot Mic At Pentagon Presser Catches Reporter: "See This Room? Two-Thirds Of Us Laid-Off When Ron Paul Is President"

Thousands of US troops deploying to Israel

Israel, US to hold largest ever missile defense exercise. Thousands of US soldiers will be deployed in Israel.

Israel pushing US towards war with Iran

From now on … Our Biggest Mistake is Believing We Are Free

'US deploys troops in Israel for Iran war'

Big Dan's Big Blog December 29, 2011 (hmmmm....isn't this interesting, that I wrote this following post about a week ago, and we just happen to be deploying troops to Israel):

FALSE FLAG: U.S./Israel sink a U.S. carrier in the Straights of Hormuz and blame Iran???

Remember when I posted THIS:

350,000 Israelis Protest Their Goverment while 1/5 of OUR Congress (traitors) takes "ALL EXPENSES PAID BRIBE BY A LOBBY FOR A FOREIGN COUNTRY (AIPAC/ISRAEL) TAKEN BY HOUSE REPS & THEIR FAMILIES FOR POLITICAL INFLUENCE BY A FOREIGN COUNTRY" (are BARLETTA & MARINO going, to get "trained" by Israel?)

George Carlin: America Foreign policy is BOMBING BROWN-SKINNED PEOPLE

Last post:

EXTORTION, THEFT, & SYSTEMATIC FRAUD: Bank of America fines my daughter $70 ($105 originally) for negative FIVE BUCKS (-$5.29) balance, refuses to close her account until it's paid (-$75.29), then STEALS $75.29 from her brother's UNRELATED account to pay it !!!

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