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CONSERVATIVE Supreme Court rules FOR "Obamacare", Conservatives are "OUTRAGED", but Vermont forges ahead with SINGLE PAYER anyway, and Cable "news" falsely reports that "obamacare" lost (PLUS special alert about gas stations)

WHO'S GUILTY??? ...of holding $125 of MY money, and I can't use it, for up to 72 hours for a $30 gas purchase? Theoretically, you can buy $5 of gas and have $125 of YOUR money "held" for up to 72 hours, until the purchase shows up in your account!!!

SPECIAL ALERT: Guess what I just found out? If you use a debit card for gas, GAS COMPANIES are holding $125 of your checking account up to 3 days until the transaction goes through! I bought $30 gas at Valero station yesterday, and STILL have a $125 hold on my account until the transaction goes through!

If you choose "debit" instead of "credit", and punch your PIN in, then it won't happen (they say).

I don't have a list of which gas stations are doing this, but Valero is definitely one of them.

So, how many NSF (Not Sufficient Funds) penalties is this going to cause across the U.S.??? I verified this with UFCW credit union.

UPDATE: I called Valero just now (800) 324-8464, and they say it's your financial institution's fault, and they are trying to pin it on Valero. So, your bank/credit union is blaming Valero, and Valero is blaming your bank/credit union. But the bottom line is, if you charge gas with a debit card, SOMEONE is now holding $125 until the transaction goes through.

CALL 570.693.0500, and you will hear a pre-recorded message from UFCW saying the gas companies are holding $125 of your account. I asked UFCW to release the hold on the $125, even though you say Valero is the one holding $125, and they kindly did. Which tells me Valero gas is probably the one lying, because if UFCW is doing the hold, they wouldn't have released the hold.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Did you ever get REJECTED at the pump for gas, but you KNOW you have money in your account? That's because you needed at least $125 in your account to get gas. I just found THAT out, too. I know some people that has happened to recently. Someone told me a few weeks ago, they knew they had at least $40 in their account, and couldn't get gas. Now we know why.

Now if politicians wanted to REALLY do something tangible for us, instead of screwing around with legislation about VAGINAS, etc...they would immediately write a law that all gas stations that hold $125 of your account MUST POST THIS ON THE PUMP!!! But of course, they never write practical legislation that actually helps us. A financial institution penalty on YOU is none of their concern, they all have healthy balances in their bank accounts and this would never happen to them. They might rush out some "bath salts" legislation in record time, instead, because a ZOMBIES on BATH SALTS might eat you. They managed to put BOTH the "zombies" AND "bath salts" together into one story right here (click). I'm going to title my next post: "ZOMBIES ON BATH SALTS", so I get a million hits. Our GOVERNMENT, MEDIA, BANKSTERS, BIG ENERGY COMPANIES, & MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX - the ENTIRE 1% - are friggin' ZOMBIES ON BATH SALTS!!!

Let me tell you about a GOOD story connected to this. I found out this happened, because I was getting pool chemicals and the transaction got rejected. I said to the guy, "I KNOW I have the money". So my wife and I were pulling out of the parking lot and the guy comes running out shouting, "HEY, DAN!!!" My wife and I said, "I wonder what he wants?" The guy said, "Just take the chemicals and pay us when you can". I couldn't believe it. How often do you see a store do something that nice? That is SUPERIOR POOLS on MUNDY STREET in WILKES-BARRE.


Rush is "OUTRAGED", see below about "OUTRAGED CONSERVATIVES".

As Supreme Court Affirms Patchwork U.S. Healthcare System, Vermont Pushes Ahead with Single Payer

Set to be implemented by 2017, Vermont’s healthcare overhaul goes well beyond the new federal law. The Vermont Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, enacted last month, will make Vermont the first state in the nation to offer single-payer healthcare. On Thursday, Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin hailed the Supreme Court decision upholding the federal Affordable Care Act, but he said Vermont would probably be least impacted by it. "We’ve had a long history of healthcare reform and a real priority of taking care of our citizens," says Robin Lunge, Vermont’s director of Health Care Reform. "We’re not interested in waiting for the nation to catch up with us."

Why single payer?

There is no reason to ask "why" health care is a complicated, unaffordable, and a seemingly insurmountable problem in the U.S. but not in Canada. We know "why."

Unlike other industrialized nations, the United States health-care system is centered-around for-profit insurance companies. Selling "insurance" so people can have access to health care is a money making opportunity. Withholding treatment for sickness and pain is a money making opportunity. Sickness and pain are money making opportunities. There is no need to look any further for a system completely lacking in compassion when we have the United States Health Care Insurance System biting us in the face.

Roundtable: Supreme Court Ruling Ensures Coverage for Millions, But Doubts Remain on Quality, Access

We host a roundtable discussion on the landmark Supreme Court healthcare ruling with three guests: Dr. Oliver Fein of Physicians for a National Health Program, who signed a statement Thursday saying the new law will not remedy the U.S. health crisis; Wendell Potter, a former insurance executive turned whistleblower and senior analyst on healthcare at the Center for Public Integrity; and Jodi Jacobson, the editor-in-chief of RH Reality Check, a website dedicated to covering reproductive healthcare.

Cable news (the usual suspects: FOX and CNN) gives FALSE REPORT that "obamacare" was struck down by the Supreme Court (they STINK as usual, that's why they're losing viewers in EPIC numbers):

CNN, Fox Botch Supreme Court Health Reform Decision, Falsely Report Individual Mandate Struck Down (Video). the cable news networks rushed to report on the high court's ruling on the Affordable Care Act, but initially got the news wrong; UPDATE: CNN then issues a formal correction.

Comment by plunger: Actually he (Roberts) read his prepared remarks on two issues. He began with their main argument, which was the Individual Mandate's Constitutionality under the Commerce Clause. Because he read his opinion on that first - the CNN producer in the court room forwarded what was in fact accurate information, that Roberts struck down the first of TWO parts of the decision. He later went on to describe how the law as written was legal under the Government's authority to impose a tax. By then, the mistakes had already hit the airwaves, and the retractions commenced. The problem stemmed from having a producer in the room rather than an attorney who would have knows to phrase the initial half of the ruling as such.

The Repugs will tag Obama as a tax raiser who attempted to enact a law that was proven unconstitutional under the Commerce clause. Here's the problem...

The EXACT SAME ARGUMENT can be made against Romney for having done the exact same thing years earlier. THAT is the description Romney is stuck with for his earlier plan, which Obama copied on a national basis, for the most part.

Whereas Romney could be claiming HUGE credit for having created the template that was so forward thinking and effective, it became the model to solve the national health care problem, he has instead painted himself into this absurd corner where he is left to vilify anyone who would enact a plan such as his - like him.

Karma's a bitch, and she has a sense of irony and humor. WELCOME TO THE THEATER OF THE ABSURD!

Special commentary by Big Dan on the "LONGER LINES" canard used by those against health care for all: Whenever I hear people say they're against this type or that type of health care which would cover all Americans, I always hear them say, "THE LINES WILL BE LONGER" as a point against it. This is based on SELFISHNESS. Saying "THE LINES WILL BE LONGER" is like saying, "I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BUT ME. I HAVE HEALTH CARE, AND IF EVERYONE IS COVERED, I WILL HAVE TO WAIT LONGER." That's very selfish. You will have to wait longer, because everyone will be covered with health care. Also, that argument is an argument for MORE DOCTORS, not against a system that would cover everyone. Suppose I asked you, if there were more doctors and the lines wouldn't be longer, would you still be for universal coverage for all? What would you say? Would you be OK with that? Or would you somehow still be against it? Then don't say, "THE LINES WILL BE LONGER". Just say, "I'M SELFISH". I mentioned this "LONGER LINES" point to a random person, and they agreed with me that they've heard this talking point a million times.

(COMMENTARY UPDATE) Another SELFISH cliche besides "longer lines" is: IF WE GIVE HEALTH INSURANCE TO PEOPLE WITH PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS, THEN THEY WILL GET HEALTH INSURANCE WHEN THEY NEED IT. This is also grounded in SELFISHNESS. First of all, it's really grounded in the fact that the person is really saying "I" had to pay when "I" wasn't sick, but THIS GUY bought it right before he needed it! And that's not fair! I'm jealous! This is the same mentality as saying, "That government worker is getting paid $15/hr, and I get $7/hr. HE should make what I make"...instead of saying, "That government worker is getting paid $15/hr, I also want to get paid $15/hr." You are BRAINWASHED if your mind thinks in this manner. You have the mentality of dragging someone down to your level, instead of saying that YOU want to be UP on their level. And still concerning the "people will buy insurance right when they need it" canard #2, think of this: how can a person with a pre-existing condition EVER buy insurance without a pre-existing condition??? That is simply not possible! Once you have a pre-existing condition, WHENEVER you buy health insurance, whether it's today or 10 years from now or 20 years from now, or ONE MINUTE from now, you will be buying health insurance with a pre-existing condition. DUH! So cliche #2 MAKES NO SENSE TO BEGIN WITH!

Therefore, people who call rightwing radio stations like our local WILK and spout these anti-health care for all cliches are either: 1) ILLOGICAL IDIOTS 2) EXTREMELY SELFISH 3) SHILLS FOR THE HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANIES 4) ANY COMBINATION OF 1, 2, & 3.

Special commentary #2: I'm proud that I just found out my homemade picture for WILK comes up #2 in google images, when googling "WILK". WILK = FOX "NEWS" JR

Commentary on my WILK picture: I wanted to make a tic-tac-toe-type picture of rightwing media heads featuring WILK characters, both local and syndicated. Sean Hannity used to be on WILK, but I kept him there anyway. He was replaced by fake liberal Steve Corbett (think: Alan Colmes fake token liberal on FOX "news", it works! Don't knock the formula!). But I added some other non-WILK rightwing characters because they're all the same anyway, like Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin, William Kristol, Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly. Rush Limbaugh and Mike Savage are, of course, syndicated on WILK. I put Drudge Report up there, because that's probably one of their "news" sources. They all have the same daily rightwing talking points. They happen to talk about what Rush Limbaugh is talking about. In fact, Rush Limbaugh does little promos of what he's going to talk about on his show later in the day, and they happen to talk about that very often. By coincidence, you know. The Laura Ingraham spot was actually Ann Coulter, but I plastered Ingraham over Coulter because Coulter has mysteriously faded out of the limelight. I added local "Webster" because he's just like them. I should put LA Tarone and the sports guy Joe Thomas and the traffic guy Rusty Fender on there, too. They are all, of course, Republicans. What's the difference between all of them, local and not local?  NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!! It's FOX "news" JR. All replacable talking head rightwing characters. Talking amongst themselves, preaching to the choir, just like their callers. Tune in there, if you want to hear guys quoting the Bible, saying rightwing cliches like, "People on welfare buy lobsters", etc...etc...and the 2 anti-health care for all cliches in my above commentary. They're all selfish creeps, and it's bad for your health listening to WILK. My next update to the picture, I would like to get Karl Rove on there, possibly replacing William Kristol or Michelle Malkin. They seem to be fading out of the limelight, like Ann Coulter. You have to keep these things current, you know.

Speaking of William Kristol...maybe I should keep him in that WILK picture:

FOX "news" has a panel of "experts" who all happen to be against health care for all...because there won't be enough doctors, if everyone gets health care! This is EXACTLY what I'm talking about, the SELFISHNESS of people on the right! OK, let's let people without health insurance DIE, otherwise those of us with health insurance will not have enough doctors! This is REALLY the "longer lines" canard #1 from my above commentary! The GALL of these SELFISH CREEPS saying that we CAN'T cover everyone, because their won't be enough doctors for ME!!! WHAT...THE...F*CK??? Did the U.S. start taking SELFISH PILLS??? Don't we care anymore about the ENTIRE NATION? Don't we care anymore about anyone else BUT OURSELVES??? I AM ASHAMED OF THIS COUNTRY!!! SERIOUSLY!

Nd comments in this blog post, answered by my friend plunger: Collapse 

Nd: So why has stock of commercial insurers like Wellpoint tanked the past two days since the decision?

plunger: The stocks of insurance companies (care destroyers) are down because they lost. The stocks of hospital companies (care providers) are up because they won. Did you miss the epic lobbying battle being waged by insurance companies against everyone else and for themselves? Hundreds of millions were spent in the insurance companies' own self interest to buy-off the media, Congress and the Supreme Court, and the investment failed. Obviously the result is that insurers can't continue to fuck us quite as badly as they have - under a system, a media and a Congressional regime that they clearly controlled.

If health insurance were a legitimate "business," they could actually be in a position to show not only profits, but LOSSES - like any other "business." Insurance is a RACKET. Insurance companies cannot lose money. Name the insurance company that went out of business because of mismanaged risk in their core portfolio. It can't happen. Hurricanes hit Florida, and the insurers are allowed to raise rates automatically to cover what would be a loss. Note that this only functions in one direction, and NEVER reverses. Costs for insurance always rise, as do profits.

The subsidy that conservatives rail against that we call "care" will be paid for in part by money previously stolen by and industry that is not legitimate as an actual "business." If it were, they wouldn't need to spend so much money that could have gone toward CARE, on lobbying. Every dime not spent on CARE makes Americans less healthy.

The world would be a better place without lobbying, without money in "politics,' and frankly, without politics, period.


Would you expect anything other than "OUTRAGE" from the right on the "obamacare" decision by their own conservative supreme court? Did you ever notice how people on the right always get so "OUTRAGED"? Sarah Palin is OUTRAGED. Michele Bachmann is OUTRAGED. Karl Rove is OUTRAGED. The word OUTRAGE seems to be an exclusive word reserved for those on the right. They are in a constant state of OUTRAGE:

SURPRISE SHOCKER!!! Conservatives are "OUTRAGED", what else is new:

John Roberts Outrages Conservatives In Health Care Ruling

Roberts' CONSERVATIVE Supreme Court has decided more 5-4 polarized decisions than any other in history.

The Supreme CORPS:

The 1% Behind The Curtain

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The 1% Behind The Curtain

Below is a VERY GOOD video I'd like you to watch (hat tip to plunger). It's a great overview of all the deceptions going on by the 1% world elites in their "secret societies" like the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), the deception of having a choice between the Republicans and Democrats when they are IN AGREEMENT on the most important points like BOMBING (euphemistically called "foreign policy" or "defense", isn't that laughable?), how the 1% create their OWN OPPOSITION (FAKE opposition, so you don't follow the REAL opposition or so one doesn't get started), and many MANY other important deceptions everyone should know about. Basically, if you think we have a country like you learn about in "history" books...THINK AGAIN:

Even Gerald Celente is starting to talk about FALSE FLAGS by the U.S. government. Gerald Celente: START THE 2ND REVOLUTION -

Once upon a time, a president of the United States spoke openly about these "secret societies" of the 1%. Now he would be called a "conspiracy nut" or a "truther". He was shot by the 1%:

DECEPTIONS BY THE 1%: After you watch the above video about deceptions by the 1%, relate it to the 9/11 psychological deception explained by this array of accredited psychologists. What they say in this video can be applied to ALL deceptions by the 1%, not just 9/11. COGNITIVE DISSONANCE and DENIAL:

RIDICULE (speech or action intended to cause contemptuous laughter at a person or thing; derision) is a tactic used to dismiss uncomfortable facts. Ridicule is used in two ways: by those who know the truth but want to cover it up so they RIDICULE those exposing the truth, and by those in DENIAL as a defense mechanism to justify not looking at the uncomfortable facts. Here is a playlist I'm starting of the FORMER, in this particular case media characters from both the "left" and the "right" using RIDICULE to dismiss legitimate discussion of 9/11. The RIDICULERS, in this case, give NO FACTS for their side of the argument, but simply RIDICULE the other side. Why does ridicule work? It's almost like a survival instinct: YOU don't want to be the one ridiculed/ostracized from "the pack" or "the herd", you feel you might be in some sort of danger. RIDICULE by Big Media personalities or famous 1% people is especially effective, because you think, "I don't want to be ridiculed like THAT guy, by these big, powerful famous people! I'm going to SHUT UP about this!"

The video below shows Bill O'Reilly RIDICULING professor Jim Fetzer, notice the "script" or "playbook": mention aliens, tin foil hat, etc...but give no facts yourself because you HAVE NO FACTS on your side, only RIDICULE and BELIEFS. A BELIEF is not a FACT or EVIDENCE. An example of BELIEF is blurting out the statement for your side: "OUR GOVERNMENT WOULD NEVER DO THAT!!!" That statement is a BELIEF and MEANS NOTHING. This Bill O'Reilly video is, in my opinion, THE video script or playbook used by the mainstream media on both "left" and "right" using the technique of RIDICULE. O'Reilly actually sets up Fetzer BEFORE he comes on with an array of non-facts and ridicule, as well as employing these techniques WHILE Fetzer is actually on. O'Reilly provides NO FACTS for his side, RIDICULES Fetzer, and spouts out BELIEFS such as "OUR GOVERNMENT WOULD NEVER DO THAT". I have yet to see the murder trial where a murderer gets off the hook simply because a witness says, "HE WOULD NEVER DO THAT!!!" while providing no facts or evidence:

NOTE: This video is up on youtube many times, but I picked this one to point out some youtube deceptions to look out for. The video is titles "Fetzer pwned by O'Reily", misspelling 2 of 4 words in the title. The channel that uploaded this version wants you to believe "O'Reily" (misspelled) "won" this debate. Comments for the video were disabled. I can tell you why from experience: this video got HAMMERED BY FACTS pointing out what I am pointing out to you and the person doesn't want you to read them, so they deleted all the comments and want you to just think "O'Reily" "pwned" Fetzer:

But don't think the 1% crimes are only covered up by the Bill O'Reilly's on the right! Just like the top video in this post explains how the Democrats and Republicans are really in agreement on all major important issues, so are the Bill Maher's/Michael Moore's(left) and Bill O'Reilly's (right).

Bill Maher using RIDICULE and NO FACTS (non-scientific BELIEFS) about 9/11:

Michael Moore never heard of Bilderberg! Riiiiiiight........ This video also serves as an example of the techniques explained in the first video of a "controlled opposition": put Michael Moore out there to try and co-opt and control the OCCUPY MOVEMENT, just like the the first video explains how the GOP co-opted and got the Tea Party under control. Let me interpret Michael Moore pretending he never heard of "Bilderberg": "HI, I'M PART OF THE CONTROLLED LEFT, AND LIKE THE CONTROLLED RIGHT, WE'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO TALK ABOUT BILDERBERG":

Bookmark and watch this video playlist, it's a montage of 9/11 raw footage of the Twin Towers and World Trade Center Building 7 impossibly falling at free fall speed, lectures by experts, 9/11 movies, etc...I've expertly collected over the years and continually update in an ongoing basis. The above psychologists video is contained in this playlist:


9/11 Vancouver Tribunal expected to issue Indictments in 9/11 events around Labor Day 2012

Former Head Of Star Wars Program Says Cheney Main 9/11 Suspect

Flight data recorder expert Dennis Cimino, commercial pilot with more than 2000 hours, reveals government's claims about a flight data recorder found at the Pentagon from Flight 77 are totally fraudulent, with zeros instead of the plane's identification number and flight number! The recorder did not come from an airliner but was apparently created at a workbench and was also missing data that an actual flight would have, such as mandatory barometric adjustments and even any record of the cockpit door opening. The talk was given June 17, 2012 at the Vancouver 911 Hearing. Please visit for more information. (bd: keep in mind, experts like this would NEVER be put on major "news" networks because the mainstream media runs cover for the 1%. If they DID put him on TV, they'd hand the above O'Reilly script to whomever was interviewing him, to RIDICULE him. That's if they even let him ON network "news". Check out the professional 9/11 truth organizations in the right column of this blog. Remember: TRUTH is now a bad word, as in "TRUTHERS". What's the opposite of TRUTH, btw? The 1% have now demonized the word "TRUTH". TRUTH is their ENEMY, that's why! And RIDICULE is behind demonizing the word TRUTH. The 1% RIDICULE people saying the truth by calling them "TRUTHERS".)

Random important news the mainstream media purposely isn't telling you about:

U.S. Department of Defense Contract Awards for June 26, 2012

“Don’t Be Alarmed”: Army Trains MPs To Drive Tanks On U.S. Streets. Sightings of vehicles provo

The 1% thrown out of Iceland: GLOBAL ELITES THROWN OUT OF ICELAND; Iceland Dismantles Corrupt Gov’t Then Arrests All Rothschild Bankers

Get your geiger counters out: Fukushima seafood went on sale's "safe"
Don't touch blue or black "dirt" in japan!!!
Three northeastern Pennsylvania families have reached a $1.6 million settlement with a gas drilling company over contaminated water wells.
FRACKING: One dead in explosion at BP compression station


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our Government (and mainstream media) is controlled by enemies of the 99%, both foreign and domestic

(above chart on right: the U.S. spends more on BOMBING than all other countries in the world combined, and half the U.S. budget is BOMBING vs health care, education, and all public domestic spending combined. austerity is about increasing the BOMBING $$$ and cutting the PUBLIC $$$. click on the chart on the upper right to enlarge in a new window)

I can only come to one conclusion based upon the non-stop barrage of treasonous legislation continually put forward by congress and signed by the president, the non-stop wars, all of it against 99% of U.S. citizens' interests: our government is in control of U.S. enemies both foreign and domestic.

You can click on each one of these individually, all of this legislation is AGAINST 99% of U.S. citizens, and is FOR only the 1% enemies of the 99%, enemies both foreign and domestic.  :  NDAA, HR347, The Patriot Act, NDRP, SOPA, CISPA, ACTA, HR658, and was written by enemies of 99% U.S. citizens and enemies of the United States.

The U.S. mainstream media is controlled by these same enemies, as they totally ignore all of the above legislation from it's creation to it's signing into law by our criminal government, containing "politicians" who are most likely being blackmailed and selected, not elected, for office on unverifiable, hackable electronic voting machines and optical scanners. They have NEWS BLACKOUTS on all of this. These "politicians" are well described by Gerald Celent: politics is acting for ugly people. They "act" like they're getting elected by vote and they "act" like they have the interest of the 99%. But they represent 1% globalists both foreign and domestic.

If you were an enemy of the U.S. OR being blackmailed by enemies of the U.S., you would write laws EXACTLY LIKE THE ABOVE, non-stop. And write NO LAWS that benefit the 99% of Americans. It doesn't matter if it's Republican or Democrat. Obama = Bush = Clinton = Bush II = Reagan. The same agenda marches forward: cutting domestic public spending while increasing bombing and continuing non-stop wars, destruction of the environment by fracking, nuclear disasters, and oil spills, and letting the 1% banksters and war profiteers off the hook. NONE OF THIS IS IN THE INTERESTS OF THE 99%!

It's a HEIST! A heist of the 99%'s money to the 1%, and the heist of the United States itself as a country. They keep you distracted with fake news and entertainment by the U.S. media, while ignoring all important news. You have to get important news from other sources either on the internet or from news from other countries.

When I point out the treasonous acts that Republicans and Democrats and Obama are doing, you can easily replace Obama with Bush or any of the last presidents. It's not a left/right or Republican/Democrat thing. That's to keep you distracted. They are all in lockstep on all of these things mentioned above. Just look up the legislation and the votes. It's BI-PARTISAN, and they want you to think there's a difference between them. When they move their lips, just picture someone else speaking: ENEMIES OF THE 99% OF U.S. CITIZENS BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. Do you think Romney will be any different from Obama, as far as wars and unconstitutional legislation? Was Obama any different than Bush? Was Bush any different than Clinton? Was Clinton any different than Bush II? Was Bush II any different from Reagan? The GAME is to get you to take sides, Republican or Democrat, choose Rush Limbaugh or Michael Moore, and never realize they're ALL ON THE SAME SIDE: OF THE 1% ENEMIES OF THE 99% U.S. CITIZENS, BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. Everything's OK, as long as you're talking about gay marriage, zombies, and the fake election between Obama and Romney. Like the fake election of Romney during the GOP primary, which Ron Paul obviously won. You could see it with your own eyes, based on comparison of the crowds, followers, and enthusiasm of only ONE SIDE: RON PAUL's side.

What will it take to prove this to you? Romney getting "elected" (wink wink) and nothing changing as far as wars, austerity, wall st, etc...??? The 1% enemies of the 99% U.S. have ALREADY WON, because it's Obama vs Romney. Just like Obama vs McCain, Kerry vs Bush, Gore vs Bush, etc...they will all carry forward the foreign and domestic 1% agenda against the 99%. You have to kick it up a notch, get above the "left/right" fake paradigm, and get up to the REAL fight: the 1% vs the 99%, the rich vs the poor, the haves vs the have nots, the wealthy/murderous/psychopath 1% vs the rest of us. YOU vs THEM & their mainstream media and unimportant distractions.

Hillary Clinton is a domestic enemy of the 99%, if she's going on TV saying we need to now attack Syria, Yemen, and Iran, while imposing AUSTERITY on us.

Pennsylvania governor Corbett is a domestic enemy of the 99%, if he's going on TV and saying we have a "budget crisis" and must impose AUSTERITY on the citizens of Pennsylvania, all the while NOT TAXING THE FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC FRACKERS. Just like in California, they are hiding a SURPLUS OF TRILLIONS on the taxpayers, and claiming they need to IMPOSE AUSTERITY. Is that happening here in Pennsylvania, and we don't know it? If you're going on TV and LYING TO US while imposing AUSTERITY, you are an enemy of the 99% U.S. citizens. Gov Corbett could easily say, "If you're coming into OUR state making $$$ from China, Oklahoma, Texas, etc...WE are going to get something out of it for OUR Pennsylvania citizens". But instead, Gov Corbett says we are having a "budget crisis" and wants to cut more public funding which benefits Pennsylvanians. So who does he work for? Not us!!!

Our two reps Barletta and Marino CONSISTENTLY VOTE AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION, after campaigning as "Tea Party" patriots who are "constitutionalists". Why is this? Do reps get a "talking to" when they win, and someone says, "OK, here's who we REALLY work for: enemies foreign and domestic"??? Laughably, Barletta actually QUOTES THE CONSTITUTION today in a letter in the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader. What a hypocrite! Also, he doesn't mention anything about outsourcing jobs to immigrants with H1-B VISA's. So, he's for the Constitution on one specific issue: illegal immigration, and is AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION ON ALL OTHER ISSUES. Just look at his votes I documented in the Barletta/Marino link above.

I have to say, this government, from top to bottom, from local to state to federal, EITHER PARTY...IT ISN'T WORKING!!! And the fake elections DO NOTHING! Nothing is going to change, if either Romney OR Obama is in there. We're going to keep cutting domestic public spending that benefits the 99% of us, and continue funding wars and wall st and the wealthy 1%. It IS "class warfare"!!! Their media, like Rush Limbaugh, slaps you right down when you say "class warfare". That's no accident! We could ALL in this country, be covered by health care, our kids could get out of college without massive debt they'll be paying the rest of their lives, and we could stop murdering millions of people around the globe.

Locally in the media? The latest distraction from all of this extremely important information above is the Jerry Sandusky trial. That's all we hear around here. So the latest distraction shift was ZOMBIES -> JERRY SANDUSKY. What was the last distraction shift in the media? You can talk about ANYTHING...just not about NDAA, HR347, The Patriot Act, NDRP, SOPA, CISPA, ACTA, HR658. This is why network news is losing viewership and readership. People in general, and growing everyday, are on to how the mainstream media serves as a distraction for the 1% foreign and domestic enemies, so you don't pay attention to what they're doing. While YOU are busy following the Jerry Sandusky trial, THEY are passing the next treasonous law like the above laws I mention. The media could EASILY cover NDAA, HR347, The Patriot Act, NDRP, SOPA, CISPA, ACTA, HR658...but instead cover ZOMBIES and Jerry Sandusky and RIDICULE people who realize what is extremely more important.

So, I ask you this: if a bunch of treasonous, blackmailed politicians (and judges) pass an unconstitutional law on a piece of paper further destroying this country, does it mean anything? Should we disregard these laws?

Should WE have to continue paying TRILLIONS of dollars murdering people non-stop in foreign countries? As the media sets up the next enemy in the "news" on behalf of the 1% foreign and domestic enemies of the 99% U.S. citizens?

How are the ZOMBIES and the Jerry Sandusky trial doing?

UPDATE to my rant: I can post DAILY, (DAILY??? heck, HOURLY!!! I just found these 3 since yesterday!!!) these laws which they keep proposing that attack our liberties and give them more power. Fresh today, HR2578, the DRONE ZONE BILL, written by enemies of the 99% U.S. citizens by the 1% enemies both foreign and domestic, proposed by a blackmailed, controlled congress:

House Considers ‘Drone Zone’ Bill To Roll Back Dozens Of Environmental Laws Within 100 Miles of U.S. Borders


House Committee Approves Sweeping, Warrantless Electronic Spy Powers

MORE, ALL not covered by the mainstream media, of course. Are you worried at all? Does it worry you that congress NON-STOP keeps proposing laws DAILY to destroy this country, as if they're being blackmailed and it's being written by foreign and domestic enemies??? The two above and this one below I found since JUST YESTERDAY when I wrote this post! How can they get away with this? Because the mainstream media doesn't cover it, they're covering ON PURPOSE, ZOMBIES and Jerry Sandusky. They can EASILY cover all of the things in this post. Hey, I CAN, then so can THEY, and they're SUPPOSED TO, not ME. I really can't believe this, they just won't stop. And don't forget, OBAMA = BUSH = ROMNEY = CLINTON = DADDY BUSH = REAGAN NEVER VETO any of this:

Loophole in Law May Allow Warrantless Surveillance of Americans

LAST POST: U.S. and Israel Governments: Insatiable Bloodthirty Psychopath 1% Murderers want Syria & Iran next (and Yemen)

PRIVILEGE (by plunger)

Another one of those words that need to be officially defined under the law.

They will never provide solid definitions that can put themselves and their privileged co-conspirators in a box that would force them to be subject to the very laws they impose upon us, the underprivileged.

This is ALL part of the same extra-constitutional conspiracy to intentionally cause terror and mayhem flowing from the directly-related 9/11 events - sufficient to destroy the laws and the Constitution of the United States. Every single member of Cogress and the Senate knows how guilty they all are, and on whose behalf this charade is playing out.

One need only study that Builderberg influence chart and look at the CFR's influence at the top left of that diagram to recognize that NOTHING happens in this country that is not directly ordered by them, or in recent years - ordered by them and David Rockefeller at the behest of Netanyahu - who is blackmailing all of them for their direct and indirect role in 9/11.



Here's the PROOF that the U.S. mainstream media is doing their job of keeping people DUMB, the latest distractions are ZOMBIES and Jerry Sandusky: Anthony Antonello, my good friend and the best local journalist, asks Romney fans about NDAA when Romney came into our area. NONE OF THEM knew anything about NDAA. One Romney fan says it was "OK" to kill a U.S. citizen (I suppose it's because he had an Arab-sounding name) without due process just on the SAY SO of the president and the politicians are "pretty smart people" and we should TRUST their judgement (not a jury's), the lady at the end experiences an EMOTIONAL MELTDOWN when Anthony explains NDAA to her, she's against it, but then Anthony tells her that Romney is FOR NDAA:

The Military, Mass Protest and the NDAA Indefinite Detention

Is the Secret War in Yemen and Somalia Secret No Longer? Obama openly described ‘direct action’ – military operations – in both Yemen and Somalia.

War business is BOOMING, amid cuts to public spending on U.S. citizens.

The imperial agenda of the US's 'Africa Command' marches on. With mission accomplished in Libya, Africom now has few obstacles to its military ambitions on the continent

Obama's six-point plan for Global War

Medal of Dishonour: US veterans dump awards outraged by endless wars -

The Dishnourable John McCain calls a rep from the USS Liberty a "jerk": the USS Liberty was purposely attacked by Israel as an attempted false flag to blame Egypt in 1967, but it didn't sink and there's been a media and government cover up ever since:

McCain wants MORE with Syria!!!


Treasonous Joe Lieberman, speaking on behalf of enemies of U.S. citizens both foreign and domestic (Israel in particular), wants tougher crackdown on whistleblowers outing them and traitors like Joe Lieberman:

Treasonous U.S. mainstream media, speaking on behalf of enemies of U.S. citizens both foreign and domestic, wants more war:

U.S. Military being used as Government-Paid Missionaries

Continual proof that the mainstream media ignores important stories as cover for the 1%: these HUGE anti-government/anti-austerity protests are going on RIGHT NOW in Canada and Mexico, TOTALLY BLACKED OUT BY THE CORRUPT U.S. MEDIA:

The largest public protests, rallies and demonstrations that the world has ever seen are happening right now - with almost no media coverage. Not only is there a blackout on these events in the media, but youtube is frequently removing footage of these mass rallies and events when requested to do so by governments: 'Google, the owner of You Tube, has complied with the majority of requests from governments, particularly in the United States and the UK, not only to remove You Tube videos, but also specific web search terms and thousands of “data requests,” meaning demands for information that would reveal the true identity of a You Tube user.' These events are truly inspiring and should be front page news! Yet mainstream media is working with governments to keep people uninformed and disempowered. The 1% WORLDWIDE are transfering all the $$$ from the 99% to themselves, and claiming "we need AUSTERITY". How do you think these words get into our lexicon? If not by the 1% and their corrupt mainstream media? Do you think WE just started saying: "AUSTERITY" ourselves, for absolutely no reason? They're HIJACKING our money!

Google Inc. is back in the news this week, with a fresh round of headlines about the search giant and government censorship. Ironically--though perhaps not surprisingly for the corporate media--the stories are not about Google's admitted but classified relationship with government agencies like the NSA, though. Instead, they portray the internet company as a protagonist sticking up for users' privacy rights against governments that are increasingly interested in blocking, scrubbing or banning links, search results, and online videos that those governments want to suppress:

Rush Limbaugh's Long War On American Workers on behalf of the 1%:

64 Drone Bases on U.S. soil.

Drone me down on the killing floor

CIA Refuses to Confirm or Deny Drone Attacks Obama Brags About

Drones Are OK To Spy On OTHERS...but not ME!!! poll

The Banksters get away with ANOTHER HEIST, as JPMorganChase CEO Jaime Dimon flashes his PRESIDENTIAL CUFFLINKS to his buddies on the Senate Banking Committee to remind them he has friends in high places, which are probably worth more than your unemployment and foodstamps they're trying to cut...another "inside job" investigation, like Corzine:

THE YARDBIRDS featured on guitar, in this order: Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and then Jimmy Page. At times, Beck and Page were in the Yardbirds at the same time. Tragically, lead singer Keith Relf died in a bizarre electrocution accident. Eric Clapton left the Yardbirds to form the supergroup CREAM, and then embark on a successful solo career. Jeff Beck left to form The Jeff Beck Group with at the time unknown Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood which sounded like a precursor to Led Zeppelin, and then onto a solo career. And Jimmy Page left to form Led Zeppelin. All 3 Yardbirds guitarists have acquired cult followings from rock guitar aficionados.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

U.S. and Israel Governments: Insatiable Bloodthirty Psychopath 1% Murderers want Syria & Iran next (and Yemen)

What you're seeing now in the "news" and hear from our psychopath government leaders and our psychopath mainstream media about Syria, is PROPAGANDA to get us into another war with another Arab Middle East country (for Israel). All of these non-stop wars since WWII (Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc...and the attempts at NEW wars with Syria and Iran) are destroying the United States, bleeding us dry. Our leaders are psychopathic MURDERERS, killing MILLIONS of innocent people non-stop around the globe. HALF our domestic spending is BOMBING OTHER COUNTRIES. HALF of the WORLD's BOMBING SPENDING is the United States. Yet, while continuing to spend this unsustainable amount of money, our government implements AUSTERITY on us, which is CUTTING DOMESTIC SPENDING ON PUBLIC/SOCIAL PROGRAMS...claiming as the reason: we're going broke. It is against our national interest to attack Syria & Iran, as all these non-stop wars are against our national interests. Whose interests are they in??? Not ours! Israel? War profiteers? The 1%? What is this PLEDGE TO JERUSALEM/ISRAEL that our politicians must take in order to run for office? Look it up. Is this why they change once they get in office? Cynthia McKinney mentions this "PLEDGE" in THIS VIDEO, and it comes up again in the USS Liberty video below.

Commentary by plunger:

Since the CIA has BECOME THE GOVERNMENT, and the Government spends billions of dollars advertising on the mainstream media (from political advertising to military recruitment), it goes without saying that the salary of each alleged "journalist" is paid in part by the CIA. Ask these journalists what would happen in the US Government changed the campaign finance laws to ban political advertising and abolished military advertising and paid propaganda spending. Since the CIA is also in the drug business, ask these journalists what the status of their networks would look like if the US Government reverted to the former law of the land, and abolished prescription drug advertising on television. Ask them what would happen if the FCC were to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine on the airwaves. Ask them why the American people no longer own the airwaves of the United States, and who the Traitors are that stole them.

In point of fact, every mainstream media talking head works directly for the CIA. We all do. Ask George HW Bush and David Rockefeller how this circumstance has come to pass, and how many were/are involved in this conspiracy to destroy the United States.

Remember what reality used to look like - before it was altered using your money?

First, you must understand and know about the techniques these psychopath 1% used to take over our U.S. government, AND keep us distracted and give us the "illusion" that we have a democracy, our votes count, etc... Do you really think this 1% would allow us to vote in anyone we want? And jeopardize what they have taken over? The money making machine that's in place to keep us in endless wars and funnel our tax money to it? The mass mainstream media they own and control, that RIDICULES you, if you question what's going on? Why do you think, once again, it's down to two people like Obama and Romney? Last time: Obama/McCain/Palin? Time before that: Kerry/Bush? Before that, Bush/Gore? etc...etc... The 1% won already, because it's Obama vs Romney.

Operation MOCKINGBIRD (wikipedia) was a secret Central Intelligence Agency campaign to influence media beginning in the 1950s.

As you watch the next video about the CIA ADMITTING in front of a congressional hearing that they infiltrated the U.S. media, think about how in the 1970's, congress actually brought them before commissions, exposed it, and reprimanded them...and then take a look at how corrupt our congress is NOW. They actually wrote legislation to LEGALIZE U.S. GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA AGAINST US:

PRESENT DAY 2012: Bi-partisan amendment is sponsored by Rep. Mac Thornberry from Texas and Rep. Adam Smith from Washington State seeks To legalize U.S. government propaganda against its own U.S. citizens

TESTIMONY: CIA Admits Using News To Manipulate the USA (1975)

Elite internationalist/globalist David Rockefeller THANKS THE MEDIA for ATTENDING, but NOT REPORTING on his secret globalist meetings like CFR (Council of Foreign Relations), Bilderberg, Tri-Lateral Commission, etc...I mean, COME ON PEOPLE: THIS IS IN THEIR OWN WORDS:



Below video Iran/Contra scandal by the Reagan administration hearings:
[Congressman Jack] Brooks: Colonel North, in your work at the N.S.C. were you not assigned, at one time, to work on plans for the continuity of government in the event of a major disaster?

Both North’s attorney and Sen. Daniel Inouye, the Democratic Chair of the Committee, responded in a way that showed they were aware of the issue:

Brendan Sullivan [North's counsel, agitatedly]: Mr. Chairman?

[Senator Daniel] Inouye: I believe that question touches upon a highly sensitive and classified area so may I request that you not touch upon that?

Project MKULTRA (wikipedia), or MK-ULTRA, was the code name for a covert, illegal CIA human experimentation program, run by the CIA's Office of Scientific Intelligence. This official U.S. government program began in the early 1950s, continued at least through the late 1960s, and used U.S. and Canadian citizens as its test subjects.

Project ARTICHOKE (wikipedia) (also referred to as Operation ARTICHOKE) was a CIA project that researched interrogation methods and arose from Project BLUEBIRD on August 20, 1951, run by the CIA's Office of Scientific Intelligence.[1] A memorandum by Richard Helms to CIA director Allen Welsh Dulles indicated Artichoke became Project MKULTRA on April 13, 1953. The project studied hypnosis, forced morphine addiction (and subsequent forced withdrawal), and the use of other chemicals, among other methods, to produce amnesia and other vulnerable states in subjects.

Operation PAPERCLIP (wikipedia) was the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) program used to recruit the scientists of Nazi Germany for employment by the United States in the aftermath of World War II (1939–45).

TESTIMONY: CIA secret weapon of assassination Heart Attack Gun, Declassified 1975 New World Order Report

June 8 was the anniversary of the attempted sinking of the USS Liberty by the Israelis, and there was no mention of it in the corrupt mainstream media (of course not, more history they want us to forget).

Operation CYANIDE 1967: Israel, with the U.S. "OK", attempted to sink the USS Liberty as a FALSE FLAG and blame Egypt, and then nuke Egypt to help create "Greater Israel":

TESTIMONY and DECLASSIFIED: Gulf of Tonkin incident was a FALSE FLAG to get us into the Vietnam War:

Insatiable Bloodthirty 1% Psychopathic Murderers - The USA: Military Arm Of The New World Order

Report: Obama Prepares Air Strikes On Syria

The Magnitude of Washington's War on Christians Becomes Clear In Syria. Washington and Tel Aviv are arming Salafist terrorists to wage war on Syria's Christian communities.

ASIA/SYRIA - Ultimatum to Christians: "Leave Qusayr"

U.S.-Israeli War Against Syria Moves To The Next Stage: A Media Coup. Patriotic Syrians demonstrate in the streets in support of their country, which is under attack from the U.S. and Israel.


Everyone Is On Satan's Kill List: The Rise of The Antichrist And The Death of Mankind. The shadow government has used the cult-like appeal of Barack Obama to sell previously secret policies to the American people.

Chris Floyd: Obama's Kill List

Arthur Sibler: Obama's Kill List

NYTimes: Obama's Kill List

StuxNet: Covert Op-Exposing Code In, Covert Op-Exposing Code Out

Just like I said in THIS PREVIOUS POST, they "Syria Massacre" was a FALSE FLAG to get us into a war with Syria:

154 U.S. military suicides so far, in only half the year of 2012:

U.S. military suicides at record emergency levels (GEE! I WONDER WHY??? SEE: THIS POST!!! Maybe it's because they figured out they're NOT "fighting for our freedom", and they're MURDERING INNOCENT CIVILIANS AROUND THE GLOBE FOR 1% PSYCHOPATHS who are "telling" them it's for our freedom???)

Commentary by plunger: The US Military's INTENTIONAL TORTURE OF ITS OWN is clearly a huge success! If your intent is to destroy the US Military and degrade its potential, you'd prolong and instigate wars in a never-ending cycle, forcing troops to fight multiple and insane tours of duty. You'd put into place a system whereby suicides outpace combat deaths and fully 1/3 of female troops are forcibly raped. You'd send the force formerly known as the "National Guard" to foreign lands, totally unprepared, with all of their equipment - never to return. If your goal is to ensure that American citizens are left defenseless against the hired mercenaries and brainwashed cops that will be cracking heads here under martial law - while those who would defend us are rendered incapacitated and ill-equipped to help us here at home at our greatest time of need, you would order precisely what the US Congress has allowed, and the leadership of Israel has forced upon us - via our puppet Presidency and blackmailed CIA, Congressional and Military leaders. Congress no longer exists. Be sure to send David Rockefeller a Thank You card for all of this.

More U.S. soldiers have died this year by taking their own lives than on the battlefield. The Pentagon says there have been at least 154 suicides among active-duty troops in 2012, a rate of nearly one each day. We’re joined by three guests: Kevin Hines, who survived a jump off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and now counsels suicidal soldiers; Bonnie Carroll, co-chair of the Pentagon’s Task Force on the Prevention of Suicide in the Armed Forces and president of the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors; and journalist Aaron Glantz, author of the book "The War Comes Home: Washington’s Battle Against America’s Veterans."

U.S. government's undeclared DRONE WAR on its own citizens:


Want to see BRAINWASHING??? Look at this video: SWEATSHOPS ARE GOOD, the "liberty" of sweatshops, brought to you by learnliberty, the koch brothers, david rockefeller, NIKE, slave owners, ........ try and think of all the propaganda, false choices, etc...while you're watching it, such as the cliches to keep wages down: "YOU'RE LUCKY YOU HAVE A JOB", "69CENTS AN HOUR IS BETTER THAN NOTHING", "THE COMPANY WOULD GO OUT OF BUSINESS IF THEY PAID THEIR EMPLOYEES MORE", etc... and please refrain from punching this cocky pseudo-intellectual infomercial artist in the head while you're watching it and FORCING him to work in a sweatshop in Africa or China. Who made this video, the Koch Brothers? David Rockefeller? What GLOBALIST made this video, and called it "learning liberty", so "liberty" is U.S. companies sending U.S. jobs overseas to sweatshops so they make a little more profit and destroy America? Where is the PATRIOTISM:

Mitt Romney's father George Romney SCREWED US in this area (NEPA/Northeast Pa./Wyoming Valley) during the 1972 Agnes Flood, check out this account:

I was watching a special on our local PBS channel 44 about the Agnes Flood, and the commentary host mentioned what is known as "THE ROMNEY INCIDENT", in which Mitt Romney's father, as President Nixon's Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, had no empathy or compassion for the people of  this area during the 1972 Agnes Flood when he was assigned to assess the situation as President Richard M. Nixon's HUD (Housing and Urban Development) secretary. I was 10 years old during the 1972 Agnes Flood, but I remember it like it happened yesterday. I looked up "THE ROMNEY INCIDENT", and what is amazing to me is the lack of local media coverage of "THE ROMNEY INCIDENT". Did the local NEPA media forget "THE ROMNEY INCIDENT"? Would they like us to forget "THE ROMNEY INCIDENT"? It never happened? If Obama's father SCREWED US during the 1972 Agnes Flood, do you think our local FOX News Jr WILK would be having a 24x7 JIHAD from now until the election about "THE OBAMA INCIDENT"? I think the answer to that is "YES".

(above: Mitt Romney's dad George Romney and President Richard M. Nixon. George Romney was in the Nixon administration, along with Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and the whole neo-con gang)
"In August 1972, Nixon announced Romney would inspect Hurricane Agnes flood damage in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, but neglected to tell Romney first.[180] Much of the area lacked shelter six weeks after the storm, residents were angry, and Romney got into a three-way shouting match with Governor Milton J. Shapp and a local citizens' representative.[218] Romney denounced Shapp's proposal that the federal government pay off the mortgages of victims as "unrealistic and demagogic", and the representative angrily responded to Romney, "You don't give a damn whether we live or die."[180][218] The confrontation received wide media attention, damaging Romney's public reputation.[180] Totally frustrated, Romney wanted to resign immediately, but Nixon, worried about the fallout to his 1972 re-election campaign, insisted that Romney stay on.[180] Romney agreed, although he indicated to the press that he would leave eventually.[180][219] Romney finally did hand in his resignation on November 9, 1972, following Nixon's re-election."
As I always point out, the media's plausible deniability when being called out on the lack of coverage of something that is newsworthy, is for them to say or link to something about that particular topic, and say, "See? We covered it!" But I point out, there is a huge difference between mentioning something and spending enormous amounts of time on something. It is intellectually dishonest for media to say they covered something by casually mentioning it and spending virtually no time on it. And it is plausible deniability to link to something and say, "We covered it", when although it was "covered", virtually no time was spent on it. It boils down to: TIME SPENT ON A SUBJECT. That is how you measure "covering" something. Not a one-time blurb that no one noticed.

Romney’s father’s visit in ’72 didn’t go so well


Mitt Romney: 'I'm not concerned about the very poor'

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Media talks about ZOMBIES, while Republican Governors across the U.S. disenfranchise LEGAL VOTERS based on a LIE

First of all, the BASIS of these Republican "voter id" laws and "voter purges" of LEGAL VOTERS is based on the FALSE talking point that there is WIDESPREAD VOTER FRAUD...and there is NOT. That is a LIE.

Heritage Foundation ‘Expert’ Cannot Cite Any Examples Of Actual Voter Fraud BECAUSE NONE EXIST!

Self-identified "Republican" voters only total about 24% of likely voters at present. 38% self-describe as "Independent" - while 32% describe themselves as "Democrats."

With that in mind, it's pretty obvious why they are trying EVERYTHING to at least present a storyline that can begin to explain how/why the utterly fabricated end-result manages to come out so close to 50% of actual voters voting Republican - which just based on the data, is absurd.


Those who are clearly in the minority (Republicans) whose way of life (unfair-advantage) is clearly threatened, have affirmatively chosen to CONSPIRE to make it as difficult as possible for new voters to enter the system, while making every effort to rid the system of those most likely not to vote for them. This is desperate, calculated and systemic. It's also enormously illegal.




Upcoming DISASTER in Pennsylvania in November, when THOUSANDS of LEGAL VOTERS will get to the polls to find out they were DISENFRANCHISED by Republican Governor Tom Corbett:

PA Governor Invents 'Ludicrous' Claims of 'Voter Fraud' to Justify GOP's New Photo ID Restriction

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett signs GOP Voter ID law amid a LIESTORM, including bogus religious oppositeland reference that he's "protecting" your "sacred" right to vote...all along doing the opposite. He loves to throw in religious rhetoric such as "sacred" and "day of wreckoning". Better listen to Tom Corbett, GOD is on his side. Here's Tom Corbett protecting your SACRED right to vote by making it more difficult due to NON-EXISTENT VOTER FRAUD covered up by the complicit mainstream media, and, of course, ignoring establishment GOP's election and caucus rigging and stealing:

BDBB March 21, 2012: The Establishment GOP's "WAR ON VOTERS" Is Enabled By The (NOT) "liberal" Mainstream Media Covering Up The Fact That VOTER FRAUD Is NON-EXISTENT, and the Mainstream Media's Coverage Of The Establishment GOP's "WAR ON RON PAUL SUPPORTERS" Is As Non-existent As VOTER FRAUD

TREASONOUS: Republicans disenfranchising LEGAL VOTERS is TREASONOUS -

Now let's take a look around the country at states with Republican governors that are using this LIE to disenfranchise LEGAL VOTERS by the thousand, if not tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands (how many LEGAL VOTERS are being disenfranchised?)

Wisconsin Recall of Republican Governor Walker & disenfranchising LEGAL VOTERS

Wisconsin Voters Report Receiving Robocalls Telling Them Not To Vote

How Republicans Are Preventing Thousands Of Wisconsin Students From Voting Today

Mailing of Absentee Ballots for WI Recall Elections Delayed; Watch for Dirty Tricks Soon. Some to be disenfranchised by GOP change to absentee rules...

How do you know when the FIX is in? When all the mainstream pundit's final polls show Walker winning. LET'S OUTVOTE THE FRAUD: In a fair world, it's Barrett in a landslide. Walker needs to steal about 1 out of every 8 Barrett votes to win.

How to Help Protect the WI Recall Elections. What you can do in Wisconsin and elsewhere...

A Few Concerns Emerge as Voting in WI's Historic Gubernatorial Recall Election Officially Begins. Some early voters turned away, others to have their ballots 'remade' by poll workers without them on June 5th...

Two similar cases where what you see on the streets doesn't match the "vote count": it appears Walker Won, even though all the enthusiasm on the streets was AGAINST Walker and you saw nobody FOR Walker. Sound familiar? RON PAUL vs Romney ring a bell?


The only recall I can think of in recent memory is the 2003 California recall of Gray Davis, and the person being recalled LOST:

Gray Davis 2003 California recall

Confidant Contradicts Walker, Claims Governor Is Not Cooperating With Corruption Investigation

Wisconsin Recall: As Voters Head to Polls, a Debate on Walker’s Record, Election Spending and Unions

Florida Governor Scott disenfranchising voters

Here's how totally fake bullshit becomes widely believed "NEWS" - because a script-reader said so on the TeeVee! Lighting strikes on American citizens are more frequent than election fraud.



"More than 250 groups, ranging across the entire political spectrum, have filed with the state and are registering voters right now."


PolitiFact Florida: Top Florida Republican overstates number of active voter registration groups

All 67 Florida Election Supervisors Suspend Governor Rick Scott’s Voter Purge

Injunction, in Addition to DOJ Order, Likely Required to Stop FL GOP Purge of Voter Rolls


Fifteen Voters Removed In Rick Scott’s Purge Reinstated By Florida Elections Supervisors

Texas governor Perry disenfranchising LEGAL VOTERS

In Texas, 300,000 Eligible Voters Targeted In Purge

Tennessee Republican Governor Haslam, disenfranchising LEGAL VOTERS

'Caught Red Handed': Voting History Records of Black Dems Systematically Purged in Tennessee. Were voter registration records modified in preparation to illegally remove them from the rolls?...

The full list of voters whose voting records have been altered is here. If you know someone on this list, please let them know about this.

Other voting news:

Paper Ballot Op-Scan Systems in FL, WI, NY, OH Confirmed to Overheat, Mistally 70% of Votes

Computer Programmer testifies he was commissioned by house rep to write program to hack electronic voting machines and make "your guy" win 51%-49%:


I suppose if I were talking about ZOMBIES, I'd be "nuts", or a "conspiracy theorist", etc...or I believe in "aliens" and "ghosts"...but it's OK, if the mainstream media is talking about it!

I've been meaning to bring that up: ZOMBIES

Yesterday, one of our local radio talk show host's subject was: THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. I never heard of this "zombie" talk, then I started asking people, and apparently everyone EXCEPT ME is talking about and knows about ZOMBIES, THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, etc...

Then TODAY, the next day, TWO shows talking about ZOMBIES.

I asked my wife yesterday evening about "zombies", and she said everyone is talking about "zombies". I don't know how I missed that one.

Is this an MKULTRA psyop designed as yet another distraction? The CIA controls what gets on TV.

Change the name and the theme and its a guy you never heard of burning a Koran in Florida - sucking all the oxygen out of the news cycle. Zombie face eaters? What's next? Expect more, more frequently.

Here's the official denial - therefore you can be assured it's all being ginned up intentionally


Naturally, the Internet wants to know: is it — being, you know, The Zombie Apocalypse — finally happening? According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the answer to that question is officially no.

In a letter sent to a Huffington Post reporter on Thursday, the CDC formally denied that a zombie apocalypse might be underway in the U.S.

“CDC does not know of a virus or condition that would reanimate the dead (or one that would present zombie-like symptoms),” an agency spokesman explained.

CDC denies rumors of zombie apocalypse


Intentional inculcation of fear via orchestrated and scripted propaganda by government upon the increasingly and intentionally stupid populous (what is the name of the person at the CDC who originally ordered the "Zombie" references?  At whose insistence?):

The CDC slogan: “If you’re ready for the zombie apocalypse, you’re ready for any emergency.”

Fear, anxiety drive zombie craze

So, now that terrorism is no longer having the sufficiently scary effect on the population, they are turning to cannibalism, which coincidentally has broken out like a plague across the country in multiple locations simultaneously, and conveniently, most of these incidents are captured on video tape.


Create a drug to incite cannibalism, call it "BATH SALTS"

Got Psyop?

Only our own government could create such a designer drug - designed specifically to terrorize.

Zombie Apocalypse: More Weird Stories Pouring In

Florida man arrested for trying to ‘eat’ police officer

Florida man arrested for trying to ‘eat’ police officer


The War ON Terror is a War OF Terror

The War ON Drugs is a War OF Drugs


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